Royal Wedding & the Mysterious Suicide of a Playboy Playmate

Stephanie Adams, Playboy Playmate of November 1992, died from defenestration on 5/18, the eve of the Royal Wedding, falling to her death from the 25th-floor penthouse of the Gotham Hotel in New York – while clutching her 7-year-old son Vincent. With no note left behind “it’s unclear if it was an accident or a murder-suicide” – notice no mention of the elephant in the room: that she was murdered in a ritual blood sacrifice. But who is Ms Adams and why would it be symbolic?

Exactly like Meghan Markle, Stephanie Adams was a biracial American model who traced her lineage back to key politicians – in this case, to founding father John Adams. Stephanie was earlier known as the ‘best lesbian sex symbol’ after being the first ever Playmate to come out, then a few years later married a man and said she’d actually been straight all along. Adams was also a self-made millionaire, author & CEO who won $1.2 million in a police brutality lawsuit against the NYPD, and was once dubbed the Goddess of Wall Street.

A feminist icon, some might say, just like Meghan Markle who walked herself down the aisle, and now Adams & her only child have fallen to their shared deaths the day before Meghan’s official induction into the Royal O’Cult. Already it’s spooky, but the numbers tell the tale – and all but solve the case that the Adams Family was in fact murdered in a ritual occult killing.

Stephanie =101 Adams =11 was born on (7+24+70) =101, making her an occult perfect 11 years 11 days older than Meghan =111 (who was married here exactly 11 weeks before her birthday) and Adams died in New York =111, all of which is quite suspect right off the bat. And she was Playmate in Nov ’92, which reduces to 11-11. The British Royal Family =111. 

  • Hugh =10 Hefner =111 founded Playboy on 10/1. Adams =11 died 10,011 weeks after the July 4th (7+4=11) death of President John Adams =111. Chelsea FC won the FA Cup Final the very next day, the day of the Royal Wedding, exactly 11 years after the last time Chelsea played Man U =111 in the FA Cup Final, which they also won.
  • Prince Harry =111. Harry =11 was the first royal to be named the Duke of Sussex =101 since Prince Augustus Frederick =111 and Harry was 11 years 11 months old for the divorce of his mother, Princess Diana =111. 
  • Further, the day before Adams died, Gina Haspel was confirmed as the first female CIA Director =101 in history, another case of supposed female empowerment here in the 100th year of suffrage. Haspel =101 was born on 10/1, exactly three years after Playboy was founded. Remember Markle’s see-through shirt for her engagement photos?

Especially with the nudie mag connection here, this perfect age difference of 11 years 11 days between Stephanie & Meghan reminds me of the deaths of those two porn stars a few months back, August Ames & Shyla Stylez =110 (their initials AA=11 & SS=11 like Stephanie’s SA=11) who were born exactly 11 years 11 months apart – and died a royal-friendly span of 26 days after one another (obviously more on this 26 code later).

Stephanie Adams =81/810/181Playboy Playmate =108.Adams =18 died in ’18 on the 18th at Gotham Hotel =118 in New York =108 the day before the wedding of Harry & Meghan =118. Prince Harry =810 aka Prince Henry =1080/108/810 born on (9+15+84) =108. Meghan Markle =108 born in ‘81 like Catherine Middleton =81 the Duchess of Cambridge =81. 

  • Cambridge =181. The title of Sussex =81 was first conferred in 1801 and Harry & Meghan were married exactly 1081 weeks after the death of Princess Diana – which happened 18,181 days after the Queen’s wedding. Meghan is now the Duchess of Sussex =81.
  • Gina Haspel =81. Gina Cheri Haspel =810. CIA =118. 

And with these powerful synchs in play, it’s no small wonder that Kate Middleton’s favourite football team Chelsea FC =181 won the Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =818 over Manchester United FC =818/81/180 on the day of the wedding. Especially with the manager/star combo of Conte =18 & Eden Hazard =81 in the 180th matchup of the two teams. In an ominous sign, Victoria Beckham caught flack at the wedding for dressing in a black veil as if for a funeral; her husband David of course a former gun for Manchester United.

I’m surprised the Gotham Hotel wasn’t located in Chelsea, New York.

Prince Augustus Frederick =141 the original Duke of Sussex =1014 had a consort who was born exactly 11,141 weeks before Meghan, wed 41 weeks 1 day after her own birthday. And in the same vein, old Prince Augustus was buried 141 years 4 months 11 days before the birth of Prince Harry =141. Stephanie died on (5+18+18)=41 a span of 10,011 weeks 4 days after the death of her ancestor John Adams.

  • Stephanie was 14 years 1 month older than Prince Harry =141 and was 1414 weeks old when Diana died (411 days before 9/11/01). This matters because the Queen was 1414 weeks old for her coronation. Royal =141. The Royal Wedding =1410. The Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =141. Chelsea FC =141. Chelsea Football Club =114/1044.

Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =144. Duchess of Cambridge =144. Cambridge =44. Harry =44. Gina Haspel =144 confirmed 4 months 14 days before her birthday. Gina Cheri Haspel =144. Vincent Adams =44. Stephanie Adams =444 in Jewish G. Occult =444.

Stephanie Adams =126. Adams =126 in Jewish G, died 2 months 6 days before her birthday. Gotham =26. Royal =26/62. Royal Wedding =62. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =126 were born 162 weeks apart and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex =1062. Prince Henry =162. Markle =612 the Duchess of Sussex =126 and Kate Middleton =126 the Duchess of Cambridge =162. Cambridge =62. Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. 

  • Chelsea =162/26. Chelsea FC =62. Eden Hazard =126. Antonio Conte =62.
  • Adams died 2060 days after the death of Johnny Lewis =206 the kid from Sons of Anarchy who fell to his death after murdering his 81-year-old landlady and her cat.

The first Duke of Sussex died on 4/21 (the future Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, exactly 996 months later) at the age of 2620 weeks 2 days old and Stephanie Adams was born 6262 days after the Queen’s 6/2 coronation; the Queen 1126 weeks 2 days old for her own wedding, or 21 years 6 months old. And never forget that Meghan was born exactly 162,600 days after the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn and was 16 years 26 days old the day before the death of Princess Diana =262. And also that Grace Kelly =1026 (another American actress) was killed in another car crash when Queen Elizabeth II was exactly 20,600 days old.

Gina Cheri Haspel =126/1620 the new CIA Director =206 was born 10,026 days after the birth of the Queen =26/62 in ’26 and 602 days after she took the throne and became Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. This run is epic enough to be a post all of its own but hey, I’m on a roll here!

There’s Meghan’s old man, Thomas Markle – an Emmy-nominated cinematographer – in a staged photo reading a picture book about Britain. As you’re probably aware, he didn’t make the wedding. In fact, the one and only member of Markle’s family present at the ritual event was her mother, Doria Ragland, who sat alone. All of this just feels so creepy to me, as if the Royal Occult has officially claimed ownership of Meghan Markle to do with as they see fit, in accordance as always with sacred numerology and ritual reenactments of symbolic allegory.

Now let’s wrap this bad boy up with the classic 33 set.

  • Born 3310 days after Princess Diana, Adams died 1330 weeks after her issue of Playboy =33 and 33 weeks 3 days after the death of Hugh Hefner. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =303 were married 1133 weeks 3 days after Diana & Charles’ divorce while Harry is currently 33 years old. Kate Middleton =133.
  • Chelsea =33 won the Twenty Eighteen FA Cup =331 a span of 33 days after Prince William’s birthday and 333 days before his next; the only goal scored by Eden Hazard =33 whose birthday is 33 weeks 3 days after the match. Further, the 33rd prime number is 137 and this was the 137th FA Cup. Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =137. And I’m not the only one who thought it looked like Man U threw the game.

Masonry =33. Sussex =133/330. Prince Augustus Frederick, the original Duke of Sussex, was Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, which just so happens to have been founded 300 years 330 days before this Royal Wedding. And now you know, the rest of the story.

13 thoughts on “Royal Wedding & the Mysterious Suicide of a Playboy Playmate

  1. Back on Sept 18, 1964, ‘The Addams Family’ tv show was released…”a satirical inversion of the ideal 20th century American family: an odd wealthy aristocratic clan who delight in the macabre..”
    From Addams Family release to Stephanie /son Adam’s death 5-18-18 = 19,600d. 196th prime: 1193 & 1193rd prime: 9661.

    Same day as their deaths: Cuban ‘737’ (113 pssengers) explodes and crashes into ball (Baal) of flames after take off from Havana Airport.
    From Queen’s Windsor Castle Fire (11-20-1992) to ‘737’ Havana crash = 9301d.
    931st prime: ‘7307’ …(the wedding at Windsor Castle falls 1330w 1d after castle fire.)

    Meghan’s birth Aug 4,’81 to castle fire = 4126d. 4126th prime: 39191.

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  2. Quite a few Canadian maple leaf flags in the crowd at the wedding (which were pointed out in the commentary).
    ‘Suits’ is filmed in and around Toronto, where Meghan lived.
    Looks like those Jets have been grounded ?

    The tiara she wore was loaned by the Queen, which belonged to Queen Mary.
    Queen Mary the mother of Edward (Wallis Simpson) and George, who succeeded Edward when he abdicated.
    Queen Mary born 5/26, Aston Villa play Championship final on 5/26…. 151 years to the day.


