Twin Peaks Occult Symbolism

We’ve been watching the legendary cult classic series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and deciphering its heavy-duty high level occult symbolism and twilight language. Just in the pilot episode there’s over a dozen blatant references to the All-Seeing Eye (eyeball closeups and staging that blocks one eye), and there’s a lady with an eyepatch, an elite club called One Eyed Jacks, and a constant reminder that the Owls Are Not What They Seem. There’s also a secret society called the Bookhouse Boys, modelled off of Freemasonry, involving police officers and sworn to protect Twin Peaks from the ancient forces of evil that inhabit the woods.

If you haven’t seen it, the whole premise of Twin Peaks is: Who Killed Laura Palmer? And check out the almost perfect anagrams here:

  • TWIN PEAKS = 46/118/170/234/708/53. 
  • LAURA PALMER = 46/118/170/234/708/503.

Laura’s last day alive was February 23rd – the 223 we’re all well familiar with. The esoteric protagonist: FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper =223. The FBI’s name became effective on 3/22 and Twin Peaks is written & created by Mark Frost & David Lynch =223. Masonic =223. Fire Walk With Me =322. Double R =322, the name of the town diner.

There’s a secret society in the weird little town formed long ago to fight the forces of evil hiding in the woods. It’s called The Bookhouse Boys =227. Welcome to Twin Peaks =227. Peaks =227. Laura Palmer was born on 7/22 the Pi code (and died at the age of 17 years 7 months 2 days old). Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department =314. Sheriff Harry S Truman =1314. The FBI Agent stays across from room 314 so we see the number whenever his door opens (which seems to happen a lot).

  • And here’s the thing about that secret society name: Bookhouse =666. Agent Dale Cooper =666 (in Satanic Gematria). Twin Peaks The Return premiered on 5/21/17, a 666 similar span of 9906 days after the original premier on 4/8/90.
  • Bookhouse =111. Laura Palmer =111. Harry S Truman =1110. Federal Bureau of Investigation =111. Twins =111. The Owls Are Not What They Seem =111. The Roadhouse =1110. 

David Lynch =33. Mark Frost =33. Laura =33. Black Lodge =33. Chaos Magick =33. Windom =33/1033. Harry Truman =33/133 (named after the 33rd American president), the sheriff born on the 133rd day of 1950. Federal Bureau of Investigation =133. Government =133. The Roadhouse =133. Harry Stanton =133 who acted in the Twin Peaks reboot and died at the age of 33,300 days old.

Stanton wasn’t the only Twin Peaks actor to die in 2017, the year of Twin Peaks The Return. Miguel Ferrer, who plays FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, passed away on 1/19, a span of 1 year 9 days after the death of David Bowie, who played an FBI Agent in the Twin Peaks movie. David Lynch & Mark Frost =119. Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department =119. Agent Cooper =119. Windom Earle =119. Saturn =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Choronzon =119, “the dweller in the abyss” according to Thelema, a demon believed to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Aleister Crowley refers to Choronzon as 333, and the symbol of this major deity of chaos magick figures prominently in Twin Peaks.

Now I’m only midway through the second season at this point with the third season (that just released in 2017, twenty-five years later – as predicted in the original series) up next to reveal more mysteries. The show really does deserve some deep analysis as it’s a treasure trove of esoteric symbolism based on real-life occultism. The dark underbelly of the cheesy facade of the mainstream where elite secret societies are deeply entwined with the demonic. The show features blood sacrifices and possession, ritual magick and coded language. References to Project Bluebook, Saturn, Bohemian Grove, and Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. And of course the twin symbolism, the duality of opposing forces, which is said to be a precursor for magick. And I definitely hope to post a follow-up decipher on Twin Peaks as I journey deeper into its mythos.

Burning Spear Burning Man


Continuing the ongoing Sacrifice by Fire theme, on September 3rd a “Burner” committed self-immolation at the Burning Man festival, running into the flames of the giant effigy known as the Man as if he was Daenerys Targaryen about to give birth to dragons. The very next day saw the death of Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo, who played keys with Bob Marley in the Wailers and collaborated heavily with the reggae artist known as Burning Spear. Now let’s look into this and see if we can find anything smoking hot.

