The Toronto Vehicle Ramming on Maple Leafs Game Day Coincidence

Right after I posted about Verne Troyer’s sacrifice possibly for the Toronto Maple Leafs this year (if not next) we find there’s been a vehicle ramming attack in Toronto. Of all places, the so-called Toronto Van Incident happened on 4/23, two days after Troyer’s death, and the day the Leafs host the Boston Bruins for a must-win Game 6 of the first round of the Stanley Cup. It’s said that a white van hopped the curb on Yonge Street and mowed down a crowd of people, killing at least five.

  • Leafs =183. It happened in Toronto Ontario =183 exactly 183 weeks after the last vehicle ramming attack in Canada (two days before the Parliament Hill hoax). Toronto ON =830. Verne =830. The Toronto Maple Leafs =83. Justin Trudeau =183.

And I had to redo this image of Vern Troyer giving a variation of the silence/secrecy symbol with the classic one shoe Masonic symbolism that happens to show up in nearly every staged ritual attack – and here we go again in Toronto, the one shoe already. (Search on this blog for more information there if you’re new to it.) And of course another media source uses the above right image – of all the pics they always need one of someone covering one eye.

I also see that Verne Troyer =125 died exactly 100 years 5 months after the Leafs were founded (11/22/17), or 1205 months. Mike Babcock =125 [JG]. Trudeau =125 [RFB] born 12/25 and took office 2 years 5 months 20 days before this vehicle ramming with 252 days left in the year. Toronto Maple Leafs =252.

  • The ramming also happened 5125 weeks after the foundation of the RCMP and 100 years 25 days after the Leafs first Stanley Cup (3/30/18) – and Troyer died 50 years 11 months 20 days after the Leafs last Stanley Cup (5/2/67).

That’s all pretty crazy. Remember the truck attack in NYC on Halloween last year? (Exactly 25 weeks earlier). It was full of Houston Astros symbolism and the Astros won the World Series the following day. As I said in the previous post, I’ve got very little time on my hands for the decodes but these need to be done – so let’s teamwork on what else is in alignment shall we? This Leafs game starts at 1AM here and it’s an early morning tomorrow but that’ll be one to watch. Remember the Astros represented Houston battling back from adversity and tragedy after that hurricane – and now Maple Leafs have two deadly collisions to honour, the Humboldt Broncos and now this. So we’ll see how they rally and what it all means.

Verne Troyer Sacrificed

Verne Troyer, better known as Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies, has died on April 21st, the Queen’s birthday. I was just decoding him a couple weeks ago (read here) after he was hospitalized from a reported poisoning on the very evening that Mike Myers reprised his role as Dr Evil on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It’s said that Troyer was totally fine after that hospitalization but now, 17 days later: boom. He dies on the night the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Bruins to force a Game 6 and stay alive; and of course in that previous post we discussed the relationship with Toronto – Myers the diehard fan & Troyer playing a Leafs coach in their movie The Love Guru. All so, so incidental isn’t it. And obviously it would be totally crazy if the Leafs now came back down 3 games to 1 and defeated the Bruins, let alone if they went the distance to the Finals.

Troyer =87 died at the age of 18,007 days old, like the 1-8-7 murder code (like ’18+007: year + James Bond, basis of the Austin Powers satire). Bond James Bond =708. Mike Myers =708. Toronto Maple Leafs =708. Toronto =87. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =187. Troyer was also born 87 weeks 1 day after the last Leafs Stanley Cup.

Or with end date included that makes 18,008 days. Stanley Cup =188. Coach Punch Cherkov =880. Michael John Myers =88. NHL =88. That’s all some great stuff to start with, and my apologies for the delayed posts and minimal work here but I’m road tripping around France with my mom & girlfriend so you’ll have to forgive me.

Fun Facts: Troyer died 9 years 10 months 1 day after the release of The Love Guru. And remember that 9/11/01 happened 6066 days before the death of Troyer on the Queen’s birthday. And Troyer’s girlfriend, a former Playmate, was exactly 322 weeks younger than him, for another familiar sequence. So please hit up the comments with any finds you got here and we’ll see if Leafs can push that Game 7. Otherwise go Jets, but you gotta admit that this is a weird one.

