Secret Language of Language: Math Myth & Metaphor (BOOK LAUNCH)

What’s up Truth Sleuth! The day has come, as promised (most importantly to myself – because there is powerful magic in keeping promises with yourself). It’s Book 1 of many to come, and we start with Predictive Programming – as it’s my personal favourite theme of all this work. The book is 39,267 words long and it’s quite literally taken me hundreds of hours to write. That worked out to 144 pages, a perfect synch with the Fibonacci cover. Mathemagic in action!

In the book, we explore dozens of truly mind-blowing examples of events foreshadowed in mass media over the past 120 years – the majority of which (I’d say 80%) is completely new content with mind-blowing discoveries that have never been seen before. The other 20% is the best of the best of predictive programming examples that I’ve covered on Extra-Capsa, from Titanic to JFK, popular novels to adult cartoons, comic books to 9/11.

  • Obviously, the goal is to one day have this work in paperback, but there is a HELL lotta content I want to include – and I want that final book to be perfect. So I’ll be launching a book every quarter from here on out (dates TBD after I run the numbers on duration synchs in conjunction with my own personal numerology – which I can also do for you; my clients have been more than happy).

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Alphanumerics: The Secret Language of Language

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(Some folks are reporting that the PayPal button here is only working on Chrome, so if you’re not seeing the link to purchase, try that). And here are a few screenshots to get a taste of what the 144 pages are like:

Andrew Luck Ads Deciphered

You Don’t Need Luck When You Have Confidence =414. Colts =414. Texas =414. February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =414. Germanotta =414 (surname of Lady Gaga the half-time show). Andrew Luck is trying to help people’s financial profiles, the subtext maybe being place your bets on a Colts Super Bowl. [Watch the ad here].

  • Employee’s name (shown on his spreadsheet) is Ryan Maloney =53. Super Bowl LI =53. Maloney =31. Houston =31. Super Bowl =131. QB Andrew Luck =131. 
  • “Need a Little Luck?” =55. TD Ameritrade =55. Chuck Pagano =55.
  • TD =24. Colts =24. SB on 24 numerology (2+5+17) and Colts are currently 2-4, primed for epic comeback starts right here.

The employee and the fan mirror the same script: “You Don’t Work On This Floor” =116. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116. Fifty-First Super Bowl =116. You Don’t Work On This Floor =332. Houston Texas =233. Luck =233, the 51st prime for SB 51.

Peyton Manning’s commercials for Nationwide last year set the precedence with proof positive that these ads indeed feature predictive programming. “Epic Comeback Starts Right Here,” Peyton sang, before whiffing on a ping pong shot. Shortly after that commercial released he returned from injury and led the Broncos to a Super Bowl 50 victory – although he was largely ineffective in a game the defense won. And there he is post-game making the Masonic sign of silence.

  • Nationwide Insurance =92. Broncos Win Super Bowl =92. 
  • Nationwide =114. Super Bowl Fifty Champion =114. 
  • Epic Comeback =86. Broncos =86. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara =86. Denver =50. Epic Comeback =50. The 50th prime is 229. Super Bowl Champions =229. 

Nationwide Is On Your Side =1722. February Seventh =1722. Broncos Super Bowl =1722.

As we were documenting last season in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, the Broncos were heavily coded into predictive programming. (Click this link to view all the posts Ex-C did on it.) And this year it appears the white horse continues to gallop. Check out my man Jeremy’s excellent detective work at Fields of White, where he runs some semiotic analysis on a couple other Luck commercials.

2016-10-19 (2).png

In this DirecTV Hide & Seek commercial, Luck says, “Where are you Mr Jaffer?” =104. That’s code for: “Where are you Super Bowl” =104. Jim Irsay =104, Colts owner. And is that not a lucky horseshoe over his head? The lore behind horseshoes dictates that open-side-up (like the Colts logo) is for collecting luck, while open-side-down, is for pouring luck out to be received. ANDREW LUCK =112. HORSESHOE =112. HOUSTON =112. 

