The Death of Joe Jackson & the Michael Jackson Sacrifice

Joe Jackson died the day after turning exactly 1079 months old, and he was exactly 971 months old for the death of his son, Michael Jackson. That’s the kind of finds we’re looking for, the kind of finds we should always begin with identifying. Joseph Jackson =79/97.

Moon =197. Michael Joseph Jackson =197 died in Los Angeles California =197 due to involuntary manslaughter under the care of Dr Conrad Murray =791 (in Jewish Gematria) a span of 1970 days after his sister Janet’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Jackson =97. Joseph Jackson =167/1607 also died 1067 days after being hospitalized for a stroke and Michael’s chimpanzee named Bubbles =197. 

Jacksons =118. Joseph Walter Jackson =81/108. Joe Walter Jackson =810/180. Joe =180 was exactly 80 years 11 months old when Michael died & he died two days after the clock hit exactly 108 months after Michael’s Ritual Blood Sacrifice =181. Michael died 18 weeks 1 day after Dr Murray’s birthday. Lunar Eclipse =810. 

Michael born when Joe was 30 years 1 month 4 days old, and he died 3290 days later, reminding us of the previous post where Big Van Vader’s son was born when he was 11,329 days old, the day after he turned 31 years 4 days old. The connection here is the moon, as Vader was the largest wrestler to perform the Moonsault and Michael of course with his Moonwalk. Joe died the day after Buzz Aldrin made the news for suing his own children and this 7/27 will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 12.26.24 PM.png

Sacrifice =39. Michael =39 died 9 weeks 3 days before his birthday and 9 years 3 days before his father. Murray =39. Janet Jackson =93. Blood Sacrifice =309. 

Michael J Jackson =47/1470 died exactly 470 weeks before the death of Joseph Jackson =74. Jacksons =47. The King of Pop =47 also died 4 months 7 days after the birthday of Dr Conrad Murray =74/407. Conrad Murray =74 who was released from prison 1704 days before the death of Joe. Blood Sacrifice =747. 

Remember when The Baltimore Ravens =411 player named Michael Jackson died (5/12/17) a span of 411 weeks 1 day after the original Michael Jackson? Well, that Raven also died 411 days before Joe Jackson, smack dab between twin 411 long counts – no coincidence there. The King of Pop was born on (8+29+19+58) =114. 

Dr Conrad Murray =44 was released from prison for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson =44 a span of 4 years 4 months 4 days after the death of Jackson =44. 

3 thoughts on “The Death of Joe Jackson & the Michael Jackson Sacrifice

  1. Janet Jackson won the Billboard Music “ICON” Award on May 20, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. A span of 1 Month and 1 Week (5/20/2018-6/27/2018) from the death of her Father (Father’s Day).
    “Father’s Day’=44(Full Red.)
    “ICON Award”=89(Jewish Ordinal)
    “Joseph Walter Jackson”=890(89) Satanic
    “One Month, One Week Ago”=1230 (English Sumerian)
    “Joseph Jackson”=1230 (Reverse English Sumerian)
    “1230” is 123-In 1970(197) the Jackson 5’s debut big hit song was “ABC,123”
    “One Month, One Week Ago”=911(Reverse Satanic)
    The Octal of “911” is “1617” (1617 is 617 or 6/17 was Father’s Day in 2018)
    Joe Jackson died 1 week and 3 days(13) after “Father’s Day”(June 17, 2018) in a Las Vegas Hospital.
    “One Week And Three Days”=617(Reverse Franc Baconis) 617 or 6/17


    • I just want to add:
      “Las Vegas Hospital”=186(English Ordinal) 186/189 and “189” is “89”
      “Las Vegas Hospital”=369(Franc Baconis) “3, 6, 9,” Mark The Hours Of Christ’s Crucifixion
      “3, 6, 9,” Mark The Hours Of Christ’s Crucifixion”=189(Full Red.)
      Father’s Day on June 17th(6/17 or 617) and a reflection of “617” is “176”
      The last full moon for Spring and the first for Summer happened on 6/27-28. It is was called the “Strawberry Full Moon”.
      “Strawberry Full Moon On June Twenty-Eighth”=176(Full Red.)”176” is “76”
      “Janet Damita Jo Jackson”=76(Jewish Red.)
      “Ritual Sacrifice”=76(Jewish Red.)
      “Janet Jackson”=621(Reverse Satanic) “621” or 6/21, The Summer Solstice was 6/21/2018.

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  2. Nice work. I love it. I just commented on your latest Simpsons Predictive Programming Blog and mentioned the 108 and I see that Joe Jackson is full of the 108. Crazy how the numbers are all linked to #everything . Peace.

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