Decoding the Death of DJ Avicii

AVICII died on 4/20, the house DJ from Sweden (real name Tim Bergling) found dead in Oman the day before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, as we were anticipating a musician sacrificed in the name of the royals after Prince was offed on her birthday two years prior. And what’s that we see on his Wikipedia profile pic? A Chicago Blackhawks hat, making another interesting NHL reference here during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was Blackhawks visiting Winnipeg who formed a circle around the Jets logo to honour the dead from the Humboldt Broncos.

DJ Avicii =402 from Sweden =420 died on 4/20 which was 4 months 20 days (or 142 days) before his next birthday and exactly 240 weeks after the release of his debut album titled True =204 – which dropped exactly 204 weeks before his final EP.

  • Avicii =24. Tim Bergling =124. Bergling =24/142. DJ =240. House =402/242 and he died in Muscat =424/24. (JG). Muscat Oman =124. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =1024. NHL =204. Queen Elizabeth =142.

DJ Avicii =145 died from Pancreatitis =54 at the age of 10,451 days old in Muscat Oman =545 (JG). Verne Troyer =1545. Jets =54/45. Blackhawks =1045. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Finals =145. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =154.

If we remove the zero, 1451 is the 230th prime number. Tim Bergling =230. DJ Avicii =123/32. House =23/32. EDM =32. Muscat Oman =32. Sweden =302. Winnipeg Jets =203. Humboldt =32. Broncos =32. Avicii also died at the age of exactly 1493 weeks, and 1493 is the 238th prime. Haven’t found any of these yet in the story, can you?

  • Though perhaps most importantly with regards to the NHL, Avicii died in his 343rd month of life. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =3403. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =343. This has been a big sequence all year for pro sports and that month count makes it all really suspect to me.

Bergling was also born on 8+9+89 =106. And if we cut his name into A-VICII we find that VICII in Roman Numerals equals 106. And as A=1 that could be code for 1106Oman =16. NHL =16. And now Verne Troyer died!? O-Man indeed. Stay tuned.

Southwest Airlines Hero: The Winnipeg Jets Stanley Cup Riddle

Southwest Airlines had an engine blowout on 17/4, the day Barbara Bush died, and apparently it smashed a window and almost sucked a passenger clean out before the pilot, Captain Tammie Jo Shults, calmly landed the 737 in Philadelphia – that focal city playing another major role in a story that seems a bit too stacked with perfect symbolism to be authentic. But hey, truth is stranger than fiction, and no matter what really went down, it’s the clues left behind that matter most.

  • Tammie Jo Shults =1103 [EE] saved the day 31 years 11 months 1 days after the release of Top Gun. As it just so happens, Captain Shults was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy three decades ago, piloting the F/A-18 Hornet in an era when women were barred from combat missions.

And as it turns out, here in the 100th year of women’s suffrage and the 100th year of the NHL, the CF-18 Hornet is the logo of the Winnipeg Jets. And the Southwest Airlines plane in question was WN-1380; both aircraft manufactured by Boeing =113 [JG] and the engine failure happened at 11:03 AM. The F-18’s maiden voyage came 30 years 11 months 1 day after Queen Elizabeth took the throne, who factors in officially as commander-in-chief of the Canadian military.

Another interesting detail in this story is that the victim who died after getting partially “sucked out” of a broken window, apparently her upper body flailing outside the plane as passengers held onto her legs and pulled her back in, worked for Wells Fargo. The flight was en route from New York’s La Guardia to Dallas Love Field (John F Kennedy’s last stop) before being rerouted by the hero pilot to Philadelphia – incidentally home to Wells Fargo Centre (built on the former site of the John F Kennedy Stadium) & the Philadelphia Flyers. What are the odds we get another NHL reference in this tale. Especially FLYERS and JETS.

  • The emergency landing also happened a span of 11,660 days after the release of Top Gun and the victim’s surname: Riordan =110/660. Boeing =110/660. Southwest =66. Flight 1380’s maiden voyage came 6016 days after the F/A-18 Hornet was introduced to the US Air Force.

Jets =66. Philadelphia =606 home to the Wells Fargo Center =66 and the Golden Knights =66/661 swept that night, the plane’s final destination Las Vegas. Stanley Cup =166. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =660. And here’s how we know it’s a setup: this incident involving a vice president from Wells Fargo Bank happened 60,660 days after Wells Fargo Bank was founded, if the 166 years later isn’t specific enough for you. That’s a super juicy 666, and again this occurred the day Barbara Bush-Crowley died, as we covered in the previous post.