Bud Light: It’s Your Can’s Year

Bud Light has new themed cans for all 32 teams. NFL =32. This is the other commercial with Bo Jackson & Tecmo Bowl, and his line is “You Can’t Catch Me” =53|152. Super Bowl LI =53|152. Budweiser =52Bo =52 aka Vincent Jackson =52 is currently 53 y/o. Bud Light Team Can =530Bud Light =350. That’s proof that this ad is deliberately encoded with Gematria subliminal messaging for the upcoming Super Bowl, the secret language of language for the insiders and the Old Boys Club.

  • Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. And it released on 9/6, the 250th day leaving 116. Super Bowl LI Champions =250. Like the game on 2/5. Fifty-First Super Bowl =116 and the regular season lasts 116 days.

YOUR CAN =34. ELI =34. GIANTS =34. Maybe it’s as simple as that, all this 34 coding we’ve been seeing, from the total score of SB 50 to #34 Bo Jackson’s synchs: IT’S ELI’S YEAR. NY Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =340. NY Giants Super Bowl LI Champion =340. The ad came out 4 months 30 days before Super Bowl LI. BUDWEISER =43.

  • THIS CAN =251. Eli Manning =251. Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. The ad came out 152 days before the SB. Indianapolis Colts =1152. New England Patriots =1552. 
  • Your Cans Year =990. New England =99. Gillette Stadium opened on 9/9.

The third team they show is the Patriots with the voiceover, OR IS THIS YOUR CAN’S YEAR =129. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY =129. NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS =129. LI =12+9. WILLIAM STEPHEN BELICHICK =129. My interpretation of this ad, if hypothetically speaking it was encoded with the future, the Gray’s Sports Almanac of beer commercials, is either Patriots or Colts over Giants (their loss based on the looks of disappointment). 

We’re shown the family of NY Giants fans, the father’s father in the urn born 9/27 died 11/21. The years aren’t visible but that’s a span of 56 days. The Super Bowl =56. That’s also 1 month 26 days. LI =126. NRG Stadium =126. NY Giants World Champions =126. Elisha Manning =126. Giants Super Bowl =1206. The name on the silver cup is Vincent, like Lombardi.

  • Vincent =33|51. Giant =51. McAdoo =51. Manning’s birthday 33 days before SB 51 on February Fifth =870. Vincent =87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. THIS IS YOUR CAN’S YEAR =87. 
  • And the other direction it’s 10 months 6 days between the dates. Elisha Archibald Manning =106. Prophecy =106. Super Bowl LI Champions =106. It’s also 10 weeks 6 days from the birth date to Super Bowl LI. BUDWEISER =106.
  • It’s also 7 months 22 days from SB to the 9/27 death date, or 234 days: NRG =234. That’s also 33 weeks 3 days. New York Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =333. In the other direction it’s 131 days before the Super Bowl =131. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =131. 

Then we’re shown a newspaper from the olden days: GIANTS WIN BARNBURNER =229. SUPER BOWL =229, the 50th prime. Barnburner =50. Super Bowl =50. Barnburner =530. Super Bowl LI =53. Eli Manning =53. That’s some persuasive jazz right there, folks. Not only does the newspaper read, “Super Bowl Champions” and “Giants Win Super Bowl,” it reads specifically, “Giants Win Super Bowl LI”. And the newspaper name: The Sun =87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. 

  • Eli =26. Manning =72. Like the jersey #29 & #72.
  • The skyscraper worker says “This is our year, fellas” =98. Champions =98. Eli Manning =98. Manning =98. New York Football Giants =1981. Eli born in 1981. 

They keep emphasizing the phrase, “Rooted For This Can” =91. Giants are in their 91st season. Giants NFL Champion =91. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =91. Odell Beckham =91. 


