Royal-Canadian Synchronizations & the Palace of Versailles

Props to Nicky T for the XXL connections on the Royal-Toronto synchronizations; his finds summarized as follows: William & Kate’s new baby boy, Prince Louis of Cambridge was born on 4/23, the day of the Toronto Van Attack. Prince Harry’s wiki profile pic shows him in Toronto (at the 2017 Invictus Games) and the second image on Meghan Markle’s wiki page shows her in Toronto (at the 2012 Film Festival). Harry & Meghan’s first public appearance together was at an official royal engagement in Toronto, where Meghan lived while there filming the TV series Suits, which first aired in 2011 – the year of Meghan’s first wedding.

2011 was the last year Boston won the Stanley Cup, defeating the Vancouver Canucks – and there hasn’t been a Canadian team in the Finals since. 2011 was also the year The King’s Speech was released, a film about George becoming King after his brother abdicates in order to marry a divorced American (just like Meghan). 4/23 was also St George’s Day (the dude who immortalized for slaying the dragon) who died this day in 303 CE like Harry currently 33 years old.

Meghan is a direct descendant of Christopher Hussey, one of the founders of Nantucket, a town in Massachusettes like Boston. Hussey was made an Esquire by King Charles II who was coronated on 4/23 of 1661. And also on 4/23 of 2018, the birth of Prince Louis Arthur Charles, Boston defeated Toronto in Massachusetts at TD Garden, the arena sponsored by Toronto-Dominion Bank. And that’s quite a lot of synchs! Great work by Nicky T there. Now let’s see what else we can find.


First of all, I urge readers to check out this old post of mine on Defenestration & the Curious Case of Garry Hoy, a banker who accidentally smashed through a window on the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Center on 9 July 1993. That was the 100th year of the Stanley Cup, and the 24th win by the Montreal Canadiens, 24 years ago, as the last Canadian team to win the Cup.

  • Hoy =74 was 14,070 days old when he fell out the window in Toronto =470.  Louis Arthur Charles =174 was born 147 days after Harry & Meghan announced their engagement, a date (11/27/17) that was a parallel 174 days before their wedding. Versailles =174. 

And as a funny synchronicity, in the comments Marian Marcus associated the new Prince Louis of Cambridge with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the last king & queen of France, guillotined in the Revolution in 1793 – and yesterday I actually visited Château de Versailles here in Paris. It was overrated to say the least, just some old rich douchebag’s house, and it mostly succeeded in making me even more pissed off at the arrogance of the occult elite.

1793: Louis XVI’s last full day of life saw him at the age of 14,030 days old (2004 weeks 2 days) and his wife Marie Antoinette had her head chopped off 14,300 days (2042 weeks) after the birth of Louis XVI. And all this 143 years after the beheading of a British monarch, Charles I. Regicide =340 [Satanic]. Prince Louis of Cambridge =403. Prince Louis =43/134. Cloned Royalty =143.

And I had a vision, while urinating behind a bush in the palace gardens, that if human cloning is as real as it’s said to be I wouldn’t it past the Royals to resurrect the old kings. And maybe Prince Louis of Cambridge is actually one of the 16 French Kings named Louis, brought back to life again, as it were, through some preserved DNA sample – which reminds us of Jurassic Park and the Toronto Raptors (who will be probably playing the Cavaliers in the next round, perfect for the connection to the aforementioned executed King Charles, the second son of King James VI and I).

20 thoughts on “Royal-Canadian Synchronizations & the Palace of Versailles

  1. Ahh, Oui Oui ! Lol
    Here’s an interesting long count …. When the Bruins played their opening game against Toronto on April 12 in Boston, it was 119,000 days or 17,000 weeks from when the first Salam Witch – Bridget Bishop was hanged in Salam village, Massachusetts on June 10 1692.

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    • Witches, Judy Garland, dwarfs and here’s info on the ‘Emerald City’ and connection to Edward and Wallis Simpson …
      Hotel del Coronado = 996.
      L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, did much of his writing at this hotel in San Diego and is said to have based his design for the ‘Emerald City’ on the Hotel del Coronado.
      Baum may have been partly inspired in his creation of the Emerald City by the White City of the World Columbian Exposition of 1893, (Chicago World Fair).
      Lumber used in the Hotel’s construction was shipped directly from the Dolbeer & Carson lumber yards, located on the shores of Humboldt Bay.
      On April 7, 1920, Edward, Prince of Wales was honored with a grand banquet in the Crown Room at the Hotel del Coronado. There has been speculation that it was at this event that he first met his future wife Wallis Spencer, later known as Wallis Simpson, who lived in Coronado at the time….. ref wiki.
      Coronado = Coronation.
      The only connections I can find between the ‘Emerald City’ and NHL teams are …
      1. San Diego Gulls are Anaheim’s primary development affiliate. (Anaheim are out).
      2. Some people use the ‘Emerald City’ as a metaphor for Washington D.C. ref wiki.
      Don’t know if there are any others ?

