AC/DC Die Young

Malcolm Young, co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, has passed away on 18 November 2017 at the age of 64, less than a month after the death of his and Angus’s older brother George Young, another rocker in the family. When we see that Malcolm & George were both born on the 6th day of the months we know we’re in store for a good long count, one of many mind-blowing synchs in this post, so take your time with it.

Malcolm born on 6 January 1953 and George on 6 November 1946 means their births came exactly 6 YEARS 2 MONTHS apart – then they died 26 DAYS apart. Quite astonishing when we consider that nearly every single post of mine for the past several months has featured the 26/62 coding in full effect, cyphers notwithstanding. Yet if we were to incorporate some Gematria we’d probably start by pointing out how AC/DC is said to be an occult acronym for either “Anti-Christ Death to Christ” =1626/260 or “Anti-Christ Devil’s Child” =262. Take your pick, as both are coded up.

  • And the official acronym works as well: Alternating Current Direct Current =1620. Which reminds us of the so-called Current War between Nikola Tesla & Thomas Edison =261/126. The winner was Edison with his Direct Current =162 (because it was profitable) and incredibly, Edison & Tesla died a span of 16 years 2 months apart. Malcolm was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young =162.

Bon Scott died 206 days after his own birthday. George Redburn Young =1262/261 died a parallel span of 206 days (or 6 months 21 days) after the 62nd birthday of Angus Young =126. Malcolm + George =1260. Rockstar Family =1026. The Youngs =126. AC/DC hailing from Australia =126. All this points to a blood sacrifice for Angus, paying his club dues. Sacrifice =206. Saturn Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. We could wrap this post up here and it’d be solid but the shit don’t stop and neither do we.

Angus =26 borrowed the Duckwalk =26 from Chuck Berry, aka Charles Edward Anderson Berry =126/162 who just died this year, pronounced dead at 1:26 PM on March Eighteenth =261. Chuck =26 was born in ’26 — amazingly a span of exactly 261 weeks before the death of Thomas Edison (that’s five years apart on October 18th). We could perceive Rock N’ Roll as a celebration of electricity, the Satanism aspect associated with Lucifer the light-bringer. Hard Rock =26. Back in Black =26. For Those About To Rock We Salute You =126. Twins Trick =126. 

  • Now get this: Malcolm Young died on the same day as jazz drummer Ben Riley =126, as well as Olympic gold medalists Gillian Rolton =626 and Naim Suleimanov =1260, both of whom competed in the ’92 Summer Olympics =1206/1062 in Barcelona. That’s crazy eh? Two Olympians from the same games dying on the same day as Malcolm Young… I don’t know about you but it smells like a riddle here.

Now the thing about that 6 years 2 months span between Malcolm & George’s births is that it’s exactly 74 months. Another huge number. Malcolm Mitchell Young =74 died 74 years after the death of Tesla with his Alternating Current =74. Thomas Edison =74/174 died with 74 days remaining. Thunderstruck =74. Hard Rock =74. Rock and Roll =174. Lucifer =74. Devil =74. Occult =74. Masonic =74. Etc, etc.

Rockstar =666. Ronald Belford Bon Scott =969 died when Malcolm Young =906 was 9906 days old and Malcolm died 1969 weeks after the death of Ronald Scott =66. Chuck Berry =66/166 born on March Eighteenth =669. Australian =696. Twin Trick =696.

  • AC/DC =66. Youngs =606/69. Rock and Roll =66. Tesla + Edison =66. Stevie Young =1606. Thunderstruck =166. AC Lightning Bolt DC =960. Angus Young =196. Angus =96. Satanism =96. 
  • Chuck Berry born on the 18th and died on the 18th for a lifespan of exactly 90 years 5 months or exactly 1085 months. Malcolm dying on the 18th as well means his death came exactly 91 years 1 month after the birth of Berry, and further Malcolm was born 9 years 11 months after the death of Tesla. Alternating Current =911. If we break it down, Malcolm died exactly 1093 months after the birth Chuck Berry. Direct Current =193. Thunderstruck =193. Ronald Scott =193. 

AC/DC =33 in Kabbalah, which brings us to some real juicy 33s, always a crowd favourite. Rockstar =33. Rock =33. Ronald Belford Bon Scot =333 died at the age of 33 and five months before the release of Back in Black =33. Ronald Scott =133. Malcolm died 33 weeks after Angus’s birthday and 133 days before Angus’s next, and (for another wild one) exactly 1033 months after the death of Edison =33. Tesla =33. The Devil =33. Satan =330. 

