Douglas High Shooting False Flag: Part II

So a buddy of mine, a fellow truth-sleuth whose name will remain redacted, actually went to Douglas High School back in the day, and is friends with a teacher who was there. My buddy has traditionally sided with the ‘hoax’ explanation of these psyops (as have I) and he had a talk with this eye-witness, a girl he’d known most of his life. Apparently she was fully traumatized after bullets smashed through her class window and hit some of her students. She said she didn’t see the shooter at all, there was an active shooter drill at the school six weeks earlier, and an emergency drill ongoing at the time of the shooting. She also says the in-school police officers were mysteriously absent, though in less than five minutes every local and county cop was at the school, which she thought was impossibly fast.

My buddy says it’s the perfect school to pull off a false flag like this, secluded with a maze-like layout and a faculty consisting of the rich privileged ‘in-the-know’ types to allow this event to take place. He thinks it was a live drill with real casualties and a fictional patsy. All of which comes with some seriously dark implications, like what black ops unit is out there secretly murdering teachers and students as ritual sacrifices in an occult mega-ritual programmed through alphanumerics as part of some grand ongoing series of riddles and self-referential allegories… Anyway, that’s another side to the story. Come to your own conclusions, as always.

  • Now back to that #9407 squad car so prominently featured. Not only is 947 the 161st prime, but if we read it in reverse, like Hebrew, it’s 749. Saint Valentine was martyred on 2/14 of 269 AD, exactly 1749 years before the Douglas High Shooting. Ain’t that some shit. Cruz will be 7094 days old on 2-25, the target date identified in the Olympics deciphers from last month.

And we’re still thinking about Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. As it turns out, its prefix ‘PHIL’ is derived from ‘philia’ which means love. And the suffix reminds us of Delphi like the legendary oracle of Ancient Greece – connecting most recently to Edgar Cayce and the train wreck in Cayce SC on Super Bowl Sunday as foreshadowed in the SB logo itself. The Super Bowl 50 halftime show had the crowd spell Believe In Love. All drenched in Thelema overtones, Love is the Law Love Under Will.

Nikolas Cruz was born 222 years 2 months 20 days after the birth of America. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School =2222 (in Jewish G).  Valentines Day Massacre =2022.  School Shooting Drill =222.  The shooting came 222 days before Cruz’s birthday.

  • You’ve probably heard about David Bowie’s song, Valentine’s Day, written about a school shooting. It released on 19 August 2013, or a span of 1640 days earlier. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. This February 18th comes 6004 days after 9/11. Kabbalah =64. Zion =64. Israel =64 like Scott Israel the first Jewish sheriff in America; the patsy Nikolas Cruz a Jew =64 (as he had a Jewish birth mother) who allegedly hated Jews.

It happened exactly 1031 weeks after the death of Marjory Douglas. Columbine happened exactly 1301 weeks after the Ma’alot Massacre (15 May 1974) in Israel, the world’s 6th deadliest school shooting of all-time, the 9th being this recent event. Stoneman Douglas High School =1301. Government Conspiracy =131. Mass Murder =131. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =1131.

It happened on the day Trump turned exactly 860 months old. Stoneman Douglas High =1806. Live Drill =1086. Cruz =68. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =1680. The shooting happened exactly 1068 months after Al Capone’s Valentine’s Day Massacre.

  • Valentines Day =189. Happy Valentines Day =89. Mossad =89 was founded 18,900 days before 9/11/01 and CIA founded on 18/9. Judaism =89. Esteban Santiago-Ruiz =891 (the patsy from the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting the year earlier) was 10,198 days old for the massacre at Douglas High School =1098.
  • This false flag event also came 8009 days after the Dunblane Massacre, 908 days after the Thalys Train Attack, and exactly 89 years after Al Capone’s Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929. Marjory Douglas born in 1890 and died in ’98, the same year Cruz was born on 9/24, the day that leaves 98 days remaining.

Cruz was exactly 1012 weeks old for the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High =112 which came 21 years 11 months 1 day after the Dunblane Massacre. Zionist =112. Israelites =112. Judaism =112. Fascist =112. Manipulate =112. Subliminal =112. Imagination =112. Holographic =112. The 1120th prime is 9011.

