The Manchester Bomb Fraud Thief

News from the Manchester Arena Bombing that a homeless man originally cast as a hero for helping survivors has been jailed for four years after robbing the wounded. “You were not the hero you pretended to be – you were just a common thief,” a judge told Chris Parker. It’s comical in light of our recent coverage of Alek Skarlatos, the Thalys Train Hero who was absent during the Umpqua College Shooting because he was on Dancing with the Stars, and the father of Spencer Stone arrested for committing fraud. All this in the lead-up to the 15:17 to Paris movie about the Thalys Hoax, starring the three heroes playing themselves and several actors from comedy series.

Chris Parker is 33 years old. Chris =33. Parker =33. Homeless =33. Thief =33. False Flag =33. Staged Drill =33. Drill =330. Problem Reaction Solution =330. Footage of the Manchester Bombing aftermath shows the #33 on multiple video screens, as pictured above.

  • And we’re reminded of the London Tube Bombing hoax on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday which coincided with the death of Harry Dean Stanton at the age of 33,300 days old, and 303 days before his birthday.

<<“I’d like to think someone would come and help me if I needed the help.” Parker, who held one injured woman in her 60s as she lay dying, told the Press Association he hadn’t been able to stop crying.>> (Guardian article from 5/26). All amounting to more psychological warfare by design. You can imagine some citizens like ‘hey maybe those bums aren’t so bad after all…’ — then now: ‘fuck those guys! my prejudices have been confirmed! long live capitalism!’

Can’t you hear that boom be doom boom boom boom be doom boom beh! =1055/222. Ariana Grande tweeted this back in 2011 but it went viral after the ‘bombing’, tricking many people into thinking she’d tweeted it insensitively after the event. It was dated 2085/2086 days before the Manchester Arena Bombing =285/286.

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The Thalys Attack / Umpqua College Shooting Coincidence

Alek Skarlatos, one of the three American heroes who saved the day in the fraudulent terror attack aboard a Thalys train (now being made into a Clint Eastwood propaganda bonanza, as we covered two posts previously) is the focal point of another ridiculous ‘coincidence’ that I’d forgotten about. He was enrolled as a student at Umpqua Community College in his hometown of Roseburg Oregon (population 21,000) when it was hit by a staged shooting event on 1 October 2015, exactly six weeks after the Thalys Attack (and exactly six weeks before the Paris Attacks).

The best part is that while this Umpqua Community College Shooting happened, allegedly killing one teacher and eight students, Skarlatos was away in Hollywood performing on Dancing with the Stars =260. Alek Skarlatos =206. Aleksander Skarlatos =206/62. Skarlatos =26/602. Christopher Harper-Mercer =1602 was the gunman born on the 26th day of July and the shooting at Umpqua =26 happened on 26 numerology (1+10+15) and 2 months 6 days after his 26th birthday. UCC =206. Roseburg OR =216 (expressed as 6x6x6).

Roseburg Oregon =669. Roseburg =666. Skarlatos =696. And another awesome part of Harper-Mercer being 26 years 2 months old for the shooting is that’s a Pi-span of 314 months. Skarlatos will be exactly 1322 weeks old for the release of Fifteen Seventeen =314.

  • Harper-Mercer apparently went student-to-student asking “are you Christian” and murdering those who professed their faith in Christ. As it turns out, Skarlatos is a Christian, and “deeply religious” according to his Wikipedia. Fresh off battling Muslims in France, how many people wished that if only this hero had been there to save the day again. And not prancing around on television instead.

Another funny coincidence is that Bobby Kennedy delivered a speech on gun control there in Roseburg =100, and was gunned down 10 days later. The shooting at Umpqua Community College =101 happened 10 days before Skarlatos’ 10/10 birthday. On Week 10 of Dancing with the Stars, Skarlatos danced to ‘America the Beautiful’ and got Perfect 10s from the judges. Full propaganda, and now the 15:17 to Paris movie opening five days after the Super Bowl between Eagles & Patriots. José, can you see (over that wall)?

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.21.19 PM.png

15:17 to Paris & the Thalys Train Fraud

I stumbled upon an ad today for the upcoming Clint Eastwood propaganda piece called The 15:17 to Paris, the film version of the fictional terror attack passed off as genuine to the gullible home viewing audience. The Thalys Train Attack took place on 21 August 2015 when an Islamic man opened fire in a train carriage before being subdued by passengers, in particular, three American soldiers – actors who are now playing the roles of themselves in the Eastwood movie. Absolutely ridiculous in so many ways.

