FIFA World Cup: The Simpsons Predictive Programming

We’ve come across some internet buzz regarding yet another piece of predictive programming from The Simpsons – a World Cup matchup featuring Mexico VS Portugal. Both teams have made the Round of 16, and there’s a possibility of them meeting in the Semi-Finals (if Mexico beats Brazil then either England or Belgium, and Portugal beats Uruguay then either Argentina or France). The episode in question “The Cartridge Family” aired on 2 November 1997, with Springfield Stadium hosting a soccer game to ‘determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth’.

Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =402. Mexico V Portugal =204. The game starts with an appearance by Brazil legend Pele =420, and the episode aired 1204 days after Brazil won their last World Cup. The Wikipedia page for the episode tells us that Mexico VS Portugal happened (tie) in the group stage of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup (6/18/17), which we see was played exactly 1024 weeks after the episode. What it doesn’t say, is Portugal =124 went on to defeat Mexico for the bronze. Two Thousand Eighteen World Cup =124. Simpsons =124. 

The Simpsons Cartridge Family =442/244. Moscow World Cup =2440. There are at least two other soccer references in The Simpsons, both involving Brazil. “Marge Gamer” aired on 22/4, a span of 11 years 2 month 24 days before the 2018 World Cup Final, and featured an appearance by Ronaldo =244 (the Brazilian legend not the Portuguese). Croatia =244 (Jewish).

  • “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee” was dedicated to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and aired exactly 224 weeks before the Final of the Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =1224, which comes 2 months 24 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Mexico V Portugal =1224. Soccer =24. Football =24. 

Mexico Portugal =179. The Confederations Cup match in question was held 19 years 7 months (16 days) after the episode, which aired 1079 weeks before this year’s Semi-Finals. Two Thousand Eighteen World Cup Moscow =179. That’s interesting. After the soccer game in the episode gets too boring for the citizens of Springfield, a riot erupts, with the Scottish buddies of Groundskeeper Willie showing them all how it’s done. Perhaps this is a nod to England =2040 going the distance? The United Kingdom =179. 

If we count the time between 18 June 2017 and 10 July 2018 we get 55 weeks 1 day. The clock behind Kent Brockman’s head in the announcer’s booth reads 1:55. Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =155. Elizabeth =155. Royal =551. Incidentally, of all the nations remaining in the Final 16, the only country with the synch is France =155. 

‘The Cartridge Family’ aired exactly 1080 weeks before the final match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and Portugal defeated Mexico for bronze 1 year 8 days before the Semis. Perhaps this implies an 180-degree inversion, and it’s Mexico’s & Portugal’s opponents that will meet in the Semi-Final – Brazil & Uruguay. Remember the Pele reference. So we’ll see what happens, but it’s juicy little finds like this that certainly make the tournament that much more interesting to observe.

“I’ll kill myself if Portugal doesn’t win.” – Homer Simpson

10 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup: The Simpsons Predictive Programming

  1. Great finds B.B. Always adding it up. I see that you ended it with the 108’s. My sister was telling me how the Sun is 108 x it’s size away from the Earth as is the Moon in it’s dimension. Peace.

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    • Oh yeah, the 108 is clutch. And makes sense that it’s appearing all over the place in ’18. We’ll see what happens tomorrow (6/29) the 180th day of the year, 10 months 8 days after the solar eclipse, speaking of which.


  2. Interesting, James Bond makes his escape to the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia in ‘From Russia with Love’

    From the movie release to World Cup final is exactly 20,002 days.

    According to wiki …. From Russia with Love was the last film President Kennedy saw at the White House on 20 November 1963 before going to Dallas.

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  3. Damn brother, funny you should mention France and the 155, as I literally just discovered that French coach Deschamps = 155, with a win vs Argentina on Saturday will be 50-15-15, precisely 1055 months 15 days after the very first matchup between the teams, which just happened to be in the very first World Cup, AND exactly 5 years 51 weeks after Deschamps’ hiring date, and with the opposing coach’s birthday 15 weeks 5 days prior. Deschamps will be 18,155 days old for the game. Even France’s first international match date breaks down to 1/5/5. All for a measly round of 16 game.

