The Alphanumeric Conspiracy

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written in 2015, and our understanding has grown considerably since then. Stay tuned for an updated version, along with a How-To-Gematria eBook COMING SOON.

There exists an extremely intricate plot that encodes the energy of numbers, which Pythagorus and Plato posited as the true essence of reality, into a vast conspiracy of world events. It’s an ancient occult mass ritual on a scale of time and space that is simply staggering to fathom. Yet the mysteries are decipherable – and the esoteric alchemy of Gematria is the Holy Grail.

The essence of Gematria is that each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number. Adding the values of each letter in a word results in that word or phrase’s Gematria, and while there are several formats, we use four. In basic Pythagorean Gematria, the greatest value is 9.  [A=1, B=2, C=3, K=11 or 2 (1+1), T=20 (2), etc.] In Simple Gematria, the value stays 1-26 without being reduced. English Gematria is Simple Gematria multiplied by 6, and Jewish Gematria operates on a more complicated system based on the Hebrew alphabet.

Luckily we have online calculators to do the work for us.

 On the energetic level of frequencies and vibrations, words with an equivalent Gematria project an equivalent energy field, or at least a similar geometric pattern in the waveform information field.

The Gematria of 74 is equivalent to: Jewish | Jesus | Masonic | Joshua | Cross | Muhammad | Messiah | Jury | Gematria | Lucifer | Tempt | Y’Shua | Occult | Win | Energy | Weapon | God’s Authority | G-D | Delorean | Mother Nature | English. 

The Gematria of 47 is equivalent to: Mafia | Christian | Republican | Whig | President | Caesar | Judge | Obey | Authority | Time. Now notice the interplay with the reversal: 47=Judge / 74=Jury | 47=Candy / 74=Fruit | 47=Beast / 74=Beauty.

The idea is that while we consciously perceive these words as similarly themed when pooled together, our subconscious mind is recognizing the same basic energy pattern when we are shown these coded messages. As your own research will soon demonstrate, the same repeating numbers are no mere coincidence, but rather proof of an intricate pattern and a genius beyond this world.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.17.25 PM.png

A man named Martin Armstrong decoded the underlying mathematics of time to accurately forecast the economy, including the exact date of Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987. He discovered that pi was “the Geometry of Time itself”, a magic number associated with the swing of a pendulum, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and the Great Pyramid at Giza. Armstrong served a fair bit of time in prison for, as he maintains, knowing too much about the inner workings of “the Club,” as he calls the major banks and their enablers in government.

As an article in the New Yorker points out: “It is easy to scoff at cycle theory. Its whiff of predestination chafes the scientific mind. Our culture’s fundamental belief in causation and consequence, to say nothing of free will, does not easily accept the suggestion of helplessness, or of some kind of as yet unidentified exogenous force. God may decide the outcome of football games and debilitating illnesses, but he does not intervene in matters of investing and finance. And yet patterns exist, and we slowly discover them. Seasons, migrations, moons: the template is there. Consciously or unconsciously, most people accept certain components of cycle theory. We seek and see patterns in things. It is the way our minds work, presumably for the purpose of survival.”

Are we simply creating patterns out of random coincidences, a clinical form of psychosis called apophenia, or are there actual patterns imprinted in the very nature of our reality? The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio, or phi, would suggest the latter. We observe this geometric phenomenon in the “spirals of nautilus shells, hurricanes, and galaxies; the branching of tree limbs, leaf veins, skeletal and circular systems; and the distribution of flower petals and brain waves.” The Golden Ratio can be applied to any number of geometric forms including circles, triangles, pyramids, prisms, and polygons. The ratio itself represents the transcendence of numbers; the understanding that our world is not numbers, but what numbers represent. All quantity is essentially quality. Since the numbers are everywhere, everything is a part of a pattern. Reflections of reflections, wheels within wheels. Life itself is a Fractal.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.17.30 PM.png

