Mickey Jones & Mickey Mouse: Disney Mind Control & the Miracle on Ice II

A lot of people have been anticipating Bob Dylan to bite the dust in accordance with the occult ritual surrounding Super Bowl LII in his & Prince’s home state of Minnesota. Bob’s still hanging on but we did get the death of drummer turned actor Mickey Jones on 7 February 2018, associated with Dylan by playing percussion on his 1966 World Tour (the year of the NFL season that led to Super Bowl I). Mickey like the Mouse, who Nick Foles celebrated with at Disney World the day after the Super Bowl. No shit. As we’ve been talking Disney themes all season, not least of all the movie Invincible.

Mickey Jones =1242 was only 2 weeks 4 days younger than Bob Dylan =24/42, Dylan born on the 24th of May. Bob =124. Dylan’s real name, Robert Zimmerman =1042/242 and he was a perfect 4002 weeks 4 days old when Jones died – 242 days after his birthday at the age of 4000 weeks 2 days old. Don’t Panic =42, as displayed in the SpaceX convertible, the multidimensional reference to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as 42: the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

  • Prince =24 died on 4/21, the Queen’s birthday. That’s 21/4 like his real name, Prince Rogers Nelson =214. Disney’s Invincible =214. Jones is best known for his role on Home Improvement =214 (the sitcom produced by The Walt Disney Company =241) and since ’88, Dylan has been playing the Never Ending Tour =214. 

Jones makes me think of David Bowie aka David Jones which ties back to Starman & the SpaceX Falcon launch. Well get this, Mickey Jones also acted in the 1984 John Carpenter film STARMAN. Ha! It opened in theatres on 12/14 and 12,104 days later was the day before Super Bowl LII.

Minnesota =142 like the Super Bowl LII =24 on 2/4 a date with 24 numerology won by Foles =24 and The Eagles =241. Justin Timberlake =241 in his tasselled jacket looking like eagles feathers. In perfect synchronicity with all the Eagles symbolism and predictive programming we’ve been seeing for the past half-year. Disney World =142. 

  • I set out this morning to explore any connections with the other Disney movie about sports underdogs – Miracle, about the Miracle on Ice Game at the 1980 Winter Olympics, to kick off the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. What I found is one of my biggest mind-blowers in a while.

First, let’s have a moment of silence for the two actors from Miracle who died last year (as I covered then), Michael Mantenuto and Sasha Lakovic =240 – two players/actors from the same movie dying 24 hours apart starting on 4/24.

Mantenuto =140/41 and Sasha Lakovic =41 died exactly 41 weeks before the miracle win at Super Bowl LII where Eagles scored 41 points. Then three days later the death of Mickey Jones =140. He and Bob Dylan =141 were born in ’41 and Jones died at the perfect age of 4000 weeks 1 day old. Dylan =14. Zimmerman =41/104. Minnesota =41/104. Mickey Mouse =41. Disney’s Invincible =104. Mighty Ducks =140. 

Mickey Jones is also known for his role on the crime drama series Justified =141/104/114/140. Yes, the show with the same name as Justin Timberlake’s debut album. The Philadelphia Eagles =104 and remember the 104th prime is 569. Walt Disney =1569. The 569th prime is 4133. Super Bowl LII final score 41-33.

  • 41 is the 13th prime. Super Bowl LII came 13 years 11 months 30 days after Miracle and exactly 13 years (counting to 2/5) after the previous Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl. Disney’s Invincible =103. Starman =103. Mickey Mouse =130. Mouseketeer =130. Walt Disney =113. Eagles =113/31. Justin Timberlake =1301 born 1/31 the same day as Eagles coach Doug Pederson, born exactly 13 years apart, ha. Super Bowl =131. 

Super Bowl LII comes 31 years 11 days (11,333 days) after Super Bowl XXI (1987), where Disney launched their “I’m going to Disneyland” campaign with NY Giants QB Phillip Martin Simms =113 born 11/3. The campaign resumed in 2006 for Super Bowl XL, 11 years 11 months 30 days before Super Bowl LII, this sequence yet again! What really goes on at Walt Disney Imagineering =1013 ? — from my 12/28/17 post, Star Wars Sacrifice

Revisit my post on The Twin Miracle Sacrifices for many more associated synchronicities with the number 13. Like Lakovic & Mantenuto dying 13 years after the Miracle movie based on the game at the 13th Winter Olympics, Lakovic the age of 13,130 days old.

