Justin Beiber’s Royal Engagement


I’m loathe to report on Justin Bieber’s engagement but it just so perfectly fits the theme of my previous posts. The last post mentioned Alec Baldwin’s connections to American Presidents and the day after I posted it, Bieber became engaged to his niece, Hailey Baldwin – daughter of Alec’s brother Stephen. Nice synchronicity. That post also revealed the alphanumeric and thematic similarities between Prince Charles & Princess Diana and their relatives who lived and died in a perfect portrayal of history repeating.

Before we explore the numbers, it’s important to point out that Justin Bieber is the 9th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, another bloodline bitch, related also to Celine Dion, Camilla Bowles-Parker, and the Clintons. Meanwhile, the Baldwin brothers are 29th cousins with the Queen, meaning of course that yet again (like the marriages of Prince William & Prince Harry) we have an apparently random relationship between two people who just so happen to share the sacred royal lineage.

  • Justin =669 and Hailey Baldwin were born 996 days apart. The British Royal Family was formerly the House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha =996 before it rebranded as Windsor – 10,966 days after the Acts of Union, which created Great Britain, and exactly 966 weeks before the death of King George V, on the very day that Princess Diana’s mother was born. Royalty =696. Kingdom =696. Britain =696. Twenty Eighteen World Champions =696.

And notice their clothes in the top promo pic: Island of the Gods Records =996 and Versace =696, Giovanni Versace murdered 47 days before the death of his good friend, Princess Diana.

Bieber =24 & Baldwin =124 were also born 142 weeks 4 days apart, and in a given year, Hailey’s birthday comes 14 weeks 2 days before Justin’s. Justin Bieber =1142/242 was born 42 years 24 days after Queen Elizabeth =142/240 took the throne and got engaged at the age of 24. Hailey Rhode Baldwin =241. Royalty =142. Royal Lineage =124. 

  • Stephen Baldwin was 10,155 days old when Bieber was born. Bloodline =155. Sovereign =155. Elizabeth =155. Kate Middleton =155. Rachel Meghan Markle =155. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms =10550. Two Thousand Eighteen FIFA World Cup =155. And as I wrote in my post on the Simpsons World Cup, the only nation in the Final 16 with similar coding was France =155. 

Of course of the four remaining teams, the 21st World Cup matchup most directly associated symbolically with the Royals would be England =21 VS France =21 – the two favourites to make it (paying 1 to 5.51 for a parlay), and the only two teams with matching 21 gematria. Especially as William & Kate recently gave birth to Prince Louis =21, exactly 12 weeks before the Final, which also comes 1 week 2 days after Bieber’s engagement. Philip II =12 of France, the ancestor of Justin =21, became king 10 months 2 days after his birthday. England France World Cup =210.

Bieber & Baldwin became engaged on 7/7, the day England defeated Sweden to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup – against Croatia, as we predicted with the James Bond decode: From Russia with Love & the Spectre of a Croatia-England World Cup. And continuing the theme of history repeating by the numbers, here’s a viral infographic that pretty much sums it up.


11 thoughts on “Justin Beiber’s Royal Engagement

  1. Sure looks ‘obvious’, but that’s from this side of the future….after which, then the lens gets in focus and we can see the code more clearly.

    Do you think ‘it’ (they) can adjust on the fly? I know it’s a fickle riddle.

    All the while, thanks for all you do.

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  2. Nice,
    There seems to be a tie-in to Stanley Baldwin, the British PM between the world wars.
    Stanley Baldwin oversaw the abdication of Edward VIII in order for his marriage to Wallis Simpson. He had to seek consent of Commonwealth PM’s and Canada was the only parliament to request and consent to ‘His Majesty’s Declaration of Abdication Act 1936’, via the ‘Statue of Westminster 1931 Act, which gave legislative Independence to Commonwealth countries.


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  3. From 7-15-18 til Deschamps bday on 10-15 is 13 weeks 1 day. Championship=131
    131 is 32nd prime and this game will be Croatia’s 23rd World Cup game. 131st prime is 739 and from Frances last WC title on 7-12-98 til 7-15-18 is 7,309 days including end date. France wins but numbers also favor another draw after regulation…………..