This hoax was one of the first I ever decoded, about a month before I started Extra-Capsa and a month after I learned about the secret language of language. The conclusion back then was that the carriage was full of actors and blocked off from the rest of the train so they could stage this theatre production presented to emergency personnel as a drill and to the world as real, just as the three American frauds are presented as three American heroes.

  • And looking into it again here we find the icing on the cake, as Spencer Stone’s father Brian was charged with insurance fraud in 2016 over a scheme to commit multiple arson for profit. As it turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, since the son is an even bigger fraud than the father. Un-fuckin-real.

The three heroes all have 11-coded initials, as I remember. Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos. AA=11, AS=11, AS=11. Thalys =111. Fake Terror =111. Brian Stone =111. Fifteen Seventeen =1101. It happened 11 months 11 days after the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Notice Spencer playing Spencer in the shot from the movie above is wearing a shirt that reads Yosemite =111/666. Illusion =666. Hoax =669.

False Flag =121. Thalys Train Attack =121 also happened a day after Stone was exactly 1201 weeks old and he was 2 years 11 months 11 days older than the shirtless terrorist on the 21st day in train car #12, exactly 12 weeks before the Paris Attacks. Spencer then wrote a book called The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes =1021. The Synagogue of Satan =1201. Militarized Police State =1210.

  • Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos =211. Filming of the movie began 1 year 10 months 21 days after it happened. Fake Terror =121. Train Attack =112. Aleksander Reed Skarlatos =112/1012. Fifteen Seventeen to Paris =120. Fifteen Seventeen =102. Eastwood =102/1200.

Fraudulent =148. Fraud =48. Fake Terror =48. Illuminati =48. Propaganda =48. Drill =480. And 48 days after the Hoax =48, Stone was stabbed in a bar fight in Sacramento while trying to save someone. The Thalys Train Fraud also happened 84 days before the Paris Attacks =48 (or 2 months 23 days) which itself came with 48 days left in the year.

Another detail very much worth mentioning is the cast of The 15:17 to Paris. Aside from the three American heroes playing themselves, all the other actors are from fucking COMEDIES! Judy Greer & Tony Hale were both in Arrested Development, Jenna Fischer is from The Office, Thomas Lennon from Reno 911, and Jaleel White was Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Almost the entire cast is a bunch of known jokers and comedians, and this is supposed to be a biographical thriller-drama. And they nailed it, because it is indeed totally hilarious to those like us who get it.


As for the 15:17, we don’t find any prime number synchs but it reduces to 6:8. Thalys Train Attack =68. Fake Terrorism =68. Stone Skarlatos Sadler =68. Spencer + Anthony + Alek =1680. Friday the Thirteenth =1068. Paris Attacks =186.

  • The movie by Eastwood =930/93 is set to open 903 days after the event itself. Propaganda =93. Psychological Weapon =93. MK Ultra =93. Fake Terrorism =193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. 
  • Spencer + Anthony + Alek =193. Spencer Stone + Anthony Sadler + Alek Skarlatos =193. Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos =1930. 

And a fun fact about Thalys is that the high-speed train operator opened their line to Amsterdam (the point of departure for this 15:17 to Paris) on 12/13/09, which makes operations beginning on the 60th anniversary of the formation of Mossad (12/13/49). Exactly 60 years is exactly 720 months, which is the exact same duration from the Pentagon’s groundbreaking ceremony to the missile strike on 9/11. Illuminati =720. Fake Terror =702 and the bad guy was Ayoub El Khazzani =702Spencer Stone =72. Paris =72. Mass Mind Control =72. 

Celtic Sacrifices of Jo Jo White & Dolores O’Riordan: IRA Attacks and the Boston Bombing

Olympian and Boston Celtics legend Jo Jo White has passed away on January 16th, the day after the sudden (though somehow not suspicious, we’re told) death of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan. The connection here is the IRA, which the more I look into the more appears to be another massive psyop with false flags and hoax attacks designed to divide and conquer through fear-based programming.

  • Remember that just like the Jesuit sponsored Thirty Years War lasted 360 months in the 17th Century, so too did The Troubles last 360 months in the 20th Century. Both largely remembered as religious wars between Protestants & Catholics, though in reality a fight between freedom and oppression.

Boston Celtics =611. Blood Sacrifice =611. Mr White was born on 11/16 and died on 1/16. Boston Massachusetts =116. Paul ‘The Truth’ Pierce =116. Larry Bird =1016, that other Celtics legend, was 60 years 10 months 10 days old for this season opener. The Cranberries Zombie =116. The Queen =116. Kingdom =116. Royalty =116.

