Assassination of Filipino Mayor Halili

Mayor Antonio ‘Thony’ Halili =3307 [Reverse Extended] of Tanauan Philippines =3037 [Squares] was assassinated (at the age of 3,777 weeks 3 days old) during the singing of the national anthem on 2 July 2018, a span of 17 years 3 months 3 weeks after Tanauan achieved its cityhood – and exactly 377 months after the Philippines’ current constitution. All this synched with the Mayor’s official title: Honorable Antonio C Halili =1337 [Reverse Primes].

President Duterte =1337 [English Extended] just so happened to also be 73 years 3 months old for the assassination, another parallel span of 733 days after Duterte took office. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines =733 [Ordinal].

  • I recently talked about this number, with the wife of Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu =733 indicted for fraud 3370 days after he took office, right after Brooks Koepka won back-to-back US Opens in his 337th month since birth and exactly 3307 weeks after the birth of Curtis Strange,  the only other golfer to win back-to-back US Opens.
  • Prince Charles was 33 years 7 months old when William was born and Queen Elizabeth II will be 33,700 days old on July 27, the day of the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century.

And remember that Amtrak derailment outside Seattle with LABRAT KNATS spraypainted on the carriage? It happened at 7:33 AM and 17,033 days after Amtrak began its operations. Also, Mercedes Benz Stadium, host of Super Bowl LIII =337 and home to the Atlanta Falcons =733 opened 3 years 3 months 7 days after its groundbreaking ceremony. Halili shot during the national anthem reminding us of the controversy in the NFL, as if the Mayor was forced by a bullet to take a knee during the anthem. Star Spangled Banner =377President Donald John Trump =337, born on Flag Day.  (And here’s Duterte being told what to write by Masons).

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.39.30 PM.png

733 is the 130th prime number. Donald Trump =130. Honorable Antonio C Halili =103. Halili =103/31 was Assassinated =131/103 on July Second Twenty Eighteen =310, just like another mayor of Tanauan, Cesar Platon =130, shot by the NPA =13/31 aka New People’s Army. This one happened exactly 31 weeks before Super Bowl LIII.  

  • Antonio Halili’s nickname was Thony =598 [Jewish], the Mayor of Tanauan City =895 [Jewish], and he was shot dead exactly 895 weeks after the assassination of Mayor Cesar Platon, shot while running for Governor of the state.
  • Donald Trump =589 [Jewish]. Donald J Trump =568/859 [Satanic / English Ext].

Antonio Halili =191. Duterte =191. Assassination =191. Pilipinas =191. New People’s Army =191, wing of the Communist Party =191. Freemason =191. US President Donald John Trump =1910 was exactly 910 weeks old for the death of President John F Kennedy =1061.  

Mayor Halili was shot by a sniper perched on a grassy knoll, and in one of the two angles of videos that show the alleged assassination, you can see Halili (the only one wearing a dark jacket, making a clear target) clutch his chest then sprint off to the right before collapsing a few metres away.

Halili =666 has been replaced by Jhoanna Corona-Villamor =966 [Satanic G] and was on a Narco-List =666 written by Rodrigo Duterte =669 [Satanic G] aka Digong =1966 [Reverse Squares]. 

  • The Philippines =996. Benigno Aquino Jr =696 [Satanic G] was an assassinated Filipino Senator (1983), both husband and father to Presidents of the Philippines. The aforementioned NPA =966 [Reverse Squares] formed in 1969. Halili was assassinated 669 days after the Davao City Bombing, during the singing of the national anthem, which translates as Chosen Land =666 [Trigonal]. Star Spangled Banner =666. 

It should also be noted that the assassination of Kennedy =666 will have happened 19,966 days earlier this 7/22/18, a date that comes 1 month 8 days after the birthday of President Trump =1080/180Trump Assassination =1081(6+6+6) =18 and Halili was born exactly 18 weeks before the birth of Donald John Trump =1969 [Reverse Trigonal].

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