LeBron James to LA Lakers

LeBron Raymone James =206 signed with the Lakers =206/26/62 on July 1st, 26 weeks 2 days (or 6 months 2 days) after his birthday and exactly 26 weeks before his next. LeBron =26/62. James =262. LeBron Raymone James Sr =260/62. He was drafted by The Cavaliers =1206 on 6/26 of 2003. The Cleveland Cavaliers =1206. 

  • Jordan =126/26/62. Bryant =26. Kobe Bean Bryant =126. Abdul-Jabbar =126. Lakers current head coach: Luke Theodore Walton =262 (who played for both the Lakers and the Cavs, and was assistant coach of the Warriors from ’14-’16). James also signed a span of 12,626 weeks after the birthday of the United States.

The Lakers remind me of the first discovery I ever made about the importance of long counts: Michael Jordan =678 and Kobe Bryant =678 [both in Sumerian] played the last games of their careers exactly 678 weeks apart.

Jordan’s last game on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 56th birthday and Kobe’s when Kareem was exactly 3600 weeks old. Jordan & Scottie Pippen, his partner in crime, were born exactly 136 weeks apart.

  • Magic Johnson =136, former Lakers star and current Lakers President of Operations. Luke Walton =136 became coach of the Lakers last year at 36 years old. LeBron =306 & Lakers =306 [both in Reverse Satanic]. STAPLES Center =306. 

Shaquille O’Neal moved from the Lakers to the Heat to the Cavs (among others) while LeBron moved from the Heat to The Cavs =666 to the Lakers. Shaq and LeBron Raymone James Sr =1699 [Jewish] were born exactly 669 weeks apart, and James signed with Los Angeles =966 when Coach Walton, a former Cav =666 (just two years before James became one) was 1996 weeks old. The NBA Finals =666. LeBron was also born 669 weeks before Lonzo Ball.

Now, what’s up with 809? Kobe & Jordan were born 809 weeks apart and James became a Laker 809 days after Kobe’s final game. Hmm, a riddle. LeBron Raymone James Sr =89. Luke Theodore Wilson =89. Los Angeles California =89. 

  • Well, 809 is the 140th prime and MJ & James =14 born exactly 1141 weeks apart. Basketball =141. STAPLES Center =140July First =140/41Laker =114California =114Luke Walton =104. LA =14. But let’s watch for 809s moving forward.

James signed a four-year contract for $154 million. NBA =1540. Luke Theodore Wilson =154. The Cavs =154. Los Angeles California =154. 

One thought on “LeBron James to LA Lakers

  1. Didn’t realize it was July 1st. That’s the first day of the Dire Straits, the three weeks leading up to Tisha B’av which is on July 21st this year. Tisha Bav = 721. Purple and Gold = 721 eng ext

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