Washington Capitals: Stanley Cup Champions & the Wizard of Oz

The Washington Capitals won the 2018 Stanley Cup on June 7th, the first ever for their franchise. They won in Vegas on the birthday of Vice President Mike Pence, a much-needed morale boost for the nation’s capital city in these times of fear & loathing. They won with their star player Alex Ovechkin, a Russian embedded in DC like so many Cold War spy stories; like rumours of Soviet collusion. Like those clues we saw in the Winter Cherry Fire, and those in the TV series The Americans about secret Soviet agents – its last season featuring a Russian national hockey player – and its series finale just a week before the Caps hoisted the Cup. But perhaps most astonishingly of all the examples of predictive programming, this fiction foreshadowing future, is to be found at the end of a yellow brick road.

The Capitals =114 were founded 1114 weeks before the groundbreaking of their home rink, Capital One Arena, and they won the Stanley Cup 4 years 1 month 1 week after the groundbreaking ceremony of T-Mobile Arena – and exactly 4111 weeks to the day after the 1939 film release of The Wizard of Oz. This is especially curious considering the Emerald City is said to be a metaphor for Washington DC.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 9.57.32 PM

Oz =14/41. NHL =14 / Hockey =41. The National Hockey League =114. Emphasizing this code, the playoffs began on 4/11 and the regular season began on 10/4. Washington Capitals =104. The Washington Capitals =401. Washington =140. Capitals =41. Their hashtag: #ALLCAPS =114. And they won the Finals with a series score of 4-1. 

  • The mascot of the Capitals is a hockey stick named Slapshot =41/104 – which just so happens to the exact same name of the mascot for the Humboldt =401 Broncos =41, the Canadian junior team killed in the bus crash – so there was the big clue.
  • Caps’ coach: Ted Leonsis =41. Caps’ top gun: Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin =140/104. Caps’ goalie: Braden Holtby =41 (from Saskatchewan like Humboldt). Caps’ Head Coach Barry Trotz (played his junior hockey in Saskatchewan) & Caps’ GM: Brian =14 MacLellan =140 were both hired on the same date: 4 years 11 days before 6/6/18, and Caps won the day after. Holtby, Trotz & MacLellan are all Canadians, and they defeated the one team in the Playoffs with the highest percentage of Canadian players.

Verne Troyer =114. The death of Mini-Me on the Queen’s birthday triggering a few of us to go researching the symbolism of dwarves, and lo & behold, 33 days later and it’s the death of the last surviving Munchkin from The Wizard ofOz, Jerry Maren. And to make matters even more spectacular, the author of the Wizard of Oz, L Frank Baum, died 40 years 1 month 1 day before the birth of Mike Pence, who celebrated his 59th bday as the Caps won.

  • The British Empire =1104. The United States =1140. Remember that Trump =114 (born 411 days after Hitler died and 4 years 11 days before the Korean War began) was coded with references to Pink Floyd =104/41 via The Wall – and the Berlin Wall =104 with its collapse leading to the fall of the Soviet Union – and now again with their Oz association: Dark Side of the Rainbow =411. Freemason =411. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow =1140. Aleister Crowley =1140. Crowley =114, the grand master magician whose occult philosophy of Thelema is summarized in his constitutional document, Liber OZ, said to be one of the many esoteric layers embedded within the allegorical film.

4×11=44. Thelema =44. The Capitals won in their 44th Season during the administration of Donald Trump =144, the 44th man to hold office as President =144. Caps won 4 months 4 days after the Philadelphia Eagles =144 won the Super Bowl. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup =144. Brian =44 MacLellan =144. Capital One =1044. 

  • Alexander Ovechkin =144, his first game as a Capital was 11,440 days after the team’s founding date, and they won 14 weeks 4 days before his 33rd birthday – and 1444 weeks after German Reunification. They also won when legendary Canadian sportscaster Don Cherry was 4400 weeks 4 days old, and whenever his deathday is lined up for, that’s gonna be a big one for The Great White North =444. Canada =144.

L Frank Baum =144. Wizard =1404. Munchkins =144. The Emerald City =144. 

Indeed the viewing of The Wizard of Oz as political allegory is backed up by its gematria: Washington DC =187.Emerald City =1087. Troyer =87 died at the age of 18,007 days old. JFK died in the 187thyear of America & 9/11 happened 187 years after the Burning of Washington. Michael Richard Pence =187 turned exactly 708 months old on the day Washington =780 won the Stanley Cup with Ovechkin =87 (who led the team with 87 points) a span of 8 weeks 7 days after the Humboldt Bus Crash. Two Thousand Eighteen Stanley Cup Champion =187. Over the Rainbow =187. Dorothy =87. Dorothy Gale =780. 

United States of America =314. Capital =314. Jerry Maren was the last surviving Munchkin following the ’14 death of Ruth Duccini, the two little people dying exactly 227 weeks apart. Capitals won 22 years 7 months after the groundbreaking on Capital One Arena. This is the pi code, as 22/7=3.14.Dwarf =227. Midget =314. Over the Rainbow =227. Dark Side of the Moon =722. Wonderful Wizard of Oz =3114. The dissolution of the Soviet Union began 10,314 days before 6/6, the eve of the win, which came when Coach Trotz was 3110 weeks 4 days old.

