Newsweek: Lazy Boy + Solar Eclipse

We’ve been discussing Trump’s connections to the upcoming Great American Eclipse and voila: this cover of the latest Newsweek (8/11/17) with its top headline reading Will Solar Eclipse Be Unnatural Disaster =2610. What a sum, as Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse. And just to make sure it’s deliberate, the side text reads. Six Months In Office + Forty Days at Golf Clubs + Zero Pieces of Major Legislation =261. AND, the article is titled Slacker-In-Chief: Donald Trump Slacker in Chief =261. You know what other word equals 261? Assassinated =261. King Henry’s Eclipse =1261, as we’ll explain shortly & Trump’s threat at North Korea: Fire and Fury =1261. 

Along the side there we’re shown 6 & 40 along with Zero =64, numbers that synch up with the thematic alphanumerics on the cover: Will Solar Eclipse Be Unnatural Disaster =164. Lazy Boy Donald Trump =1464. Eleventh of August Two Thousand Seventeen =164/461. Solar Eclipse =146/64. Total Solar Eclipse =64. Unnatural Disaster =64. August Eleven =64. Lazy =64. ZERO pieces of major legislation =640. Donald J Trump =46 born on 14/6 of ‘46. US President Trump =1164. The Trump Administration =1146. The Eclipse on August Twenty-First =1146 also comes 40 weeks 6 days after Trump was elected and his tombstone appeared in Central Park New York =64 the exact same span of 40 weeks 6 days after his presidential campaign began. August Twenty First Twenty Seventeen =1604.

  • And then we do what we do and draw associations with other words that share these frequencies: American Empire =46. Sacrifice =46. Illuminati =146. Assassination =1146. Assassin =461. Presidency =64. Two days after this Newsweek was published marks exactly 46,004 weeks since the death of King Henry I, who as we’ll see, is associated by death to an eclipse. (For posterity, 16 July 2017 – the day George Romero died – marked exactly 46,000 weeks later, which is also 322,000 days). Michael Pence =146 would become President Michael Richard Pence =146, the 46th President of the USA =146 in the event of Trump’s staged sacrifice. President Pence =146. President Mike Pence =1146. 
  • JFK was born 464 weeks before the birth of Queen Elizabeth =640 and he was assassinated at age 46 the year before ‘64. Lyndon Johnson =64 died 1464 days after leaving office and President Lincoln =64 died 1464 days after the Civil War began. The Law of Correspondence =1464. Fire and Fury =46/64. 

“Slacker-In-Chief” compares Trump to Al Bundy =646 from Married With Children (reporting that he watches an average of five hours of TV per day…) Trump was born 64 days after the birth of actor Ed O’Neill who played Bundy. Edward Leonard O’Neill =1146. Edward O’Neill =46. The article opens on the date 8/8/11, which just so happens to be 6 years 4 days before this Newsweek’s date. Indeed the entire text with title + subheading + author reads: “Slacker In Chief by Alexander Nazaryan: Donald Trump Came Into Office Promising to Work Hard for Forgotten Americans but He’s Been Very Lazy So Far” =464.

Lazy Boy Donald Trump is Bored and Tired Imagine How Bad He’d Feel if He Did any Work =6660/699. Newsweek =666. Pretty strong double synch there, vibrating energetically just off the pages. Laziness =666. President Pence =666. King Henry =666 (almost ready to explain). The article gives us another space-time vector to calculate with the precise date (11/1/92) of the Married With Children episode “Chicago Wine Party” that aired two days before Bill Clinton was elected president. If we run a duration up to the Eclipse we find it’s a clean 9060 days. Assassination =960. President Donald J Trump =96. A Lazy Boy =96. Freemason =96. Henry =96. Eclipse =69. 

Donald Trump is Bored and Tired Imagine How Bad He’d Feel if He Did any Work =314/227. Slacker =314. The article mentions a tweet Trump sent on 8/15/11 criticizing Obama playing golf: that was exactly 314 weeks before the Eclipse =314. 

  • Presidential Assassination =314. US President Donald Trump =314. Trump Suicide =314. Trump Assassinated =1314. Again, all the text on the article cover page: “Slacker In Chief by Alexander Nazaryan: Donald Trump Came Into Office Promising to Work Hard for Forgotten Americans but He’s Been Very Lazy So Far” =1314. 

President Donald J Trump =512 was elected 512 days after his campaign began and the Eclipse comes 512 days after his tombstone appeared, and 2 months 15 days after Pence’s birthday. Trump Assassinated =215. President Mike Richard Pence =1512. Fire and Fury =512. 

