Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity Suicide or Ritual Sacrifice?

The previous week saw a string of celebrity suicides, starting with fashion designer Kate Spade on June 5th, then Inés Zorreguieta – the sister of Queen Máxima of Holland – on June 6th (at the age of 33), followed by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain on June 8th. What I want to know, as always, is which alphanumeric patterns exist between these people and why. While many conspiracy researchers will find a few numbers matching occult synonyms (like 33s or 67s, 44s or 38s) and call it a short day, quickly concluding they were obviously ritually murdered as blood sacrifice or had their deaths faked as coded tributes in some Grand Masonic allegory, I’ve come to believe that it shouldn’t be so easy to solve. Especially when equally glorious patterns emerge in the deaths & lives of average joes & janes, as I continue to reveal through my Extra-Capsa Personal Numerology Reading service (order yours here if you’ve yet to have the experience).

Does every single high profile celebrity death fall into the category of ritual sacrifice? Surely not, though nothing is impossible & truth is almost always stranger than fiction. We find these harmonic patterns again in the alleged suicides of Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain, the same alphanumeric code of gematria supporting date counts (and not the other way around, in my opinion) that we see in other celebrity deaths. Patterns of Nature, potentially harnessed by the high priests & priestesses of the occult elite for some purpose that remains largely theoretical to us researchers & truth-sleuths; potentially the fruition of organic karma cycles, wheels within wheels within wheels. This difference between authentic & synthetic synchronicity is one of the most challenging aspects of our study, for the patterns are always there, hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see, as they say. The more I learn the less I know – so you be the judge.

There’s the late Inés Zorreguieta circled in the red cap behind her sister Queen Maxima, this same outfit of her in the cap of sacrificial red shown in so many articles, as if more pictures of her don’t exist. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find a birth date for Inés so she’ll continue to play a background role in our investigation. 

We see that Kate Spade of Kate Spade New York died in New York =555 at the age of 55 years 5 months old – not an exact decimal point count considering the 12 extra days, but a triplet that sticks out regardless. We’re reminded here that the American Invasion of Baghdad began 555 days after 9/11/01, the 5-5-5 Pentagon across from the 555 ft Washington Monument, George W Bush & Dick Cheney born 5 years 5 months 5 days apart.

  • Donald Trump born 155 weeks 5 days before Orwell’s 1984 was published, his inauguration 15,505 days after Nixon resigned; the Cuban Revolution lasting 5 years 5 months 5 days. Cycles of Time =555. Revolutions =555. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555. 

Before we move on I want to throw in another triplet here, which I just discovered while thinking about the peculiar death of Prince on the Queen’s birthday back in 2016. Freddy Mercury from Queen died 44 years 4 days after the wedding of Queen Elizabeth.

Continuing on the 9/11 reference, Kate =116 (Jewish Gematria) Spade =116 (Reverse Francis Bacon) died 6111 days after 9/11/01 – a perfect mirror-reversal date – like Bourdain dying three days later at 61 years 11 months old. And even when we break down Spade’s death date we find this same sequence: (6+5)=11 / (1+8)=9. And to boot it’s been 16 years since 2001. Kate Spade =161. Celebrity Suicide =161. 

  • Blood Sacrifice =611/116. Alleged Suicide =116. Choked =116. While none of the graphic details were given in the death of Inés, we’re told Spade & Bourdain both hanged themselves, reminding us of the alleged suicides of musicians Chris Cornell (on 5/18/17) & his buddy Chester Bennington on (7/20/17, Cornell’s birthday). We’re reminded that Cornell’s final music video depicted him faking his own death via hanging.

Anthony Michael Bourdain =106 died at the age of 61 years 11 months (& 14 days) old & Chester Bennington died 10 months 16 days before Kate Spade, who died 1 month 16 days after the other alleged suicide of Tim Bergling =116 aka DJ Avicii. Queen =61 Maxima =61. And on the very day the Dutch Queen’s sister allegedly offed herself, a Dutch national football player named Tinus Bosselaar =161 born on 16/1 also passed away, here in the week before the FIFA World Cup begins. Maxima is an Argentinian, and her sister died there in Buenas Aires… perhaps a clue.

Speaking about clues, let me just go off on a quick tangent here. This the 21st World Cup, like 21 for Blackjack, which begs the question: who’s the King of football and who’s the Ace? Brazil and A for Argentina? Spades, like Kate, like the future Queen of England. The Queen of Holland an Argentinian whose sister died there. And I found these images of Bourdain, his face on the Ace of Hearts; wearing a Club shirt – the man with a big heart & the king of… dinner clubs? That’s a stretch. But Kate Spade was also known as Kate Valentine, another heart symbol. And rockstars dying and decks of cards reminds me of Lemmy from Mötorhead, the Ace of Spades, who happens to share a birthday with Kate Spade. High profile deaths and decks of cards like special ops hit squads taking out terrorist leaders… What can you add to this riddle?

Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain were born exactly 6 years 6 months apart and both allegedly died from Suicide by Hanging =66. Fake Suicide =66. 

  • Kate Spade =966 & her similarly coded birth name: Katherine Noel Brosnahan =999 (Satanic Gematria), perfectly synched with New York =666, Bourdain’s hometown where Spade died. Avicci aka Tim Bergling =696. Alleged Suicide =696/606. Maxima =606 whose sister died on 6/6/(6+6+6). Asphyxiation =966. Choked =696. 

Rockstar =666. Audioslave =966. Chris Cornell =66. Chester Bennington =69. Chester =666. Bennington =66. And we should take this opportunity to remind ourselves that Kurt Cobain died at the age of 9906 days old, his body discovered 9909 days after his birth.

