Hotel Fires & Intelligence Agencies

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is known as the CIA’s Big Brother, said to be the most powerful and secretive intelligence organization in America. And it was formed on 1 October 1996 — which means that the NGA =21 celebrated its 21st birthday just like many young Americans: by going to Las Vegas and painting the town red.  Legal Age in America =201. The Drinking Age =210. (Imagine if Gematria is the reason why America has such a ridiculously late legal drinking age). The CIA’s motto: The Work of a Nation The Center of Intelligence =201. Intelligence =201. Mandalay Bay =121. Hotel and Casino =210. International Banking =210. Mafia =21. Kerkor Kerkorian, the ‘father of the mega-resort’ and the man who founded MGM, died exactly 120 weeks before the Vegas Attack. Illuminati =120. The Institute =1020 (aka Mossad in Hebrew). October 1st is also the birthday of the Defense Intelligence Agency =120. 

  • Have you heard of the Winecoff Hotel Fire? This is somehow new to me, despite multiple posts on the history of building fires. 7 December 1946, the deadliest hotel fire in United States history, killing 119 hotel occupants, including the hotel’s owners. Fire =21. Winecoff Hotel =210. It happened 20,001 days before 9/11 2001. Insane duration, especially when the Winecoff =121 was notable for the number of victims who jumped to their deaths…
  • It also happened 201 days after an airplane crashed into 40 Wall Street, creating a 20-by-10 foot hole in the NYC building that would later be purchased by Donald Trump (born 26 days after it). This all helps the Grenfell Tower Fire =210 make more sense, as it occurred on Trump’s birthday.

MGM Resorts International =112. GEOINT =211 (the other acronym for the NGA). Forty Wall Street =211. Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino =2111. On 21/11 in 1980, the MGM Grand in Vegas caught on fire, killing 85 people in the worst disaster in Nevada history, and curiously the reflection of 58 dead in the Route 91 Massacre. Now this Hotel Winecoff story is really interesting, and definitely worth a deeper investigation. [Sidenote: the Winecoff is currently considered to be the most haunted hotel in America.]

This image of the woman falling won the 1947 Pulitzer Prize for Photography – and prominently displays the Double Cross of Lorraine, created by the Knights Templar and later adopted by the Church of Satan as the Leviathan Cross. There’s a similar pattern on the runways of Love Field in Dallas, where JFK landed that day, and MLK was shot at the Lorraine Hotel. So it’s very suspicious that this award-winning photo from the hotel fire displays it so prominently. The Double Cross of Lorraine =1119. Double Cross =119. Hotel =119. Winecoff =1019 (in Jewish G). 119 people were killed. JFK was assassinated 11 years 19 days after the formation of the NSA.

The MGM Fire is the third worst hotel fire in American history after the Winecoff and the Dupont Hotel in Puerto Rico (12/31/86). The Dupont happened 40 years 22 days after the Winecoff, which happened 12,404 days before the MGM Fire. Stephen Paddock =1422. The Central Intelligence Agency =424. Antoine Fats Domino Junior =1424. His first album ‘The Fat Man’ dropped 4 years 4 months 2 days after Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki (shoutout to Whats In A Name for that gem). The NGA was formed when the DIA was exactly 420 months old.

  • Back to the NGA’s 21st birthday party: 21 years is exactly 252 months and the NGA formed 2 years 5 months 2 days before the grand opening of Mandalay Bay. Sin =252. Central Intelligence Agency =252. New World Order =252. Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy =252. The Elite =252. Smells Like Teen Spirit =252. Kurt Cobain died 2 years 5 months 2 days before Tupac got shot (in Vegas) and Tupac died 25 weeks 2 days before Biggie. The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations =252 (aka the Mossad).

21 years is also 7670 days. The inverse of that is the NGA’s motto: “Know the Earth… Show the Way… Understand the World” =676 (Francis Bacon). The MGM Grand Fire happened 7600 days before 9/11/01. The Institute =766. The Central Intelligence Agency =1761. 

