Paris Knife Attack PsyOp Decoded

On 12 May 2018, a 21-year-old Franco-Chechen knife-wielding man was fatally shot by police after he killed one pedestrian and injured several more in Paris. This comes just over a month after the last Islamic terror attack in France, the one at the supermarket where the hero cop sacrificed himself for the release of the hostages. As I covered then, that event coincided with massive protests against Macron, the Rothschild stooge, just as the Champs-Élysées Attack occurred on the eve of his election. I was in Paris a few weeks ago visiting a buddy who told me that one of the reasons the students are pissed is because the state wants to remove biology from the curriculum (presumably so we understand less about how our body-computer functions as fractal component of a singular multidimensional ecosystem). I haven’t been able to verify this but I can say that of the 14 countries I’ve explored in the last two years, none are doing the militarized police state quite like France.

Whenever we see these alleged Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe go down we gotta run a date count to the 2015 Paris Attacks. Here we see this happened 911 days later.

  • The Islamic State =911 [EE]. Jihadists =911 [JG]. Division =911 JG]. Ritual Human Sacrifice =911 [Satanic]. The World Trade Center Project was approved by the Port of New York =1911 a span of 9 months 11 days after the birthday of Larry A Silverstein =119 who signed the WTC lease a span of just 1 month 19 days before 9/11/01, the Attacks happening 911 days before the Madrid Bombings.

Anne Hidalgo =119. Hidalgo =119 the mayor of Paris. This attack comes just 1 month 19 days after the supermarket attack. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. And is it just me or does this alleged victim starfished like David with his legs comfortably crossed not look just like a dummy in an emergency drill.

This 911-day span is equal to 130 weeks 1 day after the Paris Attacks of 11/13 and it also happened a parallel span of 1 year 3 months 10 days after the Louvre Machete Attack of 2/3/17, which happened just a couple blocks away from this recent knife attack. Those two durations perfectly synch with this perp: Khamzat Azimov =1310 [EE]. Islamic State =131 [eo]. Masonry =131 [fb]. God =131 [satanic]. This knife attack occurring two days before America moves its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem =1031 [jewish gematria]; knife attacks a popular method in Israel to be blamed on Palestinians. And as I write this, the Israeli military is firing live ammunition into a crowd of Palestinians peacefully protesting at the barrier of Gaza.

  • And I love that this presumably fictional perp shares a surname with Isaac Asimov, the legendary author of science fiction. He’s best known for his series called Foundation =131 [k]which as I’m now just seeing has some similar themes to our work here: “the premise of the series is that the mathematician Hari Seldon spent his life developing a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept of mathematical sociology. Using the laws of mass action, it can predict the future, but only on a large scale.”

Might have to take it as a clue from the universe and read this one. I’m house-sitting a beachfront villa, off-grid & self-sufficient, in southern Mexico for the next six months so I have plenty of time for reading and writing, here in a world where time does not exist.


We also see that May 15/16 it will be 6090 / 6091 days after 9/11/01, and as those are a couple of powerful numbers for the occult elite we’ll see what they got up their sleeve. 6109 should be a good one too (6/2/18), the mayor of Paris born 6/19 which is a date I’ve written a lot about here.

And this is a good one if you’re into counting: the list of every official Terrorist Incident in French History. The Paris Attacks event was the 84th and this latest is the 106th all-time. We know 107 is a big number here so maybe the next one will be on a little larger scale.

4 thoughts on “Paris Knife Attack PsyOp Decoded

  1. Wow again! I’ll have to check the French Terrorist List, that sounds like a big interesting read, lol. Regarding your observation of the Military presence in France, what’s your feel on how the French citizens feel about it? Do they see any of the bullshit or are they swallowing it? Mexico sounds great, enjoy.


    • Same as anywhere there’s gonna be those who believe the propaganda and feel safer with troops on the street and those who feel nervous about it, as it’s ultimately a constant reminder of the threat of Islamic terrorism. Though the troops I saw were pretty relaxed and smiling at people. My buds there feel it’s all quite Orwellian though, and the French take a much more active role in their democracy than many other nations – the country of the eternal protest. Transportation strikes were going on while I was there along with these massive angry student protests clashing with stormtroopers, and the official term the trains were using for the strikes was “mouvement sociale” which I felt was a more positive and encouraging way of framing it. Another buddy in Bordeaux when I was there said the word on the streets is that the troops patrolling aren’t even using live ammunition, which sounds a lot like the “fake suicide vests” we always hear about, ultimately an illusion where power only exists if we allow ourselves to submit in a beta role to the alpha dogs. All psychological warfare at the end of the day which means we each gotta make sure our own mind/heart is on point and shooting true.


  2. Speaking of dogs, in the year of the dog, Tom Wolfe died yesterday at 88. There’s an interesting study. Thanks for the info on France too. Seems social conditioning is going on with normalizing military presence. I was in Peterborough Ontario on May 1st and around 5 pm (rush hour) all of a sudden tanks and other military vehicles with soldiers all positioned on top are driving down Lansdown Rd among the regular traffic. I drove to another street to wait for a bus, and they paraded up that street too. Very strange. I read in the Peterborough Examiner this was a 6 day tour they were doing starting from Petawawa and zig zaging through Ontario with 200 soldiers and 30 vehicles. While at the Peterborough Armory they allowed people to hold the high powered rifles. Sounds like a PR campaign as well as conditioning the public. I was glad I didn’t hear any vehicles honking there horns in tribute, I was expecting that. Thanks again.


  3. Hallo from FRANCE…ppl getting used to troops in the park, but still it looks strange, scary and absurd at the same time. Although new attacks will happen here for sure, 100%, but the ‘alternative society ‘ is growing, more vegetarians and vegans, more conscious people. Pls look on YT : ZAD expulsions, this is the Site where ‘ecocamp’ was for around 50 yrs, and army came again there last week, with armored vehicles etc.

    France strange mixture of capitalism with generous social system and economy (which is not able to compete) is crashing… beautiful country, but ” see you on the bitter end”, France.

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