Young =1117. Rockstars =117. Tesla + Edison =117. ACDC Highway to Hell =117. Ronald Belford Bon Scott =117 died 7 months 11 days after his birthday. The Dream Team =117 was the Team USA unveiled at the same ’92 Summer Olympics in the first year to include NBA players. That team featured Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =117 who is co-owner of the Dodgers =117 the team that just lost the World Series on 11/1/17. Ritual Sacrifice =117. 

  • And I’m sure there’s a big clue in here for the NBA Finals, a Dream Team member associated with the 2018 Champion. Maybe Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics =1170 as they’re currently sitting at the best record in the league. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Champs =117. What else do you guys see here?

This 117 sequence associated with Barcelona reminds us of the recent Barcelona Attack, which was absolutely saturated in 117 coding. It happened 643 days after the Paris Attacks and 643 is the 117th prime. It was the deadliest terror attack in Barcelona since the 1987 Hipercor Bombing which happened 11,017 days before this latest act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 that began in the 1,017th minute of the day in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack.

Rock Music =112. Angus Young =112. Scotland =112. Duckwalk =112. ACDC Back in Black =112. George and Malcolm =211. Edison born 2/11. The Dream Team =211. Olympics =112. Ninety Two Summer Olympics =112. Malcolm died 2 years 11 months 20 days after AC/DC’s final album, 11 weeks 2 days before the Super Bowl, 21 weeks 1 day before the NBA season ends, and 211 days before Game 7 of the NBA Finals, so we can assume that the 2018 Championships will have some AC/DC riddles involved.

  • Charles Mille Manson =112 was born on 11/12 (exactly 22 years before Stevie Young) and died 11,112 days after the Barcelona Hipercor Bombing. Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =112 is the NBA’s all-time leader in average assists per game, at 11.2.

AC Lightning Bolt DC =314. Direct Current =314. Malcolm =314 died from Dementia =314 on the same day as fellow Australian Gillian Rolton =314 for a pretty good start to the Pi Sequence. Bon Scott died one week after turning 12,270 days old and was replaced by Brian Johnson who was born 1 year 2 months 27 days after Scott. Malcolm died 4 months 13 days before the birthday of Angus McKinnon Young =227 and George died 22 weeks 7 days before Angus’s birthday. George and Malcolm Young =227. Devil =227. 

Now we’ll leave you with a truly gorgeous series. The midpoint of the ’92 Summer Olympics was 1322 weeks before the death of Malcolm Young, who died on the 322nd day, and was born exactly 322 weeks after the birth of George. Bon Scott died 32 weeks 2 days after his birthday with his last album being ACDC Highway to Hell =322. Back in Black then released 22 weeks 3 days after Scott’s death, the singer replaced by Brian Francis Johnson =223 while Malcolm was later replaced by his nephew Stevie Young =322. 


World Series Twins Trick: Fats Domino & Robert Guillaume

We got another double jeopardy as two black entertainers, Fats Domino & Robert Guillaume, died on the same day: 24 October 2017. The thing is, they were both 89 years old and were born 89 days apart. Robert Guillaume =809. Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =1189. The Star of David =89, as we see blinging away on Fats’ watch. They died on the day of Game 1 of the World Series between The Houston Astros =189 and Los Angeles Dodgers =89. LA + Houston =809. Appropriately enough, Domino died in Harvey, LA (Louisiana, as Hurricane Harvey recently roughed up Houston) and Guillaume died in LA (Los Angeles). What are the frickin odds eh. Guillaume representing the Dodgers & Domino the Astros, with that damn star watch just like the Houston H logo. (The Dodgers logo even resembles a star shining light down like Polaris).

  • And the hurricane connection gets even tighter when we learn that Fats Domino was reported to have died during Hurricane Katrina, the storm destroying his New Orleans home. Harvey =24/1204 made landfall 11 years 11 months 24 days after Fats was lost in Katrina =241. This sequence is a lock because Domino & Guillaume died on the 24th and the 24th prime number is 89, full circle.
  • We also just had the 89th Academy Awards – on Domino’s last birthday, 240 days before he died, 124 days before his next birthday. Guillaume died 1400 weeks 2 days after the death of his son (at age 33 from AIDS=33), and 10 months 24 days after his own last birthday. How about that.
  • Los Angeles + Houston =204. Houston Astros =204. The Los Angeles Dodgers =204. Dodgers =240. LA =24. And speaking about Hurricane Katrina in 2005, that fall was the first time the Astros ever made the World Series, and the last. They were swept by the White Sox after winning 89 games that season.

Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =124 were also born 12 weeks 4 days apart. Guillaume’s birth surname was Williams =124, full name Robert Peter Williams =240. Antoine Fats Domino Junior =2040. Domino =420. Guillaume =142 played Rafiki in The Lion King =124 which opened when Barack Obama =124 was a perfect 12,004 days old. Remember at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner when Obama responded to Trump’s birther allegations with a video clip of The Lion King. On 11/24 it will be 2400 days after that dinner.

And speaking about the Disneyland connection to Los Angeles, we’re reminded of the dog Dodger from Oliver & Company. That Disney film came out in November 1988, less than a month after the Dodgers won the World Series – though production began in 1987 under the title Oliver and the Dodger, so it’s not like there was a name change following the win.

  • Los Angeles =966. Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =1699. Domino + Guillaume =696. Fats Domino =696. Fats’ birth name: Antoine =666. Robert Williams =666 (in Satanic Gematria, no less). On 11/4/17 it will be 6 years 6 months 6 days after the 2011 Correspondents’ Dinner.

Domino & Guillaume were also born 2 months 27 days apart for the ever-present pi coding. Robert Guillaume =227. Guillaume =722 even died 7 months 22 days before the 24th anniversary of the Lion King (15 June 2018), a date when Trump will be 72 years 2 days old. Twenty Seventeen World Series =722. Remember Astros’ George Springer =227 on that prophetic Sports Illustrated cover that called Houston as 2017 World Series champions back in 2014. Remember MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 (who wrote a book on occultism & numerology) playing his final game 20 years 27 days before this 10/24 date, and 20,207 days after the Colt 45s first ever game in Houston, before they rebranded as Astros with props to NASA, as we’ve been showing tributes to all year.

And I went on a bit of a tangent here, but looking at Oliver & Company for clues as to another Dodgers win, the movie is about an orphan kitten who joins a gang of dogs to survive in the streets. Their gang leader is a human thief named Fagin, voiced by Dom DeLuise – who passed away a pi span of 3104 days before the upcoming Game 7. Further, Disneyland opened 22,700 days before 9/9/17, the day 22 weeks 7 days into the season, and the day leaving 113 days remaining here in the 113th World Series. (Astros & Dodgers both lost games that day). Dodgers Astros World Series =113.

And just to back up the Disneyland duration, the Dodgers last won the World Series on 20 October 1988. On that day, Disneyland had been open for 33 years 3 months 3 daysThat Sports Illustrated issue predicting the Astros as “Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs” =3330 came out 3 years 3 months 3 days before these playoffs began. World Series =1333. And it’s not just the LA connection as the location of the world’s first Disneyland, it’s Houston home to NASA – which has been a Disney production since its outset. NASA =33. Disneyland =133. Dodgers =33. Astros =33. 

Guillaume’s birth name is Robert Williams, which made me think of Robin Williams =1170. The comedian just so happened to die a perfect 1170 days earlier. Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =1170. The Houston Astros =1170. Dodgers =117 co-owned by Guggenheim Baseball Management =117 and Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =117 and Peter Gruber =117 who also owns the Golden State Warriors =117. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts =1117 and Game 7 on 11/1/17. 

  • Guillaume died 1 months 7 days before his birthday and exactly 1717 weeks after his Hollywood Star ceremony. This number reminds us that Ghandi was assassinated at 17:17, the exact same time that Pope John Paul II was shot in an assassination attempt at 17:17. Sacrifices recreating that of Jesus, known as the King of Jews =1717. That time 17:17 is the 1037th minute of the day and John Paul II was shot exactly 137 weeks after the assassination of Pope John Paul I, who died 33 days into office, the 33rd prime 137. (I’ll do a full post on this soon).

Fats Domino =44. Fats =44. Williams =44. Robert Peter Williams =1440. They passed away on numerology of (24+10+2+0+1+7) =44. The Lion King =44. Lion King =44. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =404/444. LA + Houston =44/440. Disneyland =44. 

World Series.jpg

Man, there’s so much more to explore here and I’m loving that NASA-Disney connection. There’s a new Disney movie called Coco based on the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead, which premiered on 10/20, exactly 29 years to the day after the Dodgers won the ’88 World Series. The protagonist is a kid named Miguel Rivera – and there’s articles from today (10/24) comparing Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen to Mariano Rivera. 

Mariano Rivera =69 was born in ‘69 and was exactly 6900 days old for the Dodgers =69 win in ’88. Kenley Geronimo Jansen =96. Jansen =99 will be exactly 10,990 days old on Game 7 of the World Series =199. Los Angeles Dodgers =169. And hey, if you’re not tumbling down rabbit holes in search of mysteries then what are you even doing with your life??

Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP

Two Canadian legends have passed away within 24 hours of each other, Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip (10/17/17) and John Dunsworth (10/16/17), better known as Officer Lahey on Trailer Park Boys. The two men were born exactly 930 weeks apart. Occult Ritual =930. Martin Luther King Jr =93 delivered his last ever speech on the 93rd day of the year in front of a Masonic Temple at 930 Mason Street. But I digress. Tragically Hip =193. Gord Downie =39. The Hip =39. Downie =139. Officer Lahey =139. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =93. 

  • Saturn =93. As so often we see these artists leaving the scene in perfect synchronicity with a sacrifice to Saturn =511. Downie died 511 days after his brain cancer announcement. Musician =115. Lahey =15. The Tragically Hip =105. Gord Downie Introduce Yerself =151. That’s Downie’s latest solo album – due to release 10 days after he died.

193 is the 44th prime number. The news of Dunsworth’s death broke on the day Downie died, a date with numerology of (10+17+17) =44. Gord Downie =44. Gord =44 died in his hometown of Kingston =44. Musician =44. The Tragically Hip =1044. Trailer Park Boys =44. Mr Lahey =44. John Dunsworth =1440. Canada =144. Faith No More also released an album called Introduce Yourself in 1987, Downie’s album drops 11,144 days later.

Canadian =113. Officer Lahey =113 died 3 years 1 month 11 days after the revival of Trailer Park Boys and Downie died 113 days before his birthday. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =311. His penultimate album was Gord Downie Secret Path =311/113 which released 11 months 30 days before his death. Fake Death =113. Freedom =311. 

  • So the Canadian Twins Trick comes on 10/17. Musician =117. Exactly 17 weeks earlier (6/19/17), Downie was appointed to the Order of Canada and Trailer Park Boys was renewed for Season 12. Jim Lahey =107. Officer Lahey =107. Mr Lahey =107. Canadian =17. Downie & Dunsworth =170 were born 17 years apart. Kingston =107. Introduce Yerself comes out 1 year 7 days after the last album by Leonard Cohen =170. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =117. Cohen died on 11//7. 

Downie’s album ‘Introduce Yerself’ released 10 days after his death reminds us of David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ released 2 days before he died and Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ released 19 days before his death. And we can certainly expect Downie’s album to be a big seller too.

Hurricane Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia, the strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane on record, makes landfall in the UK on 16 October 2017, exactly 30 years to the day after the Great Storm of 1987 smashed up England, killing 22 people. Writing this the night before and reports say it’ll hit Northern Ireland the hardest, which is interesting as The Troubles there also lasted 30 years, just like the Thirty Years War also waged between Protestants and Catholics as also orchestrated by the Jesuits. PS I’m living on a sheep farm in SW England at the moment and we’re already getting some heavy duty wind action.

The thing about thirty years is that’s exactly 360 months later, like the degrees in a circle. Ophelia =36/63. Hurricane Ophelia =136/163. Great Storm =136 which brought winds of 136 mph. Ophelia reminds me of the song by the Lumineers =36 which released on the 36th day of 2016, exactly 36 weeks before Ophelia =36 makes landfall in Ireland =36/63 on numerology of (16+10+2+0+1+7) =36 and (16+10+20+17) =63.

  • The UK =63. Weather Weapon =306. It’s the worst storm to hit Ireland since Hurricane Debbie =36 in ’61. Ophelia is from the album Cleopatra =63, mentions The Flood =36, and the band’s frontman is Wesley Schultz =63. Ophelia =63 also makes landfall 630 weeks after another Hurricane Ophelia hit the eastern United States in 2005. Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley =360 is starring as the titular role in the upcoming film Ophelia.

The thing about Ophelia by The Lumineers is that the music video (pictured above) features their frontman dancing in the streets while it’s raining, getting progressively wetter as the storm approaches and the hook sings, “Ophelia you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood.” Ophelia is a character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who drowns after falling into a river while gathering flowers, singing a song as she went. Further, in Greek the name Ophelia means HELP.

Hamlet’s Ophelia is a woman driven insane by her inability to reconcile her conflicting personas (daddy’s girl vs Hamlet’s whore), reminding us of the cognitive dissonance that plagues the world today. William Shakespeare the pen name for Sir Francis =116 Bacon =116. And the hurricane making landfall on 10/16. Britain =116. Kingdom =116. Royals =116. Lumineers =116. The Cleopatra album cover features silent film star Theda Bara who died 61 years 1 day before the album released. The painting of Ophelia there is by John Everett Millais =116.  

