Capital Gazette: Over My Dead Body & the John McNamara Coincidence

This morning I checked in for updates on the Capital Gazette Shooting, to find that Rob Hiaasen, the slain assistant editor at the newspaper, is famous enough to have had his own Wikipedia page. It tells us that he published a short story, ironically titled: “Over My Dead Body.” And in his first paragraph he mentions John Wilkes Booth and the Death of the President:

“Lincoln died at 7:22 AM, which I did not know.” Capital Gazette =722 [Reverse Satanic] and Hiaasen and friends died exactly 72 years 2 weeks after the birth of Donald Trump.

  • His first paragraph also mentions the Full Moon Saloon =124; Trump born under a total Lunar Eclipse =241 and Hiaasen =42 died 4 weeks 2 days before the longest lunar Eclipse =42 of the 21st century. He also died 142 years 4 days after the death of the first Associated Press journalist killed while reporting.
  • Capital Gazette =124. Annapolis =142. Ramos =241. Tronc =240/420. Rob Hiaasen + Wendi Winters + Gerald Fischman + John McNamara + Rebecca Smith =204. John McNamara =204 from the LA Times Bombing was arrested on the 46th anniversary of the Lincoln Assassination, exactly 2400 weeks later.

The 42nd prime is 181, and remember all the 18/81 synchs from the first part of this report. (Read Here if you missed it). Baltimore Sun Media =181, the Baltimore Sun founded 181 years before this shooting that came 181 weeks after the Charlie Hebdo Attack and was managed by the Anne Arundel County Police Department =1801Freemasons =181.

Rob Hiaasen =626 murdered by Jarrod Ramos =262. Over My Dead Body =262 [FB]. Full Moon Saloon =262 [FB]. The LA Times Bombing =262. Fake News =262. Five Shot Dead =626. 

This is another weird one. Yesterday I was looking for parallels in the LA Times Bombing of 1910, the first terrorist bombing of a building in American history – especially as the company that owns the Capital Gazette, Tronc Inc, formerly owned the LA Times as well. In fact Tronc recently sold all its California papers, just 10 days before the shooting. (Remember that Lincoln had a vision of his death, 10 days earlier). Wonder what happens 10 days after this?

But the thing about the LA Times Bombing is that it was perpetrated by the McNamara Brothers, John & James. And now one of the victims at the Gazette is another John McNamara, editor and sports reporter. What are the frickin chances?


But to make matters even weirder, what are the chances that the LA Times Bombing would hit 16,606 days after the Lincoln Assassination? Or that Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Kennedy =666 & Johnson administrations, died on 7/7/09 and would have his funeral 16,666 days after the JFK Assassination?!

McNamara =1699. John McNamara =666. Wendi Winters =966. June Twenty-Eighth Twenty Eighteen =6660. Lone Gunman =1666/696. Hoax =669. Jarrod W Ramos =1966 [Jewish].

“Over My Dead Body” was featured in the anthology Baltimore Noir which published on 1 May 2006. That’s 4441 days before the death on June Twenty-Eighth Twenty Eighteen =1444 of Rob Hiaasen =144 [FB] at the headquarters of Capital Gazette Communications =441. Newspaper =441. Tronc Inc =1440. First reports of the shooting came at 14:40 local time. Lincoln was shot on 14/4. The LA Times Bombing =1044 and John McNamara was arrested the next year, on 14/4. 

* The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666 and I have to unfortunately retract a statement I made earlier, just like a newspaper, that it appears I miscalculated the first 144 decimal points of PHI also summing to 666. They actually sum to 660. So I sincerely apologize for that accidental misinformation. *

Talking about PHI = 1.618, though, we see that Masonic =1618 [Reverse Extended].

Another suggestive line from Hiaasen’s story: “I can tell a 33 waist a mile away.”

Ramos =33 was born on (12+21) =33 and was 33 years old the first time he was booked, as we can see from his public record. Masonry =33. Police =33. Drill =330. But the best information from that card that lists his birthdate as 12/21/79 is his age at the time of the shooting:

  • Ramos was 14,070 days old at The Capital =147 on June Twenty-Eighth Twenty Eighteen =147, a number that has Police =147 and Freemason =147 and Conspiracy =147 written all over it. Masonic =147. Freemasonry =1147.

Super Bowl =1407 [Jewish], and maybe this event will help the Ravens go the distance in the Playoffs, my team from last year with all the sacrifices.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 10.06.35 AM.png

 Exactly 2010 weeks is nice too. News =201. Psychological Warfare =201. Hoax =21. Ramos =21. And it happened at the Capital =21 a span of 21 days after the Capitals won the Stanley Cup. Sergio Ramos plays for the Spain =102 here in the 21st World Cup.

And the thing to remember about the LA Times bombing of 10/1/1910 is that it occurred 90 years 11 months 10 days before 9/11/01. Perfect alignment. Further, the McNamara Brothers belonged to a trade union called: International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers =911/1119 (in English Ordinal & Francis Bacon).

One thought on “Capital Gazette: Over My Dead Body & the John McNamara Coincidence

  1. Another old man dressed in black is ‘retiring’ 30y 4m 1d (# rhymes with your post on ‘Pawn Stars’ Old Man, usually clothed in black) after he was appointed to the US Supreme Court on 2-18-1988: Justice Anthony Kennedy, age 81.

    He’s the 14th longest serving Justice (out of 113) in court history. He is known as the swing vote: 5-4, like the ‘five’ victims above. He works in the US ‘Capitol’. His vote preserved Roe v Wade (abortion rights/ life and death). It is presumed by many that his replacement will be the swing vote that overturns Roe v Wade.

    From Kennedy’s birth (7-23-36) to Roe v Wade becoming the law of the land
    (1-22-73) = 13,333d span.

    From Roe v Wade to Trump’s inauguration = 16,069d.

    Roe v Wade = 81, 108 (K). Abortion = 188 (Baconis). Child Sacrifice = 181 (K).

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