Big Van Vader: Super Bowl Sacrifice

Former WWF wrestler Big Van Vader =630 aka Leon White =163 died on 6/18 at the age of 63 years 36 days old. An interesting detail about Vader is that before becoming a pro wrestler he played pro football (a smooth transition from one scripted sport to another) for the Los Angeles Rams =136, losing Super Bowl XIV in 1980 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rams =136. Vader Time =306 [Primes]. Rams =306 established in ’36. Especially with that death age, perhaps it’s a clue for the upcoming Super Bowl LIII =636. Super Bowl Sacrifice =360. Ritual Sacrifice =306. 

  • Leon Allen White =124. White =420/240 died on (6+18) =24 and (6+18+18) =42 a span of 2004 weeks 2 days after Super Bowl XIV and was 24th pick by LA =24 Rams =24. The Rams =42. SB LIII =42 on (2+3+19) =24. Super Bowl Sacrifice =204. WWF =24. NFL =42. 

White =43 was born on the 134th day of the year and died 14,030 days after playing in Super Bowl XIV, as well as 134 days after the previous Super Bowl. Vader Time =43. The LA Rams =43/34. Darth Vader =43/34. So don’t be surprised if James Earl Jones, who voiced Darth Vader, kicks the bucket in the near future.

Big Van Vader =969 aka Leon White =666. Super Bowl LII =966 won by The Eagles =966. Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta GA =996. Los Angeles =966. Rams coach Sean McVay (the youngest head coach in NFL history) was named Coach of the Year last season at the age of exactly 1669 weeks old; and QB Jared Goff signed 969 days before the upcoming Super Bowl 53.

Vader died on the 169th day of the year with 196 days remaining, the same day those two rappers were murdered, 6/18/18 – a date that reduces 6/(6+6+6)/(6+6+6). Leon White =666 was also born 6666 days after the LA Rams joined the NFL. Which, I mean, c’mon.

Super Bowl Fifty-Three =161. Los Angeles =161. Rams =191. Coach McVay was born 1601 weeks 6 days after the birth of Leon White. Ritual Sacrifice =616. 

  • La Rams =262. With end date Leon White =262 was exactly 1602 weeks old for the birth of McVay =126/62 who will be 12,062 days old the day before Super Bowl Fifty-Three =260. Super Bowl =260.  Vader =260. Leon ‘Big Van Vader’ White =260. Leon Allen White =62 and he died on (6+18+20+18) =62. This NFL season also begins 602 days after McVay became coach of the Rams. Ritual Sacrifice =206. 

Big Van Vader =133. Leon Allen White =133. White =33 died 330 days before his birthday and exactly 33 weeks before SB LIII =330/33 in ATL =33 when Coach Sean McVay =133 will be 33 years 10 days old. Sacrifice =133. Ritual Sacrifice =303. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 12.10.19 PM.png

Indeed it very much appears that Big Van Vader, born in California, was taken down for good with the proverbial force choke in order to give the LA Rams the added momentum they need to reach the Super Bowl. Notice all his red & black, the colours of the Super Bowl host team Atlanta Falcons. And did you know that Vader means father in German? As it so happens, this Fathers’ Day was his last full day alive in this dimension. Go figure.

Speaking of which, Vader had a son named Jake Carter who was also a pro wrestler for a while. Like his old man dying the day after Fathers Day, Jake was born the day after Big Van Vader turned 31 years 4 days old. The Rams =314, in Jewish Gematria. Two Thousand Nineteen Super Bowl =3014. Twenty Nineteen Super Bowl =3114. Atlanta =314. 

  • 3.14 =22/7. White =722. Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of The Atlanta Falcons =1722, broke ground 1722 days before Super Bowl LIII, which comes exactly 2270 weeks after the opening of Mercedes Benz Superdome, in New Orleans Louisiana =227.

2207 is the 329th prime number for Atlanta GA =329. Jake was also born when Vader was 11,329 days old, and on the season opener of this NFL season, James Earl Jones will be 32,009 days old.

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