The Burner’s name was Aaron Joel Mitchell =1038. Sacrifice By Fire =138. Black Rock City =1308. The Man =38. Nevada =38. Fire =38. Harvey =38, the surname of the founder of Burning Man Festival =1380 and the name of the hurricane still fucking Houston =138 at the time.

  • Burning Man =44. Aaron Mitchell =44. Mitchell =44. Seven Mile Playa =44. Sacrifice By Fire =1440. 
  • Black Rock City =124. Aaron Mitchell =124. Sacrifice By Fire =240. The Man =24. Lindo =24. Earl Lindo =142. Aaron Joel Mitchell =1042. Self-Immolation =142. 

Earl Lindo =178. Aaron Joel Mitchell =178. Mitchell =78. Seven Mile Playa =78. The 78th prime is 397 and Mitchell self-immolated 11,397 days after Burning Man was inaugurated. Fire Sacrifice =87. Sacrifice By Fire =87. Earl Wire Lindo =87. Daenerys Targaryen =187. 

Lindo =324. Self-Immolation =324. And Mitchell charbroiled himself exactly 324 weeks after the Season 1 finale of Game of Thrones where Daenerys struts directly into a fire. And speaking about the mother of dragons: Reptilian =324. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother =324. The Elites =342. Ordo Ab Chao =342. Control =342. Society of Jesus =243. Central Intelligence Agency =243. 

  • Bob Marley died at the age of 36 years 3 months 6 days old and Lindo died 36 years after Marley’s death. Fire Sacrifice =306/163. Self-Immolation =163. Mitchell =163. The Wailers Band =631. Burning Spear =63. Seven Mile Playa =63.

Burning Man Festival =411. Manifest =411. Freemason =411. Black Rock City =1141/41. Mitchell =114. Aaron Mitchell =41 was 41 years old and Lindo aka Wya =14 was born exactly 410 weeks after the birth of Burning Spear. Houston =41. Inferno = 41. Sacrifice By Fire =140. 

And in recent Brother Berg news, a crazy thing happened the day after my post exposing the Templar-Musketeer connection. This Gazelle helicopter from the Armée de Terre (the French Army) flies in high from the north and drops down to do a real low & noisy loop around our farmhouse, spooking the horses. So I go out to check as it makes a SECOND loop and just as I peek out from the stables it drops into an attack swoop, no shit 30 feet over the driveway, then charging off in the direction it came and back over the horizon. I did a little research and the Gazelle is a scout chopper, used for reconnaissance missions… needless to stay it sparked a bit of paranoia and definitely got the adrenaline pumping. So if I suddenly stop posting, it’s safe to assume we’ve been snatched & bagged in the night 😉

Jimmy Savile & the Parallel Deaths of Two of Britain’s TV Hosts

It’s time we investigate the case of Jimmy Savile, the once-popular British TV host now considered one of UK’s most prolific sexual predators. 18 August 2017 saw the deaths of two other television hosts, Sir Bruce Forsyth, recognized in 2012 as having the longest television career for a male entertainer, and Liz MacKean, a presenter on BBC’s Newsnight programme (named Journalist of the Decade by Stonewall in 2015) who was the reporter on an exposé of Sir Jimmy Savile as a paedophile which was controversially cancelled by the BBC in December 2011, two months after Savile died on 29 October, two days before his Halloween birthday.

Liz =33 died exactly 303 weeks after the death of Savile =33. James Savile =33. James Wilson Vincent Savile =133. Forsyth =33. And we were just reporting on this number with Francisco =33 Franco =33 dying at exactly 30,300 days old and Trump telling people to investigate John J Pershing =303Sex Crime =33. Yewtree =33. British Media =33. British =330. Predator =33. And the day before these two TV hosts died, an actor from Predator passed away, Sonny =33 Landham, who played the Native American =133 tracker Billy Sole.

  • The 303rd prime is 1999. Forsyth =666. Billy Sole =666. James Savile =696. 6x6x6 =216. Predator released in 1987 on 6/12 and exactly 30 years later, the Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals =666 on 6/12. The connection there is Landham played a cop in the 1979 film The Warriors, which as we covered was very much coded to this year’s win.
  • That’s also 2120 days. British Media Personality Jimmy Savile =212. Bruce Forsyth =212. Trauma Based Mind Control =2112. Operation Yewtree =212 is the name of the police investigation into Savile. Charles Prince of Wales =212, who was such good pals with Savile that the creep was almost named Harry’s godfather.