That’s 28,002 days old with end date. Mickey Mouse =1282. Walt Disney =828. Robert Zimmerman =182/82. The Eagles =82. Walt =82. Mouse =28 like Mickey’s jersey. Pederson =128. Rober Allen Zimmerman =1128. Magic Kingdom =218. Sasha Lakovic =1218. Falcon Heavy launched with the Starman(nequin) 12,108 days after the release Carpenter’s film Starman (great flick by the way).

Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. Elizabeth II born ‘26 took the throne on 2/6 and coronated on 6/2. We know this code is Royal =26. Well as it turns out, Bob Dyan & Prince were born a perfect 6026 days apart. Robert Allen Zimmerman =262. Bob =62. Prince Rogers Nelson =260. 

  • Bob Dylan has been touring continuously since 1988, dubbed the Never Ending Tour, and as of the Super Bowl he’d played a total of 2903 shows. 2903 is the 420th prime (of course connecting to the first 24/42 run) and 293 is the 62nd prime. I betcha we can watch his 2018 Tour lineup for clues of what’s to come. He’s playing 26 European shows which will put him at 2929 performances in his 29th year of the tour.

Disney’s Invincible =260. Invincible =1026 released in 2006  a span of 1 year 6 months 20 days after The Eagles =162 first Super Bowl loss to the Patriots- and 2 years 6 months 20 days after the 2/6 release of Disney’s Miracle. Walt Disney =262. Disney World =1602. Miracle on Ice =62. Super Bowl LII =62 coming 62 days after Walt’s birthday.

Mickey Mouse Club =1062. The Mickey Mouse Club =262/1260. Timberlake =262/162. Justin Timberlake =261 who of course was a fucking Mousketeer as a kid, an industry product & MK slave from the beginning. No Strings Attached =262 yeah right. And is N-Sync’s logo not a total of sync with the old Minnesota North Stars? Reminding us of course that Disney’s Mighty Ducks is also set in Minnesota…

 The rabbit hole led me to look into the kid who Justin Timberlake took a selfie with during the half-time show, as my initial reaction was ‘obviously staged but why.’ As it turns out, that kid is Ryan McKenna from Scituate Massachusetts. You know who else is from that town? Dave Silk, a former NHL player who was part of the fucking Miracle on Ice team from the 1980 Winter Olympics. No shit.

As it turns out, Miracle opened in theatres on 2/6/04. That’s five days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl and exactly one year before they went back-to-back (just like they did this year) in Super Bowl XXXIX — against the Philadelphia Eagles!! Unreal. And guess where the 1980 Team USA found their head coach – Herb Brooks was head coach of the University of Minnesota. The Screaming Eagles, as they were fictionally known in the TV show coach with the death of Jerry Van Dyke, whose brother Dick is deep within Disney (or the other way around).

Mickey Mouse =191. Home Improvement =191. Timberlake =191. No Strings Attached =191. Invincible =191. Never Ending Tour =191. Sasha Lakovic =161. The Eagles =161. Doug Pederson =161. Pederson =191. Super Bowl LII =161. Mickey Jones died 1061 days after the series finale of Justified. And do you see the 191 hidden in the logo now?

  • The 2017 MLB Playoffs began 1191 days (3 years 3 months 3 days) after the Sports Illustrated issue accurately predicted the Astros win – which as we covered here was also majorly synched up with Disney/NASA. Like Foles going to Disney World the day before the SpaceX launch hoax.

The Cinderella Story of Nick Foles could accurately be called Miracle on Ice II, as despite US Bank Stadium being heated, SB LII was the coldest Super Bowl in history.

As if there could be any more perfect connections proving that Mickey Jones was a Super Bowl Sacrifice (either ritual murder or fake death, the same effect on the collective subconscious), the man was in one episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia called ‘Gun Fever Too: Still Hot‘ that aired 9/11/13 (and featured Charlie & Mac sporting Eagles shirts). That’s 1607 days before Super Bowl LII, which also came 10,607 days after George Bush Sr took office on 1/20/89, which incidentally was the day that Nick Foles came into this world. United States =167. Invincible =167. 

  • Invincible opened 1111 days / 3 years 14 days after the death of Coach Herb Brooks, who died at the age of 66 years 6 days old.

And since we’re already well over the limit here,  may as well point out that Fox =666 merged with Disney 996 weeks after it was predicted on The Simpsons. Super Bowl LII =966. The Eagles =966. Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything =699. Falcon =666. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666. This upcoming March 8th will be exactly 6066 weeks after the birth of Walt Disney, who’s apparently frozen somewhere. Maybe unthawed before Super Bowl LII.