And get this, PHILIA and HEARTS made me think of Phil Hartman, the beloved comic actor who was allegedly murdered by his wife on May 28, 1998 – just fourteen days after the death of Marjory Douglas. Turns out Phil Hartman =60 shares a birthday with Nikolas Cruz, born exactly 50 years apart (or 600 months, to go with the others mentioned in the previous post: Marjory =600 and it happened 6000 days after 9/11/01). Love =60. 

  • And crazy, Hartman died 7202 days before this event, pi-coding there to go with the phi-coding. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =314 was born 2027 weeks before Capone’s Valentines Day Massacre. Earth =227. Heart =227. Believe in Love =227. Universal Love =227. 

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*And we can add to the 161/191 list that Nikolas =161 was born 19 weeks 1 day after the death of Marjory Douglas. This sequence is all over the Vegas Shooting too which means I should probably make a video there too eh.

Douglas High Shooting Hoax

We’ve all by now heard about the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, a suburb of Miami, that killed 17 people on Valentines Day 2018, a date that coincided with Ash Wednesday, the day of repentance. Brother Berg was staying in Rome and near the Vatican at the time the shooting began – and it just so happened that a huge fireworks display sounding like a machine gun went off at around the very same time. That’s a real-world synchronicity that segues into some huge alphanumeric patterns that we’ve been discussing.

This No. 9407 squad car has been featured all over the news, the one the perp – Nikolas de Jesus Cruz – was arrested in. This was the very first thing I looked up when I heard the news – and as it turns out, 947 is the 161st prime number. This PHI=1.61 sequence reappearing yet again, in full force since PHI-ladelphia won Super Bowl LII =161 in Minneapolis =161 (the hometown of Marjory Douglas, incidentally), with the number 161 hidden right in the SB logo. And as you may have heard elsewhere, the Douglas High sports teams are also called THE EAGLES =161.

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School =161. The school is located on Pine Island Road =161 in Broward County =1910. Broward =161. Parkland High =161 as some outlets are referring to the school. The perp’s name: Nikolas =161. And the school’s motto: Be Positive Be Passionate Be Proud to be an Eagle! =191. Governor Scott =191. February Fourteenth Two Thousand Eighteen =191.

We always gotta look at notable alumni, and here we find Douglas High includes all-star Chicago Cubs player & 2016 World Series champion Anthony Rizzo =191. Alejandro Bedoya =191 is also an alumni, and he’s a pro soccer player for the Philadelphia Union. Philly again! And as a refresher of some other energetic synonyms: Freemason =191. House of Windsor =191. Elizabeth II =191. Rome =191. Roma =191. Society of Jesus =191 (Jesuits). Kabbalists =191. And wouldn’t you know it, Marjory Douglas Elementary is located at building number 11901. 

Now as 161 represents the fulfilment of 61 we can find some synchs there too that connect. With end date included it happened 6001 days after 9/11/01. Nikolas =61. Ash Wednesday =61. Valentines Day =61. Nikolas de Jesus Cruz =106. Douglas High =91. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =91. This also connects as the 91st prime is 467 and Ms Douglas (an environmentalist & feminist author, here in the Year of the Women) was born a clean 46,700 days before the shooting.

Parkland Shooting =88 in Parkland FLA =188 committed by Nikolas Cruz =888 came 1888 days after Sandy Hook and 8008 days after Dunblane. Florida School Shooting =188. Hoax =188. Governor Rick Scott =88. Trump =88. It happened at 2:40 PM which just so happens to be the 880th minute of the day. The Daytona 500 is running in Florida four days after the shooting, the first since Dale Earnhardt Jr retired, known for car #88. 

They’re calling this the 18th School Shooting of ‘18 on 18 numerology and Marjorie Douglas died at the age of 108 years 1 month 8 days old: Nikolas =108 Cruz =18. Nikolas Jacob Cruz =1080/180. Minneapolis Minnesota =1818.  Ash Wednesday =180. Sheriff Israel =81 took office on 1/8 of 2013. And wouldn’t you know it, the shooting also comes 818 months 1 day (68 years 2 months) after the formation of the Mossad.

Nikolas Cruz =111. Douglas High =111/666. Marjory Stoneman Douglas =1969/1999. Marjory Douglas =669. School Shooting =669. Hoax =669. And appropriately it came 66 years 9 days after Elizabeth II took the throne.

Florida’s Governor Scott and President Trump were born 2039 days apart and 239 is the 52nd prime. It happened on Valentines Day =52 exactly 5 years 2 months after Sandy Hook. Douglas =502. Douglas High =52. Parkland Florida =52. Conspiracy =52.