This pattern of thought eventually spirals into the field of Sacred Geometry. Its basic premise is that all of creation emerges out of timeless geometric codes. 2,500 years ago, the Greek Mystery Schools taught that this source-code is based on five perfect three-dimensional forms: the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron – collectively known as the Platonic Solids; all of which form the foundation of everything in the physical world. All patterns follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. This is the principle for numerology and gematria, as well

To better understand our connection with sacred geometry, imagine a two-dimensional drawing of a three-dimensional form, like Metatron’s Cube – a figure composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the centre of each circle extending out to the centres of the other 12 circles. (Also known as the Fruit (or Flower) of Life, Metatron’s Cube lays the foundation of the Platonic Solids and also directly connects to the Zodiac, in further evidence of a fractal reality.) It is through the thought projection of your imagination which transforms the two-dimensional design into a three-dimensional reality. This concept reveals the method in which we create and manifest our reality through our thoughts and emotions.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.18.46 PM.png

Since everything is energy, perhaps the foundational structure of everything is composed of geometric forms of energy. The occulted symbols and numerology of the secret societies, which are themselves the descendants of the ancient mystery schools and keepers of the esoteric teachings of reality, are referencing and summoning the power of sacred geometry to manifest the world of their design. Try to visualize the invisible grid of energy patterns in geometric form connected to every word and symbol. Imagine these geometric patterns flowing in and out of your mind through your third eye, interacting with other geometric patterns to produce increasingly complex patterns into infinity. Imagine the collective projection of thought energy transforming this two-dimensional grid into the three-dimensional holographic universe we know as the material world. Imagine equations combining with other equations, a digital multiverse not unlike the Matrix, where the numbers represent quality not quantity. Supporting this seemingly outlandish theory is the curious notion that in geometry there is no such thing as a curve, only axis and mathematical relationships; as if when we zoom-in far enough we see that reality is pixellated. As if we are indeed living in a holographic universe, or some sort of virtual reality simulation. As if the computer as representation of our minds, a result of human evolution (itself another fractal projection), has in its very nature revealed the very nature of our reality.

Now if this is indeed how reality operates, as fundamentally identical to a computer program, imagine a hack in the system that installed firewalls to inhibit and regulate the energetic thought projection of reality. Mental malware used to control and limit the function of the mind. Think of it as a rerouting of our operating system to artificially produce natural results. The Hidden Hand at work for millennia, first hijacking then manipulating the subconscious of humanity – which is the source of the geometric projection – to generate the specific equations necessary to bring about the control grid in which we presently exist.

Indeed the present is all that exists, if the fourth-dimension of time is yet another projection of the mind. We can verify through our senses that the past and the future only exist in our imagination. The sensation of inner peace that results from “living in the now” is the sensation of energetic harmony with the unadulterated fundamental geometry of the source field, from which all creation stems. Misdirecting our thought projection towards the future can result in feelings of anxiety, just as misdirecting our thought projection towards the past can result in feelings of depression. Misdirecting here entails the lower vibrations known as fear. If time is truly illusory, it is possible to not only project positive energy, in the higher vibrations synonymous with love and truth, into the past in order to forgive and heal, but to project an ideal vision of the future.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.18.54 PM.png

I assert that this is indeed the esoteric structure of reality that is kept hidden from us by the core secret society in order to prevent us from achieving true self-empowerment which would manifest as our co-creation of a positive reality that is based on harmony and love, sharing and peace. Instead, the mass mind control and mass hypnosis we see in the world today is being deployed through psychological warfare to manipulate us into using our free-will to manifest a harmful and self-destructive reality – good for the super-elite, awful for humanity and life itself – which is ultimately the purest form of total enslavement.

This conspiracy theory is based on an ample amount of evidence from nearly facet of existence. It is the result of the connecting of the dots, running red string between thumbtacks on a bulletin board until a pattern emerges; sacred geometry in itself, which in combination with our psychic energy reveals a tangible and verifiable reality. This is the essence of the global conspiracy for total domination, which, like their occulted symbols, is hidden in plain sight. All it takes to see is a reframing of perception. A deprogramming. An anti-virus sweep of our operating system to remove the mental malware encoded so long ago.