  • We see that Sir Francis Bacon allegedly died on April 9th, the same day as the birth of both Hugh Hefner and the Vegas patsy Stephen Paddock. In fact Hefner =30 was born exactly 300 years after Bacon died, like Ophelia =30 coming exactly 30 years after the Great Storm =300. This number in association with Ireland reminds me of The Invincibles =300 aka The Irish National Invincibles =300, a group of assassins in the late 19th century. And remember that the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England =1113 came this year, 113 days before the storm hit the UK =30. 

The 30th prime is 113. England =113. Geoengineered =113. A Geostorm =113. Help =113. Ophelia =311. Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley =311. Curiously, Wesley Schultz was born 10,130 days after the death of Cleopatra cover model Theda Bara and news reports are predicting Hurricane Ophelia to reach wind speeds of 113 km/h. The movie Geostorm comes out four days later, 10/20, and stars Gerard Butler (from Scotland) born on 11/13. 

Since we brought up The Invincibles =227, their most famous hit was carried out on Frederick Charles Cavendish =314, the Chief Secretary for Ireland stabbed to death in the so-called Phoenix Park Killings =314 on the very day he took office, 17 years 22 days after the assassination of Lincoln (by John Wilkes Booth =1314) who was pronounced dead at 7:22 AM. 

  • Reminder that John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy =314 died 3 years 14 days after his election and 31 weeks 4 days after the death anniversary of Lincoln. JFK also died 30,014 days after the assassination of President Garfield and 3 months 14 days after the death of his infant son Patrick, the Kennedys from Ireland.
  • Robert Todd Lincoln was Abe’s only child to survive into the next century as Caroline Kennedy was JFK’s only child to survive into the next century. Robert died exactly 31 years 4 months before Caroline was born. And since we mentioned Hugh Hefner again, we should point out that he died a clean 2270 days after a death hoax was circulated about him.

Karl Marx also died on 3/14 a span of 314 days after his birthday and Gandhi died 3 months 14 days before Israel became a state. Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior =3114 was assassinated 3 years 1 month 14 days after the assassination of Malcolm =314 X, whose funeral was on 2/27. MLK Junior =227. Martin Luther King Junior =1722. Dr Martin Luther King Jr =1722. Nonviolent Resistance =1722. The patsy James Earl Ray escaped from prison 3014 days after his confession. Pi Cycles spinning around & around like Circles =314. Like hurricanes.

That’s the first Daisy Ridley photo from Ophelia, a re-imagining of Hamlet as told from her perspective. Manmade hurricanes named for film promotion would make a nice detail of a sci-fi dystopia. Ridley is from Westminster London and it’s quite interesting how all this synchs up, innit. 

Troy Gentry & Don Williams – A Country Music Themed Twins Trick

Two country musicians died in separate events on 8 September 2017, another instance of the so-called Twins Trick of dual sacrifice. Troy Gentry of the band Montgomery Gentry was killed at the age of 50 in a helicopter crash en route to a gig in New Jersey while Hall of Fame musician Don Williams passed away from emphysema at the age of 78 in Alabama. Right away we see the two men have very similar gematria: Troy Gentry =59//219. Don Williams =59/129. The same pattern in their surnames: Gentry =35/89. Williams =35/98.

Troy Gentry + Don Williams =72 were born 27 years 10 months 10 days apart and died 27 years 11 days after Stevie Ray Vaughan =72 died in a helicopter crash. Donald Ray Williams =270. Don =27 was born on the 27th and they both died on 27 numerology. Montgomery Gentry =72. Troy =72. Eddie =72. Eddie Montgomery =72/172 is the other half of the band, and signs are pointing to this being a Blood Sacrifice =127 on his behalf, as his son died 712 days before Troy. Vaughan died 12 years 10 months 7 days after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crash. Tropical Cyclone =72. Harvey + Irma =720/172. 

  • On 27 September 2015, Eddie’s 19-year-old son Hunter =112 was killed in an accident (one of the first posts I ever did), a familiar span of 1 year 11 month 2 days before the death of Gentry. Country Musicians =211. Blood Sacrifice =121. Ritual Sacrifice =212. Helicopter Crash =212. Montgomery Gentry’s first single was called Hillbilly Shoes =211/1121. 
  • Hurricane Irma =115. Gentry & Williams also died 101 weeks 5 days after the death of Hunter Montgomery and 5110 days after the death of Johnny Cash. Saturn =511 the reaper come to harvest.

Montgomery Gentry =62. Eddie Montgomery =162. Troy Gentry =1262. Don Williams =260. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Tropical Cyclone =1026. Donald Ray Williams =1602/216 (6x6x6) was exactly 612 months old when Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a Helicopter =666. Troy was married to Angie McClure =666. Don Williams =996. Lynyrd Skynyrd =669. Tropical Cyclone =696. Hurricane Irma =696 the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin set to make landfall in America the day after they died. Strickland =666. And I’m reminded of the death of country singer Craig Strickland on 12/27/15 who went missing while duck hunting – during a winter storm – and whose body was found lying in the shape of a cross.