  • Further, the day before the Final, pundits were jabbering about how Trump asked Trudeau, “didn’t Canada burn down the White House?” He was referring to the War of 1812, which began 2 years 2 months 7 days before the Burning of Washington – or exactly 114 weeks.

Brian MacLellan was hired as Capitals GM & Vice-President (like Pence) when he was exactly 20,300 days old, which reminds us that L Frank Baum died at the age of exactly 23,000 days old. Quite the duration. Over the Rainbow =2030, in Jewish Gematria, & Aleister Crowley died 3020 days after the release of The Wizard of Oz.

The Washington Capitals =161 win the same year as The Eagles =161 both emblazoned with the same symbolic winged beast. Capitals =161 were founded 16,010 days before these Playoffs began and they won exactly 6160 weeks after the original publishing date of The Wizard of Oz book. The Burning of Washington occurred exactly 1616 weeks after the end of the Revolutionary War. Wizard =161. Freemason =191. Lollipop Guild =191. Jerry Maren born 1919, the year that L Frank Baum died.

In that last game of the Stanley Cup Finals, there was a clock malfunction, where with 1:49 left in the 3rd period the time suddenly jumped to 15:19. That’s equivalent to 919 seconds, as Gematrinator documented here. However, the key detail he missed: Stanley Cup=919, in Jewish Gematria. That’s one for the photo album, an alphanumeric tribute impossible to call coincidence. And it’s blatant stunts like this that really get me wondering about the deliberate unveiling of the Craft, like the Programmers are hoping we will discover the hidden truth of our reality; like they’re helping us do it.

Soviet Union =519. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz =519. The Dark Side of the Moon =915. 

Speaking of Illusion =666, let’s talk about the 666.

Liber Oz =666, in Jewish Gematria, the number written into its logo (pictured above) by the man who mastered Gematria, the first man to write books on it. Liber Oz =996 in English Extended. Munchkin =996. Lollipop Kid =996. Princess Ozma =996, the rightful ruler of Oz in the story. Super Bowl LII =966. Philadelphia Eagles =966. The Eagles =966. Gary Bruce Bettman =1696, the NHL Commissioner (the Wizard of Oz?) turned a perfect 66 years 6 days old the day he presented the Cup to the Caps.

National Hockey League =669. The day before they won the Cup was 6/6/(6+6+6) which incidentally was both 9660 days after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and 16,066 days after the Caps were founded – as well as a perfectly synchronized span of 669 weeks 6 days after Ovechkin signed with the Capitals. Ovechkin was also 1699 weeks old when this year’s Playoffs began, giving more evidence to the theory that a 1 before number represents its ‘fulfilment’, as I read in an old manuscript I once found in a used bookshop on Vancouver Island.

Exactly 33 weeks after the Washington Capitals win will be 10,666 weeks after the Burning of Washington… This future date to watch out for is 1/24/19, incidentally the 100th birthday of Jerry Maren, the last surviving Munchkin now pushing daisies.

  • I’m reminded of the urban legend about the hanged Munchkin allegedly in the background of a forest scene in The Wizard of Oz. As covered in the previous post – 6/5: Kate Spade hangs herself; 6/6: Queen Maxima’s sister kills herself; 6/7: Capitals win the Cup; 6/8: Anthony Bourdain hangs himself. That sounds like another riddle.

Also, the day after the Golden Knights lose the Stanley Cup Finals, King James & the Cavaliers lose the NBA Finals. Not going so well for the Royals, symbolically anyway. All of which makes the cover of TIME with Trump as King, released the day Washington won, that much more prescient. And speaking about my previous post, with World Cup 21 & Blackjack, may I direct your attention towards the suit that Don Cherry was wearing that same night of June 7th in Vegas:

Before we close I want to discuss the Burning of Washington that’s been brought up into the mainstream consciousness. The British (with the assistance of their Canadian colonies) invaded DC on 24 August 1812, and indeed set fire to the White House, known then as the Presidential Mansion, along with putting the torch to much of the city as the elected officials ran for the hills. It was the only time since the American Revolutionary War that a foreign power has captured and occupied the United States capital.

But get a load of this:

“Less than a day after the attack began, a sudden, very heavy thunderstorm—possibly a hurricane—put out the fires. It also spun off a tornado that passed through the center of the capital, setting down on Constitution Avenue and lifting two cannons before dropping them several yards away, killing British troops and American civilians alike. Following the storm, the British returned to their ships, many of which were badly damaged. The occupation of Washington lasted only about 26 hours. After the ‘Storm that saved Washington’, as it soon came to be called, the Americans returned to the city.” – Wikipedia, Burning of Washington

Sounds fishy as fuck. Hours after the British invade Washington and set the torch to its government buildings a HURRICANE & TORNADO COMBO magically appear like some sort of deus ex machina and save the good people of America… Right. Or no one’s still around to argue with the fanciful rewriting of history. And the ‘Storm That Saved Washington’ reminds me of the lightning storm that hit DC as they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Conference Finals.

