Bruins-Steelers: Bennie Cunningham, Verne Troyer & Super Bowl 53

How bout them Maple Leafs! Drop a 4-3 lead in the 3rd period to lose 7-4 and out of the Playoffs, buncha choke artists. We all saw how crazy perfect the synchs & tributes were, though apparently those for the Bruins were bigger. I do like the Canadian connections so perhaps the Troyer / Myers stuff was foreshadowing the Leafs sacrifice in order to clear the way for the Winnipeg Jets to carry the torch. Perhaps the Toronto Raptors will go the distance in the NBA; perhaps it’s all part of something much bigger and more important.

  • Boston Bruins =51. Boston =510. Bruins =105/115. Zdeno Chara =1050 was exactly 15,000 days old for the start of the Playoffs and 15,015 days old for Game 7 (the 12th Game 7 of Chara’s career) and we’d seen that this 15/51 number was important for the Leafs as well. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =151/515. 
  • Bennie Lee Cunningham =105. Bennie Cunningham =51. Pittsburgh Steelers =1051 [JG]. Tomlin =105. Heinz Field =150. 

With regards to the Pi sequence, Bruins prohibiting the Leafs from getting their 314th win all-time against them, Boston’s last Stanley Cup Finals (6/1/11) began 30,014 days after their first Stanley Cup championship (3/29/29). On Game 2 of the next series VS the Lightning (4/30/18) it will be exactly 22 years 7 months after TD Garden opened. Boston Massachusetts =227. Zdeno Chara =227. Dwarf =227 (which is the gigantic Chara is the opposite of). Midget =314. Atlanta =314 where Super Bowl LIII will be played on February 3rd, 2019 (a date that comes 40 years 13 days after Bennie Cunningham’s first Super Bowl win).

I was thinking about how the Blue & White let us down again, a big code disappointment like the Indianapolis Colts, and here we find a Black & Yellow synch between the Bruins and the Pittsburgh Steelers – perhaps bound for the upcoming Super Bowl LIII, especially when we realize that Verne Troyer was their unofficial mascot.

  • Before we move on, another interesting NHL factoid I found is regarding the number of Canadian players per team: the Vegas Knights have the highest percentage of Canadian content with 16 Canadian players, including their seemingly unstoppable goalie Marc-André Fleury (who will be 12,207 days old on 4/30/18).
  • And as for all the other original playoff teams for your consideration: Flyers (14). Ducks (13). Sharks (13). Lightning (13). Leafs (12). Jets (11). Avs (11). Kings (11). Wild (9). Penguins (9). Preds (8). Bruins (8). Capitals (8). Jackets (8). Devils (3).

In other news, checking up on the Deaths in 2018 page we see that a former Pittsburgh Steeler (1976-1985, 2x Super Bowl Champ ’79/’80) named Bennie Cunningham has passed away in Ohio on 4/23/18 at the age of 63. What caught my eye is that he went to Seneca High School – and the perp from the Toronto Van Attack (on the same day Cunningham died) went to Seneca College. Seneca =115 is the name of a Native tribe that lived around the Great Lakes, and it means ‘place of stones’. (That 4/23 date was also 11 years 2 months 27 days after Tomlin became Head Coach).

Cunningham died at the age of 3304 weeks old and Leafs dropped to 334 losses all-time versus the Bruins with that Game 7 disaster. Super Bowl LIII =334.

  • Bennie Lee Cunningham =167/176 was born on the 23rd and died on the 23rd, making him exactly 760 months old at time of death. Super Bowl LIII =167. Atlanta =67. Pittsburgh =67. The Steelers =176. Black & Yellow =176. Leprechaun =167. And another famous short person, Warwick Davis (who played the leprechaun in the horror flick Leprechaun) was 17,610 days old for the death of Troyer.

Super Bowl LIII =1454 [JG]. Verne Troyer =1545 [JG]. Little People =454 [JG]. Cunningham =454 [Sat]. Pittsburgh =54. Boston Bruins =54. The Boston Bruins =405. Boston Massachusetts =504. Seneca =45. Ireland =45. Irish =45. Troyer =1145. 

And I really dig this connection of Verne Troyer as the Leprechaun symbolism that Marian Marcus made, with Ireland winning the Six Nations, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish women’s basketball winning the NCAA Championship, and the Irish connection to Boston with the Bruins (and the Celtics in the NBA, with their Lucky the Leprechaun mascot, playing another Round 1 Game 7, vs the Milwaukee Bucks on 4/28). Freestyling here but I’m thinking of that blue & white connection to the Colts with the horseshoe logo and their quarterback Luck, the blue & white of the Dallas Cowboys the first team Cunningham’s Steelers defeated in the ’79 SB; and as for this black & yellow theme, maybe the tones of a pot of gold; Goldmember – the Golden Knights.