Decoding Super Bowl LII: Another Amtrak Wreck Riddle

Amtrak’s Silver Star passenger train, travelling from New York to Miami on February 4th (Super Bowl Sunday), collided with a CSX freight train near Cayce South Carolina and derailed, killing 2 people and injuring 116. This comes incident just four days after an Amtrak hit a garbage truck in Crozet Virginia, killing 1 injuring 6; and, absurdly, we’re told that none other than political celebrity and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was onboard. And on that day the elite Patriots were beaten by the underdog Eagles in their first ever Super Bowl victory.

  • As we’ve been covering for over two years now here at Extra-Capsa, it appears that train wrecks are routinely staged as a riddle component to an overarching grand ritual, particularly involving sports championships for some reason. As we’ve speculated in the past, it may have to do with the world-as-chessboard symbolism extended to the model railroad metaphor and the fact that the railroad industry is traditionally known as being Masonic to its core.

As soon as we see Locomotive #47 with 147 people on board on the day of the Super Bowl =1407, it’s safe to assume we can start with searching for instances of this sequence: Cayce South Carolina Train Collision =147 as it’s called on Wiki (link here)Masonic =147. Freemason =147. Freemasonry =1147. Any way you call it this number shows up, an alphanumeric/energetic anagram of Conspiracy =147. 

Silver Star =47 was inaugurated as a line in ’47 – – a perfectly synchronized span of 1047 days before the death of Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet” and one of the most-documented psychics of the 20th century. That’s a crazy synch already, the train that wrecked in Cayce starting operations (being born as it were) 1047 days before the death of Cayce – especially when the ongoing theme here is fiction foreshadowing future.

Train =74. Masonic =74. Silver Star Amtrak =74. Cayce South Carolina =74. Cardinal =74 was the name of the train that crashed in Crozet VA with passenger Paul Davis Ryan Jr =74. Crozet is noted for being the filming location for Evan Almighty =74 (a movie decoded by a lot of sleuths back in 2015 for its constant repetition of September 23 as the day the Great Flood comes again). 74 a majorly religious number, Jesus =74 / Lucifer =74 / Muhammad =74 (etc.) On the subject of movie synchs, Silver Star’s Wikipedia references the movie Carlito’s Way =47 because Al Pacino’s character is killed just before boarding the Silver Star. 

In the previous post published right before the Super Bowl, I pointed out the Eagles reference in The Return of the King. Sure enough, Brady returned for the back-to-back prophecy fulfilled, yet the Goat literally and figuratively dropped the ball a couple times and indeed got caught in the talons of the apex predator.

  • Return of the King =740 premiered exactly 740 weeks before Super Bowl LII =47 in Minnesota =47, which ended with a total of 74 points scored in the win by the Eagles =47 with the MVP going to former scrub and backup QB, Nicholas Foles =47 a span of 4747 days after the last Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl. They’re calling the story of Foles a fairy tale, one that should be made into a movie by Disney. Almost exactly like Invincible, the miracle Cinderella story of Eagles WR Joe Papale, the oldest rookie in NFL history.

I’ve got so much content here that you can expect a multiple-post breakdown of all this, but after you’re done this read go check out my post, Philadelphia Eagles & Invincible, published back in November. I highlight the importance of Dick Vermeil, then-Eagles coach who went on to coach the Rams then Chiefs — just like Nick Foles started his career with the Eagles then got traded to Rams then Chiefs, before coming back to Philly just this season. Vermeil was coach of the Rams in 2000 when Kurt Warner went from bagging groceries to winning a Super Bowl (as I mention in that article), another fairy tale nearly identical to that of Foles.

Post-game Super Bowl LII, Kurt Warner tweets: “God sure knows how to write a story!”

Back to trainwrecks, one we’ve covered a few times here was the CSX 8888 Incident, also known as Crazy Eights, which happened 119 days before 9/11 (inspiring the film Unstoppable=888) which hit right before Thomas Brady =116 won his first Super Bowl, perfectly timed for America to get Patriotic and support the invasion of the Middle East after The occult mega-ritual and false flag attack. And now this one, Silver Star =119 crashes with 116 injured a span of 6110 days after the Crazy Eights Incident.

  • And to tie it all into the Super Bowl again, Nick Foles =116 won 1911 days after his first NFL game (11/11/12, replacing Michael Vick a former Falcon like last year’s bird team). The ‘Unstoppable Eagles’ shot is from a sports show back on 11/19. 

The other image above is from the movie Unstoppable where instead of 8888 they used locomotive #777. US Bank Stadium =777. And the best part is that #36 Jay Ajayi (a British citizen born in London) is nicknamed the Jay Train.