Alright now get this: a superstition that dates back to the Babylonian era equated solar eclipses with death threats on the head of state. The Babylonians would put substitute kings on the throne during an eclipse to protect the real thing and astronomers in Ancient China were put to death if they failed to predict one.

Indeed in 1133 CE, King Henry I of England (the son of William the Conqueror) died shortly after one of the longest-lasting solar eclipses in history… The problem with this story is that this article from the Smithsonian talks about the “coincidence” of that eclipse “coinciding” with Henry’s death; though Wikipedia tells us he didn’t actually die for another two and a half years, from food poisoning. 121 years 5 days later to be exact and he died in Lyons-La-Foret France =215, which still connects to the 215/512 sequence above, and while that’s quite a long time when you’re right in the heat of the present, from our current vantage point of doctored history, it might just fit right into the puzzle.

Other historic records say Henry died the same year as the eclipse so who really knows for sure, but the takeaway is that there exists a precedent for the Killing of the King Ritual to be associated with an eclipse. And we still find a strong gem here, as 2017 is 884 years after that 1133 event. Great American Eclipse =884. August Twenty-First Twenty Seventeen =448. 

Deciphering Sports Illustrated: Yankees World Series

While I’m not exactly calling Yankees World Series, I found this Sports Illustrated issue from 15 May 2017 featuring their (6’7″ 282 lb) rookie Aaron Judge, who despite currently being in a slump since his record-breaking half season (during which he broke Joe DiMaggio’s Yankees rookie home run mark) is heavily coded with some stand-out gematria worth documenting – particularly in context of this magazine proven to have predictive programmed previous championships.

First of all, what does that big white font on the cover say to you? I see A-11, and it took some squinting to realize it’s meant to say ALL – very clever coding for the infamous 111 alphanumeric branding of New York =111. The Rise of Aaron Judge =1011. New York Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =1101. Bronx Bombers =1101. Joe DiMaggio =111. Bambino =111. Derek Jeter =111/101. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez =111/101. George Steinbrenner =101/110. Whitey Ford =110. Yankee =101. NYC =11. The Bronx =110. All Rise =110. Aaron Judge =110 like the AA=11 spelling of his name, the necessary coding for any Yankee worth his salt. Manchurian Athlete =1001. Manchurian Athletes =1101. 

  • Yankees were originally called the New York Highlanders =101. Highlanders =101. Sports =101. A section at Yankee Stadium is nicknamed The Judge’s Chambers =111 where fans dress up like British judges in white wigs with gavels (pro sports continuously becoming more like pro wrestling). This issue of SI =11 released 11 months 11 days before his birthday and Yankees GM Brian Cashman renewed his contract 1111 days before the World Series begins on 10/24. Game 7 on 11/1 also marks 110 weeks 1 day since the death of Yankees legend Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra =111. Yogi =111. All Rise For The Judge =111. And remember the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise =1110 during congressional baseball practice on the birthday of Donald John Trump =1110 (who’s from New York), 111 days before the Playoffs begin.

It deserves repeating here that the first sports event I ever decoded by the numbers was the 111th World Series won by The Royals =111 (The Kansas City Royals =101/110) that ended on 11/1 at Citi Field (Citi =11) in New York =111 with #33 Matt Harvey benched after his 111th pitch connected on a batter with a .111 average, cutting to a commercial break for the video game Fallout 4 (released on 11/10) with a dude wearing a 111 on his jumpsuit. Kansas =11. Kansas City =110. Kansas City Missouri =110. Twenty Fifteen World Series =110. One Hundred and Eleventh =101. November First =1110. Needless to say, I was convinced.

Now, considering we’re approaching the 113th World Series: All Rise =113. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. George Herman Babe Ruth Jr =113. Justice =113. Judge was picked up 1st round of the ’13 draft. This issue came out 1 month 13 days into the season and the subtitle on the cover reads: The Yankees Youth Movement Is In Session The Powerful Aaron Judge Presiding =311. Judge played college ball at Fresno =311. Yankees manager is Joe Girardi =311 and his contract was last extended on 10/10/13. Further, Yankee Stadium broke ground 11 years 1 month 13 days before the end of this season. A persuasive start – but of course it gets even deeper.