The MGM Grand (now Bally’s =26) was 26 floors and this 1620 key is from an article about the fire’s anniversary. This stood out to me as the Vegas Attack happened 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. Mandalay Bay also opened exactly 126 weeks after the formation of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency =126. The CIA =126. National Security Agency =126. The CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, was born 11 years 1 month 26 days after the formation of the NSA. The Mossad =206. Kidon =26, the unit within the Mossad responsible for the execution of opponents and suspected of being behind many successful assassinations.

  • Chris Cornell died in an MGM Grand Hotel on May Seventeenth =1026 exactly 1026 weeks after the death of Kurt Cobain =126 and 1 year 26 days after the death of Prince. Black Hole Sun =1206, as Jason Aldean has tattooed on his arm above the blackjack, 10+A like the date. Winecoff Hotel =1260. The Central Intelligence Agency =262.  The Grenfell Tower Fire happened exactly 1262 months after Titanic sunk. How about that.

The kid who took that Pulitzer winning image of the Double Cross was called Arnold =22 and was born on 2/22/22. Paddock was born 22 weeks 2 days after the formation of The NSA =22. Mossad =22. Intelligence Agency =222. The Institute =222 (aka the Mossad). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer =222/2202 was founded exactly 1222 weeks before the formation of the CIA, which is the second tight span we’ve found synched up with MGM. Chris Cornell allegedly killed himself at an MGM Grand: exactly 34,000 days after MGM was founded.

Central Intelligence Agency =230 was formed 2030 days after the birth of Paddock. End date included, 9/11 happened 20,003 days after the Winecoff =32 Hotel Fire. Five days after the 7/7 London Bombings was 20,300 days after the formation of the Mossad. Cross of Lorraine =203. The Mafia =32. The Mossad =32. Paddock =132 shooting from the 32nd floor.

  • Trump was born 7 months 22 days before the Winecoff Fire. The Mossad was formed exactly 227 weeks after the bombing of Nagasaki. Countdown =1227. History =227. Foreshadow =227. Divination By Numbers =227. Timekeeping =227. Saturn has a circumference of 227,000 miles. Cosmic Hologram =227. Earth =227. 

The CIA was formed on 18/9 and Stephen Paddock was 10,089 days old for the MGM Grand Fire of 1980. MGM =198. The Mossad =98. Grenfell =89. Government Sponsored Hoax =1890. And check this one out, from the formation of the Mossad on 13 December 1949 to the September 11th Attacks: 18,900 days. And what’s even weirder about this is that Stephen Edwin King =1098 was the exact same age of 18,900 days old when he was famously hit by a van while out walking. And I curiously have very little information on the #189 but let’s look out for that span repeating.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.55.43 AM.png

Of course 9/11 happening exactly 2700 weeks after the Mossad was founded works too. The Mafia =270. Iraq =270. The CIA =27. The New World Order =207. 

Yankees Death of Gene Michael

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.14.44 PM.png

As I’ve been reporting on some curious connections to the New York Yankees and their shot at the 113th World Series, we should examine the recent death on 7 September 2017 of Gene ‘Stick’ Michael, a shortstop for the Yankees who later became their coach then manager then GM, winning the World Series in 1978. He also managed the Cubs for two seasons and is credited with building the Yankees team that became a dynasty in the late 1990s, winning another four World Series titles. No slouch, making this a solid sacrifice and thus boosting the chances of the Yankees to go the distance.

Gene Michael =79. Michael =97 died 97 days after his 79th birthday. Yankees Shortstop =790/1179. Derek Jeter =179. The New York Yankees =79. New York Yankees =179. As we reported on earlier, Aaron Judge keeps a note in his phone of the number 179. Steinbrenner =197. George Steinbrenner =79/97. Derek Sanderson Jeter =79/97 for the more memorable Yankees shortstop. Miami =79. Hurricane =97.

