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Learning the ancient occult art-science of Gematria may just be the best gift you can give yourself. Your awareness expands exponentially as you’re able to discern the truth behind news and the myriad multidimensional messages in mass media. Because as you’ll see, Gematria never lies. If it’s mainstream it’s encoded. Riddles waiting to be solved, codes waiting to be cracked. So empower yourself – decipher reality – and discover what’s really going on in the world.

GEMATRINATOR — This calculator has emerged as the ultimate tool for decoding alphanumerics. There are 26 different cyphers available, which seems like a lot, but based on my research, these are the most powerful: all Alphabetic Order (especially Francis Bacon & Satanic), all Jewish & Kabbalah, full & reverse Reduction, KV-exceptions, and Septenary / Chaldean. I haven’t gotten into Primes, Trigonal or the EP Reductions, but these counts are especially valid when they’re synched up with date counts.

DATE CALCULATOR — Numerology is coded into the durations between dates, big time. Check the most accurate readings on time spans here and be ready for it all to click.

Old School Gematria Calculators:

GEMATRIX — Decode words in Jewish / English / Simple Gematria and browse the codex of equal values.

RIDING THE BEAST — Calculate Pythagorean Gematria here (select English Reduction) and find information on individual numbers meanings.