All =130. Rise=31. Put those together for the Championship =131 coding. The Yankees =131. Highlanders =131. Girardi =131. Micky Mantle =131. Whitey Ford =131. Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =131. Yankees picked up Matt Holliday =131 with a $13 million contract 301 days before the Playoffs start on 10/3. Yanks =13. Bronx =13 and they took on the name Yankees in ’13. And for an absolute banger of a gem to synch it all up here, Aaron Judge was EXACTLY 1301 WEEKS old on the 4/2/17 season opener – and previously played for The Bulldogs =131. As I covered last season, former Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson was 10,301 days old for his first ever game, thus Breaking the Color Line =113, and born on 31/1 he finished with a .311 career batting average. The Twenty Seventeen Fall Classic =311. It’d be the Yankees’ Twenty-Eighth World Series =311. 

  • Two Yankees prospects were killed last year, both coded up to the same sequencing. Alexander Figueredo, a 20-year-old lefty pitcher in the Yankees’ minor league system, was shot and killed on Nov 27 in his native Venezuela, 311 days before the Playoffs begin – and 31 weeks 1 day after 18-year-old infielder Sandy Acevedo was killed in a car wreck on Apr 23 in the Dominican Republic. (Alexander Figueredo + Sandy Acevedo =111.)

I’m also reminded of the death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin =113 Scalia, born on 3/11 and replaced by Justice Merrick Garland =113, born on 11/13. And remember Janet Reno, the first “female” Attorney General, died the day before Trump’s election – she was born on the 311th day and became Attorney General on 3/11. The New World Order =311. USA =311. 

11×3=33. Ninety-Nine =33. Justice =33. The Judge =33. The Yanks =33. Aaron Judge Presiding =303. Sandy Acevedo =1333. World Series =1333. The 33rd prime is 137 and Aaron Judge =137 was exactly 1037 weeks old the day before the issue published. DiMaggio =137. Bronx Bombers =137. Steve Scalise =137. Government =137. 

  • Rise =191. Ninety-Nine =191. New York Yankees =191. Manchurian Athletes =191. George Steinbrenner =191. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =191. The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =191. Supreme Court Justice =1910. Steve Scalise =191 will be 19,010 days old the day before the World Series begins on 10/24.

191 is the 43rd prime number. Aaron Judge =43. Scalia =43The Yankees =43. And here’s a fun fact: Yankees have retired twenty-one numbers, all of which sum to 430. Twenty Seventeen =430. 

BONUS FACT: Wikipedia tells us that Judge “keeps a note on his phone that reads .179, his batting average with the Yankees in 2016, and looks at it daily as a source of motivation.” New York Yankees =179. The 179th prime is 1063. New York Yankees =163Aaron James Judge =63.

Warriors & The Godfather’s Revenge

The first Godfather movie opened 1111 days after the book version was published & Curry =111 was 1011 days old for the premier of Godfather III =111. The Godfather Part Three =111. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =111. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =111. The Cavs =111. There’s a span of 1110 weeks 1 day between Curry’s birth and his draft selection and the Finals begin 11 weeks 1 days after his birth anniversary.

The Godfather =117. Michael Corleone’s last appearance was in the novel The Godfather’s Revenge (2006) published on 11/7. That’s 10 years 7 months 11 days before Game 7 of the 2017 NBA Finals (which is 11 months 17 days after the death anniversary of Marlon Brando =117) and Steph Curry =117 & LeBron were born 1171 days apart. Game 5 will be 17 years 11 months 11 days after the death of The Godfather creator Mario Puzo and LeBron was in his 1017th week of life when Brando died. Godfather III opened 11 years 10 months 17 days after The Warriors opened. The Finals were set on 5/25, a span of exactly 7 years 11 months since Curry was drafted and Game 3 will be 7 years 11 months 11 days later, so watch for Warriors to win that one. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. The Threematch =117. Thrillogy =117. 

  • 1171 is the 193rd prime and Curry was drafted 11,093 days after the official release of The Warriors movie. Godfather’s Revenge =1193. Rosa Parks + Martin Luther King =1193. Marlon Brando Jr =930. The Cleveland Cavaliers =93. 

Michael Jordan + LeBron James =333. Michael + LeBron =333. Twenty Seventeen NBA Playoffs =333. Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =333. How bout this: Wardell Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry II =333 was born 3330 days before the initial release* of The Warriors. (Google says it opened 2/1/79 in Australia which gives us that date count but everywhere else the date 2/9 is official). James + Curry =133. Cavs + Warriors =330. Rosa Parks + Martin Luther King =330. Michael =33. James =33. Revenge =33. 

