PHI-L Mickelson US Open & the PHI Code

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Phil Mickelson is shooting for a career grand slam at the upcoming 118th US Open at Shinnecock Hills, the only Major he’s yet to win. The Grand Slam theme is in full effect lately, as we’ll explore with Justify, Ji-Man Choi, Maria Bueno, and a few others – all of whom suggest through synchronized Phi-Coding that Phil has a solid chance at winning the Open.

Justify just won the Triple Crown, the Grand Slam of Horse Racing, at Belmont =161 with Gronkowski coming in second. That horse is named after New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski, who was the GOLDEN age of 10,618 days old. The golden ratio, or PHI, is 1.618. If you’ll recall, I documented this PHI code with The Eagles =161 of PHI-ladelphia winning Super Bowl LII =161, with the hidden 161 in the logo.

On 6/9, the day Justify won the Belmont Stakes, a South Korean baseball player named Ji-Man Choi hit a grand slam against the Philadelphia Phillies, the day after the Golden State Warriors (originally from Philadelphia) won the NBA Finals. His career batting average after the game was .191Ji-Man Choi =161/1610 was born in 1991, a span of 1091 weeks after the 6/16 birth of Phil Mickelson.

The day the Warriors won saw the death of Maria Bueno, a Brazilian tennis player (the most successful in South American history) who was the first woman to win a calendar year Grand Slam. Bueno was born exactly 1601 weeks before P Mickelson =161. Career Grand Slam =161. 

  • P Mickelson =161 born 1091 weeks before Ji-Man Choi =161 and exactly 1601 weeks after Bueno is going for the Career Grand Slam =161 at Shinnecock Hills =161 with the final round on June Seventeenth Two Thousand Eighteen =1610. That’s impressive.

The only golfer to ever achieve the Grand Slam in a single calendar year was Bobby Jones =161/161 who just so happens to have died the day after baby Phil turned 1 year 6 months 1 day old. Now how about that. If Mickelson wins, he’ll be the second oldest golfer to ever win a Major, the oldest being Julius Boros =161/1061. 

Julius Boros =966 became the oldest golfer to ever win a Major 696 days before the birth of Philip Mickelson =696 (Satanic Gematria) who was also born 6906 days before Gronkowski (if we count to the day before, as we did with Jones’ deathday & Mickelson’s birthday). Bobby Jones =966. Men’s Grand Slam =666 as it’s officially known. This year’s US Open at Shinnecock Hills =966. 

  • Also on 6/9 – the day that Justify and Choi both scored Grand Slams – two football players died, Kenyatta Jones from the New England Patriots and Fadil Vokkri, the President of the Football Federation of Kosovo. Jones & Vokkri were born exactly 696 weeks apart. Then the following day it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as Sebastian Vettel =699 (Satanic Gematria) won the Canadian Grand Prix while Rafael Nadal =69 won the French Open =996 at the age of 11,966 days old. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The French Open =669. Grand Prix =666. Nadal won the Grand Slam 17 times.

The oldest man to win the US Open was Hale Irwin in 1990, exactly 1461 weeks before the upcoming Final of the 2018 US Open. Astonishingly we find this exact same complex sequence linked to Irwin’s first US Open victory in ’74: Irwin won on Mickelson’s 4th birthday, when Phil was 1461 days old… AND when Donald Trump (born 14/6/46) was 1461 weeks old. Mind-blowing!

But the parallels continue.

Trump is a huge golfer, the best handicap of any US President – and the OLDEST man to ever take office. This year’s US Open begins in New York on Trump’s birthday and Mickelson could become the oldest player to ever win this tournament (at age 48). And as a cherry on top, Irwin’s historic victory at the 1990 US Open (at age 45) just so happened to be the major championship debut of Phil Mickelson. Amazing. And with a slight variation, this pattern continues.

  • The duration from Phil’s first PGA Tour win to his last PGA Tour win is a span of exactly 1416 weeks. Phil Mickelson + US Open =1416. One Hundred Eighteenth United States Open =416. Mickelson =416.

Phil Mickelson is the 13th favourite to win at +3300 odds, where $10 wins $340. And with these epic patterns afoot, I’d reckon it’s worth a gamble. And shoutout to Derek at Gematrinator for his preliminary finds on Choi & Gronk. Dude does a lot of good work. 

10 thoughts on “PHI-L Mickelson US Open & the PHI Code

  1. Interesting stuff. The 666 variations stood out in The Players Championship as well. Webb Simpson was 11966 days old on the final round and it was also 1666 days since his last PGA Tour win.

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  2. Rory McIlroy
    5th time US Open is at Shinnecock Hills, Rory wins 5th Major
    Rory McIlroy=126. 2018 US Open Champion=126. 126th prime number is 701, Shinnecock Hills=71 and the final round is on the 17th. From Rory’s bday til the final round on Sunday is 6weeks 2 days. We just had the 62nd Champions League final where Real Madrid=33 won. Rory McIlroy =33. From Rory’s last major title til the final round is 3yrs 10 months 7 days. 137 being the 33rd prime. Today marks the start of the 21st World Cup, from Rory’s last major title til the final round on Sunday is 201 weeks. From Rory’s bday til the final round on Sunday is 1 month 13 days. 131= Championship. From the Champions League final til the final round at US Open is 3weeks 1day, Rory gets his 31st professional win.

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  3. From the release of the movie ‘Life of Pi’ (12/21/12) to the start of the US open (6/14) is 2001 days.
    With the end date it’s a span of 2002 days.
    The winner of the 2002 US open was Tiger Woods, runner-up was Phil Mickelson.

    Whether there’s any significance ?

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