I’ve been thinking about the Boston Bombing too (especially after a thorough decode on the ‘Turban Cowboy’ episode of Family Guy, where Peter commits a vehicle ramming attack at the Boston Marathon, joins an Islamic terrorist organization, and detonates and three bombs). Family Guy =119. Seth Woodbury MacFarlane =1019. 

  • We see that the character Jeff Bauman, recently portrayed in the propaganda flick Stronger =116 was the age of 11,611 days old on the first day of the NBA season. Turban Cowboy was Season 11 Episode 16 and the Marathon =116 was in its 116th running. Tsarnaev =116. Psychological Operation =1116. 

The Cranberries had me investigating the Warrington Bomb Attacks that inspired their song Zombie. The first attack, a terrorist bombing by the IRA, happened on 2/26/93. You may be familiar with that date as the very day of the ’93 World Trade Center Bombing. The second bombing was nearly identical to the Boston Bombing, two consecutive explosions from devices hidden inside waste baskets on a busy sidewalk – on BRIDGE Street.

Now look at this: the Boston Bombing with the nearly identical script comes 20 years 27 days after the Warrington Bombing! Is that further proof of Pi-Cycles or what? There were even amputations featured in the ’93 Attack, blamed on Irish terrorists instead of Islamic.

  • Boston Marathon =227. Tsarnaev Brothers =227. Dzhokhar born on 7/22. Boston Massachusetts =227. Jo Jo White =227. Boston Celtic =722.

Of course Boston known for its Irish community, just as that Turban Cowboy episode of Family Guy aired on St Patricks Day. The Celtics previous two championships were in 2008 and 1986, hoisting the trophy a perfect span of 22 years 7 days apart. And in Jewish Gematria, O’Riordan =314.

Jo Jo White died 24 days before the opening ceremony of the South Korean Olympics and 12 weeks 4 days before the NBA Playoffs begin, as well as 4 months 2 days before Game 7 of the NBA Finals, one where you may very well see the Celtics =42. White =240/420. Pierce =24/124. 

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev =241 was born 124 days or 4 months 2 days after the second Warrington Bombing on Bridge St =24. Boston Bombing =204. The Cranberries Zombie =242/204. Zombie =420. The Irish Republican Army =241/1240/2040/1024. Safe to say its the IRA’s number.

  • And speaking of Zombie, legendary horror director George A Romero =142 (born on 2/4 of 1940 making him 24 years old the ’93 Bombings) died last year exactly six months / half a year before White & O’Riordan, and the day before Paul Pierce announced his retirement. 42 days after the death of Romero was the death of William Tober Hooper =142 the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre =124. 

And the thing about the Celtic People that most intrigues me is the Druids =42. Druid =24. As it seems the occult elite who perform these magick ceremonies through mass ritual are very similar to what we know of the Druids. Especially when it comes to human sacrifice according to astrology and numerology.

So many more durations here I didn’t get the chance to look up, as I’m full steam ahead to release my first e-book on the 22nd, a date identified as optimal for launches according to my own personal numerology. Which by the way if you’re interested in getting yours done, hit me up! Looking forward to what you guys find on this Celtic connection. 

Siegfried & Roy: Tiger Mauling Illusion

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.24.34 AM.png

Truth-Sleuths, my apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been cranking overtime on finishing a mini-book on Predictive Programming which I’ll launching on Jan 22nd as a pdf to purchase for a few bucks. I might do a post on the Hawaiian Missile Scare (obviously not an accident) and the sudden death of the chick from the Cranberries as it pertains to Zombies and the deaths of George Romero and the stuntman from the Walking Dead, but most likely will just throw some examples of my book work over for you guys. I’m currently compiling all the highlights of all the very best foreshadow instances from The Simpsons – which led to these beauty discoveries here: 

One of the other most well-known examples of real-life events predicted by Simpsons jokes was the time that Siegfried & Roy were mauled by their own tiger in Las Vegas. Roy Horn was attacked by a white tiger named Montecore at the Mirage Resort and Casino on 3 October 2003, bitten on the neck and dragged across the stage on his 59th birthday.

The incident happened a span of exactly 511 weeks after the Simpsons episode. Siegfried Fischbacher =115. Roy =115. Montecore the White Tiger =115. Mirage Resort & Casino =115. Nevada =115. Psychological Operations =115. Sorcerer =115. Witches =1115. And curiously, Montecore died on 3/19/14, exactly 14 years after the “Bart to the Future” episode, or if we exclude start & end points, 5111 days later.

  • Siegfried & Roy =159. The Simpsons =159/59. With our focus on numerology it’s quite the detail that Roy (born Uwe Ludwig Horn =59) was attacked in Las Vegas =59 on the day he turned 59 years old. Magic =59. Magician =159. Illusionist =159.