Though maybe it did happen like we’re told, since truth is stranger than fiction. Maybe it was a false flag, or the Brits (working with the Americans at the top of the pyramid) staged it to occur as a storm was inbound so as to salvage the buildings that ultimately always belonged to the Crown Corporation, to the Occult Elite as the Knights of the Round Table, and never to Americans. Perhaps a more detailed takeaway here is that just like last year’s NBA Finals perfectly synched to the English Civil War, a symbolic re-creation of history – as is the Masonic way – we find proof of another staged sports championship in tribute of a past war. Which begs the question: What global conflict will play itself out again at this year’s World Cup?

[HUGE shoutout to our main truth-sleuth TwoTwoFourConnection for making these most epic Wizard of Oz discoveries] And thank YOU, for reading. 

Belgian Terror Rituals and Royal Numerology Shenanigans

Like fricken clockwork, a terror attack on 29 May 2018, as a radical Muslim man fresh out of jail allegedly murders two female police officers in Liège Belgium then takes a woman hostage at a high school next door before being shot dead by authorities. This latest event in Belgium =314 (Satanic Gematria) hits a pi-parallel span of 2 years 2 months 7 days after the Brussels Bombing of 3/22/16 – and if you’re new here, 22/7 is the fraction equivalent of 3.14 Pi, and history repeats by the numbers through predictable coordinates of fractal time.

Liege Attack =104. So this incident in Liege Belgium =41 at the Aux Augustins Cafe =114 and Athenee de Waha High School =114 comes exactly 114 weeks after the Brussels Bombing, which hit 4 months 10 days after the Paris Attacks and exactly 14 months before the Manchester Attack. Charles Michel =1410 took office as Belgian PM on 10/11/14 and Trudeau =114 took office as Canadian PM on 11/4 – or 1 year 14 days after the Ottawa Parliament Hill Shooting – and the connection here is that both their fathers were prominent politicians. We’ll explore this father-son theme deeper, using the alphanumeric patterns in this staged terror drill (or hoax or false flag or whatever) as tracing paper to identify and forecast the larger occult tributes at play.

  • This event blamed on a dude named Benjamin =114 comes 1 month 14 days after the King of Belgium’s birthday and his father Albert II =140 reigned for exactly 1041 weeks. Royal =141. Allahu Akbar =140. Islamic State =41. Terrorism =141/41. Terror Hoax =41. 
  • And to tie it into the World Cup =104/41, Belgium’s star captain Eden Hazard =1104 (who just won the FA Cup Final with Chelsea, over Manchester) was a way too perfect age of 10,004 days old on the day of the Liege Attack =104. Hazard =104/41.  

Athenee de Waha High School =6069 makes it the perfect location for a Hoax =669, just as the Brussels Bombing occurred 669 days after the Jewish Museum of Belgium Shooting, one of the first big events in the European Islamic Terror Wave. Charles Michel =696. Pierre Trudeau =966. Royalty =696 and Prince Charles is currently 69 years 6 months old. Just yesterday we had the death of another soccer player, Neale Cooper (a Scot from Aston Villa, Prince William’s favourite club) who died at the age of 19,909 days old – two days after Aston Villa lost the championship.

There was a major terror attack in Liège back on 12/13/11 which yields two mirror durations when we run it against this latest attack: they happened exactly 337 weeks and/or 77 months 3 weeks apart. PM Charles Michel was born 10,337 days after the birth of his father and the Ottawa Parliament Hill Shooting happened 733 weeks after Pierre Trudeau died, as well as 3 years 7 months 7 days before this Liège Attack. Michel was exactly 37 years 7 months old when the King of Belgium ascended the throne, 1773 days before this event.

In case there’s a clue buried in here with all this repetition, we see that on 27 July 2018, Queen Elizabeth II will be 33,700 days old. Prince Charles =68/130 was 33 years 7 months old when his son William was born. 337 is the 68th prime and 733 the 130th prime number, segueing smoothly into our next sequence.

This incident in Liege Belgium =103 began at 10:30 AM on May Twenty-Ninth Twenty Eighteen =131 with a perp whose surname is Herman =103/31. Now hold onto your butts.

  • That 2011 Liège Attack on the 13th day took 131 casualties 10 years 3 months 1 day after 9/11/01 and 3 years 11 months before the Paris Attacks of 11/13 (with its 130 dead). The Paris Attacks came 11 months 13 days after Donald Tusk =131/31 took office as EU President, as well as 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre and 131 days before the Brussels Bombing. The Paris Attacks was the worst act of terrorism in Europe since the 3/11 Madrid Bombing, which itself happened 130 weeks 1 day after 9/11/01.
  • Bit of a pattern here eh, ya might say. Donald Trump =130 was also born 13 years 10 months 1 day before the birth of the King of Belgium =131.

And get this, the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Yves Jean Ghislaine Michel =1013/301 took office exactly 13 years 1 months after 9/11/01 and 1 year 1 month 3 days before the 11/13 Paris Attacks. Michel =1300/31 was also born 3 years 11 months after Justin Trudeau, who took office 1 year 13 days after the Parliament Hill Shooting, which happened 13 years 1 month 11 days after 9/11/01. This is criminal complicity. Freemasonry =130. Tusk =13. Prince Charles =131. Masonry =131. Islamic State =131/103. Championship =131. 