  3. Lots of 9’s 3’s 1’s…1939 anagrams in all (above). Meghan’s real first name: Rachel. In bible she is the wife of Jacob (also known as Israel). Rachel dies in childbirth, and later weeps from her grave for the slaughter of (male) children in Bethlehem, by order of King Herod, as he was outwitted by the Magi regarding the birth of Jesus. ‘Newborn’ = 91 (JO) (EO).
    Matt 2:18 “A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and refusing consolation, because they are no more.”

    ‘Markel’ in German: of mars; the god of war.
    Adams was dubbed: goddess of Wall St.
    ‘Dimitrios’ etymology: goddess of grain.

    The school shooter is the ‘goddess of grain’ (= 91). The ‘grain’ is used to measure the mass of bullets and gunpowder. (16 grains is just under 1 gram / ie. 55-grain bullets.)


  4. Some parallels with the story of Queen Jezebel……”for her transgressions against God and people of Israel, Jezebel met a gruesome death, thrown out of a window by members of her own court retinue, and the flesh of her corpse eaten by stray dogs”.
    Also, an American gospel vocal group Golden Gate Quartet released a single called “Jezebel” in 1941 which narrates the story of Jezebel. Sounds like a recent wedding to me…

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  5. Fascinating! The 1st time I’m hearing about this Adam’s story, and I’m reading this on the “141st” day of the year. She was born in ORANGE, NJ in “1970”, the same year as the “We Are Marshall Plane Crash” (Marshall University) that allegedly took the lives of “75” people. Mike D’Antoni (Houston Rockets) and NBA Legend “Hal Greer” went to Marshall and he died on 4/14/18 at the age of 81.
    “We Are Marshall Plane Crash”=518(Rev.Francis Bacon)
    “Stephanie Adams”=81(Rev.Full Red.)
    “Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle”=414-(Rev. Ordinal) Like 4/14
    “Chinese Lunar Year Of The Dog”=414
    Meghan’s storyline parallels that of Wallis Simpson(aka Bessie Wallis Warfield) as well. Meghan a divorcee & Simpson a divorcee caused the eldest son King Edward VIII to abdicate in 1936(36). Meghan 36yrs old is Manchurian (Born&Bred) for her PRINCESS Grace Kelly/Wallis Simpson recurring role of deception. “Princess Grace Kelly Of Monaco”=414(Francis Bacon)
    The individuals ruling over us enjoy fairytale’s that promote Satanic agendas (Female Equality&Empowerment, Lies about Gender, Emasculation, etc). I’m seeing a pattern here and I think I mentioned this before either something with Prince Charles or Prince William and Prince Harry will be King. Harry’s been dubbed “The People’s Prince”=1116(1116/1611), the King James “1611” Bible and
    “White Supremacy”=1116
    Prince Charles and his partial walk of Meghan down the aisle was symbolic of the Partial Solar Eclipse on 7/13/18, (7/13,713/317). In 1962 there was a Solar Eclipse on July 31st.(7/13, 7/31, 13/31)
    “Duke And Duchess Of Sussex”=1962
    “Bessie Wallis Warfield”=1962
    Also, the Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals in 1962

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    • “Princess Meghan Markle”=211(Eng.Ordinal)
      “Partial Solar Eclipse”=211(Eng.Ordinal)
      “211” is the “47th” prime. Adams was “47” yrs old when she died and she was born in JULY.


  6. They married one day before King David’s birthday on 5/20
    6 Sivan (circa 1040 BC) – Birth of David
    King David” = 45 (Full Reduction)
    King David” = 54 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    Meghan Markle” = 54 (Full Reduction)
    1,116,555 days
    Rothschild” = 116 (English Ordinal)
    Prince Harry and Rachel Meghan Markle” = 555 (Reverse Ordinal)
    Black vs White” = 555 (Satanic)
    Two become One” = 555 (Satanic)

    Meghan Duchess of Sussex” = 84 (Full Reduction) same as her birthday and Prince Williams baptism date.

    And heads up for tomorrow it’s 9/11 on the Jewish calendar.

    “master mason” = 523 (Satanic)
    “Donald Trump” = 523 (Satanic)

    Wed, 23 May 2018 = 9th of Sivan, 5778
    “ninth of Sivan” = 61 (Full Reduction) 26th prime
    “Sivan ninth” = 1037 (Jewish)
    “Sivan ninth” = 156 (Francis Bacon)
    “Sivan eleventh” = 156 (English Ordinal)
    “Sivan eleventh” = 611 (Satanic)

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  7. Please read her Twitter! She’s related to a TON of ROYALS. She was obsessed with the UK, flew in NYPD helicopters, was at the U.N., deep into the occult and ran a website called illuminatus. This is so deep and scary.

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  8. Meghan [actually (((Rachel)))] married the ‘cuckoo in the nest’ when she was 36. [1+2+3+…+34+35+36 = ‘666’ ]
    Rachel was born on August 4th, like the Queen Mother/Obama. Aug 4th is the 6x6x6th day of the year.
    Rachel was likely chosen, imho, to bring in the antichrist system.


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