James Wilson Vincent Savile =311. Charles =311. Jimmy =13 died 11 months 30 days after his birthday and was the host of Jim’ll Fix It =1103. Sonny =113. Predator =113. British Media =113. Charles Prince of Wales =113. The Royal Family =1130. 

Jimmy Savile =48/148 was born 480 days before the birth of Bruce Forsyth =48/148. Forsyth =48. MacKean =48. Savile =408 died age 84. An ITV documentary titled Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile =184 was broadcast 48 weeks 4 days after his death. Sonny =48. Sole =48. William Landham =84. Sonny Landham =184. MacKean + Forsyth =84. Illuminati =48. Windsor =48. Trauma Based Mind Control =480. 

Operation Yewtree =88. Yewtree =88. James Wilson Vincent Savile =88. Liz MacKean =88 and Forsyth died on 18/8, Forsyth 188 days before his birthday, and both died 88 days before Charles’ birthday. Royal =881. William M Sonny Landham =88. Queen =88. Elizabeth =88. British Empire =88. Scroll back some posts to review all the crazy 88s coded into the Charlottesville story and the Barcelona Attack of 17/8/17 reduced to 8/8/8. Powered By Dodge =888. Zionists =888. Nation of Islam =88. 

  • William M Sonny Landham =119. Predator =119 released 11,019 days before the Unite the Right Rally =119 which happened exactly 119 weeks after the birth of Princess Charlotte and the Vehicle Attack =119 involving a Silver Dodge Challenger =119 driven by “James Fields” who was born on 1/19 of the Hebrew calendar that killed 1 injured 19. MacKean & Forsyth died 119 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Majesty =119. Saturn =119 is 11.9 x smaller than our sun. Think about the sun symbolism of the man named Sonny playing a character called Sole (sol) dying four days before the Eclipse.

Liz =529 died 52 years 9 months old. Red Sox =529, which is random but popped up in the findings. And as if Prince Charles wasn’t aware of Savile’s private life / partakes in some demented shit himself, as most likely did SIR Forsyth. We hear from victims of trauma-based mind control that television hosts (most notoriously Bob Hope) are pimps for the Illuminati, handlers for the elite’s sex slaves who are foisted upon us as stars. It’s all tied up in sex magick – in association with the mass rituals presented as traumatic staged news events – which these sick fucks thrive on.

If you’re looking for some positive news, I recommend purchasing one of my Personal Numerology Readings. Every single person I’ve done one for has been equal parts elated & mind-blown at how these same patterns we reveal through mass media are present in their own lives. Each one I’ve had the opportunity to do is further proof that the Programmers are writing these synthetic scripts based upon authentic synchronicities – the language of the Universe – which is the language of mathematics. And the proof of its reality is such an unbelievably awe-inspiring thing in itself. It truly is a beautiful world full of magic and mystery, and we can harness this power to benefit our own lives – and that of the collective.

My hope is that you see these deciphers like I do. That despite the evil shit that goes on out there, the Universe or God or Whatever you want to call it is far mightier than any man attempting to manipulate its source code could ever be. And that Source is composed of an energy that we experience through what we call Love – the true driving force in the Cosmos (which, I just thought up this theory now, may be what scientists call Dark Matter – the perfect inversion). And the light will always defeat the dark. And awareness is empowerment. And the more we know, the less power these spells will have on us; which means staying out of the negativity trap, where hatred and anger is synonymous with fear. We choose to rise above – and that is the gift of this knowledge. 

Barcelona Attack: Part III

Predictive Programming =346. Unreal =346. Nelson Mandela =346. Think of the Mandela Effect, or collective false memory, where thousands of people swear the South African leader died in the ’80s and not in 2013; and Mandela was just brought back into the fold with Obama’s tweet (now at 4.4 million likes). March Eleventh Two Thousand Four =346, the date of the Madrid Bombing. The magick word of Thelem a is Abrahadabra (roughly translated from Arabic as “I will create as I speak”), which signifies the ‘Great Work accomplished’. The Great Work =1346. Sun and Moon Conjoined =1346, which is “The Secret Sigil of the Beast” =364 according to Aleister Crowley (the occult magician who wrote a book on Gematria).

