The Toronto Vehicle Ramming on Maple Leafs Game Day Coincidence

Right after I posted about Verne Troyer’s sacrifice possibly for the Toronto Maple Leafs this year (if not next) we find there’s been a vehicle ramming attack in Toronto. Of all places, the so-called Toronto Van Incident happened on 4/23, two days after Troyer’s death, and the day the Leafs host the Boston Bruins for a must-win Game 6 of the first round of the Stanley Cup. It’s said that a white van hopped the curb on Yonge Street and mowed down a crowd of people, killing at least five.

  • Leafs =183. It happened in Toronto Ontario =183 exactly 183 weeks after the last vehicle ramming attack in Canada (two days before the Parliament Hill hoax). Toronto ON =830. Verne =830. The Toronto Maple Leafs =83. Justin Trudeau =183.

And I had to redo this image of Vern Troyer giving a variation of the silence/secrecy symbol with the classic one shoe Masonic symbolism that happens to show up in nearly every staged ritual attack – and here we go again in Toronto, the one shoe already. (Search on this blog for more information there if you’re new to it.) And of course another media source uses the above right image – of all the pics they always need one of someone covering one eye.

I also see that Verne Troyer =125 died exactly 100 years 5 months after the Leafs were founded (11/22/17), or 1205 months. Mike Babcock =125 [JG]. Trudeau =125 [RFB] born 12/25 and took office 2 years 5 months 20 days before this vehicle ramming with 252 days left in the year. Toronto Maple Leafs =252.

  • UPDATE: Ryder Truck =252. Chevrolet Express Van =125/251. Yonge & Finch =152. And the perp’s name: Alek =25 Minassian =125 [FB].
  • The ramming also happened 5125 weeks after the foundation of the RCMP and 100 years 25 days after the Leafs first Stanley Cup (3/30/18) – and Troyer died 50 years 11 months 20 days after the Leafs last Stanley Cup (5/2/67).

That’s all pretty crazy. Remember the truck attack in NYC on Halloween last year? (Exactly 25 weeks earlier). It was full of Houston Astros symbolism and the Astros won the World Series the following day. As I said in the previous post, I’ve got very little time on my hands for the decodes but these need to be done – so let’s teamwork on what else is in alignment shall we? This Leafs game starts at 1AM here and it’s an early morning tomorrow but that’ll be one to watch. Remember the Astros represented Houston battling back from adversity and tragedy after that hurricane – and now Maple Leafs have two deadly collisions to honour, the Humboldt Broncos and now this. So we’ll see how they rally and what it all means.

[UPDATE: After a moment of silence, Leafs win 3-1 like the attack by Minassian =310 (FB) happening at 1:30 PM. Verne Troyer =1311. Troyer =311/31. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =103.]

26 thoughts on “The Toronto Vehicle Ramming on Maple Leafs Game Day Coincidence

  1. Well BB. The Leafs win 3-1 to force Game 7 in Boston on Wednesday night. My home city of Toronto just took one for Trudeau (who just happens to be in TO as the truck ramming happened) and this may well be part of the Leafs winning the Cup. Remember we also had Gord Downie’s death and Johnny Bowers death happen during this Leafs 101st season. There is way more to come on this one. Keep up the great decoding my Brother. Next up Winnepeg Jets… BTW there was zero blood on the front of the truck. Just like the Nice, France Attack, German Christmas Market Attack, the Times Square Rampage, etc. Peace. Mark @ Global Agenda

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  2. Toronto Van Incident = 88, 119

    Maple Leafs are making a comeback, it’s on 3-3 now. When I saw the Maple Leafs win game 5 with a score of 4 – 3, I thought that could be a clue that they come back and win the series 4 – 3.

    Toronto currently have 313 wins and 333 losses all time against Bruins as of this moment. If they win game 7 then they get to keep that 333 and they get the Pi tribute with their 314th win.

    They’re also at 37 – 37 all time in the playoffs. Stanley Cup = 37

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      • Carly Simon who sang the theme song from The Spy Who Loved Me, titled ‘Nobody Does It Better’ was 26,600 days old or 3800 weeks old on 4/23.

        The truck being a ‘Ryder’ Truck possibly having significance to Winona Ryder? She was born in Winona, Minnesota. Her middle name is Laura, because of her parents’ friendship with Laura Huxley, writer Aldous Huxley’s wife. Aldous Huxley who you’ve mentioned numerous times on various posts. (Died the same day as JFK).
        Her ‘stage’ surname from Mitch Ryder (and the Detroit Wheels). The band were featured on the ‘No Nukes’ live concert / album in 1979.
        Leading back to Carly Simon who also featured on the ‘No Nukes’ live concert / album.


    • LENNY: 43 is the 14th prime, too, and they are seeking their 14th Cup I think.. What was the 37 for? 37 all time playoff wins vs Boston?


