Winter Cherry Shopping Mall Fire & the Alex Ovechkin Connection

Washington Capitals smash the Tampa Bay Lightning to move on to the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals versus the Vegas Golden Knights – the team in the NHL playoffs with the highest percentage of Canadian players & personnel versus the Caps with one of the lowest (14th fewest Canadians out of 16 teams). Unfortunately I forgot about this post in my drafts folder from March 2018 about the fire at the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo Russia.

  • The 2018 Kemerova Fire killed 64 people (now down to 60) – including 41 children who died in a movie theatre watching the premiere of Sherlock Gnomes. “Maybe there’s a movie clue here,” I thought. The title and promos make me think of the recent fairy tales of Russian spies poisoned in England, and the Gnome (a small underground humanoid) reminds us of this little person theme we’ve seen with leprechauns and the death of Verne Troyer. Also gnome looks like genome, referring subliminally to our DNA but I digress.

Anyway, turns out there’s a Russian film from 1985 called Winter Cherry, just like the name of the mall, and one of the characters is a “crude hockey player named Alexander”. Ovechkin, the NHL’s top scorer this season (same as in six other seasons) is a Russian beast playing in the heart of the American capital, in the midst of all this Cold War resurgence. And speaking of which we must reiterate that on March 1 this year Putin released a propaganda film showing nuclear warheads striking Tampa Bay Florida – and lo & behold, Alex Ovechkin and exactly twelve weeks later the Capitals smash the Lightning in Game 7 in Tampa Bay.

So at this Russian mall (a symbol of Western capitalism within the old Soviet Union – the inverse of West Germany as an isolated island with the USSR) we were originally told there were 64 dead a span of 6040 days after 9/11/01. Fire =64 [FB]. Mall =64 [FB]. Soviet Union =64 [R]. USSR =460 [J]. And it happened 64 days before the Stanley Cup Finals begin. Washington Capitals =64. 

  • Sherlock Gnomes =164 which was a sequel to Gnomeo & Juliet =146. Kemerovo Russia =1146. One of my first associations with this news was the Westgate Shopping Mall Attack in Kenya 2013, and what do you know: this fire at the Winter Cherry Shopping Entertainment Complex =646 [FB] came 1646 days later, or a synchronized span of 4 years 6 months 4 days.
  • Winter Cherry Shopping Mall =146. Grenfell Tower =1146 burned on 14/6 (the birthday of Donald J Trump =46 in ‘46) exactly 40,600 days after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, notable for causing the first four skyscraper fires in world history (none of which resulted in collapse like the three on 9/11). That Russian Nuke flick from 3/1 aired 406 days after Trump took office. Fire =46. 

The Washington Capitals =1464. The Capitals =164/46. Alexander Ovechkin was born 4 weeks 6 days before the release of Winter Cherry and 4116 days after the founding date of the Caps, who made the Finals 1 year 6 months 14 days after Trump’s election. Washington DC =64. Vladimir Putin =164. The Caps were founded 1460 weeks 4 days after the birth of Donald Trump.

Just to reiterate here, Winter Cherry & Washington Capitals: WC =604. And in reverse reduction the initials W=4 C=6. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =604. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =461. 

Kemerevo =104/41 and there were 41 children killed. Winter Cherry =104/41. Putin =104. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =140. Russian =114. President Donald Trump =104. Trump =114. The Capitals =114. The Winter Cherry movie released 11,414 days before Trump took office and just 1 month 4 days before the birth of Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin =140/104.

  • Washington Capitals =104. Capitals =41. Washington =140. Capital One broke ground 1114 weeks after Capitals founded. And curiously Winter Cherry also had an actor named Alexander =104 (Lenkov) who died 10,410 days after the movie in ’14. The Washington Capitals =401. Game 7 comes 104 days after the Russian nuke propaganda video pointing at the target the Capitals proverbially destroyed.

Stanley Cup Finals =1410. This year’s season began on 10/4 and the playoffs started 4/11 or April Eleventh =141. Golden Knights =410. Winter Cherry also opened 11 years 4 months 11 days after the Capitals were founded, to really hammer home the connection here. (11×4=44 and Caps in their 44th season like Trump the 44th man to be President). Further, German Reunification occurred 10,114 days before Game 6.

34 days after the movie Winter Cherry =134 released was the birth of Alexander Ovechkin =340. Ovechkin =34. Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin =403/304. The Washington Capitals =134/143. And Winter Cherry also released 11,343 days before the election of Trump.

  • Soviet Union =134. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =134/340. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =430. Capitals + Golden Knights =304/143/341. Capitals are in their 43rd year of play and advanced to the Finals on the 143rd day of the year.

