Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Part III – The Münster Attack Synchronicity

In Part I, I mentioned the Münster Attack of April 7th and we’ll look deeper into that event here. I was off hiking in the Teutoburg Forest over the weekend when these two major collisions occurred, and as it happens my girlfriend’s parents were driving to Münster for the weekend when this vehicle ramming incident occurred there, completely blocking off traffic and forcing them to turn around and go home. It’s said a man named Jens R with mental health issues (and no ties to radical Islam) smashed his van into the outdoor dining tables of a pedestrian square in the city’s old town, killing 2 and injuring 20 before shooting himself dead at the scene. But what’s crazy is when we compare it to the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash from the previous day.

Right at the top of the team’s history write-up on Wikipedia, we’re told that the Broncos “had a close affiliation with St Peter’s College in nearby Muenster.” Indeed that’s the English spelling of Münster, without the accents, and when we click through we see that sure enough, the Saskatchewan village located 9km east of Humboldt is named after Münster Germany. What a coincidence, eh. Humboldt is named after a German explorer and several of the dead have German surnames. I also see that Wolverine Creek runs through town… And with regards to an event in Münster, when I first heard of this place a few months ago I thought of the word Monster and how it’d be an ideal location for the media to call a terrorist the Monster of Münster.

  • Jens R =136 was born on May Day =136 which was the 193rd birthday of the Bavarian Illuminati (which also makes Jens R born one day after exactly 10,070 weeks later). Jens R, as he’s being called, has the same gematria as the perp from the 2016 Berlin Christmas Market Attack: Anis Amri =136. Berlin =360.

Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash =306. It happened in the 306 area code exactly 3060 weeks after the Denver Broncos were founded. Humboldt Broncos =360. Broncos =36. Canada =36. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =136/361. 

It’s weird all these German references, starting in kind with the Berlin Wall & President Trump, as yours truly has been here in Deutschland for the last little while now. I’ve explored a bunch of Cold War history and World War II history and exactly one week before the Münster Attack I was in Berlin at the site of the Christmas Market Attack that killed 12 people and injured 56 on 19 December 2016. (And incidentally, three weeks before that I was in Nice on the Promenade des Anglais, site of the Bastille Day Attack). I never planned to be there specifically yet there I was.

The Berlin event happened right beside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a building f’d up in the war by allied bombing and bullet holes and never repaired as a memorial to why making love is the preferable option. And right beside this war memorial is now a memorial to the victims of the vehicle ramming, with names engraved on steps with pictures and flowers so we never forget the evils of Islamic terrorism. I thought it was quite the coincidence that the biggest picture had a little Israeli flag beside it.

Illuminati =174. New World Order =174. Jens R was 17,400 days old (47 years 7 months old) for the Berlin Christmas Market Attack at Breitscheidplatz =147 which happened 474 days before this latest German ramming incident in Munster =474 on 4/7 which also came 10,047 days after German Reunification (which is pretty wild). Canada =47. Humboldt =147.

The Bavarian Illuminati, speaking of Germany, was born in the same year as the United States, making both incarnations of the occult elite currently 241 years old. Jens R =241. Breitscheidplatz =241. Humboldt =241. Again, the two Broncos bus crashes happened 11,420 days apart and Canada =24 hasn’t won the Cup in 24 years. 

  • Muenster =141. Munster =104. Berlin =104. Vehicle Ramming Attack =114. Illuminati =114. Angela Merkel =104. Angela Dorothea Merkel =1140. Merkel spent 4044 days in office then the next day, boom: the Christmas Market Attack. 

Muenster =101. Münster =101. Christmas Market =101. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church =101. Kaiser Wilhelm =111. Deutschland =111. As it’s the 101st season of play in the NHL we could expect some of these sequences to appear and we’d be right: Humboldt =101. Broncos =110. Green and Gold =101. The Humboldt Broncos = 110. 

4 thoughts on “Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Part III – The Münster Attack Synchronicity

  1. Fascinating! I find it interesting how you can parallel these “False Flag Operatives”. I read an article recently that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s father. He was the Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta, GA. He attended a Baptist Convention in “Germany” when Martin (or Michael) was a child. When he returned he changed his name and his son’s from “Michael” to “Martin Luther”, after the “PROTESTant Reformation Leader” who wrote the “95 Theses”. MLK was staying in “Room 306” at the “Lorraine Motel” when was he was assassinated. April 4, 2018 marked the 50th Anniversary of his assassination. One of the accredited to him is organizing the “BUS Boycotts” in Montgomery, Alabama.
    (Or Bu-S boy-COTTS, SCOTT, SCOTTISH Freemasonry).
    “False Flag Operatives”=241(ALW Kabbalah) 241/214
    “White Supremacy”=214(ALW Kabbalah)

    “Montgomery Bus Boycotts”=306(English Ordinal)
    “Ebenezer Baptist Church”=306(Francis Bacon) The Duodecimal of “306′ is “216”(6x6x6=216)
    “Ebenezer Baptist Church”=1306(Jewish)

    “Psychological Operation”=114(Full Reduction)
    “The Civil Rights Movement”=114(Full Reduction)
    “Nonviolence Principles”=114( 2 Ciphers)
    “Martin Luther King Jr.”=114(Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Martin Luther King Sr.”=114(Reverse Full Reduction)


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