The Warriors movie opened 14,009 days before Game 7. NBA Trilogy =1149. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =149. Vito Corleone =149. Marlon Brando =149. James + Curry =49. Cavaliers + Warriors =49. Michael =49. Chicago Bulls =49. N =49. 

The 149th prime is 859 and James will be 11,859 days old for Game 7.

This is also interesting. Sol Yurick, author of The Warriors novel, died 1607 days before the Finals begin and on that same day Curry is 10,670 days old. Cavs + Warriors =167. Cavaliers + Warriors =167. Godfather =167. Rematch =67. 

  • Godfather’s Revenge =176. Revenge =76. NBA Finals Trilogy =76. Cavs Warriors =76. Michael Jordan =76. Brando =76 died exactly 706 weeks after the premier of The Godfather III =76. 

Cavs Dubs =299. The Threematch =266. James was drafted 12 years 6 months 6 days after the premier of Godfather III. Cavaliers + Warriors =1266. LeBron James + Steph Curry =266. Michael Jordan + Steph Curry =266. Mario Puzo =266 died 260 weeks 6 days before the death of Brando; that duration again. Golden State =662. 

James was drafted exactly 727 weeks before the Finals begin. The Golden State Warriors =272. Twenty Seventeen =272. Jordan =272. Chicago Bulls =1272. The Godfather’s Revenge =1272. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =1272. 

  • 727 is the 129th prime. The Godfather =129. The Golden State Warriors =129. The Cleveland Cavaliers =129. The Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =129. NBA Trilogy =129. Sol Yurick died 1290 days after Curry was drafted.
  • The Godfather’s Revenge =912. James’ missed slam dunk happened 9120 days after the Bulls won the Finals in ’92 and James & Wardell Stephen Curry II =219 were drafted 2190 days apart. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =2190. Godfather’s Revenge =219. The Finals begin 2 months 19 days after Curry’s 29th birthday and 920 weeks 1 days after the death of Warrior Wilt Chamberlain. The Godfather Part Three =219. 

Seems all this Godfather coding is an allegorical tribute to the real mafia who run the entire entertainment industry by the numbers, predictive programming future events long in advance and breeding manchurian athletes to play the symbolic roles in their ritual reenactments like the puppet strings on the movie title. The Revenge symbolism might suggest a Warriors victory, but as Golden State won the first Final and Cleveland the second, remember that Vito Corleone was don in the first film and following his death, Michael (like Jordan) was don for the next two.

Know that if Warriors do win, it was coded into the original movie poster: Wonder Wheel =2017 in Jewish Gematria. Sunday June Eighteenth =2017. The Threematch =217. Game 7 will be 2017 days since Kyrie Irving signed with the Cavs and 2017 is the 306th prime.

  • The Warriors =306 (as a great example of prime-coded Gematria in relation to deep predictive programming). Seventy-First NBA Finals =306. Twenty Seventeen Champions =306. Michael =306. Michael Jordan + Steph Curry =306. The Godfather’s Revenge =1306. 

I’d also like to point out that the strings in the logo connect to the letters A-T-H-E-R-R, an anagram of Rather =92/420/54/67. Godfather =92/42/504/167. We won’t be surprised if Dan Rather =29/154/404 is sacrificed on 10-19-17, a date that will be exactly 31,400 days after his birth. 

Detroit Tigers & the Jim Bunning Sacrifice Bunt

Jim Bunning, the only MLB player in history elected to both the Senate and the Hall of Fame, died on 26 May 2017 at age 85. I’m seeing some major connections to the Detroit Tigers, a solid underdog pick for the World Series (who I first got onboard with after a Cubs-Tigers reference in Kong: Skull Island). Long-time Tigers owner Mike Ilitch recently passed away (2/10/17) and his business, Ilitch Holdings, was headquartered in Detroit’s Fox Theatre – where Chris Cornell played his final show.

Cornell born on 7/20, Ilitch’s 35th birthday. Detroit =35. The Tigers =53. Twenty Seventeen World Series =353. James Paul David Bunning =353. We find another major connection here as Bunning’s first game was on 7/20 (Ilitch’s 26th birthday) and his first no-hitter was also on 7/20 (Ilitch’s 29th birthday).

  • Jim Bunning =33 died 333 weeks 3 days after leaving office as a Senator =33 from Kentucky and debuted with the Detroit =33 Tigers =33. Motown =33. Astros =33. Mike Ilitch =333. The 2017 Sports Illustrated issue below released 3 years 3 months 3 days before the playoffs begin.
  • Jim Bunning =122. Detroit Tigers =221. There were 1 months 22 days between MLB season start and Bunning’s death and 22 weeks 1 day later will be Game 4 or 5 of the World Series. Fox Theatre =122. The SI preview issue released 1220 days before Game Seven of the ’17 World Series.