Indeed we’ve been seeing everything 13 lately, and it’s one of the few keystone source codes dominating this holographic matrix. The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and all that bullshit.

Now an interesting detail about King Philippe of Belgium is that he ascended the throne following the abdication of his father, King Albert II. The parallels here to the Windsors are curious as to whether Charles will abdicate in favour of King William =1055 (in Jewish Gematria), the supporter of Aston Villa Football Club =1505 (in Jewish Gematria).

Kingdom of Belgium =155. Philippe =155 was 55 years 11 months old for the Brussels Bombing and Charles Michel was the perfect age of 15,500 days old for this latest terror attack in Liège that ended at a high school called Athenee de Waha =555. Michel took office 55 weeks 5 days before Trudeau, who took office 5515 days after the death of his father, Pierre Trudeau – who just so happened to die when Justin was 10,505 days (or 1500 weeks 5 days) old. Another beautiful example of mathemagic.

  • This number’s a big one, too: Freemasons =155. Military Industrial Complex =155. Global Network =155. The Agency =155. The Vatican =155. Jew =1505 (in Jewish Gematria). Social Engineers =155. Elizabeth =155. The Illuminati =551. Royal =551. Charles & Diana were married for 5510 days. 
  • And lest we fuckin forget that Diana died when her son William was 5550 days old and was born 11,555 days after the birth of Grace Kelly (both princesses killed in French car wrecks as Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555).

On another angle, Donald J Trump =888 was 1155 weeks old for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy (or a tight 8088 days old) who will tie in again with another gem momentarily. Trump is also 5055 days older than King Philippe – or exactly 722 weeks, for another instance of the pi-code that sparked this investigation.

Two days from now will be 6106 days after 9/11/01, a sequence I’ve been observing a lot of lately. Pierre Trudeau =616. The day before this Liège Attack, Donald Tusk was 61 years 1 month 6 days old and it happened 6 months 16 days after Prince Charles’ birthday. This World Cup final on July Fifteenth =616 comes 60 years 16 days after Brazil’s first ever World Cup win – and 16 years 16 days after their last. Brazil =16Messi =16 will be 1616 weeks for the start of the tournament. Just sayin. 

6/6/18 is another date to watch as not only does it reduce to 6/6/(6+6+6) but it’s exactly 600 months after the Bobby Kennedy assassination. Kennedy =666. On this date, Albert II’s birthday, Meghan Markle will be simultaneously 13,090 days, exactly 1870 weeks, and 430 months old.

  • Amazingly, this is the EXACT duration between the births of Prince Charles and Prince Harry: 13,090 days apart. The Queen will also be exactly 4807 weeks old on this day and 487 is the 93rd prime. Prince William was born 11,093 days after his grandmother ascended the throne, so we have proof that this long count is of occult importance.

Rachel Meghan Markle =930 was also born 31,091 days after Wallace Simpson =1319 (Jewish G) and 6/6/18 is 90 weeks 3 days after Trump’s election. Belgium =393. Liege =193. King Albert II reigned for 19 years 11 months 13 days and Belgium declared its independence 3119 days before it was officially recognized; reminding us that September 11th happened 3119 days after the ’93 World Trade Center Attacks, and that 3119 is the 444th prime.

Another thought about Belgium and how this False Flag =121 or Hoax =12/21 blamed on Benjamin Herman =211 pertains to their national team’s chances in the 21st FIFA World Cup: This event comes 2 weeks 1 day before the eve of the tournament start and 120 weeks before the Final. Their coach Martinez =211/112 was hired 1 year 10 months 12 days before the opener and 1 year 11 months 12 days before the Final. And their poster boy Eden Hazard =102 will be yet another phenomenally glorious age of 10,020 days old on Day 1 of the World Cup =112.

Morgan Freeman & the #MeToo Ritual: Occult Numerology at its Most Blatant

Harvey Weinstein was charged with rape the day after he turned 66 years 66 days old – and on that day with his 666 alignment, crowd-favourite Morgan Freeman made news as the latest to be hit with sexual harassment allegations. Morgan Freeman + Bill Cosby =999, in Satanic Gematria, no less. Freeman =1999 [Reverse Extended] and the day after his allegations, the day that Weinstein was charged, was 19 years 9 months 9 days after Bill Clinton’s infamous denial that he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

Weinstein’s original film company Miramax was acquired by The Walt Disney Company on 30 June 1993, or a parallel span of 9096 days before Weinstein was charged with rape. Walt Disney, the company with the hidden 666 in its logo, merged with Fox =666 another parallel duration of 996 weeks after it was forecasted on The Simpsons episode titled “When You Dish Upon A Star”, which is an occult nod to Lucifer, the black sun known as Sirius.

  • F=6 O=6 X=6. Illusion =666. Pictures =666. Witchcraft =666. Black Nobility =666. Directors =666. The Gods =666. Arcane Occult =696. Royalty =696. Perfection =666. The Beast System =1666. 

