Kate & Louis: Rosemary’s Baby and the Royal-Illuminati Coven

Seven hours after giving birth to Prince Louis of Cambridge on 4/23/18, Kate Middleton made a public appearance on the steps of St Mary’s Church, wearing a nearly identical dress to the one that Mia Farrow wore in Rosemary’s Baby (1968). In case you missed that flick, it’s all about a high-society occult coven manipulating a young woman for ritualistic purposes – namely the birth of the antichrist. And when you know that’s pretty much the exact story of Kate and Diana before her, you know that outfit was no coincidence at all.

Rosemary’s Baby released in the USA on 6/21/68, a date 14 years 9 days before the birth of Prince William and 49 years 10 months 11 days before the birth of Prince Louis. And what’s crazy about this parallel is that 11,409 days before the sacrifice of Princess Diana was the date 6/6/66 – the implied birth date of the Antichrist =149 in the film (definitely at least 6/66). Incubus =149. Sharon Tate =149. Rachel Meghan Markle =409. 

  • If we count from the French release date of the film (10/17/68) – which I call legit as not only is Louis a French name but Diana was ritually sacrificed in Paris – it opened 18,090 days before the name day (4/27/18) of Louis Arthur Charles Windsor =1980. Like the 1969 Manson Murders on 8/9. Rosemary’s Baby =1891. 

Indeed speaking about Louis Arthur Charles, the Manson Family Massacre happened 13 months after Rosemary’s Baby, the director’s pregnant wife murdered in their own living room as the pivotal moment that ended the good vibrations of the 60s – a staged occult ritual psychological operation that (according to my research) was a total scripted hoax, a weapon designed to destroy.

If we count to the name-day of Prince Louis (4/27) it was 2602 weeks after the US release of Rosemary’s Baby and he was born 262 days before his mother’s next birthday. In the film, it’s said the baby was due on 6/28/66, or 1626 weeks before the sacrifice of Princess Diana =262. Meghan Markle was born 11 years 11 months 26 days after the death of Sharon Tate-Polanski =206 – and if you’re new here you don’t have to search far to find that this alphanumeric sequence is beyond debate cemented in the royal occult.

  • Tate =206/62 was buried 6 months 20 days after her 26th birthday. Manson =26/62. President Gerald Ford survived an alleged assassination attempt by another member of the Manson Family 6 years 26 days after the Tate Murders.

In the movie, the dates October 4th & 5th are pinpointed by the coven as prime dates for copulation to obtain a numerologically-correct birth. If we count back exactly 9 months from Louis’s 4/23 birth we get 7/21/17, or just a couple days after Kate & William’s trip to Germany ended – another connection there as the House of Windsor rebranded from the House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha; the history of Europe the history of feuding cousins all born of the Illuminati bloodline. Prince Louis conceived in Germany amid sex-magick rituals, makes sense.

Prince William =93 was 13,090 days old for the birth of Louis Arthur Charles Windsor =139. Sharon Tate was sacrificed 1139 days after the due date in the film. Freemasonry =139. Elite =139. Ceremonial Magick =139. Prince Louis =193.

  • William was also exactly 1870 weeks old when Louis was born, two days after the Queen’s birthday when Verne Troyer was sacrificed at the age of 18,007 days old. William the Conqueror died in 1087 CE. JFK died in the 187th year of the United States and Richard Nixon died exactly 1187 weeks before Trump took office.

And it really should never be forgotten that Prince William was 5550 days old when Diana died, making him 5555 days old the day before his mother’s funeral. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555.

20 thoughts on “Kate & Louis: Rosemary’s Baby and the Royal-Illuminati Coven

  1. Anybody breaking down Stanley Cup playoffs? Started plugging some numbers in and I noticed may first=111, reverse ordinal:105 reverse reduction:51 on gematria calculator…..”penguins” original ordinal=105 reverse ordinal=111 and reverse reduction=51 .
    Also today being 5/1 and “Nashville” reverse reduction=51. Trying to tie this all together….any input?


  2. Great Work Brother Berg! I’ve been lurking around here reading all the Top-Notch Posts & high quality Comments. Finally going to join the party….

    Rosemary’s Baby released 6/21/68. Prince William born 6/21/82. Thats 14yrs on the dot. I don’t get the 14yrs 9 days??

    Fourteen Years =1062/162/1612 – talk about syncing up to the date 6/21 – Wow!

    14 is probably a key number… Mia Farrow =104/104. Rosemary =140. The Twenty-First of June =104. Royal =14.


    • @ Maestro-The building where “Rosemary’s Baby” was filmed, the “Dakota Apartments”, 1 West 72nd Street (Central Park West), is the same building where John Lennon was living before he was allegedly assassinated.

