Ramos & The Capital Gazette Riddle

“They call themselves an important watchdog, but who watches the watchers? The authority that permits their power also stands poised to punish its abuse. Even kings must answer to God, and a modern day Inquisition is at hand. The potential judgement is no less severe; the carnage differs only in literal terms. As this search for Truth commences, a crusader they could not kill approaches.” – Jarrod W Ramos, 15 July 2012.

Part C to this riddle. Jarrod W Ramos’s entire correspondence with The Capital – which he tried to sue for defamation after the paper wrote about him stalking some chick – is available online (read here), and it closes with the above quote and his family crest, dated 15 July 2012. On that date, exactly six years before the 2018 World Cup Final, we find the following:

  • Jarrod W Ramos =1966 was 1699 weeks (2 days) old, and as his Jewish Gematria reminds us of England’s World Cup victory at home in 1966, we see too that he was born exactly 699 weeks after that fixed championship, England’s only to date.
  • The connection here is that Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria of France, the queen consort and wife of King Charles I =696. Maria died in 1669. Ramos writes that “even kings must answer to God,” bringing up the royalty theme, and indeed King Charles I was executed during the English Civil War =696.

And notice that first quote of Ramos’s, “who watches the watchers” references The Watchmenthe graphic novel that became a film released on 3/6/09, when Ramos was 10,669 days old. Notice too that his family crest bears the Twin Towers =996, known in Masonry as Boaz and Jachin =999.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 11.50.43 AM

Remember as we covered previously that James Bond creator Ian Fleming died 699 days (or 99 weeks 6 days) before the start date of the 1966 World Cup, and the 2018 Final on July Fifteenth =966 [Sumerian] comes 19,696 days after Fleming’s sacrifice – and exactly 969 weeks after the sacrifice of Desmond Llewelyn, who played Q.

  • Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =999 [Primes]. Russia World Cup =669 [Reverse Satanic]. Royalty =696 [Sumerian]. Twenty Eighteen World Champions =696 [Franc Baconis]. Spain National Football Team =6069 [Reverse Extended]. The King of Spain’s full name: Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbon y de Grecia =669 [ALW].

The Final also comes 6 years 69 days after Putin =699 [Reverse Squares] became President, and 9699 days after the formation of the Russian Federation. Could one of the Semi-Finals be Spain + England =696? It would certainly make historic sense if one of them were to go on and face one of the territories of the Americas: Uruguay, Brazil or Mexico.

I previously mentioned the Super Bowl connection, yet overlooked the obvious – putting the Los Angeles Times together with Ramos to get the LA Rams, which as I wrote about earlier, connected to the sacrifice of Big Van Vader =969 aka Leon White =666 who was born 6666 days after the Rams of Los Angeles =966 joined the NFL.

Then there’s Sergio Ramos, a defender for Real Madrid & the Spanish National Team. Ramos was 11,777 days old the day before the Capital Gazette Shooting, which came 777 days after Money Monster which predictive programmed the event. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup Champion =777.

7/15/12, the date of Jarrod Ramos’s final letter to the paper, also comes 310 weeks 4 days before the shooting, and though I led with the 722 in the previous post (Capital Gazette =722 when Trump was exactly 72 years 2 weeks old) I missed a few glaring Pi codes.

  • The Capital =227. Capital =314. Rob Hiaasen + Wendi Winters + Gerald Fischman + John McNamara + Rebecca Smith =1314, the sum of all the victims, and the headline: Five Shot Dead =3140. United States of America =314. And as the icing on the cake, it happened 301 years 4 days after the founding of the Grand Lodge of England.

Sergio Ramos =314 was born 7202 days after the 1966 World Cup began, and the day before the ’18 Final will be 3 months 14 days after his birthday. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =314.

Fun Fact: Jarrod Ramos attended Arundel High School, the same high school as Edward Snowden, who would have been a freshman when Ramos was a senior. They were born exactly 3 years 6 months apart, or exactly 42 months. Snowden was exactly 420 months 1 week old for the Capital Gazette Shooting, and we have a good 42-Run in the previous post. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =402. Russia =42. 

One thought on “Ramos & The Capital Gazette Riddle

  1. Great digging !

    ‘The Rams’ is a nickname for English football team – Derby County. A team who incidently are managed since 31st May 2018, by ex Chelsea legend / England International – Frank Lampard.
    Derby’s Pride Park Stadium hosted England verses Mexico football international in May 2001.

    A ‘derby match’ in a football (soccer) sense, is a game between 2 sides from the same area … Example Man U v’s Man City.
    Going by this Internationally would be, for example – Spain verses Portugal ( 2 countries next to each other location wise) …… Possibly the World Cup Final ?


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