James Paul David Bunning =1314/227. His name a perfect pi-coding with: Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 & Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =413. Michael Ilitch Sr =227/143. The movie Kong Skull Island premiered 2 months 27 days before Bunning’s death. It released 227 days before the Playoffs begin and 7 months 22 days before Game Seven. George Springer =227. 

Baseball’s Great Experiment =162. The Houston Astros =1062. Detroit Tigers =162. Fox Theatre =162. Bunning died 1062 days after the SI issue’s date. MLB =162. Major League Baseball =162. Base =162. Ball =162. Baseball =162. And there are 162 games in a regular season, a tribute to the alphanumeric orgy that is baseball. The 62nd prime is 293 and the issue was 2 years 9 months 3 days before the 2017 season began.

  • Houston =112. Hundred Thirteenth World Series =112. Springer =211. Ilitch Holdings Inc =211. Springer’s first game with the Astros was 2 years 11 months 11 days before Bunning’s death, which happened 10,112 days after Spring was born.

The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =3390. Twenty Seventeen World Series =339. He died 19,333 days after his 7th perfect game pitching (6/21/64) which Wikipedia makes a point of highlighting because of this: he was 11,930 days old for it. Bradley David Ausmus =193 (born on 14/4).

Now, the 193rd prime is 44. The Tigers =404. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =404/444. Kong =44. Skull Island =44. Michael Ilitch Sr =44. Springer was 1444 weeks 4 days old when Bunning died. The SI issue dropped exactly 144 weeks before the season began. Houston Texas =144.

It’s the 113th World Series. Detroit MI =113. Jim Bunning =113. Bunning =113. Brad Ausmus =113 who was hired on 11/3 of ’13. Bunning died 1 month 13 days after Ausmus’ birthday. His hiring date can be expressed 3/11/13 and Game 7 will be 3 years 1 months 30 days later. Bunning died 130/131 days before the Playoffs begin on 10/3. AJ Hinch =103/131, Astros manager.

  • Ausmus =13 was manager for exactly 1300 days when Bunning died or 1301 days. Ilitch died 10,310 days after Fox Theatre reopened.

The 13th prime is 41. Detroit MI =41. Ausmus =41. Brad Ausmus =41. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =410. Fox =41. Space City =41. Kong =41 opened 4 weeks 1 day after Ilitch’s death. Bunning wore #14 and his big game happened 4 weeks 1 day before the birth of Cornell. Ausmus was hired exactly 41,100 days after Tigers’ first game. Ilitch died on the 41st day. Astros =411. 

Jim Bunning =224 died exactly 42,400 days after Tigers first home game. Fox Theatre =242. Ilitch was ranked the 242nd Richest American in 2006. Houston known as Space City, home to Johnson Space Center =1224 which opened 402 weeks 4 days before the Moon Landing and 20,240 days (exactly 55 years 5 months) before this season began on 4/2 and 20,424 days before the playoffs.

  • US Senator =666. The Tigers =666. Fox =666. Moon Hoax =666. Fake Moon Landing =666. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666. AJ Hinch =669. Baseball’s Greatest Experiment =999. 

July 20th, the date of Ilitch & Cornell’s birthdays plus Bunning’s first game and first no-hitter, is of course also the date of the Moon Landing, as we’ve been discussing. That’s the day that leaves 164 days remaining. Detroit Michigan =64. Detroit Tiger =64. Ilitch was 14,610 days old for the Moon Landing. Cornell died 10,406 days after Fox Theatre reopened. YUP IT’S A MYSTERY!

David Rockefeller & the 9/11 Conspiracy


David Rockefeller, the man with a net worth of $3.3 billion who was born on 33 numerology has died on 33 numerology. The man from the most powerful family in the history of the United States; the man who founded the Trilateral Commission and served as honorary chairman for the Council on Foreign Relations and the only member of the Advisory Board for the Bilderberg Group. Let’s crack his code and see how his death fits the puzzle.