Southwest Airline’s colours are blue, red & yellow, the colours of the Romanian flag, and when I search Romanian hockey players whose the first hit? Mathew Dumba =666, currently playing for the Minnesota Wild – who are currently playing the Winnipeg Jets in the first round. And funny enough, while trying to locate Shults’ birthday I stumbled upon a link to Justin Schultz, currently playing for the Penguins who beat the Philadelphia Flyers that same day – at Wells Fargo Center. Dumba & Schultz both Canadians here in the year where everything is pointing towards a Canadian Stanley Cup.

The original Winnipeg Jets were founded exactly 969 weeks after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (her birthday on 4/21 a span of 6066 days after 9/11, which also involved jets) and 16,906 days before these NHL Playoffs began, a start date exactly 699 weeks after the opening of their home arena, MTS Place.

  • That original Jets franchise folded in 1996 and their captain Blake Wheeler was 9996 days old when Coach Paul Maurice was hired. And as we could surmise from that initial count, Top Gun will have opened 11,666 days (or 1666 weeks) before the upcoming 4/24 – a Game 7 date. Another a 5/25 it will be 6 years 6 months 6 days after the Globe & Mail published this telling article titled: “Canadian Military has Final Say on Jets’ Logo” =1696. 

And on that strange coincidence pattern connecting to other players, Tammie Jo Shults is from Olathe Kansas, hometown of NFL player Darren Sproles who won Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles (now a free agent). Speaking of which, we’re told the engine blew out over the borough of Bernville PA, whose wiki profile pic shows the Eagle Hotel.

Tammie Jo Shults =1333 [JG] née Bonnell =1330. Top Gun =303/33. Southwest =33. The Jets =33. Winnipeg Manitoba =1303 [JG]. Boeing =133 [EE]. Twenty Eighteen Stanley Cup =303. Canadian Forces =333 (JG). Justin Trudeau took office as PM 13,030 days after his father Pierre Trudeau took office as PM.

  • Tammie Jo Shults =383. Maverick =838 [JG]. Captain Tammie Jo Shults =138 on Flight 1380. And will you look what’s a damn near perfect match: Winnipeg Jets =1038. Winnipeg =38. F Eighteen Hornet =138. Southwest Airlines Flight Thirteen Eighty =138. And this number reminds me of Malaysia Airlines MH-370 that vanished on 3/8. 

Its final destination was Las Vegas, and with the Golden Knights becoming the first expansion team in NHL history to sweep its first playoff series, on the same day as the Flight 1380 incident. Now the team to beat, as it were, and who the Jets could well face in the Conference Championship. Maybe I’m biased being Canadian and the whole 24 years since a Canadian Cup thing, but it sure as shit looks like a lot is in alignment.

And if you’re interested in this stuff you really gotta read that Globe & Mail article I referenced. The Jets old logo was a hockey stick that they traded in for their new one based directly on that of the Royal Canadian Air Force – “a silhouetted CF-18 Hornet atop a stylized red maple leaf, surrounded by a navy blue and grey circle known in military terms as a roundel.” So the Jets going the distance is directly associated with warmongering propaganda, and all this after the Allied Forces launched a strike on Syria on 4/13, with all the hawk build-up around that. And did you hear there’s a Top Gun sequel coming out next year? Yes, a LOT in alignment. 

There’s also some major occult significance to “Winterpeg”, located at the geographical centre of North America: check out this article from Vigilant Citizen: Sinister Sites – The Manitoba Legislative Building.


Death of Barabra Bush (the Daughter of Aleister Crowley)

Aleister Crowley =740 [Reverse Satanic] died in ’47. Aleister =407 [Reverse Satanic] died 70 years 4 months 17 days before the 17/4 death of his *alleged* daughter, Barbara Bush, who was 1174 weeks old for Crowley’s funeral – and died 7 weeks 4 days before her birthday. President Bush =74 [RFR]. George Walker Bush =147/174/1470 [JG].

  • Do What Thou Wilt =1074. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law =174. New World Order =174. Barbara & George had been married for 74 weeks when Trump =47/470 was born (or rolled off the assembly line) and she died the exact same span of 74 weeks after his election. And this January would have been her 74th wedding anniversary. Devil =74/47. Lucifer =74/147. Beast =47. Thelemite =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. Masonic =74/147. Occult =74/147. 