  • Eugene Richard Michael =110. Michael =101. He died in Oldsmar FLA =101 and the Yankees will wear Black Armbands =101 for the rest of the season in tribute. Yankee =101. The Bronx =110. Aaron Judge =110. George Steinbrenner =101. NYC =11. New York =111. Michael died 11 months 11 days after the birthday of MLB Commissioner Manfred =111. Yogi =111. Derek Sanderson Jeter =111. Derek Jeter =111/101. New York Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =1101. 

Stick Michael =113. Eugene =113. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. Michael died 11 months 13 days after the death of Marlins’ pitcher José Fernandez. Chiapas =113, where the Mexico earthquake hit. Geoengineered =113. 

Eugene =117 died 1 year 11 months 17 days after the death of Yogi Berra and 1 month 17 days before the World Series begins. Excluding start & end points, Michael died 11 years 17 days after groundbreaking at Yankee Stadium. New York City New York =117. Yankees in 117th season with Game 7 on 11/1/17. Weather Manipulation =117. 

  • Eugene Richard ‘Stick’ Michael =444. The New York Yankees =444. Yankees =44. Shortstop =44. NYC =44. NY =440. Michael died exactly 440 weeks after Yankee Stadium opened. HAARP =44. Nuclear Hurricane released on 4/4 of 2007.

Michael & Steinbrenner both died in Florida, where Yankees do their spring training, and Jeter is the incoming CEO and part-owner of the Miami Marlins – Michael =138 born in ’38 and died 38 weeks 3 days before his birthday during evacuations of the state due to incoming Hurricane Irma =138/38 which is set to hit Florida =38 a span of 3811 days after the release of the TV-movie Nuclear Hurricane, the reference given by the Mayor of Miami Beach 1383 days after he took office. Yankees Shortstop =1380. The Bronx =38. Florida =38. NYC =38. Black Armbands =38. Yankee Stadium opened 3080 days before the death of Michael. The Mexico Earthquake struck at 11:49 PM and 2300 hours is equal to 1380 minutes. 

As FTFT reported, the mayor of Miami Beach (not the Florida governor) called Hurricane Irma a ‘nuclear hurricane’ and there’s a movie with the same name about a ‘highly sophisticated computer system’ at a nuclear power plant that becomes sentient and ‘goes crazy’ as a tropical storm is blowing into town. This sounds like my theory that AI has been sentient and actively pulling the strings for some time now, which would explain all the pitch perfect coding in conjunction with the long-since established reality of military weather manipulation.

Houston just got fucked by Hurricane Harvey and now Irma is smashing shit up through the Caribbean en route for a fleeing Florida as the strongest earthquake in a century (8.2) hit off the SW coast of Mexico. That’s HAARP activity in full force. 

And I punched in the wrong coordinates and found something interesting. From Nuclear Hurricane to Jeter’s 44th birthday (6/26/18) is 4100 days. Gene Michael =41. Miami Marlins =41. Irma =41/140. Hurricane Irma =140. Derek Sanderson Jeter =114. Derek Jeter =1014. Eugene Richard Michael =1014. Scott =14. Rick Scott =41 became Governor of Florida on 1/4/11. 

Sam Shepard & the Speed of Sound

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.58.14 AM.png

Samuel Shepard Rogers III – playwright, actor, author, screenwriter, and director – passed away on 27 July 2017 at the age of 73. Or to use the long count, he died exactly 3847 weeks old and 3847 is the 533rd prime. Samuel Rogers III =355. The Great American Eclipse =355. Experimental mathematics, but if we sum 533+355 we get 888. Donald J Trump =888, as we’ll see several synchronicities with in this decode.