The very next shot we see a Colts fan in a horse mask. He’s wearing a #24 jersey, and the Cardinals scene (immediately before the Giants scene) featured a #42 jersey. COLTS =24 and the Super Bowl is on 24 numerology (2+5+17) in Texas =24. Colts are currently 2-4, which would appear to be a shitty start – to someone who didn’t understand how the league is coded.

  • The v/o says: “So Dress Like This Guy” =83. Bud Light =83. “With Your Team On It” =83. Football =83. Brady born 8/3.
  • So Dress Like This Guy =1470. Super Bowl =1407. Indianapolis Colts Win Super Bowl Li =147. Luck =47. It’s the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era, the first Super Bowl was in ’47, and Colts’ first Super Bowl was 47 years ago. The 47th prime is 211. 

Here’s the best one that I was hoping to find: DRESS LIKE THIS GUY =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Houston =112. Colts Super Bowl LI Champions =112. Indianapolis Colts February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =211. Mason =211. DRESS LIKE THIS GUY =211. The Colts are currently 10-12 since Deflategate, which they hit 112 days before the SB. 

The Tecmo Bowl screenshot is from this ad, with Bo Jackson playing. Instead of LB Bosworth (in the Kia ad), it reads 42 Mason. FREEMASON (6+9+5+5+4+1+6+5) =42. That’s some sort of flaunting right there. And remember: Friends don’t let friends drink Bud Light, nor trust what mysterious space-age chemicals they put in that shite. 

Bo Knows Tecmo Bowl 


Bo Jackson stars in a nostalgic Kia commercial based on Tecmo Super Bowl, the retro video game in which Bo is uniquely unstoppable. Two days before the ad came out he was in a Bud Light commercial playing the same game, emphasizing the program. The Kia ad called “Tecmo Bros” makes reference to a Monday Night Football game in 1987 between Raiders-Seahawks where Jackson overpowered his nemesis, Brian Bosworth, en-route to setting the MNF rushing record – one that still stands at 221 yards. The Greatest of All Time =221.

This ad’s rabbit hole led back in time to former Raiders QB Ken Stabler (who passed away last year) and former Raiders Coach John Madden (probably on the chopping blocks), plus some solid connects with Madden’s late long-time partner, Pat Summerall. The wormhole leads us again to Colts, Giants and Vikings – and yet more clues for the upcoming Super Bowl matchup.

In Jackson’s rookie year, LA Raiders =51 finished 5-10 (like Pat Summerall born 5/10) and the Tecmo Bowl ad (co-starring a 51-year-old Bosworth) came out 151 days before Super Bowl 51 — which comes 10,690 days after Jackson’s NFL debut, a synch with his birth name: Vincent Jackson =1691. Texas =69Oakland Raiders =69. Touchdown Bo Jackson =69 (as the ad says in 8-bit glory). Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. Raiders established in 1960. Tim Tebow =1196. We mention the former Bronco because not only does he also play baseball and football – he signed with the New York Mets on the exact same day the Tecmo Bowl ad released! Mets lost to Royals last World Series, Bo’s first MLB team.

  • The ad first aired 30 weeks 4 days before John Madden’s birthday and Ken Stabler died 30 weeks 4 days before Super Bowl 50. Pat Summerall =43. John Madden =43, who celebrates his birthday exactly 43 weeks before Super Bowl 51 – the Tecmo Bowl ad airing 4 months 30 days after his birthday.
  • Bo Jackson =540 wore #34 and will be 54 years 3 months 4 days old on Super Bowl Sunday. The previous Super Bowl had a total score of 34 points. Sorento =34. Kia Sorento with All-Wheel Drive =134. 

Jackson joined the NFL in ’87, the same year that Tecmo Bowl released and Tebow was born. Touchdown Bo Jackson =87. LA Raiders =87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. February Fifth =870. Tecmo Bowl =108 and Tebow was born 108 days before the MNF game in focus.

Bo Jackson =27 with ref #99. Bo Knows =27|99, the Nike ad campaign synched with the company motto of Kia Motors: “The Power To Surprise” =270|99. And that’s just one level of the ritual reasoning behind this commercial.