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  4. Nice finds as always…

    Ive got stacks of numbers anf notes and have been very busy documenting lots and lots regarding the football and world cups…

    The sheer amount of 9/11 stuff surrounding Englands 1st game on 18/6/18 or 969 was a joke… #9 Kane K=11… scored in the 11th min… the time in England was 19:11 and the time in Russia was 9:11pm… the road to the stadium from where the final is to the stadium they played was the E119… its distance is 969.4kms… i put moscow to volgograd in google and it also said it was 911 kms away on the 1st search under the map… it was England 80th goal at world cups and 80 mins later he scored again in the 91st min to win it 2-1… they gave a pen away which Tunisia’s #13 F Sassi (6,19,1,19,19,1) scored it 16 secs before the 36th min… BBC told me at half time that it was the 1st pen we gave away since against Argentina in the 98 WC… 3×666= 1998… held in and won by France… who have FFF on their badge for french football federation… the date of the game which Arg beat Eng and sent them home was 30/6/98 and from then to 18/6/18 is 19 yrs 11 mths 19 days… and as you know 18/6 of the year is the 169th day leaving 196 days… it was 1 mth 10 days before Harry Kanes next bday or 5 wks 5 days or 960 hrs and the final is 13 days before… 2nd goal assisted by #6 Harry Maguire (M=13)… in the 91st min… the final is on 15/7 the anti date of 18/6 as its the 196th day leaving 169 remaining in the year… Kane came into the finals with 13 goals for england… was 15 after this game and he got a hattrick in the next game v Panama to go onto 18 for England and 5 in the WC…

    As there was sooooo much 9/11 stuff about i had to check… and from 9/11/01 to 18/6/18 is 16 yrs 9 mths 6 days ex ed’s…

    Englands 1st ever WC was in 1950… 3 yrs before the queens coronation… they won in 1966… 13 yrs after the Q Coro and 36 yrs after the 1st WC in 1930… 66 was the 8th world cup… 2018 WC is 88 yrs after the 1st WC… and the 13th since 1966…

    We just had and you cover the 66 England player who died being Ray Wilson… and on 6/6/18 we had the Ritz Hotel fire… that was 66 days after another ex England RW Ray Wilkins was hospitalised on 30/3 and was 2 mths 2 days after his 4/4/18 death… 6/6 was also 6 wks 6 days after the Queens last bday and 33 days after the 5/5 date when Sir Alex Fergurson was hospitalised and 22 days after the 1st Ray (Wilson) died on 15/5… 6/6 was his burial date…

    back to Ray Wilkins… he was the 1st player to ever be sent off at a world cup for England… on the 6/6/86… in Monterrey Mexico of all places… against Morocco for a couple more M’s or 13’s… his age that day was 1551 wks old… he got booked for a tackle on 40 mins and sent off for throwing the ball at the ref on 42 mins…

    The 86 WC was the 13th… this in 2018 is the 21st… so 86 was 6 WC’s ago… Both Raymonds with R=18… Wilkins got 84 caps for England and 3 goals… his 2nd goal was against Belgium in his 33rd cap and 3rd goal on the 2/23/82… 82 WC won by Italy who Ray Wilkins had a big connection with playing for Chelsea the Man Utd the AC Milan who he moved to in 84… for a few more C=3 M=13 and AC M= 13 13…

    His age the day of his heart att was 61 yrs 6 mth 16 days old was 5 mths 15 days before his next bday… from the 86 sending off to his 30/3/18 heart att was 1660 wks and he died on 4/4… 31 yrs 10 mths or 11626 days or 1660 wks 6 days after… and the Heart att was 44 yrs 5 mth 5 days afyer he made his footballing debut for Queens Park Rangers… he was born 18818 days after Chelsea were founded on 10/3/1905 or 51 yrs 6 mths 6 days… they won their 1st title on 23/4/55… and he moved to them on 18/8/79…

    As usual… theres so much more… but shall leave it there for now… alot of the games of which ive watched them all have been a joke… like the 3-3 of Spain v Portugal… Cristiano Ronaldo having scored 1 goal at each of the previous WC’s he had been to… score 3… his 51st hattrick and the 51st hattrick at WC’s… 1st a penalty struck with 3:30 on the clock but classed as a 4th mins goal… he wears #7 the 4th prime and scored his 2nd on 44 mins… his 3rd 88th min… Costa for Spain got 2 wearing #19 and #4 Nacho (N=14)… Rons Real Madrid team mate gave the pen away and scored a screamer to nake it 3-2 at the time… Costas 2nd in the 55th min set up by #5 and Nachos 3 mins later 33 mins from the 91st min and Ron also making it 3-3… 3 mins before 91st min… so he got 3 goals from 3 WC’s and then 3 goals in the 1st game… he also became the 4th different player to score at 4 different WC’s…

    😉😂 going to keep documenting and actually get all this and plenty more up onto my blog come the end…

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  5. Sorry BB… another little mistake to go with the odd spelling mistake… 🙈 it was Chelsea Wilkins made his full debut for… he played for QPR later… as well as Rangers in scotland and Crystal Palace for 1 game and had 11 different teams… for a few more royal connections… he was knighted MBE in 93′ had a 24 yr playing career and died 24 yrs after being knighted…


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