Now the other Amtrak derailment we want to look into here is the Philadelphia Trainwreck of 5/12/15, covered many times over on this and other blogs. Train Crash =666 and the Philly Wreck happened 999 days before this Super Bowl Sunday derailment with Philadelphia winning Super Bowl LII =966. Carlito =666. It happened two days after the Dow Jones =666 dropped 666 points as well as 1996 days after the suicide of Unstoppable director Tony Scott and five days after the crash in Crozet Virginia =666 (in Satanic Gematria).

  • Our reader WhatsInAName dropped some awesome gems on us earlier: Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming birthday will mark 6066 days since 11 September 2001, just as Prince William was born 6660 days after the Great Alaskan Earthquake & Tsunami – in Prince William Sound. Prince dying on the Queen’s birthday and Timberlake giving him a tribute in the half-time show.

We’re going to explore more of this 666-coding in the next post, but for now let’s appreciate the image on Wikipedia of the Cardinal train (the Pope/Vatican reference) the one that crashed in Crozet on 1/31, which incidentally has a major stop in Philadelphia. For some reason they show Locomotive #174 (Queen Elizabeth =174) stopped at the village of Prince, West Virginia (population 116). Too perfect.

Justin Timberlake’s first five words sung on his halftime show: “Haters gonna say it’s fake.” Hilarious, as the letters behind him flash SO REAL, then FAKE. And of all the Prince songs, they cover ‘Die 4 U’. A relatively obscure yet perfect choice, since U is the 21st letter making that Die 4-21 and Prince =24 died on 4/21, the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth =142/240. Prince William =142/204/1242/42.  

  • The Philly Derailment happened 142 weeks before SB LII in Minnesota =142Edgar Cayce =142. Carlito’s Way =142 opened 24 years 2 months 24 days before the Super Bowl – and exactly 204 months before the release of Unstoppable =42 (both on 11/12). Cayce South Carolina Train Collision =204. Edgar Cayce =124/422.  
  • Foles =24 was 1242 weeks 2 days old for his first ever NFL game and this was Eagles first SB appearance since the 2004 season, this one a rematch of that game with Eagles getting revenge. Timberlake =402/42 in his halftime show sponsored by Pepsi =240/420/224. Pepsi-Cola =42. 

Train Crash =412. Cayce =412. Crozet Virginia =214. Paul Davis Ryan Jr =214. Paul Ryan =214/1242. Crazy Train =1214, Patriots’ perfect entrance song in Super Bowl LII. Going off the rails, Tom Brady represented by the derailment of Amtrak’s Silver Star earlier that very day, a foreshadowing worthy of Edgar Cayce.

The collision occurred in Cayce en-route to Miami. That sounds like ‘KC’ is going to Miami, host of the 2020 Super Bowl. And with the Silver Star reference, maybe Kansas City VS Dallas Cowboys 2020? Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is hosting in 2019 and this past season the Falcons installed a new sound-effect for every touchdown scored – a train horn.


Super Bowl LII: The Return of the King

We just finished watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy here on 2/4 Super Bowl Sunday, and in that third movie, The Return of the King, the characters are saved after the unexpected appearance of some giant Eagles. This Super Bowl featuring the back-to-back New England Patriots led by Tom ‘The G.O.A.T.’ Brady, it’s no real stretch to call this game the Return of the King. Pretty crazy actually. But as it turns out, the internet beat me to it again, as many memes abound about Brady as the Lord of the Super Bowl Rings.

We find a glorious span here as The Return of the King premiered on 1 December 2003, exactly 740 weeks before Super Bowl LII. Return of the King =740. The King =74. Aragorn =74. Tom Brady =74. I mean c’mon. Or its full title: The Lord of the Rings the Return of the King =407. Super Bowl =1407. Aragorn =147. Super Bowl LII =47. Minnesota =47. Eagles =47. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.40.02 AM.png

Super Bowl FiftyTwo =1224. Minneapolis Minnesota =224/1422. The Return of the King =224. Tom Brady =224. The movie also premiered a span of 14 years 2 months 4 days before LII =24 on 24 numerology on 2/4 in Minnesota =142. Super Bowl FiftyTwo =204. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady =124. This major code for the SB, lots other synchs.

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The Ritual Death of Rasual Butler & Leah LaBelle: Crash Connections & the Eddie Griffin Synchronicity

NBA baller Rasual Butler was killed in a car wreck on 31 January 2018 after he lost control of his Range Rover and smashed into a strip mall on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City California. His wife, singer Leah LaBelle, was killed at his side. The story strongly synchronizes with Butler’s high school teammate Eddie Griffin, another NBA star who also died in his SUV, hit by a train back in 2007 – and Butler & LaBelle were killed the same day as another Amtrak train crash, this one carrying GOP lawmakers and colliding with a garbage truck in rural Virginia.