  • Thirty-Four =61|160. Tecmo Super Bowl =61. John Earl Madden =61. Pat =161. Kenneth Michael Stabler =106. Sorento =106. Boz had 160 career tackles.
  • Bo Jackson & Brian Bosworth =119|254. The 254th day is 9/11 with 111 remaining. 11/1 was Jackson’s first NFL game @ Patriots, the team heavily tied to 9/11/01, like the first Sunday game of this season on 9/11.

Vincent Edward Jackson =116. Tecmo Bowl =1160. The ad was 11 weeks 6 days before Bo’s birthday and Stabler died 116 weeks after Summerall, who died 11 months 6 days after his own birthday. The ad aired 61 weeks 1 day after Stabler died. Some more of these Royalty =116 synchs, fitting as Bo’s MLB debut was with the KC Royals who won the last World Series. KC =113 and Bo was born on 11/30. The Tecmo Bo commercial released 11 months 30 days after Ken Stabler died and the MNF game referenced was on 11/30.

Autonomous Emergency Braking =311|122. Encoded in this featured phrase is Bo’s birthday: 30/11 with 122 numerology (11+30+19+62). Current Raiders QB Derek Carr also has 122 birth numerology. Freemason =122. Raiders last Super Bowl was on 22/1 which Bo was made to pay tribute to with his MNF record of 221 yards on his 25th birthday. Tecmo Super Bowl =122. 

Super Bowl LI on 2/5 or 5/2. Bo =52. Vincent Jackson =52. The ad first aired exactly 52 weeks after Stabler died. California =52. Jack Del Rio =52Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. 

  • The 52nd prime is 239 and Jackson & Bosworth were born 2 years 3 months 9 days apart. Summerall died 293 days before SB XLVIII and 3 years 9 months 20 days (1392 days) before SB LI. 293 is the 62nd prime. Bo born in ’62. Mason =62. Super Bowl LI =62. 

Pat was born George Allen Summerall =215|98. The ad aired on 9/8 which is 215 days after John Madden’s birthday and Stabler died 215 days before SB 50. Super Bowl Sunday =215. Vincent Edward Jackson =215. Tecmo Super Bowl released 210 weeks 5 days after the MNF game in focus.

Ken “Snake” Stabler quarterbacked the Raiders to their first Super Bowl victory (and John Madden’s only ring) over the Vikings on 1/9/77, Madden from Minnesota. It was the Vikings’ last Super Bowl appearance, the culmination of an 11-2 season. That was Super Bowl XI, exactly 2091 weeks before Super Bowl LI. The Tecmo Super Bowl ad came out exactly 1291 weeks after the 1991 release of Tecmo Super Bowl, so we know we’re on the right track. Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192. 

Kia Motors =58. Oakland =58. Timothy Tebow =58. Freemasonry =58. And exactly 58 days before Super Bowl XI (between Raiders & Vikings) was the film release of Two Minute Warning: “A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game.”

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum =112. Ninety-One Thousand People =112. And the film released on 11/12. Houston =112 (where Stabler was traded).  Andrew Luck =112. Madden won 112 games in his storied career. The ad aired 1 year 2 days after #12 Stabler died. Luck wears #12. Los Angeles Raiders =102. The MNF game in focus was 201 weeks after the Raiders’ last Super Bowl. Kia =21. Stabler died 2011 weeks after the Baltimore Crash.

  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum =292. Ninety-One Thousand People =292. The 1/22/17 AFC Championship Game is 2092 weeks after the 1976 AFC Championship game – where a plane crashed into the Baltimore Colts’ stadium immediately following the game. Pat Summerall died 292 days before Super Bowl XLVIII.
  • The Baltimore Crash was on 12/19. Super Bowl LI =912. Texas =414. February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =414. The Colts had just lost that game 40-14.