And we can keep our eyes peeled for the upcoming date of August 4th (Meghan Markle & Barak Obama’s birthday) when it will mark 666 days after the ‘Pussygate’ scandal broke with the Access Hollywood interview between Billy Bush and Donald Trump. Also, on 9/9/18 (a date that reduces to 9-9-9) it will be 6 years 6 months 6 days after the band Pussy Riot was arrested in Russia on charges of hooliganism. And look at this: Donald Trump was elected 6660 days after Clinton’s blowjob denial. Karma Cycles =666.

Interestingly the latest project on Freeman’s resume is the upcoming and aptly named film, Angel Has Fallen. The third in the Has Fallen series, Freeman plays the President of the United States (here in the era of President Pussy-Grabber) who survives an assassination attempt. The Secret Service agent framed for the attempt must race to clear his name and uncover the real terrorist threat which has its sights set on Air Force One… All coincidental, we’re led to believe. The film was announced a week after the #MeToo Movement began.

  • And lest we forget that Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines – who he was allegedly fucking – was murdered on 16 August 2015, stabbed 25 times outside her New York apartment at the ripe age of 33 years old. On our 8/14/18 target it will be 13,303 days later. Morgan Freeman + Bill Cosby =333. Bill Clinton’s infamous denial came 30 weeks 3 days after the Lewinski scandal broke.

And honestly, who’s played the US President more than Morgan Freeman?

Do you remember back around the Final Four when I was going off about all the 545 coding? Morgan Freeman =445 [English Extended] is 5405 days older than Weinstein and Cosby =545 in Jewish Gematria, the big fish cypher. Bill Cosby =54/45. Morgan Freeman + Bill Cosby =454 in Franc Baconis. The #MeToo Movement began on (10/17/16) or 5 months 4 days before Weinstein’s birthday. Miramax =451. Sexual Misconduct =145. Pussy Riot =54/45. Angel Has Fallen =54. Donald J Trump =154. 

E’Dena Hines =54/504 was murdered exactly 145 weeks before Morgan Freeman’s allegations, and 154 weeks 5 days before our 8/4/18 target.

  • Morgan Freeman =104/41 and Cosby =141 (aka William Henry Cosby Junior =141) were born 41 days apart (and 14 years before Weinstein) and Cosby was charged 4 weeks 1 day before the allegations about Freeman came out. The Weinstein Company =104. Sexual Assault =140. Sex Offender =104/114. Rape =14. 

Cosby & Freeman were also born 42 days apart. #MeToo =402. Nigger =42. And we know that many investigators will be pointing out the ongoing theme of black entertainer character assassinations and the racist coding therein. Sirius =402. 

And how’s this one: Morgan Freeman’s allegations broke exactly 1890 weeks after the birth of E’Dena Hines and the #MeToo Movement began exactly 18 years 9 months after the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal first broke. This number also signals an intelligence operation to me, as the CIA was founded on 18/9 and the Mossad was founded 18,900 days before 9/11/01. Sirius =189. 

Bill Clinton was born on 19/8 and E’Dena Hines was murdered on 16/8 (exactly 3600 weeks after Clinton’s birth or 25,200 days; Weinstein charged on 5/25). Cosby was charged 19 years 8 months after Clinton’s denial. Fallen Angels indeed, as the Luciferians celebrate their latest character assassinations designed to deliver optimal psychological warfare, all entirely scripted in accordance with the patterns of occult numerology.

Royal Wedding & the Mysterious Suicide of a Playboy Playmate

Stephanie Adams, Playboy Playmate of November 1992, died from defenestration on 5/18, the eve of the Royal Wedding, falling to her death from the 25th-floor penthouse of the Gotham Hotel in New York – while clutching her 7-year-old son Vincent. With no note left behind “it’s unclear if it was an accident or a murder-suicide” – notice no mention of the elephant in the room: that she was murdered in a ritual blood sacrifice. But who is Ms Adams and why would it be symbolic?

Exactly like Meghan Markle, Stephanie Adams was a biracial American model who traced her lineage back to key politicians – in this case, to founding father John Adams. Stephanie was earlier known as the ‘best lesbian sex symbol’ after being the first ever Playmate to come out, then a few years later married a man and said she’d actually been straight all along. Adams was also a self-made millionaire, author & CEO who won $1.2 million in a police brutality lawsuit against the NYPD, and was once dubbed the Goddess of Wall Street.

A feminist icon, some might say, just like Meghan Markle who walked herself down the aisle, and now Adams & her only child have fallen to their shared deaths the day before Meghan’s official induction into the Royal O’Cult. Already it’s spooky, but the numbers tell the tale – and all but solve the case that the Adams Family was in fact murdered in a ritual occult killing.

Stephanie =101 Adams =11 was born on (7+24+70) =101, making her an occult perfect 11 years 11 days older than Meghan =111 (who was married here exactly 11 weeks before her birthday) and Adams died in New York =111, all of which is quite suspect right off the bat. And she was Playmate in Nov ’92, which reduces to 11-11. The British Royal Family =111. 