  • I’d recently seen him in the Netflix series Bloodline where Shepard =68 played the patriarch Robert Rayburn =1680. His character died in the first season, and Shepard died 860 days after its release, 8 weeks 6 days after the release of season three, and 6 months 8 days into the Trump =68 Administration. Donald J Trump =68. The Speed of Sound =68/86/168, the connection that will make sense shortly.

Shepard =44 wrote 44 plays and died 14 weeks 4 days before his birthday on a date with Life Lesson Number of 44 (27+7+2+0+1+7). Robert Rayburn =1044. Donald Trump =144. Samuel Rogers =44. SSR III =44. The Great American Eclipse =404. His final role was in a film called Never Here =44. The 44th prime is 193 and he was born in Fort Sheridan Illinois =193 and died in Midway Kentucky =193, a span of exactly 39 years 1 month after the premier of his play Buried Child, for which he won a Pulitzer.

Samuel Shepard Rogers III =1133 was born in Fort Sheridan Illinois =133 on a date with Life Lesson Number of 33 (11+5+1+9+4+3) and died in Midway =33 a span of 3 weeks 3 days before the Eclipse =33. Alan Shepard became the first American in space 3 weeks 3 days after Yuri Gagarin and exactly 133 weeks before the Assassination of JFK. Sam Shepard was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in The Right Stuff =331, playing the role of Chuck Yeager =137 (the 33rd prime) who was the first human to officially break the Sound Barrier =137. Eclipse =137. Shepard had ALS =137. 

  • Thirty-Three =156. Sam Shepard =156. Samuel Shepard Rogers III =1506 was born exactly 1056 weeks after the birth of Yeager. The Speed of Sound =1056. Donald J Trump =1056. 
  • Shepard was born 20 years 2 months 27 days after the birth of Chuck Yeager =722 who broke the sound barrier 2 years 2 months 27 days after the Trinity Test and 2 years 2 months 7 days after the bombing Hiroshima. For more pi-coding, Shepard was born in Fort Sheridan Illinois =314 and was married to Jessica Lange =1314. Eclipse =314. 

Yeager =606 was 9009 days old when he broke the barrier of Sound =99. Sam Shepard =99/996. Samuel Rogers III =99/66 and he died 19 years 6 days after Alan Shepard =196/99, the first American in space. Eclipse =66/69. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.01.58 AM.png

Samuel Shepard Rogers III =136 was born exactly 136 weeks before the birth of Donald Trump =136. Speed of Sound =136. Sonic =360. Alan Shepard =360. Yeager broke the sound barrier 113 weeks 6 days after the bombing of Nagasaki =36. 

  • Samuel Shepard Rogers III =343. Nagasaki =343. The speed of sound is 343 m/s. 
  • Supersonic =277. Atomic Bomb =277. Shepard died on 27/7. 

It should also be noted that Shepard was born on the 5th of November, exactly 338 years after the Gunpowder Plot false flag blamed on the patsy Guy Fawkes. Donald Trump + Vladimir Putin =338 and the two men were born exactly 338 weeks apart. Choreographed Rituals =1338.

Remember, Donald Trump will be 26,002 days old for the Great American Eclipse =262.

The Interview & the Sony Pictures Hack

On the North Korean situation we’re reminded of the Sony Pictures Hack from 11/24/14 when a group called Guardians of Peace leaked confidential data from Sony studio demanding that it pull its film The Interview, the Seth Rogen comedy about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, threatening terrorist attacks at cinemas screening the film. US Intelligence alleged that North Korea sponsored the cyber-attack though as I remember thinking back then, this sure smells like a publicity stunt. And as we now see, it is very much coded up with some key durations & Gematria for predictive programming – as is Team America: World Police.

  • Another current event making this decode more relevant is the June 22nd death of Keith Loneker, former NFL player and actor who had a part in Rogen’s film Superbad. Keith Loneker =264 died age 46 years 2 days old. That’s also 2400 weeks 4 days old. Superbad =442. Dual mirror synchs to the core code.