Super Bowl LIII comes 911 weeks after Heinz Field opened, 9 months 11 days after the death of Troyer, and 11,119 days after the death of Steelers founder Art Rooney. Troyer also died 1 year 11 days after the death of Dan Rooney (who served as US Ambassador to Ireland…)

And here’s another fun fact: remember how Verne Troyer died aged 18,007 days old? He also died 1187 days after the release of the horror film Gnome Alone in which he stars as an evil leprechaun character. And another famous short person, Peter Dinklage =187 as Tyrion Lannister =87. Super Bowl LII Atlanta =1708 [JG].

Keep up the awesome work in the comments!!

[UPDATE]: I looked up the shortest players in the NHL and on this article found that of the Top 10, two play for the Bruins (Brand Marchand & Torey Krug; the latter from Michigan like Troyer, the Great Lakes like Seneca). There’s also Viktor Arvidsson for the Predators (a Swede like DJ Avicii). And the shortest NHL player still in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is Tyler Johnson at 5’8 (173 cm) for the Lightning, now up against the Bruins [the bear symbol from the same family as the Dog here in the Year of].

  • On the other end of the spectrum, Boston Bruin’s captain Zdano Chara is the tallest player in NHL history at 2.04 m (6 ft 9 in), And re: colours, the Humboldt Broncos were GREEN, BLACK & GOLD.

Tyler Johnson =178 also has some great age-based long counts: like 10,119 days old when these NHL Playoffs began, 10,130 days old on 4/23 (Lightning with 113 points in the season), and 10,178 days or exactly 1454 weeks old on 6/10, which could be a date for the hoisting of the Cup.

[UPDATE II]: Tyler Johnson reminds me of Martin St Louis, the former Lightning all-star Canadian who defeated the Calgary Flames (my team back when I was a fan) in the 2004 Stanley Cup. St Louis was the exact same height as Johnson, and had his #26 retired by the Lightning on 10/6/16, a date 78 weeks 7 days before these Playoffs began.

15 thoughts on “Bruins-Steelers: Bennie Cunningham, Verne Troyer & Super Bowl 53

  1. B-Berg, Appreciate your perspective in your opening paragraph. Yeah I was there on the Colt Express Train Wreck back in 2016. That was a big lesson for some folks. Yeah, I took the narrative on Da Leafs to see how far it would go. Se la vie…. I wish it went our way, so I can some more chump change to play with. Still pondering the bigger ‘there’, cause there is definitely a ‘there, there’. Thanks again to all. Many lessons to un-learn before ‘we can look back on this, and it will all seem funny’.

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    • PS on the night of Game 7, when I saw that Boston defeated Toronto 4-3 in baseball, I knew. I did try the Toronto Tri-fecta that night and the only team that came through was the soccer team. Major underdogs they defeated the ‘Goats 2-1

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  2. Check out the Royal connection with Toronto. New prince was born on 4/23, same day as the ‘van attack. ‘
    Media made a big deal about Kate dressing like diana when she left the hospital with Harry.
    Harrys wiki page has a picture of him in Toronto. (Invictus games 2017)
    Meghan markles wiki page has a picture of her in Toronto. (film festival 2012)
    Wiki says Harry and Meghans first public appearance together was in Toronto.
    Meghans last acting job was on Suits, which is filmed in Toronto, even though it’s set in New York.
    Suits first aired in 2011, the same year of Meghans first wedding.
    2011 was the last year Boston won the Stanley Cup. Was also the last year a Canadian team played in the Stanley Cup.
    Meghan is a direct descendant of Christopher Hussey, one of the founders of Nantucket, in Massachusetts. Hussey was made an Esquire by King Charles. King Charles became King on 4/23.
    Toronto and Boston played in Massachusetts on 4/23, at TD garden.
    TD garden is even sponsored by a Toronto bank.

    2011 was also the year The King’s Speech was released. That’s a film about George becoming King after his brother abdicates because he wants to marry a divorced american. (Like Meghan)
    4/23 was also St Georges Day. St George died in 303. Harry currently 33.

    After reading your post I thought I’d check if the Cavs were connected. (I’m in big on the Cavs)
    Clicked on Ohio, which is a state in the Great Lakes region. The name originated from the SENECA language word Ohi:yo.

    New prince is called Louis Arthur Charles. Louis being a french name. His initials LAC are french for Lake.