  • Hugh =10 Hefner =111 founded Playboy on 10/1. Adams =11 died 10,011 weeks after the July 4th (7+4=11) death of President John Adams =111. Chelsea FC won the FA Cup Final the very next day, the day of the Royal Wedding, exactly 11 years after the last time Chelsea played Man U =111 in the FA Cup Final, which they also won.
  • Prince Harry =111. Harry =11 was the first royal to be named the Duke of Sussex =101 since Prince Augustus Frederick =111 and Harry was 11 years 11 months old for the divorce of his mother, Princess Diana =111. 
  • Further, the day before Adams died, Gina Haspel was confirmed as the first female CIA Director =101 in history, another case of supposed female empowerment here in the 100th year of suffrage. Haspel =101 was born on 10/1, exactly three years after Playboy was founded. Remember Markle’s see-through shirt for her engagement photos?

Especially with the nudie mag connection here, this perfect age difference of 11 years 11 days between Stephanie & Meghan reminds me of the deaths of those two porn stars a few months back, August Ames & Shyla Stylez =110 (their initials AA=11 & SS=11 like Stephanie’s SA=11) who were born exactly 11 years 11 months apart – and died a royal-friendly span of 26 days after one another (obviously more on this 26 code later).

Stephanie Adams =81/810/181Playboy Playmate =108.Adams =18 died in ’18 on the 18th at Gotham Hotel =118 in New York =108 the day before the wedding of Harry & Meghan =118. Prince Harry =810 aka Prince Henry =1080/108/810 born on (9+15+84) =108. Meghan Markle =108 born in ‘81 like Catherine Middleton =81 the Duchess of Cambridge =81. 

  • Cambridge =181. The title of Sussex =81 was first conferred in 1801 and Harry & Meghan were married exactly 1081 weeks after the death of Princess Diana – which happened 18,181 days after the Queen’s wedding. Meghan is now the Duchess of Sussex =81.
  • Gina Haspel =81. Gina Cheri Haspel =810. CIA =118. 

And with these powerful synchs in play, it’s no small wonder that Kate Middleton’s favourite football team Chelsea FC =181 won the Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =818 over Manchester United FC =818/81/180 on the day of the wedding. Especially with the manager/star combo of Conte =18 & Eden Hazard =81 in the 180th matchup of the two teams. In an ominous sign, Victoria Beckham caught flack at the wedding for dressing in a black veil as if for a funeral; her husband David of course a former gun for Manchester United.

I’m surprised the Gotham Hotel wasn’t located in Chelsea, New York.

Prince Augustus Frederick =141 the original Duke of Sussex =1014 had a consort who was born exactly 11,141 weeks before Meghan, wed 41 weeks 1 day after her own birthday. And in the same vein, old Prince Augustus was buried 141 years 4 months 11 days before the birth of Prince Harry =141. Stephanie died on (5+18+18)=41 a span of 10,011 weeks 4 days after the death of her ancestor John Adams.

  • Stephanie was 14 years 1 month older than Prince Harry =141 and was 1414 weeks old when Diana died (411 days before 9/11/01). This matters because the Queen was 1414 weeks old for her coronation. Royal =141. The Royal Wedding =1410. The Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =141. Chelsea FC =141. Chelsea Football Club =114/1044.

Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =144. Duchess of Cambridge =144. Cambridge =44. Harry =44. Gina Haspel =144 confirmed 4 months 14 days before her birthday. Gina Cheri Haspel =144. Vincent Adams =44. Stephanie Adams =444 in Jewish G. Occult =444.

Stephanie Adams =126. Adams =126 in Jewish G, died 2 months 6 days before her birthday. Gotham =26. Royal =26/62. Royal Wedding =62. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =126 were born 162 weeks apart and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex =1062. Prince Henry =162. Markle =612 the Duchess of Sussex =126 and Kate Middleton =126 the Duchess of Cambridge =162. Cambridge =62. Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. 

  • Chelsea =162/26. Chelsea FC =62. Eden Hazard =126. Antonio Conte =62.
  • Adams died 2060 days after the death of Johnny Lewis =206 the kid from Sons of Anarchy who fell to his death after murdering his 81-year-old landlady and her cat.

The first Duke of Sussex died on 4/21 (the future Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, exactly 996 months later) at the age of 2620 weeks 2 days old and Stephanie Adams was born 6262 days after the Queen’s 6/2 coronation; the Queen 1126 weeks 2 days old for her own wedding, or 21 years 6 months old. And never forget that Meghan was born exactly 162,600 days after the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn and was 16 years 26 days old the day before the death of Princess Diana =262. And also that Grace Kelly =1026 (another American actress) was killed in another car crash when Queen Elizabeth II was exactly 20,600 days old.

Gina Cheri Haspel =126/1620 the new CIA Director =206 was born 10,026 days after the birth of the Queen =26/62 in ’26 and 602 days after she took the throne and became Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. This run is epic enough to be a post all of its own but hey, I’m on a roll here!

There’s Meghan’s old man, Thomas Markle – an Emmy-nominated cinematographer – in a staged photo reading a picture book about Britain. As you’re probably aware, he didn’t make the wedding. In fact, the one and only member of Markle’s family present at the ritual event was her mother, Doria Ragland, who sat alone. All of this just feels so creepy to me, as if the Royal Occult has officially claimed ownership of Meghan Markle to do with as they see fit, in accordance as always with sacred numerology and ritual reenactments of symbolic allegory.