The Interview premiered 1090 days after the death of Kim Jong-Il =109. June 25th is 10,090 days after the Berlin Wall fell. Cyber Attack =109. Keith Joseph Loneker =109. Loneker =109. Sony =910. The Interview released 910 days before the 2017 Summer Solstice, 1 year 1 month 9 days before Otto Warmbier was arrested, and 10 years 1 month 9 days after the release of Team America =119. Superbad =119. 

Sony Pictures =1104. That’s also 1104 days from Kim Jong-Il’s death to the general release of The Interview, the Sony Hack coming 11,004 days after the release of Red Dawn. Kim Jong-Un =114. So between the two dates we find Gematria coded to both North Korean leaders. Cyber Attack =114. James Franco =114. Sony Pictures Studios =114. Sony Pictures Hack =411. Assassin =411. Team America premiered on 10/14. 

Guardians of Peace =1722. The Interview =314. If we exclude start & end points, it’s a span of 30 years 10 months 14 days before Kim Jong Un’s birth and the Sony Pictures Hack. Red Dawn =314. The Wolverines =227. The Warsaw Pact ended 1 year 7 months 22 days after the fall of the Berlin Wall, leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union on 12/26 of 1991 (a beauty span of 777 days after the Wall fell).

  • The Interview =996. Seth Rogen =666. Temple of Bel =666 destroyed 666 days before 6/26. July 20th 2017 will be exactly 666 weeks after the release of Team America.
  • The Interview opened 2 years 6 months 2 days before 6/26Keith Joseph Loneker =262. The British Empire =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. 

Notice above that 3 years 8 days from Kim Jong Il’s death to the Sony Pictures Hack. The 38th parallel north forms the border between North & South Korea, the DMZ =38. Masonic =38. Occult Elite =38. Master Plan =38. 

With all those 333s on June 25/26 we covered previously, we can add this one to the list: June 25th will be 1330 weeks 3 days after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Nuclear War =1330.

And as we covered when it happened, Team America with its depiction of terrorism in Paris released a perfect 11 years 30 days before the Paris Attacks of 11/13. 

Update: Hours after this post, British Parliament was hit by a cyber attack. 

Manuel Noriega & the CIA (Cocaine Importation Agency)

Manuel Noriega has died on JFK’s 100th birthday. The former Panamanian dictator and puppet of American imperialism was an ally and CIA asset until he was spun by the media & transformed into the embodiment of evil, the enemy to democracy, deposed in the Invasion of Panama on 20 December 1989 and imprisoned in Florida on trumped-up charges of drug trafficking. The tables turned, the story goes, when Noriega refused to participate in aiding the US-backed Contra terrorists ousting the leftist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, a situation that was ultimately about the CIA controlling the shipment of cocaine into America to create the War on Drugs as a War on Poverty, thus facilitating the rise of the prison-industrial-complex. To his dying day, Noriega claimed he was the victim of a conspiracy. “You have to create a problem in order to solve it,” he stated in a Newsweek interview, neatly summarizing the age-old Illuminati strategy.

The first thing I’m searching for is another example of the ongoing 138-coding, which wasn’t hard to find: Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno =138. War on Drugs =138. Crack Cocaine =138. General Noriega =183. He died 3 months 18 days after his 83rd birthday and 8 months 13 days before his next. Saddam =83 was ‘killed’ 3 years 18 days after his capture. The Central Intelligence Agency =380. CIA Asset =38. 

Escobar =308/83. Noriega died 3803 days after the death of Saddam Hussein. Noriega was replaced by Guillermo Endara =308 (President Guillermo Endara =383) a man more accommodating to American interests. As we’ll see, these characters all fit the numbers magnificently, offering yet more evidence to long-count alphanumerics.