We will see this theory show exactly how predictive programming is used to achieve these ends, whereby our subconscious mind is primed with suggestive imagery and fantasy injections to trick us into using the immense manifestive power of our imagination to transform fiction into non-fiction. Indeed, as we will explore, there are far too many instances throughout history of predictive programming to pass it off as mere coincidence. While correlation doesn’t necessarily indicate causation, the understanding of occulted wisdom and the available forensic evidence strongly suggests that this is model of reality is the most effective model for explaining the truth of the interactive and possibly holographic world in which we live. This model of reality (the term which I choose to use in place of the derogatory ‘conspiracy theory’) becomes verifiable by anyone who chooses to experiment with its teachings, as it cohesively explains an abundance of phenomena previously perceived as unrelated, as well as enabling the prediction of future phenomena.

The cosmic war between Good and Evil is being waged right now, both within and upon our consciousness. We are ever-presently at a fork in the road, branching off towards either a dystopia or a utopia as the ultimate destinations. Although, as the present is all there is, the destination is not as important as the journey itself.

You hold the key to unlock the secrets to reality. As Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix: “I can only show you the door; you’re the one that has to step through.”

15 thoughts on “The Alphanumeric Conspiracy

    • “Authority” in the English Ordinal (Long-Form) system equals 137 (1+21+20+8+15+18+9+20+25) — 137 is the 33rd prime number

      Another form of calculation involves reducing each number to a single digit (2+1=3; 2+0=2; 1+5=6) etc, thus:

      Authority” in the English Reduction (Pythagorean) system equals 47 (1+3+2+8+6+9+9+2+7)

      **i should clarify this, thank you for asking and welcome to Gematria!

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  1. If I may play devil’s advocate… and given this is a rather sticky subject!
    I wrote this post to show that you cannot and will not back-up what you present with a consistent and solid argument… and I only mean to address the gematria process, the numerology representation of the terms, not any other deductions or implications that may result in any particular representation.
    …I am prepared to see you show me I am wrong, but I am not holding my breath!

    How can you purport to educate others(noobs like me) on a system that you fail to describe accurately.
    Math is math is math 2 + 2 = 4… and that is how a system survives trust and legitimacy.
    Gematria being based on numbers cannot escape the math, or it is all BS.
    There are upward of near a 100 methods to compute gematria, maybe more.

    The least you need to provide to show consistency and to solidify the process:

    1 – What rule allows you to pick and choose any of the 100 methods? at any point in the representation? …as you mentioned you used at least 3 of them!?
    I find all of this a bit convenient…
    For example here is one formula(one of the many JEW type):
    f(x) = ( (10^{floor((x-1)) / 9)}) * (((x-1) rem 9)+1) where x = position of letter in alphabet.

    Note: I wonder if you even used but the most simplistic ones! (not saying they are no as valid!)

    Trying to understand the system and educating myself on the matter, all I find is a mess of confusing separate sets of information that simply make it hard to decide as to the consistency of the system. Each attempt I make to get to the actual math behind it, I get ONLINE USELESS CALCULATORs with no clue as to what is going on under the hood!
    That can only keep one hung to use those tools rather than one’s own brain…
    NOT GOOD! critical thinking includes questioning even the best of us!
    Thus publishing the exact and clear formulas is a must! WAITING ON YOU!
    (exact)Links to where those formulas are published would indeed suffice.

    2 – At least in all that YOU publish, you should provide the exact formula and associated clear explanation that you used on each item you processed… or the reader is left to trust that you are a grand genius who never makes a mistake, if not possibly a criminal who is feeding the world BS, and has no way to verify so as to keep you honest!
    Surely you can condense each method to 1 formula, 1 paragraph that you point to via a flag, such: *[1] and defer that to a footer below the presentation section.
    …as: I used this method for all in this section but one(this one) where I used that method /explanation

    You are indeed making a great effort to educate and spread the word, but to the eyes of the reader you are still subject to the same scrutiny you aim to wake up in everyone.