Quite the riddle on our plate here.

Immediately a few details pop out with regards to the Super Bowl:

  • Butler & Griffin were both born & raised in Philadelphia, both playing ball for Roman Catholic High School, whose colours are Purple & Gold like the Vikings. Butler died on 1/31 a span of 1 year 3 months 10 days after being waived from the NBA. (Super Bowl =131, Championship =131) crashing on Ventura Blvd, like former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (who as we covered previously is very much synched up with this event). And not be outdone, BOTH Butler & Griffin’s last team was the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Rasual Butler died at the age of exactly 2019 weeks old on Ventura Boulevard =219. Eagles-Patriots =219. Minnesota =219. Roman Catholic =219. Griffin died 2 months 19 days after his birthday at the age of 9210 days old, an anagram worth mentioning in light of Butler’s age. Range Rover =129. Ventura =29. Crash =29. NBA Finals =209. 

Rasual Butler =1044 was born on 5/23, the 144th day in a leap year. Leah’s real name: Leah Vladowski =144. Rasual Butler + Leah LaBelle =144. And get this, Eddie Griffin the actor-comedian, wrecked a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo in a charity race on 3/26/07 (an accident many at the time were calling out as a publicity stunt for his upcoming film Redline), and just 144 days later, Eddie Jamaal Griffin =144 the basketball player was killed in a car crash, undoubtedly a trippy surreal moment for those who were familiar with both Eddie Griffins.

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15:17 to Paris & the Thalys Train Fraud

I stumbled upon an ad today for the upcoming Clint Eastwood propaganda piece called The 15:17 to Paris, the film version of the fictional terror attack passed off as genuine to the gullible home viewing audience. The Thalys Train Attack took place on 21 August 2015 when an Islamic man opened fire in a train carriage before being subdued by passengers, in particular, three American soldiers – actors who are now playing the roles of themselves in the Eastwood movie. Absolutely ridiculous in so many ways.

This hoax was one of the first I ever decoded, about a month before I started Extra-Capsa and a month after I learned about the secret language of language. The conclusion back then was that the carriage was full of actors and blocked off from the rest of the train so they could stage this theatre production presented to emergency personnel as a drill and to the world as real, just as the three American frauds are presented as three American heroes.

  • And looking into it again here we find the icing on the cake, as Spencer Stone’s father Brian was charged with insurance fraud in 2016 over a scheme to commit multiple arson for profit. As it turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, since the son is an even bigger fraud than the father. Un-fuckin-real.

The three heroes all have 11-coded initials, as I remember. Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos. AA=11, AS=11, AS=11. Thalys =111. Fake Terror =111. Brian Stone =111. Fifteen Seventeen =1101. It happened 11 months 11 days after the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Notice Spencer playing Spencer in the shot from the movie above is wearing a shirt that reads Yosemite =111/666. Illusion =666. Hoax =669.

False Flag =121. Thalys Train Attack =121 also happened a day after Stone was exactly 1201 weeks old and he was 2 years 11 months 11 days older than the shirtless terrorist on the 21st day in train car #12, exactly 12 weeks before the Paris Attacks. Spencer then wrote a book called The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes =1021. The Synagogue of Satan =1201. Militarized Police State =1210.

  • Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos =211. Filming of the movie began 1 year 10 months 21 days after it happened. Fake Terror =121. Train Attack =112. Aleksander Reed Skarlatos =112/1012. Fifteen Seventeen to Paris =120. Fifteen Seventeen =102. Eastwood =102/1200.

Fraudulent =148. Fraud =48. Fake Terror =48. Illuminati =48. Propaganda =48. Drill =480. And 48 days after the Hoax =48, Stone was stabbed in a bar fight in Sacramento while trying to save someone. The Thalys Train Fraud also happened 84 days before the Paris Attacks =48 (or 2 months 23 days) which itself came with 48 days left in the year.

Another detail very much worth mentioning is the cast of The 15:17 to Paris. Aside from the three American heroes playing themselves, all the other actors are from fucking COMEDIES! Judy Greer & Tony Hale were both in Arrested Development, Jenna Fischer is from The Office, Thomas Lennon from Reno 911, and Jaleel White was Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Almost the entire cast is a bunch of known jokers and comedians, and this is supposed to be a biographical thriller-drama. And they nailed it, because it is indeed totally hilarious to those like us who get it.