Especially since the 59th prime is 277 and and October 3rd is the 277th day in a leap year (as was Horn’s birth year, 1944). Further, Siegfried & Roy were born exactly 277 weeks apart. With all those synchs, it appropriately happened at the Mirage Resort & Casino =277.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.49.28 PM.png

Psychological Operations =277. Under the banner of US Special Forces, a PSYOP is designed to “convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.” And just putting it out there, but what better location than the Mirage to pull off a major illusion, like faking a tiger attack.

The facts are that eye witness accounts are muddled and no video evidence is available, which means that yet again the home audience must simply believe what the mass media tells us to be so. It’s said that Montecore damaged an artery carrying oxygen to the magician’s brain, crushing his windpipe leaving him partially paralyzed, a story still being circulated despite Roy’s explanation that he suffered a stroke on stage and the tiger was dragging him to safety as he would a cub.

“I died clinically three times on the operation table,” Roy later said. And while it may seem far-fetched to suggest he faked his injuries as part of some larger occult ritual, we’ve seen it several times since, and with Hollywood special effects one can achieve almost anything – especially when pretty much the entire audience is consuming this information through a carefully controlled medium. Mass perception management, with the real illusionists as the Programmers who manipulate from behind the red curtain.

We find another clue in the Number of the Beast, the 666 that represents the so-called Beast System, which ultimately denotes the world of Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Their Simpsons parody characters were called Gunter & Ernst =966 like their official former show name: Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino =666.

  • And as it turns out, Siegfried & Roy had a cameo in the film Oceans 11, where the Mirage is robbed of something valuable. It opened in theatres on 12/7/01, a perfect span of 666 days before the tiger attack (or exactly 95 weeks, for the reverse of the 59 sequence).

Which brings us to one we can’t leave out: Roy was exactly 708 months old (59×12) for the incident. Sorcery =708 in Jewish Gematria. Which indeed this appears to have been.

To segue from the Siegfried & Roy Attack in the the 2017 Las Vegas Attack, they happened 5112 days apart; Montecore the Tiger died the exact same duration of 5112 days after the “Bart to the Future” episode first aired. (And then we carry into the Simpsons programming for the Vegas Shooting, which is even crazier than I’d originally covered). 

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.18.27 PM.png

Munich Massacre & the 2018 Olympics

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.04.56 AM.png

The search for the history of Olympics terrorism begins at the Munich Massacre of the 1972 Summer Games and connects to the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing during the 1996 Atlanta Games (another Georgia clue as we have the Georgia Bulldogs playing in the College Football Championship and Falcons QB Matt Ryan sharing a birthday with Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan). Before we get into the decipher I’d like to point out how both the Super Bowl LII logo and that of the PyeongChang Olympics both feature stars, probably an occult reference to Sirius/Lucifer. I also in both see hidden 11s or Twin Towers and most clearly in PyeongChang, the Pi symbol (π) on perhaps a blood-stained ground.

The 2018 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony on February 25th, a date we identified in the previous post as hot target, comes 16,069 days after the Munich Massacre where eleven Israeli =696 athletes were taken hostage in the Olympic Village =966 and murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist =969 group called Black September. That was the ’72 Olympics (whose motto was the ironically yet perfectly coded Happy Games =666) held in the city of München =666 in the country of Deutschland =666. And we can almost guarantee it was a fabricated false flag theatre production carried out by the Mossad to further legitimize the Zionist cause in Palestine.

  • This means that on 2/22/18 it will be a clean 16,066 days after the Munich Massacre, as well as 1999 weeks after the assassination of Park Chung-hee (the former South Korean President and father of ousted Park Geun-hye), and 696 weeks after the release of Team America: World Police, with its satire of Kim Jung-Il. Also on 2/12 it will be 66 years 6 days since Queen Elizabeth took the throne.
  • Adding two more big long counts to this trifecta, 2/22/18 will also be 4444 days after the release of the film Munich and 77 years 7 days after the birth of Kim Jong-il. 2/25 comes 1777 days after the Boston Bombing, another fabrication at a major sporting event.

Olympics Park =996 in the city of Atlanta GA =996 in the year 1996 was the site of the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =1666 blamed on Eric Rudolph =669, the next Olympic terror attack after the similarly coded Munich. That’s a lot of 666, spilling into 2018.

As we started to discuss in the previous post, much is pointing to an event at these Olympics to be blamed on the North Koreans =996 in order to precipitate the Second Korean War =996. Super Bowl LII =966. The impeached former President of South Korea, currently locked up in Seoul Prison (in a crazy turn of events), Park Geun-hye =996 will be an all too perfect age of 66 years 6 days old the day before the Opening Ceremony. Feb 14th, Valentines Day, will be exactly 69 years 9 months after the formation of Israel and, occurring outside our search parameter but deserving of mention, on 9 March 2018 the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka North Korea) will be exactly 69 years 6 months old [North Korea & Israel born 119 days apart].