      • Bruins and Maple Leafs have 37 wins each against each other in playoff games right now.
        ALSO just noticed, the ton goals scored in this best-of-7 so far is 37!
        Stanley Cup = 37 in both English Reduction and Jewish Reduction.

        Has anyone pointed out that the first time Toronto won the Stanley Cup was exactly 100 years ago in 1918?


    • Maple Leafs have 53 wins against Tampa Bay, if they beat the Bruins and then beat Lightning in the series, they’ll have 57 wins against them (championship number).


      • Great info again, Lenny! Game Seven=37! Toronto would also hit 53 wins on the season and keep Boston at 53 for the season with a Leafs win tomorrow; Leafs=16, 53 is the 16th prime.


      • Good points Nick! That means if they beat Lightning they’d be 57 wins against Lightning AND on the season going in to the conference final. Then if they won that they’d be on 61. Finals = 61, 57.

        I’ve been looking at the Predators and see some interesting coding for them.
        Nashville Predators = 218 (Like this year)
        Predators had 18 losses this season.
        Austin Watson for the Predators, 18th draft pick, Jan 13 (13/1) birthday. (I clicked on him because of the Austin Powers info BB posted)
        Stanley Cup = 53, Predators had 53 wins on the season

        If Predators beat the Jets in the series they’ll be on 27 wins vs Jets, Jets = 27


      • Lenny, are you the “Lenny C” that I also see on Zach’s blog? I show up as “Salochin Notlimah” when using a Google profile and you seem familiar! Anyway, in response to your Nashville Numbers, (I cant reply to that specific post below for some reason); Toronto=117 and Nashville finished with 117 pts. Also, Nashville, TN is on the 36th parallel and Toronto=36, Maple Leafs=36. Those were reasons I was thinking of that match up possibly too, but the Vegas coordinates are also on the 36th parallel…


      • Oh boy, and now I just noticed that the Waffle House Shooting that just happened was in Nashville…
        I haven’t even looked at this shooting before so someone might have noticed this stuff.

        Travis Reinking = 228, 666 (He’s the shooter)
        Waffle House Shooting = 228
        Antioch, Tennessee = 228

        With regards to this NHL:
        Waffle = 53
        Predators got 53 wins, Stanley Cup = 53
        Waffle House = 49
        Maple Leafs got 49 wins
        Waffle House Shooting = 93, Maple Leafs last won in ’93


      • A guy named “James Shaw Jr” was the hero that tackled the shooter.

        James Shaw Jr = 127, 37
        Predators = 127, 44
        James Shaw = 144
        Forty Four = 144

        And here it is: Shaw = 57


      • You make great posts and observations as well Lenny! That Nashville stuff is really intriguing me now, too.. Check out Shane Lux’s posts on one of Zach’s blog pages from today with connections from the Toronto van ramming to the last time Toronto played Vegas and other stuff. I posted some of what you found regarding the TOR-BOS series records, so I hope you don’t mind and thanks again, great info!


  3. Toronto Stanley cup champion = 105
    Twenty eighteen Stanley cup = 105
    Champion =105/79/47/38
    Toronto finished the season with 105 points.
    Patrick Marleau (38 years old) finished the season with 47 points and on a 706 (67 last cup?) consecutive games streak. He was born 1979 in Swift Current, first year playing in Toronto. He had no luck in San Jose for his whole 19 year career. His average annual salary from the last 3 year contract he had was $6,666,667 in San Jose and now has a $1.5 million base salary in Toronto.

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  4. I know Rusty Staub played for Montreal, just hit me (pun intended), “a Grand Orange” hit a magic # this year. It may or may not be part of this puzzle. Just wanted to share to the ‘group think’. Thanks again for all you do.

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  5. There is another Toronto sports team in a Regional Final on The 25th of April. Is the Toronto FC of the Major leauge soccer in the USA. They are playing against a team from Mexico called CHIVAS ( The Goats) This is a tournament of teams from around the usa league,Central American Teams, The Caribbean and Mexico. Is their version of the Champions League. And Toronto FC is playing in the Final on 4/25.

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    • I’m just throwing this out in the FWIW department. I am not recommending wagering per se. (Although I am invested in the Leafs, full disclosure). Perhaps a slight wager on the Toronto FC vs. The Goats in soccer, since Toronto is the heavy underdog. Then I noticed Toronto Blue Jays will host the Boston Red Sox tonight, hmmmmm, ‘Now isn’t that special’ says Dana Carvey as Church lady. Perhaps a Troonto Trifecta Tonight? Wager carefully at your own risk.

      All the best to all. Thanks for your work and your words.

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  6. The leafs finished the season with 26 regulation losses. 26th prime is 101, like the 101st season.

    The Patriots lost Superbowl 42 in 2008. That year they lost Mike Babcock and the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. Patriots just lost Superbowl 52, possibly Babcock and the Leafs win this year.


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