Blood Sacrifice =67. Irma =67. Donald Williams =67. Don Williams =67. Troy Gentry =167 was born in ’67 on 76 numerology and 6 months 7 days after Montgomery’s birthday. Don Williams & Troy Gentry =76 were born 10,176 days apart. New Jersey =176. Alabama =76. Country Musicians =76. Hunter =76. Blood Sacrifice =76. Hurricane Harvey =176. Country & Western =76/67. Hillbilly Shoes =76/167. Montgomery Gentry’s last album was titled Folks Like Us =67. Gentry pleaded guilty to killing a black bear he’d purchased named Cubby =607 from inside an electrified enclosure, exactly 67 years 6 months after the birth of Williams. Vaughan died 607 weeks after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crash.

  • Steve Ray Vaughan died 10 months 25 days after his birthday and his first studio album Texas Flood =125 released exactly 12,500 days before Hurricane Harvey ended, the storming of course resulting in a major Texas Flood. Strickland =125. Donald Ray Williams =1152. Ritual Sacrifice =251 and they died on the 251st day of the year, 1 year 2 months 5 days (520 days) after the death of Merle Haggard.

251 is the 54th prime number and Gentry & Williams died on 54 numerology, 54 years after Williams’ brother was electrocuted to death, 5 months 4 days after Gentry’s 4/5 birthday, and less than a month before Montgomery’s 54th birthday. Ritual Sacrifice =154. Williams was also born with 54 numerology and Vaughan born in ’54Montgomery Gentry Folks Like Us =504. 

Brand New – Science Fiction

This tripped me out. Brand New just released a new album called “Science Fiction” on 17 August 2017, the day of the Barcelona Attack, and their album art features a Mercedes with the license plate SOS-666. After all the work I’ve been doing on Mr Mercedes and the 666-coding, one of my favourite bands from back in the day plays right into the ongoing pattern. And the album rocks.

  • Brand New =131. SOS =131. Bear Lodge Butte =131. Faldt =131. Ramblas =131. God =131. Masonry =131, the 32nd prime. Jesse Lacey =32, is the lead vocalist and guitarist. Jesse =32. Black Hills =32Vortex =32Devil’s Tower =302 is directly in the path of the Great American Eclipse =302.
  • Brand New Science Fiction =112. Mercedes Benz =112. Jesse Lacey =112. La Rambla =112. Devil’s Tower was the first United States National Monument =112, dedicated 110 years 10 months 20 days before Charlottesville, with the issue over monuments there. The cover photograph is by Swedish artist Thobias Faldt =112 and the girls jumping from the window are Malin and Emma =211. Brand New Science Fiction =211. Wyoming =211. 

The initial track listing for Science Fiction was one long track entitled “44.5902N 104.7146W,” which are the approximate coordinates for Devils Tower, aka Bear Lodge Butte, a rock formation in the Black Hills of Wyoming sacred to the Native Americans that is a hotspot for paranormal activity and was prominently featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

Devil’s Tower =71. Devils =71. Tower =71/107. Right in the path of the Solar Eclipse =71. In standard Gematria, SOS-666 sums (19+15+19+6+6+6) =71. Science Fiction =71. Malin and Emma =71. Barcelona =71. The attack there happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing. Close Encounters opened 71 years after Devil’s Tower became a National Monument. It’s also said to be a major Energy Vortex =170, like Stonehenge =170Ayers Rock =107, or Mount Shasta =710. Leyline =107. Vorteces =107. Energy Vorteces =71. 

  • Car Crash =71. Terrorists =71. God =71. The All-Seeing Eye =71. The Star of David =71. Mercedes Benz =171. Thobias =71. This album released 7 years 10 months and change after their last album.
  • Brand New Science Fiction =107. The band is from Long Island =107. Jesse =17 the frontman was born on 7/10 and the album released on the 17th in the year ’17 a span of 1 month 7 days after his birthday. Save Our Souls =170. SOS =17. La Rambla =17. 

This false flag was the deadliest attack in Barcelona since the 1987 Hipercor Bombing which happened 11,017 days before this latest act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 that began in the 1,017th minute of the day in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria =117. Fake Terror =117. Black Hills Wyoming =1170. The Hipercor Bombing was blamed on the Basque Separatist group ETA: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna =71. All the track titles on Science Fiction sum to 1171 in the standard method. The Barcelona Attack happened 1171 days after Mr Mercedes published and here we find another reference (along with a mysterious tower).