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      • twotwofourconnection: NICE! Wallis Spencer(WALLis), Wall symbolism that connects to President Trump. Wallis SPENCER like Diana SPENCER and Diana’s mother was “Francis SHAND Kydd”. Camilla Parker Bowles used to be Camilla Rosemary SHAND. My theory is that Wallis Spencer Simpson and Meghan Markle are related, their storylines are quite similar. For that reason, someone might abdicate, possibly “Prince Charles” to one of his sons or maybe by his death. Which would create a similar Wallis Spencer and Prince Edward storyline? Wallis is from Pennsylvania just like Grace Kelly(Philadelphia, PA) the Princess of Monaco and all three women died in France(Wallis, Grace, and Diana).
        “King Edward VIII”=89(Reverse Full Reduction) Wallis Simpson died at the age of “89”

        “Grace Kelly Princess Of Monaco”=831(Reverse Franc Baconis) Like 8/31-Princess Diana died on 8/31/1997 from injuries sustained in a car accident.
        “Diana Princess Of Wales”=913(Satanic) Like 9/13- Princess Grace Kelly was in a fatal car accident on 9/13/1982 and was taken off life support the next day.
        “Bessie Wallis Warfield”=913(Satanic)The birth name of Wallis Simpson

        Another Wallis Simpson parallel, she was born in PA but grew up in Maryland and her birth date is 6/19/1886(86) or 6/19/1896. The #2 draft pick in the NBA, Len Bias from Maryland (University Of Maryland) died on 6/19/1986(86) from a cocaine overdose. He was “22” years old and was drafted (Jersey#30) by the Celtics(Ireland, Scotland, WALES & CORNWALL). CornWALL/WALLis more WALL symbolism.
        “Leonard Kevin Bias”=831(Reverse Satanic) Like 8/31-The date of Princess Diana’s Death

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  2. Both Washington and Nashville got their 29th home win of the season today, on 4/29. tampa sits on 29 wins at home looking to make it 30 on 4/30…..hmmm

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  3. Been meaning to throw this out there to the community. I listen to Crrow777 from time to time, I like their presentation and ‘logic’. They had an episode on ‘Calendars’ and time a few months back and I can’t find it to post for you. The gist of it went, that there are at least 2 calendars, the Royal Family uses. You all may already know about this. It may effect the calculations. Or not. Just passing it along. Again, thanks for all you do.,

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  4. Anybody breaking down Stanley Cup playoffs? Started plugging some numbers in and I noticed may first=111, reverse ordinal:105 reverse reduction:51 on gematria calculator…..”penguins” original ordinal=105 reverse ordinal=111 and reverse reduction=51 .
    Also today being 5/1 and “Nashville” reverse reduction=51. Trying to tie this all together….any input?


    • Im seeing Washington Capitals playoff record is 121-138. Today, 5/1 is the 121st day of the year. A Penguins win keeps Washington on 121 W on the 121st day.

      Let me know if you find anything else please on either series…thanks


      • VEGAS J-
        Look how many losses PIT currently has against WAS at home. (51).. (all time)
        Being that its 5/1 and Penguins=51/105 I would also think they stay @ 51 losses tonight.
        Game Three=82 and if PIT wins they pick up their 82nd Home win over WAS all time, and 148th overall.
        Game Three=148 (ALW)
        Donald J Trump=148
        PIT can also get its 40th overall playoff win over WAS on date with numerology of 40, too..
        I like your 121 connection, as well!!


  5. Great find Vegasj! Thank you for your input, hard time finding people in gematria world who break down hockey. may I ask where you are able to find all time playoff records? Not finding much of preds/Jets but then again I’m probably looking too hard and past it


  6. Thought I would add about today’s date 5/1/18….5+1+18=24…..currently Winnipeg is 17-24 against Nashville so maybe Winnipeg stays on 24 losses? Salochin Notlimah1 On zacs blog added to my post “today has both 24 and 17 numerology and WIN’s record against NSH is currently 17-24 overall, 10-9 at home, 1-1 in playoffs.. Today is 121st day; 121 is square of 11 and WIN looking for 11th home win over NSH all time. May Day=24 May First=24 and 119 and they could improve to 11-9 at home against NSH all time, too..”

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  7. The RCAF in 1960 introduced the Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitan (CL-66 or “Cosmo”) aircraft, which became standard aircraft for ” VIP’s “. They were powered by Napier Eland turboprop engines.
    These engines were also used in the Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador aircraft, sometimes referred to as “Elizabethan”.
    On 6 February 1958 one of these “Elizabethan” aircraft crashed on take off (G-ALZU, named ‘Lord Burghley’) – to be known as the infamous Munich Air Disaster, involving Manchester United Football Club.
    The crash happened 6 years after Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne (6 Feb 1952). The plane involved was named after William Cecil – 669 /666, who was known as Lord Burghley, Chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.
    Lord Burghley died in 1598, the Munich air disaster in 1958.

    Manchester United’s legend ex manager Alex Ferguson is in the news, as on 5 May 2018, he was hospitalised and had brain surgery, after suffering a reported Brain Haemorrhage.
    From the Munich air disaster (6 Feb 1958) to Alex Ferguson’s brain surgery (5 May 2018) is a span of 22,003 days.


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