Rockefeller =110 the CEO of Chase Manhattan Corporation =110 died on March 20th 2017 at the age of 101 from Congestive Heart Failure =111 in his home at Pocantico Hills New York =111. The British Royal Family =111. Jorge Mario Bergoglio =111. David Rockefeller, Illuminati AF and the grandson of John Davison Rockefeller =1011 (the richest person in modern history), died 1011 days after his brother Richard died in a plane crash. Westminster Palace is 1001 years old and the Westminster Attack happened 1110 days after the disappearance of Flight MH-370. Donald John Trump =1110. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =1110. David Rockefeller was the man who proposed the construction of the 110-story World Trade Center =1110 in New York =111. He’s considered by many to be one of the masterminds behind the Nine Eleven False Flag =111. New York City Eleven =111. 9/11 leaves 111 days remaining and Queen Elizabeth was born on the 111th day. Nine One One =110. Osama Bin Laden =110. Darwinism =110, which the Rockefellers heavily promoted to justify their elitism.

  • David =66. Rockefeller =660. Chase Manhattan Bank =66. JP Morgan Chase =66. Rockefellers =66. March Twentieth =66. Pocantico Hills =66. New York New York =66. New York =666. King William =66. King =66. William V =606. Charles III =66.
  • March Twentieth =211. Bilderberg Group =211. Chase =211. Mason =211. World Government =2111. Rockefeller Foundation =112. John Davison Rockefeller =112. Oil Era =112. President Donald Trump =112. 

211 is the 47th prime. Chase Manhattan =47. The King =47. Mafia =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. William =47. Illuminati =470. Trump =470. Shape-Shifting Reptilian =1470. Freemason =147. Establishment =147. Standard Oil Company =74. King William V =74. William =474. Coronation =474. Francis I =474. The 747th prime number is 5669 and as it happens, David Rockefeller died 5669 days after 9/11/01.


Rockefeller died exactly 810 weeks after 9/11/01. Terrorism =810. The Rockefellers =81. Nelson Rockefeller =81. Standard =81. Prince William =81. Jorge Bergoglio =81. President Trump =81. Act of Terrorism =180. Nine Eleven Attacks =180. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =180. Time To Get Paid Blow Up Like The World Trade =180. Chase Manhattan =180. Chase =18.

  • Rockefeller died 2 months 23 days before his birthday. Masonic =223. Military Industrial Complex =322. Nine Eleven Terrorist Attacks =322. The World Trade Center =322. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller =322. Richard Rockefeller =223, David’s brother who died in the plane crash on Friday the Thirteenth =223, a span of  144 weeks 4 days before David’s death.

Tareyton =144. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =144. Hudson Pines =144, David’s family estate & his grandfather died on the 144th day of the year. London Bridge Is Down =1404. Jesuit Order =144. Pope Francis =404 the Bishop of Rome =440. Prince Charles =404. Prince William =144 was 1004 weeks 4 days old on 9/11/01. It should also be noted that our 4/4 target date is exactly 44 years after the Twin Towers opened on 4/4 of 1973.

  • The Twin Towers were destroyed exactly 1484 weeks after they opened. On our 4/4 target, Francis will have been Pope for 1484 days. Murderer =484. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge =484 (aka Kate Middleton).

Prince William was 7031 days on 9/11. Francis was consecrated 7 months 31 days before the ’93 WTC Bombing. Royal Family =137. Monarch of the United Kingdom =137. Government =137. Authority =137. World State =137, the 33rd prime. And here’s Pope Francis kissing David Rockefeller’s hand.

And speaking of Pope Francis the Jesuit’s 9/11 connections, he’s the 266th Pope (who visited the White House on the 266th day of 2015) and there were 2,606 people killed in and within the vicinity of the Twin Towers. Church of England =266. St Thomas of Villanova =2066, the namesake of the Jesuit school who won last year’s Final Four; this year’s tournament began 26 weeks 6 days before the Jesuit birthday & Gonzaga is the only Jesuit university left. Gonzaga Bulldogs Two Thousand Seventeen National Champions =266. 

  • As we’ve been covering ritual fires, the WTC experienced one such inferno on 2/13/75, which just so happens to be 1 year 10 months 9 days after it opened – another clue for the 9/11 event to come. From the 29/5/15 opening of One World Trade Center to our 4/4 target is a gloriously perfect mirror duration of 1 year 10 months 6 days. Francis visited the White House 116 days after One World Trade opened.

We’ve been searching for the 116=Royalty connections, and we find them here too. Bilderberg Group =611. Assassination =611. Chase Bank =116. Goldman Sachs =116. Globalists =116. John Davison Rockefeller Sr =116 died 10 months 16 days after his birthday. John Davison Rockefeller Jr =116. Bergoglio =116. The Survival of the Fittest =116. Rothschild =116. Research reveals that the Rockefeller family were of Jewish origin who operated as Rothschild agents upon immigrating to America.