Suicide =23/320. Alleged Suicide =230. We also find a 23 connection as Bourdain =132 died 2 weeks 3 days before his birthday and Spade died 203 days before hers. Chris Cornell =132 died 2 months 3 days before his birthday – the deathday of Bennington =32, who in turn was born on 3/20 & died 320 days before Kate Spade, aka Valentine =203/32.

  • This means that Bourdain died 322 days after Bennington’s death date – and exactly 2203 weeks after Bennington’s birth date, for another nice alignment. Bourdain had one cameo in an episode of The Simpsons titled ‘The Food Wife’ (pictured above, devil horns & baguettes, him dying in France) which aired when Bourdain was 20,230 days old. Further, Kate ‘Valentine’ died 3 months 22 days after Valentines Day.

For our final decode, the father of Queen Maxima & her sister was Jorge Zorreguieta, the Argentine Minister of Agriculture during the country’s brutal military dictatorship (1976-81). I find it very interesting that in 1978, during the height of that regime, Argentina hosted the World Cup – and won (over Holland, no less). Even the most fanatical of coincidence theorists should be easily able to imagine the bribes and threats that allowed the home team to win.

Jorge Zorreguieta passed away just last year, 302 days before his daughter, and exactly 223 weeks after Maxima became the first Latin American-born queen consort in the history of the Netherlands. The Argentinian Coup d’Etat of 1976 occurred 2203 weeks before the start of the Twenty Eighteen World Cup =302.

Read up on this Swedish mockumentary: Conspiracy 58. The plot of the film is that the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden did not really take place, but was faked and exists only as forged television and radio coverage in a conspiracy between American and Swedish television, the CIA and FIFA as part of the Cold War. The ’58 World Cup was the first win for Brazil, and Conspiracy 58 released a few days before the 2002 World Cup began, one that would go on to be won again by Brazil….

9 thoughts on “Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain: Celebrity Suicide or Ritual Sacrifice?

  1. It seems to me that every thing leads to the death of the KING OF NATIONS,The United States Of America and its backbone,the Constitution,Bill of Rights,and Declearation Independence,that is tobe swepted into the dust bin of HISTORY!!!As what happened on 6-8-2018 to the King Lebron James of Cavs.when his team was swept 4-0 by the Warriors,a stacked team ie. the UNITED NATION.

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  2. Thoughts as I read your long count connections. I marvel. I can only add Thread crumbs at this point to the community.

    1) Freddie Prinze (death back in the day)
    2) The Movie ‘King of Hearts’ 1966 with Alan Bates and Geneviève Bujold (great flick with a greater message)
    3) Have you ever heard of these folks work? I don’t know how I came upon them but they were early in my ‘Clue of Life’ game. Maybe there’s some information for others to glean and share. Twilight Language http://copycateffect.blogspot.com/

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  3. GREAT WORK! My theory is that these people are not who they are pretending to be(Deception). It’s always the same storyline: A wealthy, successful person, that appears to have everything. But they end up suffering from some form of depression/sadness and they take their lives. A brainwashing theory that they want the sheep being led to slaughter to go around spewing. Meanwhile, something sinister is going on, whether it be faking death’s “By The Numbers” or murder for some ritual sacrifice that was planned. When I see someone being Celebrated in these End Times, I wonder what is the real motive behind it. Before I learned gematria (which was no accident). I was doing gematria “Letters Are Numbers” before I knew it had a name. I would shrug these celebrity deaths off after being shocked for a couple of minutes, just like a brainwashed sheep. There is an agenda of desensitization going on as well, in the constant reporting of these types of deaths.
    The Author Ernest Hemingway committed suicide on July 2,”1961″ at the age of “61”. It was gunshot wound to the head. Also, his Father, brother and SISTER committed suicide as well. When he lived in France his address was “74 rue Cardinal Lemoine”.
    “74 rue Cardinal Lemoine”=613(Jewish) and “91”(Jewish Red.) 91/61

    The British Fashion Designer Lee Alexander McQUEEN died at the age of “40” on 11 February 2010(112/211). Prince William married Kate MIDDLEton in 2011(211/112). Christ was Crucified in the MIDDLE of “2” thieves. I have learned that there is a consistent pattern of “MOCKERY” of the Crucifixion of Christ coded in these alleged celebrity deaths as well. “Jesus”=61(Reverse Ordinal)
    “Mockery”=116(Francis Bacon)
    “Christ Crucified On The Cross”=1166(Satanic)
    “Kate Spade”=162(Franc Baconis)
    “Alexander McQueen”=162(English Ord.)
    The Duodecimal value of “162” is “116”(116/119)
    “Anthony Michael Bourdain”=119(Reverse Full Red.)
    I chose the death of the “2” Fashion Designers (Spade & McQueen) to compare for a timeline. They both died by hanging(Asphyxia) and it’s span of “3036 Days”(2/11/2010-6/5/2018).
    “3036 Days”=61(English Ordinal)
    “3036 Days”=211(Reverse Satanic)
    It’s kind of strange, I have Kate Spade handbag and I haven’t carried it in a while. Because it’s large and I started carrying again about 2 wks ago.

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  4. “Inés Zorreguieta” = 187 (English Ordinal)
    “Zorreguieta” = 64 (Full Reduction)
    “Zorreguieta” = 137 (Jewish Ordinal)
    “Zorreguieta” = 1037 (Jewish)

    “Ines Zorreguieta” = 66 (Septenary) death date 6/6
    “Ines Zorreguieta Cerruti” = 137 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    “Ines” = 47 (English Ordinal)
    “Ines” = 144 (Jewish)
    “Ines” = 144 (Primes)
    “Ines” = 187 (Satanic)

    Video of Ines singing


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