Jlloyd Samuel & Ray Wilson: British Football Twins Trick Sacrifice

We got ourselves an English football-themed twins trick on our hands, as two footballers died in Britain on the same day of 5/15 here in the lead-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup and Royal Wedding. Jlloyd Samuel of Trinidad & Tobago played for Aston Villa – Prince William’s favourite club – and was killed at age 37 in a car crash like Wiliam’s mother. Ramon ‘Ray’ Wilson from Derbyshire won the 1966 FIFA World Cup at home over West Germany (England’s one & only World Cup) and died of Alzheimer’s at age 83. As we’ll see, their numbers are strongly synchronized, suggesting ritual blood sacrifices made in exchange for a World Cup run by England.

Samuel + Wilson =60. FIFA =60. Samuel was exactly 6000 days old for the death of Princess Diana =60. The upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia =600. Ramon Wilson Jlloyd Samuel =600. 

If we say that Jlloyd Samuel was 6001 days old, counting to the day after with an excuse like ‘the first day without Diana’, we find way better synchs. This year’s FIFA World Cup =610/61/116 ends with the Final 61 days after this British football twins trick and Samuel died 1 month 16 days after his birthday.

  • Samuel made his debut at the age of 6750 days old and died 6811 days later, making that day the near-perfect mid-point of his life by a difference of 61 days. His league debut came as the sub for Gareth Southgate who went down with an injury; Southgate =116 now incidentally the manager / head coach of the England National Football Team. Prince William was born 10,611 days after the Queen’s coronation.

Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =601. Aston Villa FC =610. Ramon Wilson =1161. Samuel + Wilson =161. Two Thousand Eighteen World Cup Champions =161. Wayne Rooney =160/61. Great Britain =61. English =61.  

Ramon Ray Wilson =181. Samuel =181 died in ‘18 and was born in ‘81 a span of 18 weeks 1 day before the birth of Meghan Markle AND exactly 181 weeks after the birth of Prince Harry. This is especially ominous when we see that on the day of the royal wedding it will be exactly 1081 weeks after the death of Diana.

  • FIFA =18. Samuel was 18 years old when he joined Aston Villa Football Club =1118 and he died 18 years later. Wilson =118 played for Everton =810 just like current English captain Wayne Mark Rooney =181. Rooney =118. Southgate =118. Everton FC =810/81/108. Prince William =108. Cambridge =181. Two Thousand Eighteen World Champions =801. 
  • Prince Charles was exactly 1180 days old when his mum became Queen (and you know he still calls her ‘mummy’) and Meghan is 10 months 18 days older than William – who will be 1881 weeks old for the World Cup Final. Harry + Meghan =118. Charles will also be 69 years 6 months 6 days old when he walks Meghan down the aisle in place of her father.

181 is the 42nd prime number. The Royal Wedding on 24/42 numerology. Princess Diana =42. Wilson =420. Rooney =420. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =402. Russia =24/42. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =424. Samuel & Wilson were killed 4 weeks 2 days before the World Cup begins. England =2040. UK =42. Southgate =142. 

Ramon Wilson =1310 [Jewish Gematria] and Jlloyd Samuel =1310 [English Extended]. The exact same gematria, especially curious as we’ve been covering this number lately (Jerusalem =1031 / Championship =131). Samuel played for Aston Villa =1301 [Jewish Gematria]. Aston Villa FC =131 [Jewish Ordinal].

  • Harry + Meghan =131. Princess Diana of Wales =301 was killed 1 month 30 days after her birthday and 1 year 3 days after her divorce. Wilson & Samuel died on (15+5+2+0+1+8) =31 when William was 13,113 days old, exactly 31 weeks before Wilson’s birthday and 31 days before the World Cup begins;  Samuel =301  born on (3+29+81) =113.

England =113. Russia =113/103. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =113/301/311/131. Twenty Eighteen World Cup =3001/113/310. England National Football Team =103/311. Diana died 31 years 1 month 1 day after England’s ’66 World Cup which came 13 years 1 month after the Queen’s coronation and 3 months 10 days after Elizabeth II’s birthday. Rooney =31 was also born 1003 weeks after that ’66 Cup.

We also see that Wilson & Samuel were born 46 years 3 months apart, which if we break it down equals a clean span of 555 months like William was 5550 days old for the death of his mother. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =1555.

Ray Wilson =1590 in Jewish Gematria. Jlloyd Samuel =595. Samuel + Wilson =159. Russia Two Thousand Eighteen =1195. Ramon Wilson =59. Ray Wilson =95/159. Prince Harry was born on 15/9 and weds Meghan =1590 on 5/19. Prince Charles was born 11,951 days before the birth of Meghan and Wiliam was born 1590% of a year after the ’66 World Cup. King Charles =159. 

2 thoughts on “Jlloyd Samuel & Ray Wilson: British Football Twins Trick Sacrifice

  1. Samuel died the very day that Aston Villa secured a Championship (England’s domestic 2nd tier) play-off Final appearance (at Wembley), with 0-0 score in the 2nd leg of their Championship semifinal against Middlesbrough, to go through to the final via a 1- nil win from the 1st leg.
    I presumed he was a sacrifice for Villa to return to the Premiership – They play Fulham in the Championship final on 26 May (the winner will join Wolves and Cardiff as promoted teams for next season 18/19 Premier League season) ….. Excellent work BB with the World Cup and Royal connections.

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