The ’72 Olympics logo looks to me like an all-seeing eye hypnotizing the viewer, just like the images of men with guns and balaclavas on rooftops presented to the traumatized captive home audience as 100% genuine; despite being absolutely staged for the purposes of mass mind control.

Mind Control =129. Nineteen Seventy-Two Olympics =129. Olympische Sommerspiele =1920 as the Summer Games are called in German, the Massacre happening 1920 days after the start of the Six-Day War (by which Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula and West Bank, more than doubling its territory). Munich =290/29/92. Munich Massacre =292. Munich West Germany =92. Marketed as the Happy Games, or in German: Glückliche Spiele =209. It was the second Olympics in Germany after the ’36 Games which Berlin won the bid for at the 29th IOC Session and featured 129 events. 

(Those Berlin Games also ended 1111 days before WWII began)

  • Israel =92. The State of Israel =209. Zionism =209. Jews =29. Jewish =29. Black =29 September =129. Aman =29/92 (abbreviation of Agaf HaModi’in, Israeli Intelligence =292). The Mossad means The Institute =192/129 and its counterpart is Shin Bet =129 was formed on 2/8/49 – a code confirming span of 19,209 days before 9/11. The three surviving terrorists (read: Mossad agents) were released from prison on 10/29 that year following the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 615, which was threatened to be blown up if they were not set free. The Closing Ceremony of the 1972 Summer Olympics involving so much Israeli terrorism was on September 11th, or exactly 29 years before 9/11/01.
  • Ninety-Six Summer Olympics =2090. Eric Rudolph =129. We should mention that the Crusades in the Holy Land lasted 192 years and ended in the 1291 CE. That’s 727 years before 2018 and the ’96 Atlanta Bombing was on 7/27.

Twenty Eighteen Olympics =292. Two Thousand Eighteen Olympics =129/1290 to begin on 2/9 a few days after the Super Bowl =129, which of the playoffs teams only Steelers =129 (although Saints =292 & Titans =29 & Eagles =29). We can ascertain that 129 is to be in effect this year, like the flip of the 126 so powerful in 2017, with the core code to Korea deciphered.

The Korean War lasted 1129 days and Kim Jong-nam was assassinated when his half-brother Kim Jong-un =129 the Supreme Leader =209 was the perfect age of 12,090 days old. Koreans =29. Pyongyang =29. Kim =29 Jong-nam =29 was killed in Kuala Lumpur =292 a span of 2 months 9 days before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (Diana & Kate both married on the 29th of the month). The Closing Ceremonies come 292 days after Moon Jae-in took office following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye. Jang Song-thaek =219 was executed exactly 219 weeks before our 2/22 target.

  • And of course we gotta discuss the flip here. World War II broke out 1126 days after the Games of the XX Olympiad =262 began in Berlin and 12,060 days before the Munich Massacre went down. The false flag happened 1216 weeks after Israel’s admission to the UN and 12,161 days before the film Munich opened in 2005, a release date 12 years 1 month 16 days before the 2018 Olympics begin.
  • Jewish =1612 {JG}. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea =2016. Black September =262. Israeli Palestinian Conflict =262. Palestinian Terrorist =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. The Mossad =206 aka The Institute =62. The Mossad’s counter-terrorism unit Kidon =26. The ringleader of the Munich Massacre is said to be Luttif Afif =162. Luttif =26 Afif =162. 

As Wikipedia admits, Afif’s mother was Jewish meaning that Luttif Afif is himself Jewish, as were his brothers who he sought to free from Israeli prisons in the hostage-taking of the Israeli athletes. Make any sense? Especially when we see how greatly the Palestinian people were punished for this act of manufactured terrorism, especially when Israel has a long and checkered history of carrying out false flag operations (as we can verify through declassified documents), it ain’t hard to see the truth in Munich.

The State of Israel =261. Zionists =261. Israeli Olympic Team =261. The Six-Day War =261. February Twenty Fifth =261. XXIII Olympic Winter Games =162. Israel responded to the Massacre with an operation code-named Wrath of God =1206 {JG} – a covert Mossad assassination spree authorized by then PM Golda Meir =206 {JG} targeting Palestinian freedom fighters. Operation Wrath of God is said to have lasted at least the next twenty years.

