Decoding the Death of DJ Avicii

AVICII died on 4/20, the house DJ from Sweden (real name Tim Bergling) found dead in Oman the day before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, as we were anticipating a musician sacrificed in the name of the royals after Prince was offed on her birthday two years prior. And what’s that we see on his Wikipedia profile pic? A Chicago Blackhawks hat, making another interesting NHL reference here during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was Blackhawks visiting Winnipeg who formed a circle around the Jets logo to honour the dead from the Humboldt Broncos.

DJ Avicii =402 from Sweden =420 died on 4/20 which was 4 months 20 days (or 142 days) before his next birthday and exactly 240 weeks after the release of his debut album titled True =204 – which dropped exactly 204 weeks before his final EP.

  • Avicii =24. Tim Bergling =124. Bergling =24/142. DJ =240. House =402/242 and he died in Muscat =424/24. (JG). Muscat Oman =124. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =1024. NHL =204. Queen Elizabeth =142.

DJ Avicii =145 died from Pancreatitis =54 at the age of 10,451 days old in Muscat Oman =545 (JG). Verne Troyer =1545. Jets =54/45. Blackhawks =1045. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =145. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =154.

If we remove the zero, 1451 is the 230th prime number. Tim Bergling =230. DJ Avicii =123/32. House =23/32. EDM =32. Muscat Oman =32. Sweden =302. Winnipeg Jets =203. Humboldt =32. Broncos =32. Avicii also died at the age of exactly 1493 weeks, and 1493 is the 238th prime. Haven’t found any of these yet in the story, can you?

  • Though perhaps most importantly with regards to the NHL, Avicii died in his 343rd month of life. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =3403. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =343. This has been a big sequence all year for pro sports and that month count makes it all really suspect to me.

Bergling was also born on 8+9+89 =106. And if we cut his name into A-VICII we find that VICII in Roman Numerals equals 106. And as A=1 that could be code for 1106Oman =16. NHL =16. And now Verne Troyer died!? O-Man indeed. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Decoding the Death of DJ Avicii

  1. Hat’s off to you BB for finding the connection last weekend to Austin Powers and the Maple Leafs. The Jets had to get permission to use the maple leaf in their logo from Toronto Maple Leafs.
    The supervillain in the movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, was Karl Sigmund Stromberg. Christopher Wood wrote the screenplay and novelisation. In the novelisation of the film, Stromberg is Swedish and uses the name Sigmund Stromberg.
    Sigmund Stromberg = 204.
    Stromberg, the megalomaniac set to trigger WWIII ….. sounds familiar.

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  2. Today is Earth Day!

    1st Earth Day 4/22/1970 was the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birthday Founded by John McConnell born 3/22/1915

    “Earth Day” = 37
    “communist” = 37
    “McConnell” = 37

    “Lenin” = 144
    “secular holiday” = 144
    “John McConnell” = 144

    “peace activist” = 133
    “government” = 133

    Silent Spring = 322 February twenty seventh = 322

    Russian revolution started on 2/27
    Earth = 227


  3. Great Work as always! I find his “Death Hoax By The Numbers” so apropos parallels with the next team sports Championship. Also, the “Billboard Music Awards” will televise the same weekend (May 20th) as the upcoming imposters “Royal Wedding”. William’s Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It” has a speech that begins with “All The World’s A Stage”(Stage Names). Plays have “Acts” I think the “A” in his stage name stands for “ACT”.
    “Act VICII”=420 (Reverse Satanic) Like 4/20
    “VI”=6 and “CII”=102 (6102, 612)
    “Goalie Mask”=612(Reverse Primes) Hockey-Reference
    “Actors and Actresses”=912(912/612/216)
    “Industry Death Hoax”=216

    “The Billboard Music Awards”=1044(144)-Satanic
    “Number Of The Beast”=1044-English Sumerian
    “Geometric Shape”=144
    “One Hundred Forty Four”=238-Jewish Ordinal
    “Actors and Actresses”=238
    “Disc Jockey”=2380(238)


  4. I found a #238 connection for DJ and Queen and Barbara Bush:
    Hurricane Harvey (8-26-17) start in Houston to DJ death 4/20 = 238 day span, and to Queen’s bday 4/21 = 238 days exactly or 34 weeks.

    The public paid respects for Barbara, in Houston, on 4/20, and her private service was on 4/21; both took place at St. Martin’s Church.


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