Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash – Part II (The Swift Current Synchronicity)

The Humboldt Broncos were originally affiliated with the WHL’s Swift Current Broncos, who as fate would have it, were also involved in a deadly bus crash back on 30 December 1986. That on its surface is another of these ‘uncanny coincidences’ as in the history of the world there have only been three bus crashes involving hockey teams; two with the Broncos. And the first collision was with the Sherbrooke Castors (11/24/74), a Quebec junior team that incidentally was the former team of Gerard Gallant, the current head coach of the Vegas Golden Knights – the new NHL team that played its first game three days after the Vegas Attack, christened in carnage.

If you’ve yet to, be sure to check out Part I first, as it’s entirely based on the 14/41 code, and here are a few more synchs: Broncos =41. Gallant =41. Gerard Gallant =114 was 4101 days old for that Castors =41 collision. The Humboldt Broncos play at Elgar Petersen Arena =104/1104. Elgar Petersen =410. Justin Pierre James Trudeau =104.

  • Humboldt =401 incorporated on 4/1 (1907) and nicknamed Boldt =14 or The Boldt =410/104. (Reminding us of the Lightning =41. One of the deceased players is the son of former NHLer Chris Joseph =104/140 who played for the Lightning. And remember that story of the lightning bolt that killed an entire soccer team in the Congo? That happened 1014 weeks before the Humboldt Crash. The Broncos from Swift Current Saskatchewan =104 crashed exactly 1040 weeks after Centennial Civic Center opened, the arena they were on their way home from, travelling a reported 33 mph.

And on that 33 tip, the 33rd prime being 137: the Swift Current Broncos crashed on Highway 137 and a memorial was unveiled on the 30th anniversary (12/30/16) which was 1 year 3 months 7 days before the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. And the name Swift Current could also describe a lightning bolt, or electricity at least.

Now get a load of the perfect date count between both Broncos bus crashes: Notice that’s also a span of 31 years 3 months 1 weeks (3131) and though we’ve been documenting lots of 13/31 synchs lately and there’s much in harmony here, we’ll let you dig into that one yourself.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau =1142 in Satanic Gematria.

  • Bronco =402. Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League =420. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =420. Minnesota =142. Charlestown =142. (12+30) =42.
  • The 42nd prime is 181, as we’ve been documenting through this year’s March Madness. Humboldt Broncos =181. The Nipiwan Hawks =181. Armley Saskatchewan =181. Charlies Charters =181.

What else is interesting about that date count is how 31 years 3 months is equal to 375 months and in Satanic Gematria again: Humboldt =375. And this also means that we got a perfect pi-date upcoming: Indeed on 4/30 it will be exactly 31 years 4 months (11,444 days) after the Swift Current Broncos bus crash.

Swift Current Broncos =262/260. Bus Crash =62. Elgar Petersen Arena =262/260. Logan Schatz =126/1260/1026, Humboldt’s deceased captain. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM coded up again here, was 16,020 days old when he took office, 126 weeks 2 days before the Bus Crash, which happened 6 months 2 days or 26 weeks 2 days after season start.

It also happened 2262 weeks 6 days after the Sherbrooke Castors bus crash of 1974, which was 12 years 1 month 6 days before the ’86 bus crash. We see this 26/62 sequence all the damn time, and in case you’ve missed it, the lead-up to the March Madness tournament featured a lot of discussions here on the 1970 plane crashes of Marshall University’s football team & Wichita State’s football team, 6 weeks 2 days apart. Those two teams ended up meeting again in the first round, subconsciously priming us for another devastating sports team accident.

Minnesota North Stars =262 played 2062 regular season games total, which is a pretty neat stat. The green & gold of the Humboldt Broncos reminding me. And though the Stars moved to Dallas in 1993 (the year after the release of The Mighty Ducks, set in Minnesota), the new expansion team in the state, seven years later: The Minnesota Wild =62/2626. Lightning =126. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =126/162. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =262.  