Kim Jong-un was 10,206 days old when his father Kim Jong-il died, which necessitates a reminder that he was also 12,090 days old when his half-brother got popped off. Jong-Il was born on 2/16 and died 1 year 11 months 26 days before the execution of his brother-in-law, Jang Song-thaek, and 6 years 2 months 6 days (or 2260 days) before the 2/22/18 date we’ve identified as hot, which is 2262 days before the Closing Ceremony. This is especially intriguing when we see that Jong-un was born 216 days before Red Dawn opened and Jong-Il died 2620 days after his portrayal in Team America: World Police. 

  • Olympic organizers asked West German forensic psychologist Georg Sieber =162 to create 26 terrorism scenarios to aid the organizers in planning security. His “Situation 21” accurately forecast armed Palestinians invading the Israeli delegation’s quarters, killing and taking hostages, and demanding Israel’s release of prisoners and a plane to leave West Germany. The exact story that we’re told happened. Organizers balked against preparing for Situation 21 and the other scenarios, since guarding the Games against them would have gone against the goal of “Carefree Games” aka Die Heiteren Spiele =162 without heavy security. Another instance of predictive programming.

Park Geun-hye =260 took office 260 weeks before the Closing Ceremony (exactly 5 years) and her father was assassinated on 10/26 at the age of 22,626 days old. Pyongyang =26. Atlanta Georgia =260. Summer Olympics =1206/1062. Atlanta Summer Olympics =126/1620. Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =1126 and it happened exactly 1126 weeks before the 2018 Closing Ceremony. How about that. And think about the bombing at Olympic PARK =26 like the ousted S Korean lady president. Currently in jail just like Trump claimed to want the once future first female president of America.

Another direct connect, the runner-up was none other than Munich Germany.

The State of Israel was founded 8880 days before the Munich Massacre. Zionists =888 in Jewish Gematria. Elders of Zion =888. Tel Aviv Israel =88. Munich West Germany =88. Black September Organization =88. Israeli Olympic Team =88. The PLO =88. Twenty Eighteen Olympics =88. Pyeongchang Olympics =88 where 88 nations are competing and the mascots were unveiled exactly 88 weeks before Opening Ceremony. Pyeongchang South Korea =88. Which by the way is ridiculously close sounding to Pyongyang North Korea =88.

  • Tel Aviv Israel =1280. The Korean War =1280 also lasted 1128 days if we don’t count the end day. Munich West Germany =218/2108. Mossad False Flag =218/128. The ’72 Closing Ceremony happened exactly 280 months after Israel’s admission to the UN. Centennial Olympic Park Bombing =280. 

9/11/01 happened 19,116 days after Israel joined the UN and 6011 days before the Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Olympics. Assassination =611. Palestinian Terrorists =1016. Munchen =116. Golda Meir =116. Israeli =116. Worker’s Party of Korea =116. Black September Organization =119. Kim Jong-nam, Jong-un’s half-brother, was assassinated 1160 days after Jang Sung-taek, Jong-un’s uncle – executed by an anti-aircraft machine gun. As of post time, North Korea has test-fired 117 missiles, suggesting that lucky #119 might be the money ball. 2/22 comes 91 years 10 months 1 day after the birth of Queen Elizabeth II.

And I don’t know about you but this white tiger mascot, named Soohorang, reminds me of the ’72 Munich logo of the hypnotic eye, perhaps some black sun symbolism. And this other image is an official picture of the hostage scene in Munich… I smell chicanery. 

Games of the XX Olympiad =225 as the 1972 Olympics were officially known; their official motto: Glückliche Spiele =225The State of Israel =225. Korea =225. The Winter Olympics =225. The Closing Ceremony for the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 is to be held on 2/25. February Twenty Fifth Twenty Eighteen =5022.

A perfect synch with Kim Jong Un =225 who was born 12,250 days after the Korean War began. 12/22 comes 12,250 days after the ’84 release of Red Dawn – which puts 2/25 at 12,252 days later. The current government of South Korea was formed on 2/25 of 1988, exactly 30 years before the Closing Ceremony, which is exactly five years after Park Geun-hye took office. Shabak =252 aka Israel Security Agency =225 was founded 25,220 days before the Closing Ceremony.

  • Nineteen Seventy Two Olympics =336. Palestine Liberation Organization =336. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea =336. The Munich Massacre came 33 years 6 days after World War II began and the 2018 Games begin exactly 633 weeks after the film Munich. The 2018 Olympics mascots were unveiled 633 days before the Closing Ceremony. Flag Flag Operation =633. The Yom Kippur War began 330 weeks 6 days after the Six-Day War began, the Massacre occurring in the interim. Safady =336 is the name of one of the three surviving terrorists alleged to have been taken out by the Mossad in a revenge hit, a claim heavily disputed by PLO as recent as 2005.