As for the 15:17, we don’t find any prime number synchs but it reduces to 6:8. Thalys Train Attack =68. Fake Terrorism =68. Stone Skarlatos Sadler =68. Spencer + Anthony + Alek =1680. Friday the Thirteenth =1068. Paris Attacks =186.

  • The movie by Eastwood =930/93 is set to open 903 days after the event itself. Propaganda =93. Psychological Weapon =93. MK Ultra =93. Fake Terrorism =193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. 
  • Spencer + Anthony + Alek =193. Spencer Stone + Anthony Sadler + Alek Skarlatos =193. Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos =1930. 

And a fun fact about Thalys is that the high-speed train operator opened their line to Amsterdam (the point of departure for this 15:17 to Paris) on 12/13/09, which makes operations beginning on the 60th anniversary of the formation of Mossad (12/13/49). Exactly 60 years is exactly 720 months, which is the exact same duration from the Pentagon’s groundbreaking ceremony to the missile strike on 9/11. Illuminati =720. Fake Terror =702 and the bad guy was Ayoub El Khazzani =702Spencer Stone =72. Paris =72. Mass Mind Control =72. 

Siegfried & Roy: Tiger Mauling Illusion

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.24.34 AM.png

Truth-Sleuths, my apologies for the lack of posts, I’ve been cranking overtime on finishing a mini-book on Predictive Programming which I’ll launching on Jan 22nd as a pdf to purchase for a few bucks. I might do a post on the Hawaiian Missile Scare (obviously not an accident) and the sudden death of the chick from the Cranberries as it pertains to Zombies and the deaths of George Romero and the stuntman from the Walking Dead, but most likely will just throw some examples of my book work over for you guys. I’m currently compiling all the highlights of all the very best foreshadow instances from The Simpsons – which led to these beauty discoveries here: 

One of the other most well-known examples of real-life events predicted by Simpsons jokes was the time that Siegfried & Roy were mauled by their own tiger in Las Vegas. Roy Horn was attacked by a white tiger named Montecore at the Mirage Resort and Casino on 3 October 2003, bitten on the neck and dragged across the stage on his 59th birthday.

The incident happened a span of exactly 511 weeks after the Simpsons episode. Siegfried Fischbacher =115. Roy =115. Montecore the White Tiger =115. Mirage Resort & Casino =115. Nevada =115. Psychological Operations =115. Sorcerer =115. Witches =1115. And curiously, Montecore died on 3/19/14, exactly 14 years after the “Bart to the Future” episode, or if we exclude start & end points, 5111 days later.

  • Siegfried & Roy =159. The Simpsons =159/59. With our focus on numerology it’s quite the detail that Roy (born Uwe Ludwig Horn =59) was attacked in Las Vegas =59 on the day he turned 59 years old. Magic =59. Magician =159. Illusionist =159.

Especially since the 59th prime is 277 and and October 3rd is the 277th day in a leap year (as was Horn’s birth year, 1944). Further, Siegfried & Roy were born exactly 277 weeks apart. With all those synchs, it appropriately happened at the Mirage Resort & Casino =277.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.49.28 PM.png

Psychological Operations =277. Under the banner of US Special Forces, a PSYOP is designed to “convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.” And just putting it out there, but what better location than the Mirage to pull off a major illusion, like faking a tiger attack.

The facts are that eye witness accounts are muddled and no video evidence is available, which means that yet again the home audience must simply believe what the mass media tells us to be so. It’s said that Montecore damaged an artery carrying oxygen to the magician’s brain, crushing his windpipe leaving him partially paralyzed, a story still being circulated despite Roy’s explanation that he suffered a stroke on stage and the tiger was dragging him to safety as he would a cub.

“I died clinically three times on the operation table,” Roy later said. And while it may seem far-fetched to suggest he faked his injuries as part of some larger occult ritual, we’ve seen it several times since, and with Hollywood special effects one can achieve almost anything – especially when pretty much the entire audience is consuming this information through a carefully controlled medium. Mass perception management, with the real illusionists as the Programmers who manipulate from behind the red curtain.

We find another clue in the Number of the Beast, the 666 that represents the so-called Beast System, which ultimately denotes the world of Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Their Simpsons parody characters were called Gunter & Ernst =966 like their official former show name: Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino =666.

  • And as it turns out, Siegfried & Roy had a cameo in the film Oceans 11, where the Mirage is robbed of something valuable. It opened in theatres on 12/7/01, a perfect span of 666 days before the tiger attack (or exactly 95 weeks, for the reverse of the 59 sequence).

Which brings us to one we can’t leave out: Roy was exactly 708 months old (59×12) for the incident. Sorcery =708 in Jewish Gematria. Which indeed this appears to have been.