The two teams in Two Minute Warning are Los Angeles and Baltimore. 38 days after the release, a Piper Cherokee =380 crashed into a Baltimore playoff game. Raiders =38. Tecmo Bros =38. The Snake =38. Derek Carr =308. Los Angeles Raiders =183. The movie takes place at Memorial Coliseum =183, and the real life incident in Baltimore was at Memorial Stadium =1038. Tecmo Bros Ft Bo Jackson & Brian Bosworth =138. In a year, Bo/Boz’s birthdays are 38 weeks 1 day apart. The ad came 183 days after Bosworth’s birthday and 183 days before his next. Jackson & Bosworth born 831 days apart and Stabler & Summerall died 813 days apart. Ain’t that some shit. 

White & Blue for the Seahawks sure looks an awful lot like the Colts colours… The plane that crashed into the stadium was also blue & white. Colts and Raiders were the teams in the movie with the 112 connection. Colts defeated the Raiders in the 51st season of the NFL to beat Dallas (also blue & white) in Super Bowl V. Pat Summerall died in Dallas when Madden was 77 years 7 days old. Madden & Summerall were born exactly 309 weeks apart, or 5 years 11 months. Saturn =511|93. The famous duo synchronized from birth, these same numbers sure to reflect on Madden’s upcoming death.

  • SB 51 is 33 years 14 days after Raiders’ last Super Bowl in ’84. I spy with my little Pi a cyclical history clue. That SB was on 1/22 same as the upcoming AFC Game, 40 years 1 month 3 days after the Baltimore Crash. Tecmo Super Bowl released 4 years 13 days after the MNF game in focus. The last time Colts & Giants played was on 3/11/14.

RB Jackson LB Bosworth =227. The score 27-7 like 277 is the 59th prime number. Colts won the Super Bowl in ’59 over the Giants (and Pat Summerall). Colts aren’t off to the best start this year but they’re certainly being heavily coded.

Fun Facts: Kia sold 3.3 million vehicles last year, is 33% minority owned by Hyundai, and has 33,000 employees. Summerall =33. Vincent =33. Masonry =33. Secrecy =33. 

Coca-Cola Subliminals: Enjoy Capitalism

Coke Is It =46. Deception =46. Can of Coke =46. GMO Drink =46. Consumers =46. Purchase Me =46. You Are A Slave =46. Be Submissive =46. Sorry for the delay in game, but how about these god damn subliminal messages. 

COCA-COLA CLASSIC =56/119. SPENDING CASH =56/119. ENJOY COCAINE =56/119. All-Seeing Eye =56/119. Star of David =56/119. Drink =56. Christmas =56. Buy More Shit =56. Mind Control =56. Genetically Modified Food =119. Pepsi-Cola Made With Real Sugar =119. Soft Drink =116. Consumer Culture =1106. Consume Junk Food =1116. 

  • Deceived =39. Greed =39. Slavery =39. Buy Stuff =39. Drink Up =39. Soda =39. GMO Food =39. Diabetes =390. Pepsi =390. Geoengineering =309. Genetically Modified Organism =139. 
  • Enjoy Coke =103. Junk Food Is Good For You =103. Capitalism =103. American Brand =103. Madison Ave =103. Give Us Your Cash =103. Be A Mindless Consumer =103. Spend Cash =301. Coca =13. Cola =13/31. Spend =31. Aspartame =31. COCA-COLA =131. SPEND YOUR CASH =1031. Mass Murder =131, the 32nd prime. 
  • Cocaine =32, the original ingredient. Coca =132. Enjoy Capitalism =1032. Spend Money Bitch =1032. 

Classic =21. Soda =21. Sugar =21. Refreshes You Best =210. Submit =21. Xmas =21. Santa Claus =21, of which Coca-Cola is credited with inventing the modern image, the old man in the brand-compatible red-and-white suit. Santa Claus =111. Red and White =111. Illusion =111. Commercials =111. Dollar Sign =111. Give Me All Your Money =111. Monsanto =111. Cocaine =111. Coca-Cola It’s The Real Thing =111. Consume Our Garbage =1110. 