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  4. There is the 74/33 combination that we have been seeing all year. The theme is and has been all year, the crucifixion of Jesus. 7/4 is also US independence day.

    37w 3ds after Croatia head coach birthday.
    373, the 74th prime
    Jesus = 74
    Cross = 74
    Foles threw for 373 yards in SB52.
    France could stay at 33 WC wins, and it’s their 66th world cup match
    France is home of the +33 dialing code
    Thirty three = 66
    66 books within the KJV Bible.
    Croatia could become 1-3 all time vs France. 13 original colonies and 13 stripes on the flag. Jesus the 13th after his 12 disciples. 13 recently stuck in a cave in Thailand. The Croatian head coach is currently 51 years old. the 51st prime is also the 13th Fibonacci number.

    Croatia is also the “13th” different team/country to make it to the WC Final now, I believe.. During the game today the announcer also said something about the team that wins the SemiFinal game in the same arena that the Final will be played in (which is the case this year) has won the Final match 6/8 times. If Croatia does win it all they would make that stat 7/9, like 79, the 22nd prime; Soccer is 22 players on field. FIFA=22, and Finals date has double 22 numerology. There are also 22 paths in Kabbalah.

    7 + 1+5 + 1+8 = 22
    (7) + (15) = 22

    (7) + (15) + 2+0+1+8 = 33

    France head coach is 13w 1d till his next bday
    Crucifixion = 131, which is another number I’ve seen plenty of with this code.
    Crucifixion/championship also = 68
    68 was coded in the last 3 major championships
    68 runs in 2017 world series
    Pat’s fell to 6-8 vs eagles
    Nba finals ended on 6/8

    France could also drop to 1-2 in WC finals. Jesus had 12 disciples and the Eagles improved to 1-2 in SB’s after winning SB52. *July 15 is the 196th day of the year, leaving 169-days remaining 15/7 is like 157, the 37th prime number (37, the 12th prime number)

    Croatia could win their first WC and go 1-0 like 10.
    God = 55
    Satan = 55;
    God = 55;
    Heaven = 55
    Numerology = 55
    55 is the 10th Fibonacci number.
    55 is the 10th Triangular number.
    5+5 = 10
    Pats also went 5-5 in SB’s after losing SB52. Number 55 of the Eagles stripped sacked TB12 to virtually seal the game for the Eagles.

    There are connections that indicate a France win as there always is because we live in a dualistic reality however I am still going with Croatia.


  5. Croatia has been a nation for 27-years, part of the old Eastern Block which broke off from the USSR.

    Soccer = 27
    Their greatest soccer honor 27-years-later
    7/11/2018 = 7+11+(2+0+1+8) = 27

    Eagles won the NFC’s 27th SB and the book of revelation is the 27th and final book of the NT.

    Notice the tidbit about scoring their first World Cup goal in the 27th minute in France in ’98. That was their first World Cup appearance, and the year of their furthest advancement in the tournament before 2018.

    Consider in 2018, 20-years later, they are playing in their first World Cup championship, against France. Fitting that its in Russia too.

    114 years since France football established (1904).
    Original flag adopted on June 14, 1777 and this WC started on flag day.

    6 + 14 + 17 + 77 = 114

    SB52 was all about the flag as I have mentioned in previous posts. Both countries flags are red, white and blue like the US flag.
    Gene Steratore is ref number 114 and officiated SB52. This will also be the year of the 114th WS.

    106 years since Croatia football established.
    Prophecy = 106
    Revelation the book of prophecy which mentions Philadelphia.

    France is 3-0 against Croatia H2H and they could drop to 3-1 while Croatia could improve to 1-3 (13). France could also stay on 33 WC wins. The French coach could also stay on 52 wins with France. 41 is the 13th prime and Eagles won with 41 points and Pats lost with 33. Since finding out that stat, I might side with Croatia as we have been seeing 13 everywhere in sports this year.


  6. Speaking of royal families did you know the Romanov’s (Czar family of Russia) were executed on Tisha B’Av Eve? They were arrested March 15th 1918 (Ides of March) and held until July 17th I’m guessing so they could be executed on Tisha B’Av. It’s the 100 anniversary Tuesday as Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki.


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