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    • @ Nicky T: NICE! When I heard the name of their 3rd child, I thought of King Louis XVl of France and his wife Marie Antoinette. They had “4” children (2 boys & 2 girls) and the 3rd child was named
      Louis-Charles. His older brother died at the age of seven and the younger became heir apparent. He allegedly died in imprison after his father and mother were beheaded. Emmanual Macron is visiting the US from France and he arrived on 4/23. Also, LOUIS Armstrong, the famous Jazz Musician shares the same birthday as Meghan Markle and Former President Obama (August 4th, 8/4, 84). Armstrong entertained the “Royal Family” numerous times and he died at the age of “69” in “Corona, QUEENS, NY”(Corona/Coronation). He was born in Lousiana(New Orleans) where they have a “Lake Charles”.

      “Louis Arthur Charles”=1981(The year Princess Diana wed Prince Charles & Meghan Markle was born)
      “Louis Arthur Charles”=84(Like 8/4) Harry of Windsor was born in “84”
      “Louis Armstrong”=84
      “Louis XVII”=840(84)English Sumerian
      “Corona, Queens”=804(84)Eng. Extended
      August 4th is the 216th day of the year (666, 6x6x6=216)
      “United Kingdom”=2016(216)
      Prince Nelson Rogers died in 2016 on the Queen’s birthday and he was born in June. Both of King Louis XVI sons died in the month of June. The eldest died on June 4th and the youngest on June 8th(Like 48/84).”Lake Charles”=480(48/84)

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      • On the theme of Louisiana / Louis, there was the 1944 movie (musical) called ‘Meet me in St.Louis’, (meet me at the fair).
        The story of the Smith family in St. Louis, leading up to the opening of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, (part of the World Fair’s of which The Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace (The Eagles), London was one).
        The actual Fair located at the present-day grounds of Forest Park and on the campus of Washington University.
        The Fair was to celebrate the centennial of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase (the acquisition of the Louisiana territory (828,000 square miles or 2.14 million km²) by the United States from France).


      • Speaking of royal babies.. The oldest one Prince George of Cambridge’s birthday falls on Tisha B’Av this year 7/22 so watch out for a blood sacrifice tribute to the little guy. As for the new one..
        Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge” = 144 (Jewish Reduction)
        His official title is…..
        “His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge” = 137 (Chaldean)
        With surname…
        “Louis Arthur Charles Mountbatten-Windsor” = 137 (Chaldean)
        I guess this means the Royals are using the Chaldean cipher.
        His was born at A son was born at 11:01 BST=111
        One Hundred Thirty Seven” = 111 (Full Reduction)
        Mark of Beast” = 111 (English Ordinal)
        With the zero 11:01
        The United States of America” = 1101 (Satanic)
        The Lion of Judah” = 1101 (Jewish)
        Giza Pyramid” = 1101 (Jewish)
        Born on St Georges day” = 1101 (Jewish)

        Born on St George’s Day well Shakespeare can top that! He was born AND died on St George’s Day
        Birth and death of William Shakespeare ..
        Born 4/23/1564 died 4/23/1616
        Which I think is more proof that Shakesphere was a fake person.

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      • Judy Garland, born June 10 1922 would have been exactly 5000 weeks old / 35,000 days old / 840,000 hours old on April 7 2018.
        April 7 should have been the end of the NHL regular season. (extended one day to April 8 to accommodate a make-up game between the Panthers and Bruins, postponed from Jan. 11 due to snow in Boston).


  3. From the ‘Just So Happens’ category this morning. I host a Morning Radio show M-F 6a-10, called ‘Rick’s Radio Roux’. I get to mix up and play anything basically prior to 1990. So this morning I’m playing ‘Chilliwack’ and I see the category, Canadian Rock Bands…. I didn’t know there was a band by the name of ‘Toronto’. So I’ll throw it out there in case it strikes a Gematria vibe with the community here….

    (PS since Joni Mitchell’s line, ‘A little money riding on the Maple Leafs’ let me down.)

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    • Minor ice hockey which is played below junior age level, includes the category ‘Midget’. Perhaps a connection to this (and the eventual winner) via the Leprechaun theme?
      I noticed Torey Krug came through the Belle Tire midget program in Michigan.
      With regard to Canada, the inaugural official national midget championship, the Air Canada Cup tournament was held in Winnipeg in 1979. It is now called the Telus Cup.

      Nicky T (above) mentioned the new Prince’s name – Louis Arthur Charles, initials LAC ….. there is a midget team in Quebec called ‘Lac St-Louis Lions’.

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      • The only other louis I know of is Louis mountbatten, he was killed by the IRA in 1979. Follows on with the Irish theme.


      • regarding the ‘louis’….i searched for nhl’ers that played for the lac st louis lions – alex killhorn (lightening) was on the list – interesting…. also… martin st. louis (ex lightening player who was known for his very small stature) didnt play there, but he comes to mind


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