All this esoteric mumbo jumbo brings us back to the Pla de l’Os =364 where the aforementioned mosaic of Joan Miro sits (the sketch above, the work conceived as A Milestone =463 to toponomy); the mark where the white van stopped after smashing through garbage cans on a nearly deserted Las Ramblas. Again, the second episode of Mr Mercedes that aired the day before Barcelona is called “On Your Mark.” What comes next? Get Set Go =364. Total Eclipse =463. 

  • Before we dig deeper into this coding, let’s think about that secret phrase Sun and Moon Conjoined =1314. This sounds a lot like an Eclipse =314.
  • And my first reaction to the mosaic is it looks like the Man in the Moon. Perhaps this artwork, said to represent the Cosmos, is indeed a sigil (a symbol considered to have magical power) representing the Sun and Moon Conjoined =966. Sun + Moon =666. Sun + Moon + Earth =966. Terrorists =966. Enough is Enough =969. Humanity =666. The World =666. Dark Matter =666. Clockwork =666. Astrology =666. Witchcraft =666. Illusion =666. 

The van ramming happened some 99 hours before the Great American Eclipse hits its full glory. Vehicular Terrorism =99. Mosaic del Pla de l’Os =990. Miro =199. Ritual Magick =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. The Great Work Accomplished =1099. Miro says he intended the mosaic to welcome travellers arriving by sea, which if nothing else, makes for some ironic humour re: the migrant issue in Europe.

And now an art interlude with some positivity about the union of polarities so key to the occult.

Bringing it back to the first words that started this post: Predictive Programming =364. The first word spoken in the Mr Mercedes series is Welcome =643 and the Barcelona Attack happened 643 days after the Paris Attacks of 11/13/15.

The reason this matters: 643 is the 117th prime number and this act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 happened on the 17th day of August =17 in the 17th year of the millennium, a span of 117 hours after the ramming in Charlottesville. Barcelona + Charlottesvile =117. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria =117. Fake Terror =117. Government Sponsored Hoax =117. Psychological Operations =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. Great Work =117. The Great Work Accomplished =117. Wikipedia has the crash occurring at 16:57, which just so happens to be the 1017th minute of the day.

  • On Your Mark =107. August Seventeenth Twenty Seventeen =107. Israeli Intelligence =107. Pigs Blood =107. The Secret Sigil of the Beast =107. And again this attack at Rambla de Barcelona =107 happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing of March Eleventh Two Thousand Four =117, the last terror attack in Spain. General Black Jack  Pershing =1017. Now the thing about that 701 figure is 701 is the 126th prime.

Vehicular Terrorism =126. Barcelona + Charlottesville =126. The CIA =126. Government by Intimidation =126. Illuminati Ritual =1206. Psychological Operations =126. Assassination =261. Donald Trump + Abraham Lincoln =261. This year marks 2061 years since Julius Caesar was also assassinated in a theatre and Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse. John J ‘Black Jack’ Pershing =261/126. Enough is Enough =1260. 

Another news item is Trump recommending people research General of the Armies John J Pershing, who allegedly dipped bullets in pig’s blood to execute Muslim terrorists during the US war in the Philippines during the early 1900s (which the mainstream has debunked as fake news). I did look him up – and indeed he yields awesome numbers.

John Joseph ‘Black Jack’ Pershing =328 died at the age of 32,080 days old. Maybe that’s a clue to the date 8/23, when Trump will be 26,003 days old (Radical Islam Terrorists =263), or August 26th, the 238th day of the year, when US President Trump =238 will be 26,006 days old. False Flag Terror Attacks =238. Independence Day =238 was declared in America exactly 23 years 8 months after George Washington became a Freemason.

President Donald Trump =235. August 23rd is the 235th day of the year, reminding us of that Hit and Run / Assassination card from the Illuminati Game back in the 90s (a card that is much more relevant in light of recent events). Which brings us back to those first key words again: Predictive Programming =235.

Pig’s Blood =33. Muslim =33. John J Pershing =303. Which is another one to add to the list. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela =303. Adolf Hitler =303. Picasso =303. Saturn =303. Do What Thou Wilt =303. Francisco =33 Franco =33 died at that mind-blowingly perfect age of 30,300 days old. 