      “John Lennon”=149(Reverse Ordinal)-Like 14yrs and 9dys
      “Ira Marvin Levin”=419(419/149)Reverse Franc Baconis
      Ira M. Levin is the author of Rosemary’s Baby, The Stepford Wives & The Boys from Brazil


  3. Ha, didn’t know about this, thanks, BBerg. Rosemary’s witch neighbor is named Minnie. She’s the one who gives Rosemary the drugged chocolate ‘mousse’ before the rape. However, Minnie pronounces it ‘mouse’…minnie mouse…minnie-me. Mini-Me and his master’s “pinky finger” = 666 (Jewish) are their trademark. Obama does the “pinky finger” in I, Pet Goat 2.
    Rosemary’s Baby film produced by..William Castle.
    Judas Iscariot = 149 (FB) (EO)
    Son of Perdition = 669 (satanic), 1413 (tri).
    Judas became possessed by Satan, as will be the Antichrist in prophecy.
    4/23 marked 4103w 3d since WW2’s start (41:33)…resurrection/Easter 4/1 and Good Friday 3/30. A symbolic Mini-me (Dr. Evil) resurrection riddle?
    All Of Them Witches…anagram in movie …Hell A Cometh Swift…

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  4. Nice Work B Berg!! I so look forward to your posts, you’re on another level. I’ve seen this movie several times and there is so much “Hidden Plain In Sight” esoteric occult knowledge in that film.

    “Ritualistic Sacrifice”=115
    “Hidden In Plain Sight”=115
    “Ritualistic Sacrifice”=914(Satanic)-Like 9/14-Princess Grace Kelly was taken off life support by her husband Prince Rainer of Monaco on 9/14 in 1982.
    Monaco is a tiny independent city-state on France’s Meditterian coastline.
    “Grace Kelly Princess Of Monaco”=1158(Jewish)
    “Grace Kelly Princess Of Monaco”=139(Reverse Full Reduction)
    “Prince Rainier”=139(English Ordinal)

    Ritualistic Sacrifice”=4664(Reverse Extended)
    One of your blog post’s, there’s a photo of Nelson Mandela with the number “46664”
    strategically placed behind him (similar to 4664).


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    • Also, Princess Grace Kelly was married in “1956”.
      “Rosemary’s Baby”=1956(Reverse Trigonal)
      “Ritualistic Sacrifice”=1956(Reverse English Sumerian)


  5. Off topic but good find……….
    My work on USS Liberty attack on 6/8/1967
    It happened 68 days before TishaB.Av that year.
    From the USS Liberty attack to Tisha B’Av of that year
    From and including: Thursday, June 8, 1967
    To, but not including Tuesday, August 15, 1967
    Result: 68 days
    It happened during the six day war.
    six day war” = 31 (Septenary)
    co-ordinates of incident
    31° 23′ 24″ N, 33° 22′ 48″ E
    Date of attack Hebrew calendar…
    Thu, 8 June 1967 = 29th of Iyyar, 5727
    כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז
    Parashat Nasso (in Diaspora)
    44th day of the Omer
    Zionism” = 44 (Jewish Reduction)
    “twenty ninth of lyyar” = 68 (Chaldean) same as 6/8
    “twenty ninth day of lyyar” = 3104 (Jewish)=314=PI
    “כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז” = 33 (Hebrew Reduction)
    “כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז” = 114 (Hebrew Ordinal)
    “כ״ט בְּאִיָּר תשכ״ז” = 969 (Hebrew Gematria)
    “forty fourth day of the Omer” = 307 (English Ordinal)
    forty fourth day of the Omer” = 100 (Septenary)
    The USS Liberty was a Auxiliary Technical Research Ship
    Auxiliary Technical Research Ship” = 307 (Jewish Ordinal)307
    Attack was on the…
    “forty fourth day of the Omer” = 307 (English Ordinal)
    Attack date 6+8+1+9+6+7=37


  6. What a great catch with the dresses! How did you come up with that? It is also very creepy, and “in plain sight” when you see the comparison. Wow. Definitely connections with the recent death of Manson I believe. Manson apparently “murdering” Polanski’s wife. Lennon being “murdered” at the Dakota, this film was filmed at the Dakota, Charlie Man-son dying November 19, 2017. Beatles “White Album” released fifty years ago November 22, 1968 (11+22=33) which inspired “ManSon” That GI Jane person from the Valentine’s Florida school shooting wearing the Beatles shirt with the Sinead O’Connor hair cut. Sinead in the news again due to Prince this time. Sinead has the same birthdate, December 8th, as the date Lennon was shot. What a World Wide Web of Lies!

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    • Also another connection between Mia Farrow and John Lennon is the song “Dear Prudence” written about Mia’s sister while at an Ashram in India. This song is also on the “White Album”.


