Tecate & the Death of Steve Soto: Mexico’s Shot at the World Cup

Sorry for all the posts here, I’m on an obsessive roll. They all segue into the next, so go back to the earlier ones if you’ve missed them to understand the entire narrative we’re weaving here.

A California punk rocker named Steve Soto =1323 [Trigonal] died on 6/27 – the same day as Joseph Walter Jackson =1323 [English Extended] – at the age of 20,032 days old. Soto =232 [Primes]. Moscow =232 [Reverse Primes]. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =3023 [English Extended]. Twenty Eighteen World Cup Champion =232/323. 

  • Soto’s family is originally from Mexico, so does his death represent a sacrifice for the Mexican squad? Mexico’s manager: Juan Carlos Osorio =2032 [Reverse Trigonal], perfectly synched with Soto’s age of death. Sylvester Stallone =232 and Ivan Drago =323 as we’ll see, representing Lucifer =323 Satan =232 [both in Jewish Gematria].
  • Capital Gazette =232 and the shooting there happened exactly 230 years 2 months to the day after the state of Maryland joined the Union.

Joe Jackson =332. Blood Sacrifice =332. Queen Elizabeth II =332. With end date, Soto died at the age of 20,033 days old and he founded the band Adolescents =233. Rocky Four =2330. Jarrod W Ramos =2330. Annapolis MD =233. Newspaper =233. Governor Larry Hogan =233.

Adolescents =502 and Soto would have been 20,050 days old for the World Cup Final. Mexico =25/52. Their manager: Juan Carlos Osorio =205. Rocky =205 [Reverse Primes]. Rocky IV =25. Rocky Balboa =25. Ivan Drago =152. Moscow =25. Tecate =52. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup Champion =525. This Final comes 52 years 25 days after the 1966 World Cup began.

  • Mexico =119. Mexican =119. Steve Soto =1190 [Jewish] who also formed the band Legal Weapon =1109 [Jewish] and died exactly 11,900 days after the release of Rocky IV.
  • Moscow Russia =119. The Mexican team was founded 90 years 10 months 9 days before Soto died and 90 years 11 months 16 days before the Final, 11 months 9 days after Coach Osorio’s birthday. Their captain, Principito =1019 [Trigonal].

And on the theme of Mexico, where I may be biased as I’ve been living here the past couple months, I stumbled across this Tecate ad that appeared on YouTube the other day:

Rocky Four =666 released exactly 1699 weeks before the start of the Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =999 [Primes]. Russia World Cup =669. Rocky Balboa =969. The Cold War =966. Mexico with Principito =996 and Hernández 10,996 days old for the Semi-Final, will play the Brazilians =666 with Neymar Junior =966 and Coutinho =666. The coach of Brazil’s first World Cup win died at the age of 66 years 6 days old. Year of the Dog =1996.

(Javier Hernández =211 will be 11,002 days old for the Final of the World Cup =112. Tecate =112).

  • Rocky IV also released exactly 174 weeks before the Final. Russia World Cup =1074 in Moscow =74. Rusia Nos Hara Heroes =74. Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =704. Steve Soto =471 [Primes]. Neymar Junior =1407, like Jarrod Ramos was 14,070 days old for the Capital Gazette shooting.

Mexico VS Russia =189. Tecate brewed at Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery =1908 which opened in 1890. Mexican National Team founded 8/9. Rocky =89. Russia World Cup =89. The ad’s tagline: Rusia Nos Hara Heroes =1809 [Trigonal].

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.25.46 PM.png

Harry Kane =891 [Trigonal]. The Final is exactly 1089 weeks after the death of Princess Diana =1908; the Queen born 1089 days after Wembley opened, the venue where England won in 1966, exactly 19 years 8 months before the birth of Sergio Ramos Garcia =1068 who was 1680 weeks old for the opening of the 2018 World Cup. Jarrod W Ramos’s letter opens with a quote from Gilgamesh =1908, a legendary king of Masonic lore. Neymar Jr =1980. 

  • Mexico is quite the underdog (7 to 1 odds) but it’s still the Year of the Earth Dog in Chinese astrology, and Soto’s band Adolescents cut an EP called “American Dogs in Europe” – that released 5 years 10 months 11 days before the World Cup began & 5 years 11 months 11 days before the Final. Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup Champion =511.

England won the ’66 Final 51 years 10 months 15 days before it began & 51 years 11 months 15 days before the Final of the Twenty Eighteen FIFA World Cup =115. Adolescents American Dogs in Europe =115. Rusia Nos Hara Heroes =115. Queen Elizabeth II =5150.

2 thoughts on “Tecate & the Death of Steve Soto: Mexico’s Shot at the World Cup

  1. Ive been saying Engkand wins…
    Theresa May 115.
    51,yrs 11m 15 days sfromm 66 final to 2018 final… palindrome of numbers.
    England’s coach bday 9/3… saturn=93 also


  2. As always, I love a good mystery in this G-Stuff… always trying to contribute in my small way. As an avid Extra-Capper, did you know that the official mascot for these games is a Wolf? Named Zabikava.

    I remember the ‘wolf’ narrative popping up for the NCAA’s. Is is possible this works into the World Cup?

    Just asking.

    I don’t care if I/we project the ultimate winner, I would however, like to pick up say, 2 nuggets of insightful wagering along the way.

    Thanks once again to you and this community for ‘trying to figure whatever It is, all out.

    Sure beats talking sports as if it means something.


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