David =22. David Rockefeller =202. Born with 202 days remaining and died at age One Hundred One =220. Pope Francis became a cardinal 202 days before 9/11. King William V =220. The Rothschilds =220. That’s 22 the Master Builder Number =220. The 22nd prime is 79 and David Rockefeller died on the 79th day of 2017. Oil =79. Nelson Rockefeller =79 who died in ‘79. Francis I =79, who also has a target on his back. Assassination =79.


“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” —David Rockefeller

The Economist 2017 Predictions


The Economist’s 2017 prediction is even more blatantly occult than the past issues, here using a tarot spread to drop clues that the Programmers have planned for the upcoming year. It’s fitting, as tarot cards are known as trumps. The term trump card refers to any sort of action, authority, or policy which automatically prevails over all others – an extremely fitting symbolism with the choreographed persona of President Donald Trump, playing the role of the Problem designed to elicit a Reaction in order to necessitate the pre-planned Solution. In this post I’ll decipher the numerology/symbolism and offer two different readings on the tarot spread.

Planet Trump =696. Royalty =696. Rothschild =696 (the Rothschild family owns The Economist). We’ve seen that 6’s are interchangeable with 9’s so this can also be viewed as 666 coding, representing the Beast System of illusory reality.

Planet Trump =48/156. Six-Six-Six =48/156. As Above So Below =48/156. Planet Trump =208. The 28th prime number is 107 and the numbers of all the tarot cards pictured here sum to 107. Agent Orange =107 (Trump’s nickname). Impeachment =107 (a possible symbolic assassination). Bloodlines =107. Death of a President =170. Long Live The King =170. The Royal Family =170. World War Three =170. Vision Quest =170. The 17 coding synched up with the year.

  • October 7th is the 280th day, in harmony with Planet Trump =208. That’s 333 days after the Election and 114 days after Trump’s birthday. President of the United States =114. Trump Card =114. Assassin =411.
  • The 107th day of 2017 is April 17th. That’s 22 weeks 7 days after the Election, the Pi code of history repeating. The Trump Administration =1722. The 49th prime is 227. Donald J Trump =49.
  • July 10th leaves 174 days (like the 17/4 date) and falls exactly 35 weeks after Trump’s election. The reduced form of each of the tarot cards pictured on the cover sum to 35. July 7th is also 3 weeks 3 days after Trump’s birthday. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for these three dates to come.

The World In Twenty Seventeen =119. Donald =119 (elected on 11/9). All-Seeing Eye =119. Master Plan =119. Tarot Cards =119. Death of the Ego =119. 


Pictured on the cover is what’s known in Tarot as a Storyboard Spread that reads in a clockwise sequential loop. Card 1: The protagonist of the story. Card 2: The protagonist’s side-kick, a special skill, or an external force that helps the sidekick. Card 3: The main antagonist of the story or an external force that works against the protagonist. Cards 4 & 5: An obstacle faced by the protagonist, a problem that needs to be solved, an unforeseen disaster or negative event, or fight between the protagonist and antagonist. Cards 6 & 7: How the protagonist solves the problem. Card 8: The moral of the story, lessons learned and a view toward the future.

So playing the protagonist in this tarot reading is The Tower, the Establishment, with Trump the Monarch as its tool. The antagonist is The World, mind-controlled through entertainment, or the Internet (as extension of collective consciousness). The conflict between The Tower & The World is the truth like a beacon of light in the darkness which gives rise to protest and civil disobedience (the Star meaning much more cryptic, it reminds me of all the celebrity sacrifices set to continue this year). The Tower then solves this problem with more elections, the endless hamster wheel of one puppet after the other & the illusion of choice, and with virtual reality distractions and fantasies. The moral of the story is Death, not the prettiest view for the future.

  • THE TOWER =42. The Royals =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Elitism =42. THE TOWER =322. Military Industrial Complex =322.
  • JUDGMENT =94. Donald J Trump =49. Supremacy =49.
  • THE WORLD =42/105/111/313/630. Internet =42/105/111/313/630.
  • THE HERMIT =47. Worldwide Protests =1470. The President of the United States =147. Major Arcana =147. The Hermit =52/340. Stop TPP =520/304. Truth-Seekers =52.
  • THE STAR =28/91. Celebrity Deaths =208. Celebrity Sacrifice =91. Killing Celebrities =91.
  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE =1038. Donald Trump =138. Election =38.
  • THE MAGICIAN =54/540. Make-Believe =54. Earth is a Hologram =540. Fake News =504.
  • DEATH =118. The Assassination of Donald Trump =118.

