Luis Posada the Anti-Castro Spook

We find an interesting follow-up piece to the previous report on the crash of Cubana de Aviación Flight 972, as a man named Luis Posada died five days later on May 23rd. Posada was a Cuban exiled anti-Castro militant, CIA agent and convicted terrorist – quite the CV – and one of ‘his’ terror jobs included the 1976 bombing of Cubana de Aviación Flight 455, tying right into the ongoing narrative. And as we’ll see from his numbers, he’s got S-P-O-O-K written all over him.

Luis Posada =525 {in Jewish Gematria} was born on 15/2 and his nickname was Bambi =215. The bombing of Flight 455 blamed on him on behalf of the CIA (killing all 73 people onboard) occurred exactly 15,200 days before this recent jet went down, both by the same airline: Cubana de Aviacion =125/52. Central Intelligence Agency =252. 

  • Spook =251. Luis Posada =205 whose first gig was the failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs =152 was 1251 weeks old when the Queen took the throne in ’52 – exactly 1 year 5 months 20 days before the start of the Cuban Revolution =1152 and 2521 days before its end date. Fidel Castro died last year on 11/25. 
  • It’s also said that twenty Cuban pastors & their spouses from the Church of the Nazarene =251 were killed in the latest crash (exactly 40,030 days after the founding of the Church of the Nazarene =1143, in Jewish G; remember Jesus said to have been killed on 4/3/30).

Making things even more interesting, this latest Cubano crash happened 20,520 days after the 3/13/62 date of Operation Northwoods =52. This means that Posada died 20,525 days later, reminding us that the American-Israeli embassy moved to Jerusalem 25,205 days after Israel’s admission to the United Nations. And a reminder about the Northwoods memorandum – the justification for US military intervention in Cuba – that suggested “sinking a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated)” and the hijacking and shooting down of drones disguised as passenger airliners, as well as “conducting funerals for mock victims.” Classic.

Luis Clemente Posada Carriles =162. Posada =26/62. Code name: Bambi =26/162. Posada =206 and Cuba =206, both in Jewish Gematria. Cuban Revolution =206. Cubana de Aviacion =162. Cuba =162/26. Bay of Pigs =126. 

  • Castro =62. Fidel =62 was born 1 year 6 months 2 days before Posada – and 16 weeks 2 days after Queen Elizabeth – and Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =1062 became president on 16/2Operation Northwoods =260 was dated 62 days before the assassination of John F Kennedy (and exactly 2061 weeks before 9/11/01).
  • Spook =260/26. The CIA =126/62. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Church of the Nazarene =626. We see that Posada also does exactly 20 years 6 months after the death of his platoon mate Jorge Mas Canosa, future president of the Cuban American National Foundation. Posada was also 16,020 days old for the birth of Justin Trudeau – whom an internet rumour says is actually Fidel Castro’s illegitimate son.

On 8/2/18 it will be 20,600 days after Operation Northwoods, making Megan Markle & Barak Obama’s birthday 20,602 days later. Northwoods =126. Cuba was removed from the US State Department’s list of state sponsors of terror 20,602 days after the Cuban Revolution ended, as if they’re not keeping track of the long counts.

Further, I covered a list of 777s & 555s in the previous post: Posada was 1777 weeks 7 days old for the Operation Northwoods memo and the Cuban Revolution lasted 5 years 5 months 5 days.

  • Posada died at the age of 90 years 3 months 9 days old exactly 3099 weeks after the end of the Cuban Revolution. Che Guevara was born on the same day as Donald Trump, exactly 939 weeks earlier, and died at the age of 39 years 3 months old.

Luis Posada Carriles =1704 was also exactly 4710 weeks old at his time of death – exactly one week younger than Fidel Castro who died at the age of exactly 4711 weeks old; Fidel =74 was also in office for 11,407 days. Anti-Castro =714/470/474. Spook =147. The Central Intelligence Agency =147. Havana =47. The failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs was on 4/17. Northwoods =714/47. Freemason =147. Freemasonry =1147. The latest Cubano plane crash occurred 147 weeks 4 days after US & Cuban embassies reopened.


The CIA =696. Posada was also born 666 days after Queen Elizabeth. I also see that July 27th this summer marks exactly 969 weeks into the millennium – wonder if we’ll see a Firework =666.

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