  7. Hi i stop by this blog from time to time. I dont know i buy into some of the numerology but hey im no expert.
    Anyway to play devils advocate i object to your implying a saxcoburgoth brat could be the antichrist. That comparison is a scurrilous slur against old nick.


  8. Ira Levin came out with a sequel novel, ‘Son of Rosemary’ in 1997. Rosemary wakes,11:03 am, from a 27y coma on Nov 9,1999, and is told her son has negotiated international peace agreements and has “inspired and united the whole world.”
    I’ve read it and can tell you that it curiously links the events in AC-Andy’s life to events in Trump’s life. They both reside in Manhattan: each bought and renovated an aging office building on Central Park, Columbus Circle, into a glittering Tower with gold highlights. Andy’s: international ‘charity’ with offices and his luxurious 52nd floor penthouse ….Trump’s: an international hotel with offices, and he designed an over-the-top luxury penthouse ( 52nd floor) for his lovely wife, “Marla Maples” ( = 666 rev Sumerian). Their divorce put the kibosh on them ever actually moving in. He then built 5th Ave Tower. Irving BERLIN songs are laced through novel and there’s a WEIMARaner dog appearance, a mention of the King of England, and Rosemary coming upon the ‘IMAGINE’ black and white tiled, jagged spoked wheel at ‘Strawberry Fields’ Central Park…although all she sees amid the red roses upon it is ‘MAGI’….wise men from the east…MAGA.

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  9. Trump elected on 11-9-16. Germany’s Day of Fate (Nov 9th). From Ira Levin’s birth on Aug 27, 1929 to Trump’s birth = 16y 9m 19d span…weird.
    Day of Fate includes: end of monarchy/ revolution, Weimar Republic start, Kristallnacht ‘Night of Broken Glass’, Beer Hall Putsch, Berlin Wall falls…we live in interesting times.


  10. The numbers for the Royals are 262? I have to remember that. And checked back in to say the Washington monument is 555 ft tall. “Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555”


  11. The last thing Rosemary (Son of Rosemary) remembered before waking from her 27y coma was AC-Andy laying on his stomach on the floor watching the children’s tv show, ‘Kukla, Fran, and Ollie’. It featured a puppet clown (Kukla), a human woman (Fran), and a one-toothed dragon (Ollie). Antichrist trinity? Oddly, its original release on Oct. 13, 1947, falls a span of ’70y 7m 7d’ before Harry and Meghan’s wedding date 5-19-18, same span, of course, as Trump’s age at inauguration.

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  12. Interesting the author Ira Levin’s birth date is August 27th, the 239th day of the year (52nd prime, also apparently Trump’s physical weight….) August 27th also leaves 126 days in the year!
    August 27th is also the date Lord Louis Mountbatten (newest Prince named after) was “killed” in 1979. Other interesting deaths on August 27th; Brian Epstein (1967 – manager of Beatles), Haile Selassie (1975), and Stevie Ray Vaughan (1990).
    Some interesting births for August 27th; Tuesday Weld (1943 – apparently a High Priestess whom Anton Lavey dedicated his Satanic Bible to, also she’s the apparent “Tuesday” in the Beatles song “She came in through the bathroom window” and Stones song “Ruby Tuesday”), and Barbra Bach (1947 – wife of Ringo Starr). Seems lots connected to the Beatles too.
    From August 27, 2017 (Mountbatten’s 38th anniversary of death) to Prince Louis’ birth April 23, 2018 = 239 days.
    From April 23 to August 27 = 126 days.
    From William’s birthday June 21 (621 – mirror of 126) to August 27 = 2 months 6 days.
    To keep the Beatles theme, from December 8, 2017 (anniversary of Lennon’s “death) to August 27, 2018 = 262 days, from August 27 to December 8 = 3 months 11 days.
    The familiar numbers just keep coming, lol. Thanks for all the great posts!


  13. Kate’s baby ‘Louis’ arrives exactly (Pi code) 2y 27d after Ivanka’s ‘Theodore’ (Trump’s first Jewish grandson) born in NYC, on March 27, 2016…Easter Sunday. I remember you had some crazy posts that week, BBerg, including the Central Park Trump tombstone in Sheep Meadow (West 66th-69th St), which is not far from the ‘IMAGINE’ wheel (West 71st-74th St). The unveiling was on Lennon’s ’45th’ anniversary of his birth, Oct 9, 1985, a span of ‘440w 4d’ after the creepy Denver Int Airport granite dedication/time capsule marker (tombstone) dated 3-19-94.

    Ivanka’s baby/hospital picture on twitter: 9:05pm, Mar 27th, which would be 4:05am, March 28th, in Jerusalem (7 hours ahead of NYC time).
    From March 28, 2016 to 5-14-18 (US Embassy moves to Jerusalem) = 777 days.

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