  • It happened on the 45th day, Scott =45 the 45th Governor and Trump the 45th President. Marjory Douglas =45. Nikolas =45. Parkland Florida =45. Ash Wednesday =45.
  • It also happened exactly 62 months after Sandy Hook. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High =620. Marjory Douglas =62. Douglas High =62. Parkland Florida =62. Parkland =26. Florida =26/62. Ash Wednesday =126. Repent =126. Marjory =126. It happened 1 months 26 days into the Trump Administration.

That 8008-day span between Dunblane & Douglas is equal to exactly 1144 weeks. False Flag =1044. Donald Trump 144. Douglas High =404. February Fourteenth Two Thousand Eighteen =444. Remember Sandy Hook came 44,444 days after America’s first school shooting and this Douglas High Shooting came 404 days after the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, also in Broward County under the jurisdiction of Sheriff Israel.

Douglas High has a Jewish population of 40%, its Wikipedia feels the need to tell readers (or did until it now just says a substantial population), and the county’s sheriff, Scott Israel =60 happens to be the first Jewish sheriff in Florida history. This school shooting happened a clean 6,000 days after 9/11, a figure that can’t help but remind us of the 6,000,000 Jews we’re told died during the Holocaust, the specific figure foretold in prophecy as the amount of sacrifice required before the Jewish people could return to the holy land. Marjory =600/60. Cruz =60. Conspiracy =60. Hoax =60. Donald Trump =60. As it turns out, the 60th Running of the Daytona 500 is four days later, (a 3 hour 22 minute drive up the coast).

More to come, as always. And especially videos. Though I’m currently getting my dolce vita on here in Italia.

Eagles Super Bowl Predictive Programming (Part 3)

“Nick Foles has thrown for 215 yards and if you’re into numerology, 215 being the Philadelphia area code.” As Dan Patrick (whose surname sums to 666) said to start the Super Bowl 52 half-time report. The reply from his co-hosts was forced fake laughter.

Indeed this 215 plays a big role here, more than Philly’s area code and the 2:15 left on the game clock right before Brady fumbled (at 2:14). Eagles-Patriots =215. Carson James Wentz =2015. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions =215. The movie Rocky set in Philly first opened exactly 2150 weeks before SB LII.

  • We’ve been discussing the train riddle, with the Amtrak wreck in Cayce SC like the prophet on Super Bowl Sunday and the one in Chester PA, hometown of Vince “Invincible” Papale. And the big one, the Philadelphia Train Derailment of 2015. What date? 5/12. 

If you’ll remember, that Philly Crash happened at 9:23 PM, which had truthers going nuts over September 23rd predictive programming (and on 9/23 the Pope visited the White House at 9:23 AM). The first ever Eagles-Patriots matchup (11/14/73) happened exactly 2309 weeks before Super Bowl 52, of course 239 the 52nd prime number.

Darren Daulton, the Philadelphia Philly who wrote a book on occult numerology, died 215 days after his birthday. Glenn Frey =52 of the band The Eagles died two years earlier (1/18/16) a span of 2 months 5 days after the Paris Attacks with the staged hoax Bataclan Massacre featuring the Eagles of Death Metal =152. And to add another unbelievable layer to this coincidence cake, Glenn Frey died on the exact same day that the Philadelphia Eagles hired Dough Pederson as their head coach. No shit.

Nicholas Edward Foles =251 played his first NFL game 5 years 2 months (and change) before winning Super Bowl Fifty Two =251. Philadelphia Pennsylvania =125. Pennsylvania =152. Zachary Adam Ertz =152. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia =152, the comedy series that in one episode parodied Invincible =125. 

  • This segues into the movies and reminds us of the 2016 murder of Will Smith =125/52 the former football player with the same name as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – in West Philadelphia born & raised. Smith the NFLer signed with the Patriots a perfect span of 2 years 5 days before his violent death. 
  • That can also be 2 years 4 daysSmith =24Will Smith =124. Counting from Smith’s signing date with the Patriots (4/5/14) they cut him 142 days later and Super Bowl LII on 2/4 came 1402 days later. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl =142Fresh Prince =240.