It’s crazy how we’ve been expecting tributes to Canada in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals – but this is on another level entirely. All across the NHL players are standing together in circles (defined by pi) and the Nashville Predators played O Canada at their last game even though no team playing was Canadian. Reading up on the history of Humboldt we can see an obvious connection to the Winnipeg Jets, who could face Leafs or Lightning in the Finals. Chris Joseph, the NHL dad, also formerly played for the Atlanta Thrashers who became the second incarnation of the Jets. The spotlight is definitely on the Central Division: Predators-Avalanche & Jets-Wild, where all four teams have connections to the bus crash. (The only link we didn’t mention is the Avalanche, whose GM is former star Joe Sakic – a man who survived that ’86 Broncos bus crash).

  • Canada =15 is 150 years old and the Premier of Saskatchewan is the 15th, his surname Moe =15. Justin =115. Lindy Ruff =115 hired as Rangers coach on 10/7/17 or exactly 11,150 days after his brother died in the ’86 Crash. The Congo Lightning Incident (10/28/98) happened exactly 1015 weeks before the start of these NHL Playoffs.

Minnesota =515. Chris Joseph =51/515. Saskatchewan =151. The Broncos =151. Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash =151 killed 15 people and happened 15,015 days after the ’77 release of Slap Shot (again, the Humboldt Broncos mascot a horse named SlapShot); and as it turns out, the town of Humboldt was incorporated 111 years 5 days before this recent wreck. Lightning =51. Tampa Bay =1015. And remember the Russian propaganda video showed an animation of their new nuclear weapon named Satan headed straight for Tampa Bay.

Darcy Haugan =155 is the deceased Broncos coach. There’s also something to this number as Justin Trudeau was 15 years 5 days old for the ’86 Crash and was 10,505 days old (or 1500 weeks 5 days) for the death of his father, former PM Pierre Trudeau.

  • The Humboldt Crash happened 505 weeks 1 day after the last memorable bus news in Canada, when a man randomly sawed another man’s head off in the back of a Greyhound in 2008. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Champions =1155.

Trudeau was 16,906 days old for last day of the Season (4/8) & 16,909 days for first day of the playoffs. We also see that the ’86 Swift Current Broncos bus crash happened 6606 days before a female hockey team called the Windsor Wildcats (like Villanova) were involved in a 2005 bus crash in New York that killed 4 people. Check out the List of Accidents Involving Sports Teams and play around with some date counts yourself. And I found another mind-blower synchronization that will necessitate a Part III in this series so once again, stay tuned and thank you for reading with an open mind.

We also have to give a round of applause to Gematria Club for calling Patrick Reed as their #1 pick to win the 2018 Masters. The dude was a 50-to-1 underdog who had never won a Major – so that’s a big one, confirming them as legit in my books. Congratulations to Gematria Club, and thank you for making me some $$$$!

7 thoughts on “Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash – Part II (The Swift Current Synchronicity)

  1. Looking at the wiki page for Muenster, it reads “Wolverine Creek runs through Muenster”. Notable person born in Muenster being ice hockey player Ralph Klassen (perhaps a clue there ?). I notice he played for California Golden Seals, which played at the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum Arena (tying to Randolph Scott).
    Thinking back to ‘Labrat Knats’, I do see the word ‘Labatt’ or Labatt’s (Canadian brewery). Labatt’s being unsuccessful in an attempt to take the Golden Seals to Toronto.

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    • Golden Seals became the Cleveland Barons who then merged with the Minnesota North Stars in 1978 – connecting there again, and to the Wild. Ohio was thus without a pro hockey team for 22 years until the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2000; Columbus facing the Washington Capitals.

      Also, Muenster SK is located in the Rural Municipality of “St. Peter No. 369” – whose seat is in a village called ANNAHEIM. Yes, like the Ducks, and the Mighty Ducks movie set in Minnesota and opened at the start of the ’92/93 season that ended in the Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup – their 24th and the last Cup in Canada in 24 years.


  2. 100th season of play 101th season of operation penguins and sharks finish with 100 points..wild and ducks finish with 101 points


  3. The Minnesota-Duluth BullDOGS also won the Frozen Four (NCAA Men’s Hockey) tournament the day after this crash last weekend, which was played in Minnesota..

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