That’s all crazy, but it gets even wilder when we see that the Hipercor Bombing happened on June 19th. No shit. The same fucking day we discussed earlier. The day Stephen King was hit by a van, Anton Yelchin was killed by his Jeep, and the King of Spain took the throne. And the day Yelchin died was the day King James and the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals on the birthday of King James VI and I. AND, the day that Brand New announced this album, back on 19 June 2014. The 170th day of the year, or the 171st day of a leap year. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared =171. 

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared =666 (Jewish Gematria) is a creepy web series that has grown into quite the cult phenomenon, a puppet show heavy in overt MK-Ultra symbolism, where every day is June 19th. Click here to read Vigilant Citizen’s awesome decipher. There’s an interlude theme in the Science Fiction album of dreams and breaking free of conditioning to discover your own unique individuality.

  • If we sum up all the coordinates of Devil’s Tower, substituting N & W for 14 & 23 we get 44.5902N+104.7146W =84. Brand New Science Fiction =84. Science Fiction =804. Jesse =84. Black Hills =84. Bear Lodge =48 Butte =408. Solar Eclipse =804. Eclipse =48. Great American Eclipse =184. Toponymy Milestones =84. 

This gets even more interesting when we recall that the mosaic tribute to the cosmos that the white van stopped on in Barcelona was designed as a “toponymy milestone,” a marker of leylines, the magnetic rivers of energy that encircle the world and linked through the major vortexes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.34.37 AM.png

Keeping with the ongoing NASA theme, here’s the cover art for their second album Deja Entendu. There’s also two tracks on Science Fiction that are numbers: “137” & “451” – that’s right, the 33rd prime number 137. That song’s chorus goes ‘Let’s all go play Nagasaki’ and the entire story of the atomic bomb is heavily based on the #33. We find another clue to Gematria here with the reference to Bear Lodge Butte =137. Eclipse =137. Save Our Souls =137. 

Energy Vortex =154. Devils Tower =154 was declared America’s first National Monument 40,510 days before the Great American Eclipse, giving us a solid 451. In single reduction, the entire track list sums to 451. King James VI and I was born 451 years ago this June 19th. Our Plan =451. Continued =451. The Road To Hell =451 which fits with the Path of Totality steamrolled by the Eclipse and the 666 Mercedes.

Die Young & Sandy Hook

Back in 2012 the Illuminati pop-star Ke$ha, real name Kesha Sebert =113, released a track called Die Young on 25 September, and 11 weeks 3 days later came the shooting hoax at Sandy Hook Elementary School =113, the culprit Adam Lanza born on the 113th day. Hunger Games =113. The Order of the Scull and Bones =113, as the secret society at Yale was originally titled – deliberately misspelled for the Gematria coding; the 113 very much a major gang-sign of the Secret Society – their members known as Bonesmen =113. The year 2012 CE also marked 311 years after Yale was founded. The New World Order =311. Freedom =311. 

Kesha’s music video is saturated in occult symbolism (as Vigilant Citizen breaks down), so much so that even the mainstream Billboard publication wrote that it contains “tons of blatant Illuminati imagery.” Within the first few seconds the Skull & Bones flashes onscreen, and as you may be aware, Yale University is located in New Haven Connecticut – 33 miles from Newtown (if you drive the southern-most route, according to Google Maps). This reminds us of Nicki Minaj filming her video for No Frauds on Westminster Bridge (as we previously covered here) the very day before the fraudulent terror attack at the same site – on the date of 3/22, which is the number of Skull & Bones Secret Society =322 (the number that also shows up on the stadium box in The Dark Knight Rises, pictured below). Blatant is the key word here.

False Flag =156. The Westminster Attack happened 1560 days after the psy-op at Sandy Hook Elementary School =1560. Adam Peter Lanza =56. New Haven =56. Victoria Soto =156, the only victim with a Wikipedia page. Sandy Hook is located on Dickinson Drive =156 (quite the pedophilia inside joke amongst Bonesmen, no dobut). Die Young released 156 days after Lanza’s last birthday. Thirty-Three =156. Six Six Six =156. God =156. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.24.14 PM.png

Kesha Die Young =222 released 2 months 20 days before Sandy Hook =222 on Dickinson Drive =222 and 22 weeks 2 days after Adam Lanza’s birthday. Sandy =22 Hook =22. Bones =22. Parker =22. Adam Lanza =22 (born on the 22nd) was 20 years old and shot 20 children at an Elementary School =202. We’re Gonna Die Young =202, as Kesha’s hook drones. Victoria Leigh Soto =202. Skull and Bones =122. Dr Luke =22 (the record producer / songwriter of Die Young who Kesha claims sexually assaulted her). Sandy Hoax =220. A Hoax =22. Fake =22. Skull & Bones =122. The attack at The Palace of Westminster =2022 happened 222 weeks after the fraud in Sandy Hook Newtown =222. The first Hunger Games novel released 221 weeks before Sandy Hook and the last book in the trilogy released 120 weeks 2 days earlier.