Manuel Noriega =216 was the Maximum Leader of National Liberation =2106 and died with 216 days remaining, born 6102 days after the birth of Kennedy =666. (6x6x6) =216. The United States Invasion of Panama =2160. Cocaine Kingpin =216. Pablo Escobar =216, killed 1 year 2 months 16 days after Noriega was sentenced to 40 years in prison on 9/16/92. He was finally extradited back to Panama on 12/11/11, a perfectly-orchestrated duration of 6660 daysEndara died 19 years 9 months 9 days after the Americans made him president on the night of the Invasion of Panama. Saddam + Noriega =666. Bush + Bin Laden =666. The CIA =696

Noriega =314 was Maximum Leader for exactly 314 weeks. Here’s another gorgeous example of Pi-cycles in action, especially with these synchs: Republic of Panama =227, its capital Panama City Panama =227. The event that led to his disposal was the Iran Contra Scandal =227 and Noriega’s replacement, Guillermo Endara =722, died 7222 days after the Invasion, a span of 1031 weeks 4 days.

  • United States of America =314. Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave =314. Weapons of Mass Destruction =314. 

Saddam Hussein =722 was captured 702 weeks 2 days before Noriega died.

Noriega died on the 23rd anniversary of Saddam becoming Prime Minister of Iraq, which means Saddam became PM on the 77th birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy =77. Noriega =77. General Noriega =77. Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno =77. Puppet Dictator =77. CIA Asset =77. Police State =177. Nine Eleven =177. New World Order =177. 

  • The Central Intelligence Agency =424. Pablo Escobar =424. Saddam =24/42. Noriega =24/42 was removed from power when he was 20,402 days old.
  • Military Leader =204. Manuel Noriega =42. Panama City =204. Baghdad Iraq =124/142. American Imperialism =240. The Invasion of Panama =42 lasted 42 days. 
  • The Invasion of Iraq occurred exactly 13 years 3 months after the Invasion of Panama. Government =133. Saddam + Noriega =133. Saddam Hussein =133. Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti =303. Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno =1033/303. The War on Poverty =303. Manuel =33. Panama City =33. Kennedy =33. Imperialism =33. Cocaine Importation Agency =333. 

Noriega =222 died 10,022 days after being ousted on 12/20 (1022 days after The Iran-Contra Affair =1122 ended) and Saddam =22 was ousted 1200 weeks 2 days after 9/11. War on Drugs =1202. Saddam + Noriega =220. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria =122 died on 12/2. 

Manuel Noriega =28 died 2800 days after the death of Endara. John F Kennedy =1208. Nine Eleven =208. Crack Cocaine =208. War on Drugs =128. Puppet =128. Invasion of Panama =1128. The CIA =28/82. United States of America =282. Puppet Dictator =1282. President Kennedy =82. Imperialism =182.

  • Manuel Noriega + Saddam Hussein =1182. General Manuel Noriega =1182. The 1182nd prime is 9547 and Noriega died 19,547 days after the Kennedy Assassination. These are the complex finds that seal the deal, not one double-digit number matching a synonym for Conspiracy presented as proof.

General Manuel Antonio Noriega =444. He was ousted 1444 days before Escobar was killed and exactly 4 years 4 months after the Iran-Contra =44/404 Affair began, dying 11,044 days after it ended. Imperialists =1044. New World Order =1044. Saddam + Noriega =1440. Puppet =144. The United States of America =144. Pablo Escobar =44 died aged 44 years 1 day old, a matching span of 441 days after Noriega’s sentencing.

The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666, all three codings in full effect with the life & times of General Noriega. And obviously there’s so many more synchs when we incorporate date numerology and spans between birth anniversaries of key players but in light of these long-count algorithms, those finds now play a minor supporting role, according to my perspective on how this all goes down.


General Manuel Noriega =311. John Fitzgerald Kennedy =311. Iran Contra =113. The Invasion of Iraq lasted 1 month 1 week 3 days and Saddam was hanged 1113 days after his capture. America transferred control of the Panama Canal back to Panama 10 years 13 days after they invaded and Escobar died 3 years 11 months 11 days after the Invasion of Panama. Controlled Opposition =113. The New World Order =311. 