Big Ben Falls Silent: Save the Clock Tower

The bells of Big Ben will stop chiming on 21/8, the day the moon blacks out the sun, and remain silent for a period of four years during restoration. Going silent can also be called going dark, like the latest Stephen King movie, The Dark Tower. Another end-of-transmission event is occurring on 15 September 2017 when the Cassini-Huygens space probe will crash itself into Saturn – the god of Time – thus completing its mission. Cassini entered Saturn’s orbit on 8/13/17, an historic first in the ongoing fable of space exploration.

Queen Elizabeth II will be 33,360 days old on 21/8 or exactly 91 years 4 months old. On the theme of time and clocks stopping, the Clock Tower in Back to the Future was struck by lightning at 10:04 PM on 12 November 1955, exactly 419 weeks before the Kennedy Assassination (and with the many JFK references in the film, we can surmise that this was intentional).

  • This reminds us that 4019 is the 555th prime. Donald Trump was born 5,555 days after the birth of 55 year old Eddie Calvo =55, the Governor of Guam, and Trump’s previously mentioned favourite episode of Twlight Zone aired 5055 days after Trump’s birth. I also just saw that the old gangsters Bonnie & Clyde were born 555 days apart. And remember that the Invasion of Baghdad happened 555 days after 9/11 and George W Bush & Dick Cheney were born 5 years 5 months 5 days apart.
  • Elizabeth =155. Freemasons =155. The Illuminati =551. The 551st prime is 4001, which is the mirror of 10:04, the time frozen on The Clock Tower =155. Hill Valley Preservation Society =104Big Brother =104. Four Years =104. The Dark Tower =104. Cassini launched 10,040 days after the Moon Landing.

419 weeks is equal to 8 years 10 days and 419 is the 81st prime. The Eclipse =1008 happens 8 months 1 day before the next birthday of Queen Elizabeth II =1008 and 81 days after the birthday of Big Ben =18 which is depicted as being blown up in Mars Attacks =81. President Trump =81. John Glenn orbited the Earth 10 months 8 days (314 days) after Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space.

81 days before the Eclipse was June 1st, the day that marked Trump’s 25,920th day of life. The Precession of the Equinoxes =126 is said to take 25,920 years, commonly rounded up to 26,000 years like Trump’s age of 26,000 days old the day before the Eclipse. On the day the Cassini Huygens Spacecraft =126 strikes Saturn =26, Trump will be 26,026 days old. Queen Elizabeth the Second =126 born in ‘26, assumed the throne on 2/6 and coronated on 6/2. Mars Attacks =126/1026. On Big Ben at the base of each clock dial in gilt letters is the Latin inscription: DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM =260.

  • Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse and Cassini will crash 20,610 days after Yuri Gagarin =26 became the first man in Space =26.

Cassini Huygens Spacecraft =1105. Cassini =115 launched on 1/15 heading for Saturn =511. Mars Attacks =511. The Palace of Westminster =511. Clock Tower =115. Dark Tower =115. Four Years =115. Freemasons =115. Masonic =115. The King =115. V for Vendetta also depicted Big Ben destroyed – it released 11 years 5 days before the Westminster Attack.

  • Cassini’s mission began on 15 January 1997 and will end exactly 20 years 8 months later. The four-year shutdown of Big Ben We see the number 28 coded all over NASA =28. Space =28. Apollo =28. Buzz Aldrin =28. Aldrin =28 was born exactly 28 weeks before Neil Alden Armstrong =82. John F Kennedy =1208. Mars Attacks =28 released 20 years 8 months before The Great American Eclipse =208. The duration between this Eclipse =28 and the last one to cross America is exactly 2008 weeks.

Total Solar Eclipse =280. John Herschel Glenn Junior =280 died on 12/8 and Cassini will wreck itself exactly 12 years 8 months after it landed on Saturn’s moon Titan. Monarch of the United Kingdom =128. V For Vendetta =128. Dark Tower =128. The Palace of Westminster =218. Palace of Westminster =218 and Big Ben turning off on 21/8. 