Now let’s wrap this bad boy up with the classic 33 set.

  • Born 3310 days after Princess Diana, Adams died 1330 weeks after her issue of Playboy =33 and 33 weeks 3 days after the death of Hugh Hefner. Prince Harry + Meghan Markle =303 were married 1133 weeks 3 days after Diana & Charles’ divorce while Harry is currently 33 years old. Kate Middleton =133.
  • Chelsea =33 won the Twenty Eighteen FA Cup =331 a span of 33 days after Prince William’s birthday and 333 days before his next; the only goal scored by Eden Hazard =33 whose birthday is 33 weeks 3 days after the match. Further, the 33rd prime number is 137 and this was the 137th FA Cup. Twenty Eighteen Emirates FA Cup =137. And I’m not the only one who thought it looked like Man U threw the game.

Masonry =33. Sussex =133/330. Prince Augustus Frederick, the original Duke of Sussex, was Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, which just so happens to have been founded 300 years 330 days before this Royal Wedding. And now you know, the rest of the story.

Mahathir Mohamad Malaysian PM

Mahathir Mohamad took office as prime minister of Malaysia on 10 May 2018, making him the world’s oldest sitting head of state or government. We’re going to run the numbers on him synched up with two other main vectors: Queen Elizabeth II, previously the oldest head of state, and King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, the world’s longest-serving head-of-state before his death in 2016. And reminder that Malaysia recently passed a law making fake news illegal and punishable by up to six years in jail – so I better be careful what I say about old Mohamad here.

  • Mohamad =44 was born 40 weeks 4 days before Elizabeth II =44. This means that Mohamad was precisely 92 years 10 months old when he took office, an age that equals exactly 1114 months old, for a nice run there.

Evolution =1114. Bhumibol =114. Elizabeth =114. The British Empire =1104. Secret Fraternity =1104. Freemason =411. Malaysia was colonized by Britain which means the secret forces behind Britain are still ultimately in command, as goes for all the “commonwealth” and former vassal states including the United States of America.

There’s a 25/52 run I see repeating here too. Mohamad =25/52 was born in ’25 a span of 125 weeks before King Bhumibol =152 of Thailand (Malaysia’s neighbour to the north) and he took office 1525 days after Flight MH-370 vanished into the wild blue yonder. Kuala Lumpur =125. 

Mahathir Mohamad =133  took office as Malaysian Prime Minister =331/1033 on numerology of (5+10+20+18) =33. And if you want to see a truly killer sequence here, check out the age of Mohamad on the day that King Bhumibol died: 33,333 days old – and 3 months 3 days after his birthday. Bhumibol =33. Thailand =33. Elizabeth =33. Now that’s juicy. Zoolander =133. 

I’m reminded of the movie Zoolander (2001) which features a plot to use a male model as a mind-controlled patsy to assassinate the Malaysian prime minister. Remember that one? Zoolander opened 6069 days before Mohamad took office the second time – and he was also the PM at the time the movie opened. Royalty =696. The Gods =666. Black Nobility =666. Directors =666. 

Mahathir Mohamad born on the 174th day of the year is the 4th & 7th prime minister of Malaysia, its capital Kuala Lumpur =147. Malaysia Prime Minister =74. Malaysia =174. MK-Ultra =174. Zoolander =47. Authority =47. Illuminati =470. 

Kate & Louis: Rosemary’s Baby and the Royal-Illuminati Coven

Seven hours after giving birth to Prince Louis of Cambridge on 4/23/18, Kate Middleton made a public appearance on the steps of St Mary’s Church, wearing a nearly identical dress to the one that Mia Farrow wore in Rosemary’s Baby (1968). In case you missed that flick, it’s all about a high-society occult coven manipulating a young woman for ritualistic purposes – namely the birth of the antichrist. And when you know that’s pretty much the exact story of Kate and Diana before her, you know that outfit was no coincidence at all.

Rosemary’s Baby released in the USA on 6/21/68, a date 14 years 9 days before the birth of Prince William and 49 years 10 months 11 days before the birth of Prince Louis. And what’s crazy about this parallel is that 11,409 days before the sacrifice of Princess Diana was the date 6/6/66 – the implied birth date of the Antichrist =149 in the film (definitely at least 6/66). Incubus =149. Sharon Tate =149. Rachel Meghan Markle =409. 

  • If we count from the French release date of the film (10/17/68) – which I call legit as not only is Louis a French name but Diana was ritually sacrificed in Paris – it opened 18,090 days before the name day (4/27/18) of Louis Arthur Charles Windsor =1980. Like the 1969 Manson Murders on 8/9. Rosemary’s Baby =1891. 

Indeed speaking about Louis Arthur Charles, the Manson Family Massacre happened 13 months after Rosemary’s Baby, the director’s pregnant wife murdered in their own living room as the pivotal moment that ended the good vibrations of the 60s – a staged occult ritual psychological operation that (according to my research) was a total scripted hoax, a weapon designed to destroy.

