Jesus Christ Occult Numerology – Gandhi & the Extreme Long-Count Synchs

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Forgive me for the delay in posting, I’ve been working overtime on my next book, which will be an investigation into Ritual Sacrifice & Assassination (turns out the Pi Code book I said was coming next is a much bigger project). And as I was playing around with date counts I stumbled onto something big – a miraculous amount of key dates perfectly synchronized with the extreme long-count from the given death dates of Jesus Christ.

Many biblical scholars agree that the actual birthday of Jesus was not Christmas morning, December 25th of the year 0000, but rather 11 September 3 BCE. As for His date of death, it’s said there are but two plausible dates to match the Hebrew date specified in the Gospel of John as 14 Nisan: 7 April 30 and 3 April 33. Date calculators don’t go beyond 1 January 0001 but we can count from that point to our two target dates then add 841 days (the difference counting backwards between his 9/11/-3 birth date and Year 0).

If my calculations are correct, the 4/3/33 death date means he was 12,621 days old. That’s a big 262 bracketed in the magic number 11, or if you want it cleaner, on His last full day of life before the crucifixion, Jesus was 12,620 days old. Another delicious duration.

  • The 4/7 date means he died 262 days before Christmas, and 4/3 means he died 162 days before his birthday. The Son of God =206. Jesus of Nazareth =62. Eternal =26. Immortal =26. Infinity =26. God =26.
  • According to Luke there 26 generations between David and Christ and 26 generations between Adam and Moses, who receives the Torah =26 transmitted by God =26 from which 26 commandments apply strictly to the Land of Israel. The Book of Genesis has 26 verses, beginning with Adam =26 and ending with God =26. The word Baptism =26 is used 26 times in the Bible

That’s a pretty slick long count backed up with further numerological evidence from the Bible, though the other target bears even juicier fruit.

The 4/7/30 option says that Jesus Christ died for our sins at the age of exactly 11,530 days old. Christ =153. Lord =153. Fourteen Nisan =153. Resurrection =153. The Gospel =153. Religion =153. Holy Bible =153.  The Bible =153. Divination =153. That’s a lot of powerful harmonics to match that date count, but we’re missing the big clue, the one that makes this example a genuine tell to how this system operates:

One of the 33 miracles that Jesus performs in the bible, before being crucified at age 33, is helping out some down-on-their-luck fishermen to haul in a huge catch of exactly 153 Fish. The precision of the number has led to many conflicting theories among biblical scholars, and none of which have received widespread support – until we apply our science of Gematria, then suddenly & quite undeniably it all makes perfect sense. This Alphanumeric Allegory =1530 also known as The Miraculous Draught of Fishes =153 with the numerical value of the question.

According to John 21:11, Jesus asks: “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” =153.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 11.54.50 AM.png

153 is the smallest three-digit number that can be expressed as the sum of its cubes: 12+52+32 =153. Further, the Tetragrammaton (YVWH, the Holy Father of the Israelites) occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis and the cube kingdom of New Jerusalem is prophesied as measuring 12,000 furlongs on each side, which equates to 1,500.03 miles. And for one of my finds to add to these preexisting clues, Sister Lucia Santos, one of the children to witness the Secrets of Fatima =153, died exactly 1053 months after the first sighting of the Virgin Mary.

  • It has also been noted that in Greek isopsephy, the ephitet of Mary Magadalene – η Μαγδαληνή – bears the coded value of 153. Similarly the phrase “τὸ δίκτυον” (the net) used in the passage bears the number 1224 = 8 x 153, as do some other phrases. What this work of some biblical scholar demonstrates is a painfully archaic and awkward attempt at decoding Gematria using the values of ancient languages, when as we now know, there are several methods of English ciphers that work a helluva lot better.

Be The Change =153. Gandhi was assassinated exactly 1053 weeks before the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, who was 1153 days older than Bobby Kennedy, who was shot at the Ambassador Hotel =153 a span of 153 days before the election. Julius Caesar was assassinated on 15/3, the Ides of March =153. Lord Louis Mountbatten, an uncle of Prince Philip and namesake of Kate & William’s new Prince Louis, was assassinated 11,530 days after the ritual murder of Gandhi.


I bring up Gandhi here because this book called Assassinations written by a man from MI6 that fell into my hands after meeting the author’s daughter compares the deaths of the two. Both men were highly influential social movement leaders with massive followings who practiced nonviolent resistence in order to bring about change. Both men opposed authority while believing that we should love our enemies, both took the burden of others onto themselves, and were both ultimately killed for their causes.

When we play with their dates we discover some astonishing synchs on the extreme long count.

  • Gandhi died exactly 100,067 weeks after the 4/7/30 death date of Jehovah =67. That’s a remarkably succinct number, though aside from Blood Sacrifice =67 and Human Sacrifice =67 we don’t find many other relevant synchs.

However, if we use the same duration counting by days we see that Ghandi died a perfect 700,470 days after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on 4/7 also written 7/4, and here we hit the jackpot: Jesus Christ =74. Jesus =74. Christ =74. Iesous =74. Joshua =74. Son of God =74. Cross =74. Energy =74. Messiah =47/74. Yeshua =474/74/704/47. And with the same phrase that forms the subject to my upcoming book: Blood Sacrifice =747, perfectly fitting both the date & week count duration between their two deaths. Outstanding.

Let’s play for a minute before moving on. 4007 is the 553rd prime number and Jesus Christ was born exactly 5053 weeks after the birth of Julius Caesar. The Antichrist =553. Caesar =47 was assassinated in Roma =47 on the 74th day of the year. Ritual Human Sacrifice =407.


SO all that was a bit of an excerpt from the new book coming soon. If anyone wants to double-check my research that’d be appreciated – especially with the formula adding 841 days to long-counts starting from 1/1/0001. Maybe I’m one year short? Anyway there a LOT of awesome synchs tied with long-counts to the two given death dates of Jesus Christ, and much more on this new angle soon to come.

As for now, Brother Berg is off to Mexico. 

4 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Occult Numerology – Gandhi & the Extreme Long-Count Synchs

  1. Those are incredible finds BB!
    See there is a “Forbidden Chapter” – Isaiah 53!
    Isaiah = 74 / 29 / 115 / 43
    Messiah = 47 / 29 / 115 / 43
    Also, see Queen Lizzie was coronation in 1953 on the 153rd day of the year.


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