Newsweek: Lazy Boy + Solar Eclipse

We’ve been discussing Trump’s connections to the upcoming Great American Eclipse and voila: this cover of the latest Newsweek (8/11/17) with its top headline reading Will Solar Eclipse Be Unnatural Disaster =2610. What a sum, as Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse. And just to make sure it’s deliberate, the side text reads. Six Months In Office + Forty Days at Golf Clubs + Zero Pieces of Major Legislation =261. AND, the article is titled Slacker-In-Chief: Donald Trump Slacker in Chief =261. You know what other word equals 261? Assassinated =261. King Henry’s Eclipse =1261, as we’ll explain shortly & Trump’s threat at North Korea: Fire and Fury =1261. 

Along the side there we’re shown 6 & 40 along with Zero =64, numbers that synch up with the thematic alphanumerics on the cover: Will Solar Eclipse Be Unnatural Disaster =164. Lazy Boy Donald Trump =1464. Eleventh of August Two Thousand Seventeen =164/461. Solar Eclipse =146/64. Total Solar Eclipse =64. Unnatural Disaster =64. August Eleven =64. Lazy =64. ZERO pieces of major legislation =640. Donald J Trump =46 born on 14/6 of ‘46. US President Trump =1164. The Trump Administration =1146. The Eclipse on August Twenty-First =1146 also comes 40 weeks 6 days after Trump was elected and his tombstone appeared in Central Park New York =64 the exact same span of 40 weeks 6 days after his presidential campaign began. August Twenty First Twenty Seventeen =1604.

  • And then we do what we do and draw associations with other words that share these frequencies: American Empire =46. Sacrifice =46. Illuminati =146. Assassination =1146. Assassin =461. Presidency =64. Two days after this Newsweek was published marks exactly 46,004 weeks since the death of King Henry I, who as we’ll see, is associated by death to an eclipse. (For posterity, 16 July 2017 – the day George Romero died – marked exactly 46,000 weeks later, which is also 322,000 days). Michael Pence =146 would become President Michael Richard Pence =146, the 46th President of the USA =146 in the event of Trump’s staged sacrifice. President Pence =146. President Mike Pence =1146. 
  • JFK was born 464 weeks before the birth of Queen Elizabeth =640 and he was assassinated at age 46 the year before ‘64. Lyndon Johnson =64 died 1464 days after leaving office and President Lincoln =64 died 1464 days after the Civil War began. The Law of Correspondence =1464. Fire and Fury =46/64. 

“Slacker-In-Chief” compares Trump to Al Bundy =646 from Married With Children (reporting that he watches an average of five hours of TV per day…) Trump was born 64 days after the birth of actor Ed O’Neill who played Bundy. Edward Leonard O’Neill =1146. Edward O’Neill =46. The article opens on the date 8/8/11, which just so happens to be 6 years 4 days before this Newsweek’s date. Indeed the entire text with title + subheading + author reads: “Slacker In Chief by Alexander Nazaryan: Donald Trump Came Into Office Promising to Work Hard for Forgotten Americans but He’s Been Very Lazy So Far” =464.

Lazy Boy Donald Trump is Bored and Tired Imagine How Bad He’d Feel if He Did any Work =6660/699. Newsweek =666. Pretty strong double synch there, vibrating energetically just off the pages. Laziness =666. President Pence =666. King Henry =666 (almost ready to explain). The article gives us another space-time vector to calculate with the precise date (11/1/92) of the Married With Children episode “Chicago Wine Party” that aired two days before Bill Clinton was elected president. If we run a duration up to the Eclipse we find it’s a clean 9060 days. Assassination =960. President Donald J Trump =96. A Lazy Boy =96. Freemason =96. Henry =96. Eclipse =69. 

Donald Trump is Bored and Tired Imagine How Bad He’d Feel if He Did any Work =314/227. Slacker =314. The article mentions a tweet Trump sent on 8/15/11 criticizing Obama playing golf: that was exactly 314 weeks before the Eclipse =314. 

  • Presidential Assassination =314. US President Donald Trump =314. Trump Suicide =314. Trump Assassinated =1314. Again, all the text on the article cover page: “Slacker In Chief by Alexander Nazaryan: Donald Trump Came Into Office Promising to Work Hard for Forgotten Americans but He’s Been Very Lazy So Far” =1314. 