Starship Troopers: 9/11 Predictive Program


The campy anti-war satire about a race from a distant, desert land, who out of nowhere strikes a civilian target in a way we didn’t think was possible, leading to heavy-handed patriotic propaganda, and a headlong rush into a war with a poorly thought-out strategy that results in a quagmire. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The destruction of Buenas Aires was blamed on an asteroid fired randomly across the galaxy by cave-dwelling Arachnids, a story that sounds about as plausible as Jihadists armed with box cutters.

  • Buenas Aires =42. NYC =42. Manifest =42. War =42. Iraq War =42. The Bug War =42. Insect =420. Fascism =420. Social Engineering =420.
  • Battle of Klendathu =69. New York City =69. False Flag =69. Nine Eleven =69. The War in Afghanistan lasted exactly 690 weeks. America invaded Baghdad 1 year 6 months 9 days after 9/11 and the Iraq War began 1960 days after Starship Troopers released.
  • Klendathu =96. MK-Ultra =96. Society =96. Jackboots =96. Militarized Police =96. The director also did Robocop, which helped program the rise of the police state.

In the movie, the arrogant military is unpleasantly surprised by the tenacity of the enemy and its readiness to scrap, so they regroup and rain down hate in a Shock & Awe campaign – on several other completely different Arachnid planets – for the Mobile Infantry to wipe up the remnants. IRL, the Coalition forces ran into the same problem underestimating the Taliban in Afghanistan then shifted gears to Shock & Awe in Iraq, where enemy combatants were tortured just as the bugs were, fodder for TV propaganda and psychological operations. “The only good bug is a dead bug,” the crisis actors holler. And spoiler alert: the humans are the bad guys in this one.

The audience learns that there’s no way the insects could have attacked Earth, leading to the conclusion that the fascist police state engineered a false flag in order to drive the Military-Industrial Complex; war for the sake of war – control & profit – and the problem-reaction-solution Hegelian dialectic that has always been in play with the Powers That Be.

The film ends not with victory or a surrender, but with a slightly desperate recruitment ad (“service guarantees citizenship!”)  implying that Earth is either fighting a losing battle or they’re stuck in an unpleasant stalemate: the humans too technologically advanced to be beaten back, the Arachnids too entrenched and determined to give up. On the surface level the film is a phenomenal synchronicity of a premonition, yet when we decipher the alphanumerics and calculate the perfect durations encoded into this film we see just how powerful a piece of predictive programming this film truly is.

STARSHIP TROOPERS =110. Starship =110. Nine One One =110. World Trade Center =1110 and they were 110 stories. Osama Bin Laden =110. Nine Eleven False Flag =111. New York City Nine Eleven =111. New York =111 and 9/11 happened with 111 days remaining. Director Paul Verhoeven =101. Predictive Program =101. Starship Troopers =101. 

  • Starship =438. Illuminati =438. Freemasonry =834. 
  • First Bug War =144, as its called. 9/11 went down 1404 days after Starship Troopers came out. Nine Eleven Terrorism =1440. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =144. Killer =144. Government Sponsored Staged PsyOp =144. Alien Invasion =144. 
  • That’s also 3 years 10 months 4 days for the 314 Pi code and 200 weeks 4 days. False Flag Terrorism =204. Allah =204. Muslim =24. 

9/11 happened 311 days before Verhoeven’s birthday. USA =311. Starship Troopers released on the 311th day of the year, 113 days after his birthday and exactly 3 years 11 months before the War in Afghanistan started.