To further make the case for cui bono we can look at what transpired in Germany as a result of the Munich Massacre – drastic law changes to allow the military to operate in their own backyard and one of the largest waves of forced emigration of Arabs in the history of Germany, the expulsion mainly of Palestinians in retribution for a staged and dramatized spectacle involving intelligence operatives & faked deaths; a false flag hoax framed through the all-seeing eye of mass media as REAL in order to justify all the evil delivered upon the Arab people – just like the White Man did to the Aboriginals of North America. If you’re interested in reading more, VexmansThoughts does a solid breakdown of the suspicious facts that suggest (no, scream) hoax.

BONUS FINDS (because we just can’t get enough):

The Munich Massacre happened 3022 days after the PLO was founded and the Munich movie came out on 2/23. That day this year comes 322 weeks after the death of Jung-Il. Soohorang =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Military Intelligence =322. Fascism =322. Colonialism =322. Judaism =322. Shin Bet =322, the Israel Security Agency. And remember the American kid imprisoned in North Korea, Otto Frederick Warmbier =322. 

Ze’ev Friedman was a weightlifter killed by a grenade in the Munich Massacre; he was 10,314 days old. Park Geun-hye spent 4 years 13 days in office. Atlanta =314. Red Dawn =314. Fake Terrorism =314. Kim Jong-Il died 7 years 2 months 2 days after the release of Team America. The Black September conflict that spawned the name of the terror group kicked off in kind 722 days before the Munich Massacre. Otto Warmbier died 7 months 22 days before the start of the ’18 Olympics.

  • The 555th prime number is 4019. The Closing Ceremony on February Twenty Fifth Twenty Eighteen =419 comes exactly 4019 weeks after the birth of Kim Jong-il. The Mossad =419. 2/25 will be 14,002 days after the assassination of Park Chung-hee so 3/14 will be 14,019 days later.
Moon Jae-in, the current South Korean President, who once did some time in the same Seoul Prison where his predecessor now lives, will be exactly 781 months old on 2/25, the Closing Ceremony target, which just so happens to be the date when Kim Jong-un will astonishingly be exactly 1781 weeks old – the fulfilment of 781, the flip of the 187 homicide code. Make of that what you will.

That’s Luttif Afif, the Jewish ringleader of Black September, in the white hat casually and comfortably speaking with Bruno Merk, Bavarian interior minister, and his entourage during the hostage crisis. Other images show him flirting with a police woman. 

Columbine Coincidences

Columbine was the 262nd school shooting in American history, occurring under the administration of Clinton =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Yes, I went through this list and counted, and learned that as of today there’s been a total of 461 school shootings in the United States since the first one in 1764. Interestingly, that first one (the Enoch Brown Massacre) happened during Pontiac’s Rebellion (part of the American Indian Wars) and Chief Pontiac himself was assassinated on 4/20 (1769) – exactly 230 years before the Columbine Massacre. (4/20 is also the birthday of both Adolf Hitler & Napoleon Bonaparte.)

  • That’s also a period of 12000 weeks 6 days between Pontiac’s assassination and Columbine. Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold =126. Columbine High =126. Columbine Colorado =1062. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold =260. The Virginia Tech Shooting was the 26th School Massacre in American history (Columbine the 20th exactly 2000 days after Denver International Airport opened). The last American school massacre was the one in Roseburg OR, which was the 36th all time.

On the subject, I would also really not be surprised to learn that the Enoch Brown Massacre was a total staged hoax. Native American terrorists storm a school house and tomahawk the teacher and 11 students, all during a rebellion against the British invaders, thus providing the moral panic to demonize all so-called savages. Especially in the 18th century, imagine how easy that news would be to fake. It also happened 11 years 11 months 9 days before American Independence Day. 

That 11-11-9 sequence also reminds us of the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 11 September 1857, one of the first known false flag attacks in American history when a group of Mormons disguised as indians attacked a wagon train – all to give the appearance of Native American aggression and thus provide justification for increased war measures against the aboriginal population. It happened exactly 144 years before 9-11-01, and there’s some real good coding in that story that I will share another time. For this post is about some crazy predictive programming surrounding the Columbine Massacre.

Eric & Dylan were big fans of the German industrial band KMFDM, who released their 11th album “Adios” on 4/20/99, the very day of the staged shooting at Columbine.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Way back in September of 1991, the news program 20/20 included a segment called ‘Death in the Classroom’ about the disturbing new phenomenon of Death Education – its feature school none other than Columbine High. Of all the thousands of schools in all the United States of America, they had to walk into theirs.

