Margot Kidder & the Superman Sacrifice

Margot Kidder, the Canadian actress best known for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman films, has died on Mother’s Day, 13 May 2018. Kidder was also known for the men she dated, including Pierre Trudeau (Justin’s father), Brian DePalma, Steven Spielberg, Richard Pryor, and for six days she was married to John Heard – the dad from Home Alone who died last year. Kidder was temporarily paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair in a 1990 car accident 4 years before Christopher Reeve was fully paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair in a horse accident – what are the odds – and suffered an infamous public breakdown in 1996 that ended with her pulling her teeth out in the woods and screaming about the CIA trying to assassinate her.

Margot Kidder, apparently under the influence of some level of MK-Ultra Mind Control =363 [Francis Bacon], would go on to die at the age of exactly 3630 weeks old. This long count is perfectly dual-synchronized with two of her birth name gematria: Margaret Ruth Kidder =363 and Margaret =363. Kidder =306 and Lane =63 like her surname and that of her most known character Lois. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =3063. 

Margaret =79 dated Trudeau =179/97 and died on Mother’s Day =79 exactly 709 weeks after the death of  Reeve =97 who died the day after he turned 19,007 days old. Kryptonite =179. Lois =79. Lois Lane =79. Clark =179. 

  • That’s a round-about way of saying that Christopher Reeve died at the age of 19,008 days old – and he was paralyzed a near-perfect 1198 weeks 1 day before the death of Margot Kidder. Clark =89 Kent =198. MK-Ultra =189. Montana =98. 

Christopher D’Olier Reeve =441 & Margot =444 were born 1440 days apart and Kidder died in Livingston Montana =1440 a span of 14,400 days after the premier of Superman. Kryptonite =1404. Clark =144. MK-Ultra =441. Superman =44. 

Kidder =666/111 was 69 years 6 months old when she died in Montana =666/111 and Superman premiered when she was 11,011 days old. Steve Hogan =696. 

Steve Hogan was the mayor of Aurora Colorado at the time of the Batman Shooting there, and he died in office on the same day as Kidder – 303 weeks 3 days after the shooting. Kidder =33. Lois =330. Reeve =330. Christopher D’Olier Reeve =133. Margaret =133. Superman =133/1333.

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