To segue from the Siegfried & Roy Attack in the the 2017 Las Vegas Attack, they happened 5112 days apart; Montecore the Tiger died the exact same duration of 5112 days after the “Bart to the Future” episode first aired. (And then we carry into the Simpsons programming for the Vegas Shooting, which is even crazier than I’d originally covered). 

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.18.27 PM.png

Jerry Van Dyke & John Young: The Minnesota State Screaming Eagles

Jerry Van Dyke died on January 5th (the same day as legendary astronaut John Watts Young, Apollo 10/16), which is crazy because we were just talking about his brother Dick Van Dyke on 12/29 [Bronx-Mumbai Fire Ritual] in association to the death of Rose Marie (12/28/17), who co-starred on the Dick Van Dyke Show with Jerry & Mary Tyler Moore (who died 1/25/17, her show set in Minneapolis) as well as the death of Heather Menzies (12/24/17) with her connection to Julie Andrews who starred as Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke. You with me?

Anyway, less than a week after researching Dick Van Dyke and his dark Disney ties, his kid brother gets popped off. Best known for his character on the TV sitcom Coach, Jerry died the day before the NFL Playoffs began. Looking into this show for Super Bowl clues, we see that it stars Craig T Nelson as Hayden Fox, head coach of the fictional Division I-A college football team the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. That’s right. MINNESOTA + EAGLES. Dying 17 days before the NFC Conference Championship that could very well be Eagles VS Vikings to decide who plays in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

Coach =62. Van Dyke =162. Screaming Eagles =1602. Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles =162. Purple and Gold =26/62/206. Philadelphia =62. Coach Fox =26. Fox =216. Hayden Fox =612. And Coach Fox reminds us of John Fox, former head coach of the Carolina Panthers (and recently fired by the Bears), who entered the NFL as defensive coordinator for Pittsburgh in ’89, the year that Coach premiered. And speaking of which, here’s Dick Van Dyke with some Penguins.

Mary Tyler Moore =62. The Dick Van Dyke Show =126. Dick =26/162. Kelly Jean Van Dyke =1062. Super Bowl LII comes 26 years 10 days after the last time it was held in Minnesota and, on theme of astronauts, 2601 weeks after the death of Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space *cough* bullshit *cough*).

  • Another astronaut just died on 12/21, Bruce McCandless II, who died the same damn span of 2601 weeks after Christopher McCandless, the vagabond kid from Into the Wild, who shares the surname (no relation) and was born 6 weeks 2 days before the death of the fraudulent Gagarin. I might have run that one a bit off-track but we’ve been discussing NASA coding for years, which reminds us of these old classics that fit the bill here:

Including end dates, Kurt Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after John Glenn made the first orbit and Chris Cornell was exactly 261 weeks old for the Moon Landing, which happened when Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old. The Eagle =261. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =261. The Philadelphia Eagles =261, in Francis Bacon.

There’s another connection here with Minnesota and NASA as there’s an astronaut from Minnesota currently “in space” on the International Space Station: Mark Vande Hei =666. John Watts Young =996 died the same day as Jerry Van Dyke =996 and 16,696 days after his moon landing and two weeks after McCandless II =666. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =666.

  • Fox =666. Super Bowl LII =966. The Eagles =966. Falcon =666. Marvin John Nance =966 (Jack’s full name). Jerry’s nephew / Dick’s son Barry Van Dyke will be 66 years 6 months old for the Super Bowl, born 17 days after Jesse Ventura, just like Jerry Van Dyke dying 17 days before the Conference Championship. Purple + Gold =666. The Screaming Eagles =666. (Both in EE.)

And get this, the real life Minnesota State University is home to the Mavericks, whose alumni now playing in the NFL is apparently a list of one: Adam Thielen, WR for none other than the Minnesota Vikings, going to the Pro Bowl this year. Thielen =696 was 9999 days old for the death of Jerry Van Dyke =996 (which sets up his days after for some sweet long counts).

Barry Van Dyke (born in ATLANTA) is a bit of an enigma. Wikipedia says he lost his wife, Mary Carey Van Dyke, in 2017 but no where can I find the date she died. What I do find, however, is many articles claiming that BARRY died, including this one that says he passed away on 29 May 2017. There’s also a Reddit forum about a Mandela Effect of people swearing that Barry Van Dyke killed himself in the mid-nineties. Weird stuff.