  • Kesha =44. Kesha Die Young =144. Adam Lanza =144. Elementary =144. New Haven =144. Sandy Hook Shooting =1440. Robbie Parker =144/444. Aurora =444. As we covered back in the day, The Sandy Hook Massacre =444 happened a mind-blowing span of 44,444 days after America’s first ever school shooting on 9 April 1891.
  • If we exclude the end date, Sandy Hook happened 4111 days after 9/11/01. Freemason =411. Zionists =411. Victoria Leigh Soto =411. Robbie Parker =114. Dickinson =114. Newtown =114. Gotham City =114. Psychological Operation =114. Central Intelligence Agency =114. Kesha =114. Aleister Crowley =1140. 

Sandy Hook Shooting =1314. The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting =2027 happened in Newtown =227 a span of 7 months 22 days after Lanza’s birthday – and Lanza was born 227 weeks after the birth of James Holmes (the Aurora Shooting patsy) with the predictive programming link between the two psy-ops. The Hunger Games =227. Scull and Bones =227 (another reason for the misspelling) is headquartered in New Haven Connecticut =1314. Dickinson =413. Scott Getzinger, as we’ll see, died 3 months 14 days before the release of The Dark Knight Rises. 

If you’re a conspiracy buff, you’re probably aware that in The Dark Knight Rises there’s a scene where Commissioner Gordon points to a map of Bane’s strike zones with a circled target in an area of Gotham City marked as Sandy Hook. The prop master responsible for the map’s creation was one Scott Getzinger, who just so happened to die in a car crash on 7 April 2012 – in fucking Newtown, Connecticut – at the age of exactly 16,900 days old. Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown =169, the hoax at which occurred exactly 16 years 9 months after the Dunblane School Massacre Hoax. Scott Getzinger =1096. Sandy Hook Shooting =96. Dark Knight Rises =69. Die Young =696. Batman =666. Robbie =666. Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown Connecticut =699. Sandy Hoax =666. 

  • Apparently Getzinger’s wife has come forward regarding shady actions in the Connecticut school system, in an attempt to expose abuse, stating that her husband was killed in a fatal car collision the night after she protested local corruption at a previous public hearing. She’s called it a Conspiracy, and is reportedly very suspicious of the Sandy Hook Shooting (as well she should be). 

Further, a man credited as Production Designer on The Dark Knight Rises is one Nathan Crowley, who as it just so happens, his grandfather’s cousin is the Aleister Crowley. And then there’s the cases of Stephen Barton, who survived the Aurora Shooting and lives ten minutes away from Sandy Hook, and Suzanne Collins – the author of Hunger Games (about killing children under the high-tech tyranny of an occult elite) – who also lives in the village of Sandy Hook. All of this very blatant evidence seems to be deliberately coded into these staged events in an attempt to control the Truth Movement – the perfect divide & conquer strategy to A) tell us exactly what’s happening and who’s doing it in order to achieve consent through the majority’s silence, and B) further drive wedges between those who consume official stories as doctrine and those who are gifted with the ability of critical thinking to see through the bullshit.

Then there’s the whole 21 December 2012 Mayan Apocalypse thing, the end of a major cycle and the beginning of a new one, so they say. I know a lot of people started waking the fuck up around this point, and the theory that the date indicated a consciousness shift continues to make more sense the more research we do.

Perhaps these twin 2012 shooting hoaxes were designed in an attempt to lower the vibration going into the shift. Sandy Hook happened exactly one week before December 21st. And I know that as aware as I was at that moment to a lot of the conspiracy, I still was tricked into thinking that Sandy Hook was legit – I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried at work (in the Vancouver office as a travel writer) when I heard the news. I think a lot of people did that day, and that massive an outpouring in lower vibrational grief energy is sure to be channelled through some sort of occult magick into mechanisms unknown. Perhaps as fuel to generate the hacked holographic matrix that’s been hoisted upon us.

Who really knows, but awareness in the form of elevated truth frequency – when it’s used correctly in its synonymous form with Love (not as an experienced emotion but as the root vibration of our collective consciousness) is the ultimate anti-virus software. And despite what the media would have us believe – the good guys are winning.