President Donald J Trump =512 was elected 512 days after his campaign began and the Eclipse comes 512 days after his tombstone appeared, and 2 months 15 days after Pence’s birthday. Trump Assassinated =215. President Mike Richard Pence =1512. Fire and Fury =512. 

Alright now get this: a superstition that dates back to the Babylonian era equated solar eclipses with death threats on the head of state. The Babylonians would put substitute kings on the throne during an eclipse to protect the real thing and astronomers in Ancient China were put to death if they failed to predict one.

Indeed in 1133 CE, King Henry I of England (the son of William the Conqueror) died shortly after one of the longest-lasting solar eclipses in history… The problem with this story is that this article from the Smithsonian talks about the “coincidence” of that eclipse “coinciding” with Henry’s death; though Wikipedia tells us he didn’t actually die for another two and a half years, from food poisoning. 121 years 5 days later to be exact and he died in Lyons-La-Foret France =215, which still connects to the 215/512 sequence above, and while that’s quite a long time when you’re right in the heat of the present, from our current vantage point of doctored history, it might just fit right into the puzzle.

Other historic records say Henry died the same year as the eclipse so who really knows for sure, but the takeaway is that there exists a precedent for the Killing of the King Ritual to be associated with an eclipse. And we still find a strong gem here, as 2017 is 884 years after that 1133 event. Great American Eclipse =884. August Twenty-First Twenty Seventeen =448. 

The Torching of Torch Tower

Dubai’s Torch Tower has gone up in flames again, an echo of the Grenfell Towering Inferno as symbolic wicker man and all the other fire sacrifices we’ve been covering, on the very day The Dark Tower opened in cinemas. This fire – yet another skyscraper engulfed in flames that failed to collapse – started on 4 August 2017, exactly 128 weeks after the last time it burned during construction on 21 February 2015. Dark Tower =128 based on the novels by Stephen King =128. North Americans call a torch a Flashlight =128 And as the lighting of the Torch suggests, Olympics =128.

  • The ironically named Torch =28 Tower located in Dubai Marina =28 in the city of Dubai UAE =28. Fire =28/228. United Arab Emirates =228. Gilead =228 the home of the Gunslinger in the Dark Tower =228. Grenfell =822 (the fire at which started during Ramadan =822 exactly 822 weeks after 9/11/01). The upcoming Winter Olympics are hosted by South Korea =822. Total Eclipse =822. 
  • Torch Dubai United Arab Emirates =2820/182. The Marina Torch Dubai =182. Dubai Torch Tower =182. Tower =28/82. The Torch has 82 floors. 
  • This also comes 180 weeks 2 days after MH-370 disappeared and 8 months 2 days after the Oakland warehouse fire at The Ghost Ship =82, which happened 8 months 20 days before the upcoming Eclipse =28. Total Solar Eclipse =280. The World Trade Center =208. The Great American Eclipse =208 is also 2008 days after the last Dark Tower book was published and the penultimate novel released when King was 20,820 days old.

Notice these two fire dates at the Torch: 8/4 is Barack Obama’s 56th birthday and 2/21 is an anagram of Abraham Lincoln’s 2/12 birthday. The reason this matters is that the Apartment Fire =146 in the Kensington =146 district of London =146 at Grenfell Tower =1146 happened on 14/6, the birthday of Donald J Trump =46 born in ’46. A Sacrifice =146. The Marina Torch =146. The Dark Tower =146 (the first book in the series released 1004 weeks 6 days before 9/11/01). This blaze happened 460 days after the Fort McMurray Wildfire. And of course we can’t discuss torch symbolism without mentioning Prometheus =46. 

This latest Sacrifice By Fire =216 happened on the 216th day of the year (6x6x6) =216. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower =2016. Fire Sacrifice =666. Witchcraft =666. Karma Cycles =666. Secrecy =666. Black Nobility =666. The Gods =666. Nikolaj Arcel =666 (director of The Dark Tower). Jewish Lightning =699. A Skyscraper Fire =699. The Great Fire of Londinium =666 happened in the year 1666 and there were 16,606 days between the Grenfell Tower Fire and the deadliest skyscraper fire in world history [Daeyeonggak Hotel 12/25/71, which happened in South Korea 1969 days after Twin Tower ground-breaking]. Similarly, The Torch burned 16,660 days after Daeyeonggak.

