Mark Zuckerberg the Android AI

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress on 4/10, the day that he’s 33 years 331 days old. Data Leak =330. Big Brother =330. Social Media =33. Humanoid =33. Mark Zuckerberg Cybernetic Organism =3030. And indeed I would not be surprised at all to learn that he is some sort of cyborg/android artificial intelligence carted around to play this fictional role, all making plausible the idea of alien overlords disguised as humans monitoring the thoughts and feelings of the entire collective consciousness so as to manipulate it.

Zuckerberg =42. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg =240. Facebook =24 founded on 2/4/2004 which is 14 years 2 months before the Congress =142 hearing and 2424 days before the release of The Social Network, the film about Facebook – Zuckerberg  =142 played by Jesse Eisenberg =142. Cybernetic Organism =142/1424. 

  • Alexander Nix =42 the CEO of Cambridge Analytica is currently 42 years old. Nix =204. Data =42. Data Leak =142/24. Big Brother =142. Cyborg =420. Android =124/24. Zuckerberg was 1002 weeks 4 days old when MySpace was founded (just 26 weeks before Facebook).

That means Facebook was exactly 740 weeks old on the day of this hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee =147 which was 47 weeks after Mark’s birthday and 4 weeks 7 days before his next. Mr Zuckerberg =147 & Nix =47 were born exactly 1407 weeks apart. Humanoid Robot =147/174. Mark Zuckerberg =211 was also born 40 weeks 7 days before his wife, Priscilla Chan =211, the 47th prime. Data Scandal =74. Jewish =147/74, as is both Zuckerberg and Aleksandr Kogan =1470, the Russian data scientist blamed for the data leak.

So funny, the home page of BBC the day after the hearing has photo button for this article of the best twitter jokes titled “don’t forget to drink the water, humans like water.” And you really need to watch that clip (check it here) – he’s a total cyborg.

Mark Zuckerberg =84. facebook =184/84. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg =1848 was born on 5/14 of ’84 and Israel =48 was born on 5/14 of ’48. Mr Zuckerberg =48. Data Scandal =480. Aleksandr Kogan =184. Cyborg Zuckerberg =84. Android Mark Zuckerberg =4884.

8 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg the Android AI

  1. Your first sentence has the SB52 score code: 41-33. The recent headlines are beating the war drums in USA, especially since “War Hawk” John Bolton (bolt) was sworn in the Trump Administration on Monday (4-9). I see he was born Nov 20,1948, which falls exactly 3y 3m 14d (33:14) after Hiroshima bombing.

    Start of WW2 (9-1-39) to Bolton’s start on 4-9-18 = 4101w 3d.
    War Hawk = 330 (satanic), 41 (3 cyphers), 104 (2 cyphers).
    John R. Bolton = 1040 (J).
    Blitzkrieg = 104 (K).

    This theme ties in with your excellent recent series decode of Humboldt (bolt) Crash and lightning synchs…the soccer team being killed by lightning in the Congo, 1014w before the crash is very eerie! (the horror, the horror)


    • This Saturday (4/14 or as we write in the UK / Europe = 14/4) will be 4008 weeks since 22 June 1941, the start of Operation Barbarossa.
      Perhaps the SB score 41-33 maybe the dates ’33 to ’41 ?

      Nice work with the decode BB. I’m not with you on the alien part ….. Perhaps I will be once the ‘Globe / World’ is proven.


      • hey I found a fun fact: Hitler became Chancellor of Germany (1-30-33) exactly 4444w before the game on 4-2-18. ( a different final four)


      • That’s not good…April 30th is also the 229th anniversary of George Washington’s first inaugural address as president…the WA state train wreck Dec 18th (its “inaugural trip”) was 133d before. Also, the US Jerusalem embassy move on May 14th, will be 8822d from the Denver Int Airport 3-19-94 time capsule marker BBerg covered in the past. (TEXT TRUMP #88022.) The # 8822nd prime: 91229. The #1433: 227th prime.


    • Israel’s first Prime Minister: David Ben-Gurion (B: 10-16-1886 / D: 12-1-1973.)
      Gurion’s birth to Trump’s birth = 3113w span.
      Trump’s birth to Gurion’s death = 10,033d span or exactly 1433w 1d.

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  2. Brother Berg, I think Stephen Hawking was some type Cybernetic Organism that went wrong. He died in CamBRIDGE, England (CAMBRIDGE Anaylitca) at the age of 76. Hawking’s birthday is 8 January 19″42″( 8/1, 81) “Humanoid”=81(Jewish Ordinal).

    “Cambridge Analytica”=76(Full Reduction)

    “Cambridge Analytica Breach”=104
    “Stephen William Hawking”=104
    104 minutes equates to 1 hour and 44 min.(144)
    “Cybernetic Organisms”=1044(144)
    “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg”=1440(144)
    “Stephen Hawking”=70-The divisors sum to “144”
    “Stephen William Hawking”=112-The hexadecimal is “70”

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  3. Facebook hearing before the house today is 33 days before Zuckerberg’s birthday on a 33 date. 4+11+18=33. He is 33 years old.
    “Social media AI” = 101 (English Ordinal) Today is the 101st day of the year.
    From founding anniversary date to hearing
    From and including: Sunday, February 4, 2018
    To, but not including Wednesday, April 11, 2018
    Result: 66 days


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