Toronto Van Attack Occult Ritual

Let’s dig deeper into this Toronto Van Attack that happened the night the Maple Leafs beat the Bruins at home, while Trudeau was in Toronto and in the lead-up to Canada hosting the 44th G7 Summit on the weekend of 6/8 (which will coincide with the Stanley Cup Finals). If you haven’t seen it you should check out the ‘amateur footage’ of the stand-off between Minassian & Toronto PD – watch for the three people casually wandering through the background. Add to that another vehicle with a smashed-up front end and nary a drop of blood and it all looks pretty hinky to this truth-sleuth – alphanumerics aside.

We’re told Alek Minassian performed a tribute to Elliot Rodger & the Isla Vista Killings of 5/23/14, his copycat inspiration as a fellow “Incel” (involuntary celibate) angry at women out of their league and sexually successful men. And with a big reference like this of course we must pinpoint the parameters of space/time to find what will assuredly be a pitch-perfect duration: And sure enough, the Isla Vista Killings came exactly 3 years 11 months to the day before the Toronto Van Attack in the North York City Centre =113, which happened on the 113th day of the year (and exactly 113 weeks after the release of Hunger Games =113 – as we’ll connect with shortly). And now we’re told that of all the dates, Minassian was born on 11/3 (November 3rd 1992), which is a perfect 1 year 3 months 11 days after the birth of Elliot Rodger =103Canadian =113. 

  • If you caught my updates on the previous Part I post, I added this sequence: “After a moment of silence, Leafs win 3-1 like the attack by Minassian =310 [FB] happening at 1:30 PM. Verne Troyer =1311. Troyer =311/31. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =103.” Leafs were also down 3-1 in this series before this comeback.

And now Minassian is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder. 10-13. Further, his license plate read AH-79033 and on his Facebook post praising Elliot Rodger, the Isla Vista Killer, shortly before the attack he included the number C23249161. Both of those values sum to 31 in multiple methods. (We also see that 7933 is the 1002nd prime, and I’m sure you guys can find some awesome synchs to that).

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.54.04 PM.png

Fun fact is Elliot Rodger’s father was Peter Rodger =996, a British filmmaker whose biggest credit is second unit director on The Hunger Games (2012), based on the book written by a lady who grew up in Newton Connecticut right beside Sandy Hook. Kids killing kids. Michael Babcock Jr =696. Auston Matthews =669. Toronto Ontario =699 was incorporated exactly 9606 weeks before these NHL Playoffs began  – and Justin Trudeau was born 1699 days after the Leafs last won the Stanley Cup. And we also see that Minassian & Rodger just so happened to be born 66 weeks 6 days apart.

Now the thing about that 3-11 sequence with the 1431 days from Isla Vista to Toronto is that the 143/341 is obviously huge this year. On the theme of staged Canadian tragedies blamed on the fear of women, Marc =134 Lepine =34 was 340 months old when he carried out the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre =134/143 in Montreal Quebec =143 – the deadliest mass shooting in Canada. Elliot =34. Elliot Rodger =430 carried out the Isla Vista Killings a span of 304 days (or 43 weeks) after his birthday.

And now Alek =43 the Incel =43 in this Vehicle Ramming Attack =1434 on Yonge Street =304 in a Chevrolet Express Van =340/143 owned by Ryder =34 that hit 15 people and no blood at all on the crime scene – and just one body bag as far as the images I’ve seen show – happened exactly 340 months after the Rupert Hotel Arson in 1989, which was the previous record holder for worst mass killing in Canada until this event. (That also happened just 17 days after the Montreal Massacre where Lepine was the exact age of 340 months).

  • Troyer =34. Trudeau =34. Leafs =43. Ontario =43. Toronto ON =43. Toronto =143. Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club =341. The Leafs =34.  He joined the CAF 43 weeks before the attack. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me =3403 {JG}. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =3403 {EE}.

And so is the 204 weeks (the attack 24 weeks after Minassian’s birthday). And you know what happened exactly 24 years 24 weeks before Elliot =204 at Isla Vista =142 in 2014 which happened when Minassian was 1124 weeks old? The École Polytechnique Massacre in Montréal. Quebec =24. Leafs =142. Maple Leafs =142. Canadian Armed Forces =1024 which Minassian was part of for a whole 2 months 2 days. Ryder =240/420. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =420.

Continuing on that initial long count, it’s also exactly 47 months (3×12+11) between the Toronto Attack (also the former name of a junior hockey team) and the Isla Vista Killings =407 that saw 14 injured 7 dead and 4 years 17 days before this year’s G7 at Manoir Richelieu =1470 (or exactly 211 weeks, the 47th prime).

  • Alek Minassian =47/74. Alek =174/474 ran down the crowd in Toronto =470 Ontario =470 (Toronto ON =47) a clean 47 days before the G7 Summit. Leafs =47. Verne Troyer =47. Toronto Ontario =74. Canadian Armed Forces =147. Minassian was also born 1047 days (2 years 10 months 11 days) after the Rupert Hotel Arson.

Connecting a few more dots here, Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger =1841 [EE] and the Montreal Massacre (of 12/6/89) happened exactly 1481 weeks to the day before the Toronto event, which happened when Elliot Rodger would have been exactly 36 years 9 months old, the big 3-6-9 alignment that speaks for itself. Ecole Polytechnique Massacre =369. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =369. Go Leafs =369.

And fun bonus fact: notice how I led the previous post with the 183s? Wikipedia has now settled on 1:27 PM as the event time. That’s the 183rd minute of the day… I mean c’mon. Isla Vista =183Ontario =183Incel =183.

We’re also told he joined the Armed Forces exactly 3 years 3 months after the Isla Vista Killings and was discharged 25 weeks before the Van Attack. Alek =25 Minassian =125 born on (11+3+19+92) =125 was 25 years 5 months 20 days old when he was arrested at 1:52 PM; and of the 25 casualties, the first named deceased was Anne Marie D’Amico =125. Canadian =52. Go Leafs =52. The Van Attack also happened 100 years 5 months 2 days after the founding of the Maple Leafs and 100 years 25 days after their first Cup – their last Cup in 1967 on 5/2 coming 50 years 11 months 22 days earlier.

3 thoughts on “Toronto Van Attack Occult Ritual

    • I can’t find them myself. Searched up and down. Last years began 5/29, ended Game 6, 6/11.

      Boston Red Sox won 4-3 over Toronto tonight, for another big F U to Toronto. As Bruins close 4-3.

      Winnipeg, all aboard? Nashville has me a bit concerned. I believe Vegas & Washington advance in their series.


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