Coca-Cola =53. Always Coca-Cola =53. Junk Food Diet =53. Spend Cash =53. Hand It Over =53. Polar Bears =53. Coke Zero =53. Brand America =53. Madison Avenue =53. Buy More Useless Shit =1530. Poison Beverage =153/72. Diet Coke =72. Worship Money =72. Mass Mind Control =72.

  • Drink Coca-Cola =64. Enjoy Capitalism =64. Drink Up Now =64. Sugar Addiction =64. Greedy =64. Lazy =64. American =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. 
  • Poison =43/88. Polar Bear =43/88. Enjoy Your Slavery =88.
  • Cocaine Addiction =75. Caffeine =75. Coffee =75. GMO Food =75. Big Pharma =75. Taste The Feeling =75. Junk Food Is Good =75. Refreshes You Best =75. Buy More Useless Shit =75. Spend Your Savings =75. Over-Consumption =75. Worship Greed =75. New World Order =75. It’s The Real Thing =175. 

Coca-Cola Company =140. Submission =140. Enjoy Coke =40. Eat Garbage =40. Capitalism =40. Enslavement =40. It’s A Stick-Up =40. Madison Ave =40. Manipulate =40. Subliminal =40. Mind =40. Mental Disease =400. 

BBC’s Deep-Coded Air New Zealand Ad

As of 2300 PST, 3/23, this ad is front and centre on BBC. Air New Zealand =133/1606. President Mauricio Macri =133 (the Argentinian leader Obama met with on 3/23). Government =133. The White House =133. White House =166. One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy-Five =166. White House =1375. Boom, right dead centre triple-word score coding as a warning for an attack on the White House. Paris France =375. As BBC is pumping out the relentless propaganda on the hoax event that was the Brussels Bombings.

  • Air NZ =630. New Zealand =630. Masonry =630. Zionism =630. Barack Obama Dies =630. Paris =63. Terrorist Attack =63. False Flag Event =63.

BOOK NOW =1102/32. Barack Obama =32. March Twenty Four =2003. Presidential Assassination =112. Obama Retires in Argentina =112. Zionist =112. Mason =211. PICK FROM 7 AUSTRALIA DESTINATIONS =342. PICK FROM SEVEN AUSTRALIA DESTINATIONS FROM =324. Damn, son.

  • March Twenty-Four =201. The Next Nine Eleven =201. Australia =102. Second Nine Eleven =102. Australia Air New Zealand =1410. Mr President =141. Ninth Assassinated US President =1401, which Obama will be.
  • Restrictions and Additional Baggage Charges May Apply =216. Barack =216, born on the 216th day of the year, 8/4. There are 2016 hours in 84 days and tomorrow is the 84th day of the year. Obama =84. President Slain =84. The Next Nine Eleven =84.

Holy fucking shit, truth-seeker. I calculated every letter in the ad and got 490/1201. The Synagogue of Satan =1201/223. BBC =223. And it’s the Book of Revelation, the playbook of revelation for these psycho programmers, that references “them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not,” who will rule in the End Times. Zionist =49. Revelation =49/121. Antichrist =49/121. Satanic Ritual =49. Blood Sacrifice =121. Easter Assassination =121. Barack Obama Killed =121. Obama Retires in Argentina =121.

Donald & Krav Maga: Secret Weapons of the Mossad


Make America Great Again =163. Manchurian Candidate =163. Barack Hussein Obama =163. Freemasonic =63. Command =63. The Establishment =63. Capitol Hill =63. Mass Mind Control =63. Secret Weapon =63. You’re Fired =63. American Dream =630. George Bush Sr =63. This slogan was first used by Ronald Reagan during his 1980 presidential campaign, making it 36 years old. Thirty-Six Years Old =107. Trump is an Israeli Weapon =107.