    Note: You could improve your Rosetta Stone page by placing side by side Numerical/Alpha lists of the same data… and if you were consistent as to which METHOD you used on particular items, flag the entry in the list(that could get sticky, just a suggestion).

    Thank you for the great effort.
    You are indeed providing for the ‘right’ side of history!

    Note: one interesting point is that I have a write-up where I used the same geometrical shapes you present but not the same context you use, attached to a description of time that your words tend to mirror, not exactly but close. There are a couple of things you say we disagree with, but the overall grasp is so near yours, it is somewhat amazing. This write-up is on our astrophysics section which covers astronomy’s early times, of course the ZODIAC. The page is not currently accessible due to a massive reorg in progress, but should be soon. I will provide you the link then.

    Here is a link to another site, not ours, but related to the point:
    (I am not in agreement with this, but it pertains!)


    • Ok I see that this page – – may answer most of the obvious points I made in my previous post .
      It provides charts for the (main) different methods and calculators have the some rules attached that can be set to display
      So that makes it you may be/are off the hook so-to-speak!


  2. Can someone explain to me when is it ok to drop a zero, and when it is not? When is it ok to reverse a number, and when is it not? Same with upside down numbers? Gematria is confusing as f**k lol..


    • Essentially, as we understand, 0’s don’t count in Gematria, so 406 can read as 46. That being said, in numerology, 0 infuses the total with divine power, or supercharges its value. So perhaps 406 is a more potent form of 46. That’s theoretical, however. If you think about it as the sum, 406 =10=1 same as 46 and 6004.

      With regards to reversed numbers, like 46 and 64, it may be similar to a tarot card being drawn upside-down, an inversion. And as far as individiual numbers upside-down goes, only 6 and 9 can be used interchangeably.

      It definitely gets confusing with the exceptions so it’s best to just stick to the basics at first and build a solid foundation. But as this is all basically uncharted waters we’re exploring, some experimentation is necessary. The important thing is to find what I call harmonic relations between the numbers coded into words. Think of it as a tiered system: 46=46: direct hit; 46=406: secondary match; 46=49: third-string connection. Does that clarify things a bit?


  3. Scottish Rite = 644 = Black Eagle Trust
    Robert Bruit = 708 = “The” Holy Grail
    Ein Gael Ish = 194 = Noise – (power of the air,NOIS,SION as Templars spelled Zion) [1]
    Gold Ship = 248 = Spider (8-pt star as sail/baphomet/john-head-island ) [2]
    Templar Gold = 377 = Contract, Astarte
    Columbus = 595 = Holy Grail
    Abufihamet = 362 = Baptist [3]
    II Seris ([Frater Robert seal] +SERIS) = 292 = Baptism, Albert Pike
    Aye Aye Seris = 1086 = Water
    Plantagenet = 379 = Breitbart



  4. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a mention of Martin Armstrong! Not too many people know about him. Just a heads-up though…he has been out of prison for about five years now. He is back in action with his daily blog, conferences around the world, and a computer system he created called Socrates. Perhaps you already know all of this, but I just wanted to pass it along so you can update Martin’s status if you wish, as he is no longer in prison. Thanks for the awesome content!


  5. Regarding sports/entertainment how do “rulers” actually execute the rigging? It seems so obvious that the contests are manipulated, but I’d like to know how they pull it off. Thx


  6. no expert on numerology but even a beginner knows double-digits are always reduced to lowest denominator; so therefore, no ‘formula’ like “18 + 44 + 33` etc, etc., would have to be listed as “9, 8, 6″….adding up the double digits……so how to you folks come to these conclusions by not following the most basic of numerological teachings? or am I getting something wrong here? please let me know! thanks!!!


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