If we count to the name-day of Prince Louis (4/27) it was 2602 weeks after the US release of Rosemary’s Baby and he was born 262 days before his mother’s next birthday. In the film, it’s said the baby was due on 6/28/66, or 1626 weeks before the sacrifice of Princess Diana =262. Meghan Markle was born 11 years 11 months 26 days after the death of Sharon Tate-Polanski =206 – and if you’re new here you don’t have to search far to find that this alphanumeric sequence is beyond debate cemented in the royal occult.

  • Tate =206/62 was buried 6 months 20 days after her 26th birthday. Manson =26/62. President Gerald Ford survived an alleged assassination attempt by another member of the Manson Family 6 years 26 days after the Tate Murders.

In the movie, the dates October 4th & 5th are pinpointed by the coven as prime dates for copulation to obtain a numerologically-correct birth. If we count back exactly 9 months from Louis’s 4/23 birth we get 7/21/17, or just a couple days after Kate & William’s trip to Germany ended – another connection there as the House of Windsor rebranded from the House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha; the history of Europe the history of feuding cousins all born of the Illuminati bloodline. Prince Louis conceived in Germany amid sex-magick rituals, makes sense.

Prince William =93 was 13,090 days old for the birth of Louis Arthur Charles Windsor =139. Sharon Tate was sacrificed 1139 days after the due date in the film. Freemasonry =139. Elite =139. Ceremonial Magick =139. Prince Louis =193.

  • William was also exactly 1870 weeks old when Louis was born, two days after the Queen’s birthday when Verne Troyer was sacrificed at the age of 18,007 days old. William the Conqueror died in 1087 CE. JFK died in the 187th year of the United States and Richard Nixon died exactly 1187 weeks before Trump took office.

And it really should never be forgotten that Prince William was 5550 days old when Diana died, making him 5555 days old the day before his mother’s funeral. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555.

Royal-Canadian Synchronizations & the Palace of Versailles

Props to Nicky T for the XXL connections on the Royal-Toronto synchronizations; his finds summarized as follows: William & Kate’s new baby boy, Prince Louis of Cambridge was born on 4/23, the day of the Toronto Van Attack. Prince Harry’s wiki profile pic shows him in Toronto (at the 2017 Invictus Games) and the second image on Meghan Markle’s wiki page shows her in Toronto (at the 2012 Film Festival). Harry & Meghan’s first public appearance together was at an official royal engagement in Toronto, where Meghan lived while there filming the TV series Suits, which first aired in 2011 – the year of Meghan’s first wedding.

2011 was the last year Boston won the Stanley Cup, defeating the Vancouver Canucks – and there hasn’t been a Canadian team in the Finals since. 2011 was also the year The King’s Speech was released, a film about George becoming King after his brother abdicates in order to marry a divorced American (just like Meghan). 4/23 was also St George’s Day (the dude who immortalized for slaying the dragon) who died this day in 303 CE like Harry currently 33 years old.

Meghan is a direct descendant of Christopher Hussey, one of the founders of Nantucket, a town in Massachusettes like Boston. Hussey was made an Esquire by King Charles II who was coronated on 4/23 of 1661. And also on 4/23 of 2018, the birth of Prince Louis Arthur Charles, Boston defeated Toronto in Massachusetts at TD Garden, the arena sponsored by Toronto-Dominion Bank. And that’s quite a lot of synchs! Great work by Nicky T there. Now let’s see what else we can find.


First of all, I urge readers to check out this old post of mine on Defenestration & the Curious Case of Garry Hoy, a banker who accidentally smashed through a window on the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Center on 9 July 1993. That was the 100th year of the Stanley Cup, and the 24th win by the Montreal Canadiens, 24 years ago, as the last Canadian team to win the Cup.

  • Hoy =74 was 14,070 days old when he fell out the window in Toronto =470.  Louis Arthur Charles =174 was born 147 days after Harry & Meghan announced their engagement, a date (11/27/17) that was a parallel 174 days before their wedding. Versailles =174. 

And as a funny synchronicity, in the comments Marian Marcus associated the new Prince Louis of Cambridge with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the last king & queen of France, guillotined in the Revolution in 1793 – and yesterday I actually visited Château de Versailles here in Paris. It was overrated to say the least, just some old rich douchebag’s house, and it mostly succeeded in making me even more pissed off at the arrogance of the occult elite.

1793: Louis XVI’s last full day of life saw him at the age of 14,030 days old (2004 weeks 2 days) and his wife Marie Antoinette had her head chopped off 14,300 days (2042 weeks) after the birth of Louis XVI. And all this 143 years after the beheading of a British monarch, Charles I. Regicide =340 [Satanic]. Prince Louis of Cambridge =403. Prince Louis =43/134. Cloned Royalty =143.

And I had a vision, while urinating behind a bush in the palace gardens, that if human cloning is as real as it’s said to be I wouldn’t it past the Royals to resurrect the old kings. And maybe Prince Louis of Cambridge is actually one of the 16 French Kings named Louis, brought back to life again, as it were, through some preserved DNA sample – which reminds us of Jurassic Park and the Toronto Raptors (who will be probably playing the Cavaliers in the next round, perfect for the connection to the aforementioned executed King Charles, the second son of King James VI and I).