The Death card represents Change & Transformation. In the Rider Waite deck, the Death card depicts a dead king, his crown fallen to the ground as a priest prays for redemption. There are also twin towers depicted in the background of the original card, as here we see them destroyed in a mushroom cloud (as was also shown on the Economist 2015 Prediction issue).

Screenshot (45).png

Another way to view this spread symbolically is that The Tower (protagonist) represents the Ego, the destruction of which comes from some sort of event that precipitates a change in the way we view ourselves. The Judgment card with Trump seated atop the world like a monarch, the cartoonish villain representing all our own base ego drives, is a call to let go of the old paradigms and allow ourselves to be reborn. It’s interesting that the original card depicts the angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet to wake up the mentally dead.

The World card is the force working against the ego: harmony, equality & totality. It reminds us that we take part in creating the world in which we live; that we are not victims of the World – we are co-creators. The Hermit card represents the obstacle for the ego and the problem to be solved. The Hermit unplugs from the World to find himself then returns to illuminate the path by spreading awareness. The Hermit represents meditation which is the enemy of ego.

The Tower =27. The Ego =27. Judgment =122. Karma =122. The World =42. Knowledge =42. Manifest =42. The One =402. The Hermit =47. Meditation =47. Rebellion =47.

Screenshot (46).png

The Star card represents the natural intelligence inside each of us, which we reach through the meditative states of the Hermit. It is a card of healing, hope, and love. As this card is shown tilted in the cover spread, perhaps it implies its reversal – false hope or feeling stuck and pessimistic – fitting with the meaning of the obstacle or problem to the ego. It’s interesting that the Moon is depicted on this interpretation of the card, which represents dreams & illusions. The Wheel of Fortune card shows us how the ego solves the problems and overcomes the obstacles as represented by the Hermit & Star – or how we find peace with the contrast between ego & inner wisdom; between fantasy & reality, truth & lies. The Wheel reminds us that life is cyclical and ever-changing, and the only thing we really have control over is our own thoughts.

The Magician card expands on the way in which the ego overcomes the obstacles. He represents creation and the manifestation of will, the virtual reality goggles and 3D printer suggesting that reality is holographic in nature and by recognizing and accepting the illusion, finding the balance between our inner & outer selves, we can co-create the reality of our vision. The Death card represents transformation as the moral to this tarot spread – the journey from ego to enlightenment, as Thelema teaches. It is the death of the old to make way for the new, just as 2016 reduces to 9 and 2017 reduces to 1, the start of a fresh cycle. That which we despise about Trump is a reflection of that which we wish to overcome within ourselves.

The Star =44. Hope =44. Faith =44. Wheel of Fortune =61. God =61. Chi =61. Truth =601. Letting Go =161. The Magician =54. Co-Creators =54. Voice =54. Love =54. Death =64. Change =64. Rebirth =46.

NOTE: Extra-Capsa will finally be making Personal Numerology Readings available within the next couple days, so stay tuned. 

Trump in Newsweek: Bowie Tributes

The issue is dated 9/23, the day that leaves 99. In The Company of Trump =99. That date can also be written 23/9 — One World Government =239. Global Elite =239. It’s got numerology of [9+23+20+16] =68. Donald John Trump =68. The Apprentice =68. Zionist Israel =68. Trump’s two homes are Mar-A-Lago =68 and the 68-storey Trump Tower.

The article is called The Man Who Sold The World =100. US President Donald J Trump =100. Zionist Conspiracy =100. Psychological Warfare =100. Of course that’s a reference to a David Bowie song, its 45th anniversary 10 months 19 days before this issue (and Inauguration Day 119 days after). Donald =119 trying to be the 45th president.

  • Here’s another odd connection, Bowie died on 1/10 (President =110) which is 258 days before this issue: President Donald J Trump =258. Psychological Operation =258. 
  • Donald J Trump =49. David Bowie =49 aka David Jones =49. Died on January Tenth =49 at age Sixty-Nine =49. Space Oddity =49. Trump is also 69 years old.
  • Bowie died 156 days before Trump’s birthday. The President of the United States =156. 

The issue is 47 days before the election. President =47. Republican =47. Trump =470. The Trump Organization =1470. Zionist Government =1470. The President of the United States =147. Corporatism =147. The 47th prime is 211 and Bowie died on 47 numerology, 211 days after Trump’s birthday.