  • The only difference is Reagan used the word Let’s, framed more like an idea, whereas Trump’s motto sounds like an imperative, a demand. LETS =56. PRESIDENT =56. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN =102/111. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA =102. Flag of Israel =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Problem-Reaction-Solution =111.

Make America Great Again: M.A.G.A = 13+1+7+1 = 22. Twenty Two =39. In Jewish Gematria, MAGA =39. In Hebrew, maga (מגע) means “contact” =76. Master =76. Like Krav Maga, the self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces. The root word krav (קרב) means “combat” and COMBAT =186. IDF KRAV MAGA =93, which just so happens to be half of 186. Presidential Campaign of Donald John Trump =186.

  • Trump is from New York, NY. New York =39. NY =39. MAGA=39. Knesset =39. State =390. Duck =39, an even more famous Donald. (It’s also something you might feel inclined to do during combat).
  • Combat =186. Fighting =186. Security Forces =186. Israeli Defense Force =1068. Saturn Matrix =1068. New York City =168. Jerusalem Israel =168. Iran, You’re Fired =168. Poisoning America =168. Ein Sof =68. The Mastermind =68. Holy of Holies =68. Jewish Empire =68. Mossad Conspiracy =68. Shadow Government =86. Puppet Politicians =86.
  • The Donald =38/83. Winner =38/83. Krav Maga =830. Americans =38. Eagle =38. I Want You =38. New King =38. Masonic =38. Lucifer =38. PsyOps =38. Kabbalah =38. Jew =38. ISIS, You’re Fired =83.
  • THE DONALD =232. COMMANDER IN CHIEF =323. SATAN =232. LUCIFER =323. BOSS =232. PINOCCHIO =232 (All in JG.) Freemason Master Teacher =232. Saturn Symbolism =1232. [232+323] =555. Entertainers =555. Entertainment =555. Prison Planet =555. Indifference is Killing America =555.


The initials of Trump’s slogan, MAGA, leave the KRAV implicit. Hidden in plain sight, if you will. Krav =791. Thirty-Nine=791. Maga=39. And notice the 4-4 letter count in Krav Maga; Kill =44. Military =44. Counter-Attack =44. Mossad Job =44. Make America =44.

  • Krav Maga =444 (Weapon / Jewish / Jesus / Messiah / Cross / Lucifer / Masonic / Muhammad / Occult / Energy / G-D / Killing). Krav Maga =74. Trump is a Weapon =74. Trump =470. President =47. Great Again =47. “Make America” – Make has 4 letters, America has 7 letters = 4-7.
  • KRAV =52. TRUMP IS MOSSAD =52. The 52nd prime is 239, the age of America.
  • TRUMP IS A WEAPON AIMED AT AMERICA =123. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION =123. CONSPIRACY =123. ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE =123. (Trump is an Israeli Secret Weapon =159. The Psychological Warfare Machine =159. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159.)

After researching this Maestro-backed report it’s quite obvious that not only is Donald Trump backed/supported by the same people who back/support Krav Maga, but he is a form of Krav Maga incarnate – a self defense method protecting Israel from its Arab enemies. Mossad =71. Seventy One =144. Killer =144. Secret Weapon =144. Trump’s initials: D T =144. Krav Maga’s: K M =144.

  • Trump Card =114. President of the United States =114. Holocaust =114. Psychological Operation =114. World War =114. Jewish Empire in America =114. IDF =114. Assassin =411. America =129. The President of the United States =129. Jew’s Invisible Government =129. Jedi Mind Trick =129.
  • Israel Did It =110. Hidden in Plain Sight =110. British Intelligence =110. Ronald Reagan =110. President =110. Osama Bin Laden =110. Adolf Hitler =110. President Donald Trump =110.

BONUS FACT** Trump announced his campaign on 6/16/15, exactly 511 days before Election Day on 11/08/16. Saturn =511. Greed & Lust =511. The Message of Hate =511. Totalitarian =511. Fascist Global Government =115. Freemasons =115. Psychological Operations =115. Leader =115.