The Dark Tower =152/52 with its protagonist The Gunslinger =1152/152 aka Roland of Gilead =152. Dubai UAE =152. The Marina Torch Dubai UAE =152. The Olympics =152. Prometheus =52. The Torch =52 lit up 52 days after Grenfell Tower London =1522 and 2250 days after PyeongChang South Korea =252 was named host city for the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 – a direct hit. (And Obama was born exactly 5025 weeks after Lincoln died).

  • The Marina Torch =225. Marina Torch Dubai United Arab Emirates =225. The Towering Inferno =225. The Olympics =1225. The 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony is appropriately scheduled for 2/25, a span of 205 days after the Skyscraper Fire =205 at The Marina Torch Dubai =205. A Total Solar Eclipse =205. Manifestation =205. Fire =25. Torch =25. Dubai is situated on the 25th meridian.

As we covered in the Grenfell Tower Fire Sacrifice post, an airplane crashed into the Empire State Building 20,500 days before 9/11/01 and another airplane crashed into a building on Wall Street on 20/5 of 1946, 25 days before Trump =25 was born. Trump would later purchase this tower and name it The Trump Building.

That plane crash on Wall Street happened 26,010 days before the Torch Tower Fire =261. On the day of the upcoming Eclipse, Trump will be 26,001 days old. The Towering Inferno =261. The United States of America =261. Masonic Conspiracy =261. Donald Trump + Abraham Lincoln =261. This year marks 2061 years since the assassination of Julius Caesar. Martin Luther King Jr died exactly 261 weeks before the World Trade Center opened, Tupac was shot 26 weeks 1 day before Biggie died, and Roger Ailes was 20,601 days old when he founded Fox.

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration =261. The Eagle =261. Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old for the Moon Landing, which happened when Chris Cornell was exactly 261 weeks old; Kurt Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after John Glenn made the first orbit of Earth.
  • The Eclipse will also mark 1261 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370 vanished and 261 days since the Ghost Ship Fire. Stephen Edwin King =261. 

The penultimate novel in the series, The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, published on 21 September 2004 (Stephen King’s birthday, born in ’47) exactly 4700 days before the fire at the Dubai Torch =47. A Skyscraper Fire =47. Dubai Torch United Arab Emirates =470. The Dark Tower =47 directed by Nikolaj Arcel =47. Roland of Gilead =47. Trump =47/470. World Trade =470. The Eclipse =47. Total Eclipse =47. A Sacrifice =47. Manifestation =147. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with King’s epic series, Roland the Gunslinger is on a quest to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be the nexus of all universes, and stop the Man in Black from destroying it. I read it years ago, one of my all-times, and a major plot point has always stuck with me – history repeats itself over and over again – like the Pi-Cycles we investigate on Extra-Capsa. Fittingly, the protagonist is The Gunslinger =227, also the title of the first book in the series.

  • 227 is the 49th prime, just as Pi =49. The Marina Torch =49. Stephen King =49. Olympics =49. Donald J Trump =49. Trump Building =49. Twin Towers =49. Total Eclipse =49. Prometheus =49. The Marina Torch =149 was torched on 49 numerology with 149 days remaining in the year.

The Gunslinger was first published on 6 October 1982, a span of 15 years 10 months 5 days after ground-breaking of the World Trade Center. The upcoming Eclipse will happen 15 years 11 months 10 days after 9/11/01. Saturn =511. Dark Tower =115. The World Trade Center =115. Freemasons =115. Masonic =115. The King =115. Torch Tower stands 1105 feet tall. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =1105. 

  • That’s exactly 832 weeks from 9/11 to the Eclipse. The Torch Fire happened exactly 2380 weeks after the Daeyeonggak Hotel Fire. World Trade =238. The Man in Black =238. US President Trump =238. Independence Day =238 was declared in America exactly 23 years 8 months after George Washington became a Freemason.

A Total Solar Eclipse =1218 coming on 21/8. The World Trade Center =218. Twin Towers =218. Trump Building =218. President Donald John Trump =2118. TRUMP =218 (in all-caps Francis Bacon like his brand logo) was born exactly 81 years 2 months after Lincoln was killed.