  • Promised Land (a spinoff of Touched by an Angel) was a TV show set in Denver Colorado and had an episode titled “A Day in the Life” cancelled on April 22nd, two days after Columbine (and incidentally Adam Lanza’s seventh birthday), for depicting a drive-by shooting outside a Denver high school.
  • The very same day, MTV aired a Justice Department-produced program called “Warning Signs” about violence and its effect on young people, scheduled before Columbine.

That very same week, a scheduled episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was postponed due to its also depicting a school shooting. “Earshot” features the protagonist discovering a new telepathic ability, which she uses to hear that someone is planning to kill all the students in the school. They find the boy assembling a rifle in a clock tower, apparently for mass murder but actually for suicide, and take his gun away. As I cover in the book, TV programs with parallel plots scheduled to air the same day or thereabouts as a nearly identical ‘real-world’ scenario is far from the exception, but rather the rule.

Now the craziest part of these two episodes featuring school shooting themes scheduled to air the week of the Columbine Massacre is that they were both Season 3 Episode 18.

And wouldn’t you know it: Columbine High School =318 (in Kabbalah) and the massacre happened 3 years 1 month 8 days after the Dunblane Massacre – the British Sandy Hook that, like Port Arthur in Australia, succeeded in effectively disarming the public. Not so much in America, where gun sales spike after mass shootings – staged or not.

  • The 318th prime number is 2111. Four Twenty =2111. World Government =2111. Buffy the Vampire Slayer =112 premiered 2 years 1 month 11 days before the Columbine Massacre, or 110 weeks 2 days.

Both episodes also pair: Earshot =112. Day in the Life =112. Buffy Summers =211. Stephen King’s book Rage (1977), about a school shooting, had 211 pages and came out 11,120 weeks after the first ever school shooting in America. Sandy Hook =112 happened 201 months 1 day after Dunblane. Mass Shooting =211. Mason =211. Satanic Rituals =211. Interestingly the day after Columbine was 2001 days after Denver International Airport opened, that creepy-ass locale.

Eric David Harris =93. Dylan Bennet Klebold =93. Eric Harris =63. Dylan Klebold =63. The massacre at Columbine High =63 in Jefferson County happened exactly 6 years 3 months after William Jefferson Clinton took office. School Shooting =63. False Flag Event =63. Make Believe =63. High School Massacre =363. Eric was born 363 days before the first school shooting in Littleton Colorado (which happened on 4/7/82). High School Massacre =163. Staged Shooting =163. Shooting Hoax =1163. 

  • The 63rd prime is 307. Freemason =307. The first ever school shooting in Denver Colorado happened on 17 October 1961, a suspiciously clean span of 13,700 days before Columbine (137 the 33rd prime). The school opened in September of ’73 (the same year the Twin Towers opened) which puts the Massacre =137 in its 307th month of existence. Virginia Tech =37 would go on to be the 307th school shooting in the history of America.

Digging further in the scripted history books we see that Columbine happened just 10 months 30 days after the Thurston High School Shooting (that killed 4 injured 25 in Oregon) and exactly 1030 months after the world’s first ever school massacre, which happened in Germany. Government Conspiracy =103. High School Massacre =103.

The Columbine Event also happened when Dylan was 17 years 7 months old, exactly 1707 weeks after the Texas Tower Sniper Massacre and 7 years 7 months after the aforementioned 20/20 episode. 17 years 7 months after the Oklahoma City Bombing was Sandy Hook, which happened when Adam Lanza was 1077 weeks old. The square root of Pi is 1.77 and while we’re not sharing any pi-coding in this post, best believe that once again – as always – the pi pattern continues to rule. (I’m also plotting a book that focuses solely on the Pi angle).

And these ones I’ve covered before but deserves repeating: Eric Harris and Dylan Kebold =1119. Dylan was born on 9/11 (yes, September 11th). The story goes that Eric & Dylan =119 had planned to follow-up their massacre, that started at 11:19 AM, by hijacking commercial airliners and crashing them into the skyscrapers of Manhattan – just like the ending of Stephen King’s book The Running Man. 

  • Writing under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, the protagonist on the run from hitmen on a reality TV show hijacks an airplane and plows it into the skyscraper headquarters of a television corporation – the tallest building in downtown New York. As the book’s final paragraph ominously reads:

“Heeling over slightly, the Lockheed struck the Games Building dead on, three quarters of the way up. Its tanks were still better than a quarter full. Its speed was slightly over five hundred miles an hour. The explosion was tremendous, lighting up the night like the wrath of God, and it rained fire twenty blocks away.”

And if anyone has any other killer Columbine intel, drop it in the comments.