  • It’s Bava Kamma 113 that permits Jews to circumvent Gentiles via subterfuge and deceit. Dishonest =113. Perjury =113. Controlled Opposition =113. State-Sponsored Terror =113. The Beast =311. This number (root 13) is coded all over false flag hoaxes.
  • 311 days after Charlie Hebdo (which started at 11:30) was the Paris Attacks of 11/13 that killed 130 people 130 days before Brussels Bombing that killed 31 people in 13 minutes, 31 weeks 1 day after the Bangkok Bombing. Paris was the first European tragedy since the Madrid Bombings of 3/11 – which happened 911 days after 9/11. The Twin Towers were approved on 3/11 and 9/11 happened 3119 days after the ’93 WTC Bombing.

That’s 204 weeks 2 days from the 7/11 release to the 7/10/01 (Oct 7) launch of the War in Afghanistan. Predictive Programming =242. It also came out 6240 days before the end of the war. Explosion =624. League of Nations =624. Jerusalem =624. Mossad =426. Mind Control =426. Make America Great Again =426. Royal =426. Hidden Hand =426. Desert =426. 

Iraq War =1141. World War III =141. Service Guarantees Citizenship =141. It ended 14 years 1 month 11 days after Starship Troopers. Verhoeven =114.

  • The movie released 254 days before Verhoeven’s birthday 60th birthday and 9/11 was the 254th day – the Attacks coming on the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon’s construction.

The Iraq War ended 10 years 3 months 7 days (137) after 9/11. Washington DC =137. Authority =137. Royal Family =137, the 33rd prime number. False Flag =33. Klendathu =33. Muslim =33. Service Guarantees Citizenship =330. War in Afghanistan =333. 

The film came out on 7/11/97. Hillary Rodham =711. President Clinton =197. After a disastrous campaign, Sky Marshal Dienes is replaced by a female leader named Tehat Meru =666, a name designed for a specific numerological resonance. This story also sounds familiar.

  • Starship Troopers came out exactly 1002 weeks before Inauguration Day =120 on 1/20. United States of America =102. Windsor =102. The Royal Family =1020. Al Qaeda =102. Nine Eleven lasted 102 minutes.
  • That’s 7014 days. Star of David =714. All-Seeing Eye =714. Divine Rule =714. 

That’s also 19 years 1 day before the election. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. Her Royal Highness =191, the 43rd prime. Her Majesty =43. Elizabeth =43. Victoria =43.

UN Suspends Aid Convoys To Syria

The United Nations has suspended aid to Syria after a convoy of humanitarian supply trucks was bombed near Aleppo during a ceasefire. This news comes 2016 days after the Syrian Civil War began. 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016 (and 6x6x6 =216). President Bashar  al-Assad =216. The sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016. Terrorism =63. Arab Spring =630. Syria =36 (the sum of 1 through 36 equals 666). President Bashar Hafez al-Assad =136. Arab Red Crescent =136. Ban Ki-Moon was born 13/6. 

  • That’s also exactly 288 weeks. Evil =288. Crime =288. Blood =288. Famine =288. Ishtar =288, the Assyrian Goddess of Fertility, Love, War, Sex & Power.
  • Illuminati =720. The United Nations =72. Syria =72. A Ceasefire =72. Mohammed =72, like the 72 virgins.
  • Syrian Arab Red Crescent =1119. Zionist Government =119. Occupied Government =119. Star of David =119. Master Plan =119. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula =119.

The Syrian Civil War began exactly 3900 days after Bashar al-Assad was elected president. Islamic =39. Ishtar =39, another reference to the Mesopotamian deity. Ishtar =75. New World Order =75. Syrian Civil War =75. Al Assad =57. United Nations =57. Moon =57. 

Fun Fact: Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon =232. Boss =232. Satan =232. Lucifer =323. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant =323. Remember the dumpster bomb in Chelsea New York over the weekend? As the media showed us, it had a 323 stamp and the name of the arrested perp equals 232. His name also equals 666 like ‘New York’ =666, bringing it back around full circle to the original 2016 day count that started this investigation. Oh and the CNN headline about Rahami from the day of the UN aid suspension was “Ramblings In A Notebook” =216.