Barbara =43. Barbara Pierce Bush =143. Aleister Crowley =143. Barbara Pierce =43/304. Crowley =34. Barbara died in Houston =34. Houston Texas =143/1034. Barbara & George were wed exactly 34 weeks before WWII broke out; remember George HW’s father Prescott Bush =314 was in league with the Nazis. Barbara also died 314 days after her birthday.

Satanist =431 [JG]. George Herbert Walker Bush =143 was the 43rd Vice President and their son George W Bush =143 was the 43rd President. And just to really slam this number home, Jeb =43 was the 43rd Governor of Florida =43. Freemasons =43. Masonic =43/34. Obey =34/43. Freemasonry =43. Yale =43. Astros =43. Rockets =343. Beast =34. Thelemite =43. Occult =34. Elizabeth =34/43/403.

And speaking of Crowley who called himself the Beast 666, a reminder that on 4/21, Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday, it will be 6066 days after 9/11/01.


Royal Wedding: Occult Numerology & Ritual Tributes

Megan of Markle is marrying Harry of Windsor (formerly known as the German House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha before they had to rebrand prior to the world wars) on May 19th 2018 – a date perfectly aligned with many major royal events, as we’d correctly assume.

May 19th is incidentally the 482nd anniversary of the beheading of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, who beheaded a man named John Hussey the following year. John Hussey was Chief Butler of England, and as it so happens, the direct ancestor of his  Mary Hussey Smith (1823–1908) who was the great-great-great-grandmother of Meghan Markle. And Anne Boleyn was the mother of Elizabeth the First.

Boleyn was ritually sacrificed in a public execution an astonishing span of 162,600 days before the birth of Meghan Markle, six days after the Royal Wedding of Diana & Charles. Making matters even crazier, Markle was 16 years 26 days old the day before the ritual sacrifice of Princess Diana =262. Her last day alive in perfect royal harmony. 1-626 coding. Definitely one of the most awesome finds of all time.

Prince Harry & Megan Markle =126. The Royal Wedding on 5/19/18, a date coded with numerology of both (5+1+9+2+1+8)=26 and (5+19+20+18)=62. The United Kingdom =621. Their wedding is also exactly 62 years 1 month after Grace Kelly’s wedding, another instance of an American actor marrying into a Royal Family then being ritually sacrificed. Windsor Markle =162. Prince Harry =162 & Meghan were born 162 weeks apart. Now before we move on, a refresher of why this coding matters.

  • The British Empire =262. The People’s Princess =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262. The Kingdom of England =262. International Banking =262. Ruling Elite =262. 
  • The British Commonwealth =260. British Empire =126. Royal Family =126. The Windsors =1126/206. The House of Windsor =206. House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =260. Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206.

Princess Grace Kelly died when Queen Elizabeth II was exactly 20,600 days old. Britain =26. British Nobility =62. UK =26/62. Royal =26/62. Crown =26/62. Elizabeth II was born in ’26 took the throne 2/6, was coronated on 6/2, and married when she was 1126 weeks 2 days old.

May 19th is also the 274th birthday of Queen Charlotte, who was born exactly 208 years after Anne Boleyn died. Charlotte was by marriage to King George III the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from her wedding in 1761 until the union of the two kingdoms in 1801, after which she was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818. Notice those dates. Markle born in ’81 and this wedding in ’18 coming exactly 1081 weeks after the death of Princess Diana. Markle was also born 181,018 days after the birth of Catherine of Aragon =81 (who will connect momentarily). We’ve also identified 8/1/18 as a new target date, which we’ll look into with a future post.

  • Princess Charlotte, the daughter of William & Kate, will be 1113 days old for the Royal Wedding. Windsor =113. Princess Diana was named after Lady Diana Spencer the Duchess of Bedford who was born on 31 July 1710 – or a span of 3011 months 1 day before the Diana we know.

We also see that Prince Harry will be 12,300 days old (exactly 1757 weeks) for the Wedding. House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha =123. The Royals =123. 

Meghan =46. Markle =146. Meghan Markle =146. Anne Boleyn =46 died 140 weeks 6 days after the birth of her daughter Elizabeth I. Queen Charlotte =164 died 10,409 weeks before the upcoming Royal Wedding =149/1460. Princess Diana =46. Harry + Meghan =64. Prince Harry =64. Royals =641 (JG).