The fire at Winter Cherry =330 happened 3 months 3 days after the Davao City Mall Fire in the Philippines and 3033 days after the Lame Horse Fire, the deadliest all-time in Russia. Winter Cherry Shopping Mall Fire =333. Russian =333. Putin =330. Capitals + Golden Knights =330. Capitals advanced to the Final round exactly 33 weeks after the season opener.

Caps =33/137. The 33rd prime is 137 and Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin =333 was born 11 years 3 months 7 days after the Capitals were born in Washington DC =137. Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals (on 6/4 like the first run) comes 3 months 3 days or 13 weeks 4 days after Putin’s nuke video; Game 6 comes 14 weeks 3 days later.

Washington =130. Kemevero Fire =1030 (Jewish) and it happened 13 weeks 1 day after the Davao City Mall Fire =103 at the New City Commercial Center =103/131 in the Philippines that killed 38 last year. The Russian nuke video aired on 3/1 and 3 months 10 days before Game 6, while Winter Cherry =113 released 31 years before Trump’s election, and to be exact, 31 years 11 months 11 days before the Vegas Attacks. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =311. Washington Capitals =113. 

  • Winter Cherry =1710 in Jewish Gematria, and it released exactly 1701 weeks before the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals begin, which is neat. Capitals =107. Golden Knights =71. The Caps advanced to the Finals when Trump was 71 years 11 months 10 days old.

And for the last one here, Ovechkin was 1699 weeks old when the Playoffs began and 1696 weeks old on the day of the fire at Winter Cherry =996. The Washington Capitals were founded on 6/11/74, meaning that on 6/6/18, the day before Game 6, the Caps will be 16,066 days old. Further, two days before Vegas Attacks was 11,666 days after the release of Winter Cherry, and on the day of the mass shooting there it was exactly 1666 weeks 6 days later.

Quite the coordinates: The Vegas Golden Knights =666.

11 thoughts on “Winter Cherry Shopping Mall Fire & the Alex Ovechkin Connection

  1. Game 6 on 6/10 will be exactly 25w or 175d or 5m 24d after the Washington train derailment.
    6/10 will also be 4111w 3d after The Wizard of Oz was released (Aug 25, 1939).
    The Washington train derailment happened Dec 18, 2017 …. 10 days later baseball player Al Luplow died aged 4111w 3d.
    You could say Vegas is ‘lit-up’ like The Emerald City, although some people use The Emerald City as a metaphor for D.C. (as apposed to A/C !)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol …. I was waiting for it !
      Continuing the Wizard of Oz theme, which has been played out via the Stanley Cup …. The last surviving Munchkin (played by Jerry Karen) has died aged 98.
      He was the “lollipop kid” who handed the lollipop to Dorothy (Judy Garland).


      • Should Washington win game 5 on June 7, to win the series 4 – 1 …. It will be 4111 weeks after the release of the Wizard of Oz.
        If it goes to game 6, to win 4 – 2, then the duration of 4111w 3d after the release of the Wizard of Oz matches the age that All Luplow died (as mentioned above).

        I can’t believe the last Munchkin dies ….. Was looking at his wiki page 2 months ago, should have commented then.


      • With regard to D/C and A/C currents … The movie called “The Current War” is due for release this year, postponed from intended release on Black Friday Nov. 24 2017.
        The movie is about the ‘war of the currents’ between electrical current inventors (Nikola Tesla / Thomas Edison) / investor – George Westinghouse, ultimately leading to whose invention would win out in the late 1890’s.
        Ties nicely into the Harvey Weinstein scandal.


      • So, Washington (DC a metaphor for The Emerald City) wins the Stanley Cup in Game 5, winning the series 4 – 1, exactly 4111 weeks from the release of the Wizard of Oz and two days after the reported death of the ‘Lollipop Kid’ – the last surviving Munchkin.

        ‘Lollipop kid’ = 131 = championship

        Follow the yellow brick road …. Indeed.

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  2. Trump’s Republican Convention speech, July 21, 2016, was a span of 4013w after Wizard of Oz release. (The AC of DC…Hell’s Bells!)

    The dramatic new lava eruption fissures of Hawaiian volcano ‘Kilauea’ began May 3rd, or ’66w 6d’ after Trump’s inauguration.
    Kilauea: body of the deity Pele…goddess of fire, lightning, wind, volcanoes.
    Lava = 722 (J)
    Eruption = 227 (RO) (RFB)
    Trump + Kilauea Eruption = 966 (satanic)
    You’re Fired = 119 (JO)……May 3rd eruption comes ’10m 19d’ after Trump’s 71st bday.


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