It gets weirder when we find out that Jerry Van Dyke’s daughter, Kelly Van Dyke, was a porn star (known as Nancee Kelly) who actually killed herself in 1991. Maybe that’s the confusion with the Mandela Effect claim. Turns out Kelly was married to Jack Nance, best known as Pete Martell from Twin Peaks and his awesome performances in many David Lynch films. They married 7 months before her death, and Nance died young too, under mysterious circumstances, in 1995 (apparently from a brain injury he sustained from a brawl in a donut shop parking lot after telling off some kid). Kelly died 26 years 2 months before SB LII. Jack Nance =26/62 died 21 years 1 month 6 days before SB LII.

Before landing the role of Coach Fox, Craig T Nelson played a football coach in the Tom Cruise movie All The Right Moves (1983) – which is filmed in Pittsburgh and set in a shitty company town in Pennsylvania dominated by a steel mill. The high school football team even wears the black & yellow, Cruise in #33. The flick opened 12,525 days before SB 52. Jerry was born 2052 days after his brother Dick. Adam Thielen =205 was born 1 year 5 months 25 days after Coach premiered.

  • And here’s another ruby of a find: the actor who played Predator in the first and second films was one Kevin Peter Hall, who died of AIDS at the age of 35, just four months after Predator 2 opened. Hall is from PITTSBURGH, of all places. At 7’2″ he was the tallest actor in Hollywood. (Fun Fact: Hall went to the same high school as Barry Church, Jaguars strong safety, and Aaron Donald, Rams d-tackle – both players on 2017 Wild Card teams).

Hall also starred in that TV sitcom 227 which we’ve talked about before, and on the Pi tip he died 31 weeks 4 days before the death of Nancy Van Dyke. Minneapolis–Saint Paul =227. The Minnesota Vikings =227. Franklin Steele =227. The Running Man opened exactly 28 years before the Paris Attacks or 10,227 days (and Predator opened exactly 29 years before the Orlando Nightclub Shooting). Schwarzenegger =1314 was born 3 years 11 months 14 days before Ventura and took office 2 years 27 days after 9/11.

3/14 (March 14th, Pi Day) this year will be 17,770 days after the Moon Landing and 2027 days after Neil Armstrong died; a good day for Buzz Aldrin to buzz off to other worlds than this. Buzz will also be 32,202 days old on 3/22, which will be 17,777 days after the Moon Landing. Interesting eh, and as it turns out, John Young (and Jerry Van Dyke) died 17,700 days after the Moon Landing. The square root of Pi is 1.77.

  • The series finale of Coach came 1077 weeks before the death of Van Dyke and Thielen was born 77 weeks 1 day after it premiered. Minnesota State University =1177. McCandless =177. Christopher Johnson McCandless =177. Kelly Jean Van Dyke =177. Jack Nance died 7707 days before Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium =777. 

Van Dyke =107. Young =1117/17 landed on the Moon =17/170 a span of 1007 days after the Apollo 11 Landing and 7110 days after the death of Alan Shepard, the first American in space. Young was also born 7 days after Edgar Mitchell =117, the astronaut who was a major proponent of alien conspiracies and died 701 days before Young. NASA =17. Kelly Van Dyke (aka Nancee Kelly) died on 11/17. Thielen =117. Adam Thielen =117 will be 10,007 days old for the Division Final on 1/14 (and 10,014 days old on 1/21). The roman numerals LII is an upside-down 117.

So weird how everything we look into here keeps showing up clues for Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Minnesota. Jerry Van Dyke’s assistant coach character on Coach is named Luther Van Dam, which is interesting because Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally billed to play Predator and JCVD was in Sudden Death – the movie featuring terrorism at the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup that I reported with last year’s death of Powers Boothe setting the stage for the Penguins’ back-to-back Stanleys.  Boothe died on 5/14/17 – exactly 20 years (240 months) after the series finale of Coach. 

Boothe co-starred with Bill Paxton in Tombstone and Paxton (who died on 2/25/17) was in not only Apollo 13 for the NASA synch but also PREDATOR 2. And good call Nicky T that Alabama QB Jalen Hurts is a dead ringer for the Predator with those dreads so we’ll see if the Predator theme continues: Falcons using their talons on the sheep, Titans (like the OG gods of Greek mythology and Nashville home to the Predators) defeating the Native Americans, and Jaguars devouring the buffalo. If Panthers maul the Saints I’d say we’re go for launch on the pattern.

Jalen =666 (Jewish) Hurts =216 (Satanic) and he’ll be exactly 233 months old (the 51st prime and 13th Fibonacci number). A Crimson Tide is a Bloodbath and as per the Coach angle we should amplify the focus on the coaching staff and see what comes up.

UPDATE: Priests beat Panthers, maybe Sexual Predators trump Big Cats.