WWE Sacrifices: Investigating the June Deaths of 5 Pro Wrestlers

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Rockin Rebel (6/1). Johnny Attitude (6/12). Arkangel de la Muerte (6/13). Big Van Vader (6/18). Matt Cappotelli (6/29). Pro Wrestlers =183 all dead in June Twenty Eighteen =83/308/1380. 

M Cappotelli =380 aka the Flava =83 aka Matthew =1831 died at age 38. Big Van Vader =183/381 aka Leon =138. Arkangel de la Muerte =138/83/803 aka Alfredo =38 who was born 183 days before the birth of Rockin Rebel =38 aka Charles Williams =83 aka Charles ‘Rockin Rebel’ Williams =380 who killed himself & his wife 138 days after his birthday.

  • All the wrestlers big enough to have Wikipedia pages all coded similarly, their ring names & birth names. Homicide =138. Death =38. Murder =38. Masonic =38. Masonry =83. Professional Wrestler =83. WCW =1803 [Jewish]. Fake =183/138. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.18.19 PM.png

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc =383 was founded in February 1980, a span of 38 years 3 months before June 2018, helping to explain these five sacrifices. Cappotelli died 18 weeks 3 days after the 38th birthday of the WWE =1083 [Squares] – when its CEO, Vincent Kennedy McMahon =1830 [Trigonal], was exactly 3801 weeks old.

McMahon was also born exactly 183 weeks after the birth of wrestling legend Ric Flair aka Nature Boy =138. And on 7/13, 138 days after Flair’s birthday, McMahon will be exactly 3803 weeks old – a damn good day for another Wrestler sacrifice. Oh, and McMahon announced earlier this year (138 days before Johnny Attitude’s death) that the XFL =38 is returning in 2020, with Andrew Luck’s father Oliver Luck =38 as league commissioner and CEO. Trump =38/83. 

Matthew Lee Cappotelli =696 aka Flava =666 aka Cappottelli =966. Big Van Vader =969 aka Leon White =666. Arkangel was born in 1966 and died exactly 1999 weeks after WWE’s founding. Rockin Rebel died in an alleged Murder-Suicide =669.

  • Professional Wrestler =969. Wrestling =696. Vince McMahon =669. Vincent Kennedy McMahon =666. Kennedy =666. And 1990 weeks 6 days after the WWE founded (4/18/18), three wrestlers died on the same day.
  • (6+6+6) =18 and McMahon =81 was exactly 1800 weeks old (12,600 days) when the WWE =180/108 was founded. Vince McMahon =118. Wrestling =1118 [Trigonal]. 

Matt Cappotelli =49. Matthew Lee Cappotelli =1914 died at the age of 14,109 days old and 14,009 days after the founding of World Wrestling Enterainment Inc =149 and 4 months 9 days after WWE’s birthday. Cappotelli =149. Big Van Vader =490. McMahon born in ’49. Ric Flair =49. Rockin Rebel died 4 months 19 days after his birthday.

Arkangel de la Muerte died the day before a match, the day before the 21st World Cup began and 1 months 2 days before the Final; he was also born 2 weeks 1 day before England won the ’66 World Cup. Cappotelli died 2001 weeks after the WWE =12 was founded: 120 weeks before the 12th World Cup began. Vince McMahon =120. Mr McMahon =21.

  • Professional Wrestler =210. This deadly month of June also came 2 years 10 months after the death of Rowdy Roddy Piper =201 who starred in They Live =21, which he called a documentary.

And as you may have noticed, I’ve begun using some of the Mathematical Cyphers, and as they remain experimental, will always mark their presence. But looking into some past championships it does very much appear that Primes, Trigonal & Squares (and their reversal counterparts) play a role in outcome indication. At the least, they certainly make for some intriguing cyphers:

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 4.11.02 PM.png

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