And this one’s interesting: Harry & Meghan will be married exactly 967 years to the day after the Royal Wedding of Henry I of France & Anne of Kiev. 967 years is equivalent to exactly 11604 months. Queen Charlotte was born 100,064 days before 5/18/18, the day before the wedding.

  • As it turns out, Henry I died on 4 August 1060, or exactly 921 years (11052 months) before Markle’s birth (exactly 20 years after Obama’s). May 19th is also the birthday of both Malcolm X and Pol Pot, born hours apart in 1925, and exactly 35 years after Ho Chi Minh. 

And exactly 519 years before this 5/19 was yet another royal wedding, between Catherine of Aragon =646 and Arthur Prince of Wales =461/164, heir apparent to the English throne. Arthur died five months after the wedding and Catherine married his brother, King Henry VIII =646 – the King who would go on to behead his second wife, Anne Boleyn.


Diana was 20 years 27 days old the day before her wedding and the day after Harry & Rachel’s wedding will be 7 years 22 days after William & Kate’s wedding.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Mike Myers Predictive Programming

Mike Myers reprised his role as Dr Evil on the 4/4 episode of the Jimmy Fallon Show, playing a White House staffer fired by Trump. On this very same evening, Vern Troyer (who played Mini Me) was hospitalized for a ‘reported poisoning’ and placed under involuntary psychiatric care. Quite the coincidence, wouldn’t you say? Now as you may know, Canadian actor Mike Myers is a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and two of his films feature references to a Leafs Stanley Cup – one subtle & one quite explicit. The alphanumeric coding behind the predictive programming is in full force, as we’ll see, and this recent reminder may serve as a genuine Tell.

Austin Powers in Goldmember (7/26/02) has a scene with a newscast and a scrolling ticker that reads “Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.” That’s the subtle reference. Myers’ film, The Love Guru (6/20/08) – which he wrote, produced, and starred in – has the entire plot based around the Toronto Maple Leafs, with the Guru character helping the Leafs’ star player overcome his depression to win the Stanley Cup – which he does. I haven’t watched it yet but it’s hilarious that the film was considered so god-awful that it single-handedly ended Myers entire career. And now he’s suddenly Dr Evil again on the day that Mini Me is poisoned, one week before the NHL Playoffs.

Goldmember opened exactly 30,800 days after the Leafs first ever Stanley Cup (in 1918) and, confirming the code, exactly 308 weeks before The Love Guru hit theatres. Maple Leafs Stanley Cup =308 (in Kabbalah). Dr Evil =38. Troyer =38. Love Guru =38. The Leafs =38. 

Goldmember =44/444 also opened exactly 4400 weeks after the first ever Leafs Cup, which is another crazy perfect count – especially when we see what it synchs with: Maple Leafs =440. Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me =440. Mike Myers =440. Austin =440. International Man of Mystery =404. The Toronto Maple Leafs =404.

  • The first Austin Powers filmed opened on 5/2/97, incidentally the 30th anniversary of the Leafs’ last Stanley Cup win in 1967 – exactly 360 months, full circle. The film even starts in 1967 with the titular character cryogenically frozen for the same 30 years.

Austin Powers I opened 5 years 2 months 25 days before Goldmember (1911 days) and 20 years 5 months 2 days before this NHL season began. Myers was born on 5/25 and 205 weeks 2 days before the Leaf’s last Cup on 5/2. This year’s playoffs began 52,000 days after the birth of the Theosophical Society, 10,052 days after German Reunification, and 1 year 5 months 2 days after Trump’s election. The Stanley Cup =52. The Love Guru =52 features Myers as Guru Pitka =52 aka Guru Maurice Pitka =252. Maurice Pitka =252.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me opened 771 days after International Man of Mystery which opened 7710 days before the potential Game 7 of this year’s Stanley Cup Final. Mike Myers =177. Maple Leafs Stanley Cup =77. Guru Maurice Pitka =77. The coach of The Winnipeg Jets =77 just happens to be Paul Maurice =177. And on the day Jets won Game 2 the Allied Forces launched missile strikes on Syria over bullshit claims, fighter jet propaganda like their team logo.

We also see that Vern Troyer turns 18,001 days old (a very familiar sequence) today on 4/14, Game 2 of the Leafs-Bruins series, the first home game for Toronto where they hope to come back after the 5-1 loss last game, like the 51 years since their last Cup… What else do you see?