Eagle =205. Bradley Charles Cooper =205 is from Philadelphia =205 and watch the game as the special guest of owner Jeffrey Lurie =152. Jeff Lurie =52. Cooper played a diehard Eagles fan in Silver Linings Playbook =225 which opened 5 years 2 months 20 days before SB 52.

And now we segue into a truly wild synch. I’m still searching for a high-def video of this but when Tom Brady walks down the tunnel to enter the field at the start of the game he passes under a digital clock clearly reading 20:55. As it turns out, Nick Foles & Carson Wentz were born 205 weeks 5 days apart. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =255.

  • That’s not all, even though it could be. Paul Ryan was exactly 2505 weeks old when he was allegedly involved in the Train Crash =552 in Crozet =522 five days before the Super Bowl. The Silver Star line (the one that crashed on 2/4, runs a total of 1,522 miles and on the date Foles was named as starting QB (12/11/17) he was 10,552 days old. Coach Pederson had a career total of 522 pass attempts as an NFL quarterback. Brady =225. Daulton =522. The Golden Ratio =225.

This sequence reminds us of Munich Massacre & the 2018 Olympics which points out that the Closing Ceremony for the Twenty Eighteen Winter Olympics =2250 is on 2/25 (February Twenty-Fifth Twenty Eighteen =5022). Korea =225. The Winter Olympics =225. 

As I write in that article, this sequence is a perfect synch with Kim Jong Un =225 who was born 12,250 days after the Korean War began. 2/22 comes 12,250 days after the ’84 release of Red Dawn – which puts 2/25 at 12,252 days later. Shabak =252 aka Israel Security Agency =225 was founded 25,220 days before the Closing Ceremony.

The 2/25 Target, further supported from the Super Bowl 52 clues, comes 16,069 days after the Munich Massacre (the staged hoax where eleven Israeli =696 athletes were taken hostage in the Olympic Village =966 in München =666 Deutschland =666 and murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist =969 group called Black September). North Koreans =996. Second Korean War =996. Park Geun-Hye =996 (the impeached former President of South Korea now imprisoned) will be 66 years 6 days old the day before 2/25. All this showing that this number is still extremely hot, as we see with the Super Bowl coding:

  • Super Bowl LII =966. The Eagles =966. St Paul MN =696. Minneapolis–Saint Paul Minnesota =696. Jesse Ventura, the actor/wrestler turned Governor of Minnesota and host of Conspiracy Theory, took office exactly 996 weeks before Super Bowl LII and on the day the Eagles beat the Vikings in the Conference Final, Ventura was 66 years 6 months 6 days old. Rocky Balboa =969.
  • The Screaming Eagles =666 was the name of the fictional Minnesota State University football team in the show Coach whose actor Jerry Van Dyke =996 died, associating the Eagles & Minnesota, hosting Super Bowl LII.

Brandon Graham =696 sacked Brady and the British Eagle nicknamed The Jay Train =996. And from Invincible we have Dick Vermeil =666 and Papale =666 played by Marky Mark =666. Papale is from the town of Chester =666 in Pennsylvania, which was host to another Amtrak crash the day before the 2016 NCAA Basketball Championship Game. The Philadelphia Derailment involved a train called the Northeast Regional =966 and happened a perfect 999 days before Super Bowl LII =966. Further, Will Smith was shot dead 666 days before Super Bowl LII. It’s all so perfect.

Train Crash =111. Chester =111. Papale =111. Nicholas Foles =111. Philadelphia Eagles =111. The Philadelphia Eagles =111. The Chester Wreck happened 1 year 10 months 1 day before Super Bowl LII =111 in Minneapolis Minnesota =111. PHI =111.

Invincible opened 11 years 11 days before the start of this season and Foles was born 11 months 11 days after Papale’s 42nd birthday. Zach Ertz =111 born on 11/10. Oluwadamilola Ajayi =1110. Ajayi =1011. Dick Vermeil =111. Foles was born 1 year 1 month 11 days before the birth of the deceased Will Smith. The Berlin Olympic games ended 1111 days before World War II began.

A few of the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the Super Bowl and a shot from the episode that parodies Invincible. Mack & Dennis are wearing 20 & 48 which sums to 68. Vince Papale =68. Super Bowl LII =68. Foles was 10,608 days old. An anagram for 618 when PHI =1.618. Twenty Eighteen Super Bowl =618. Eagles Patriots =618

And as for the #48 jersey, this was the 48th Super Bowl of the modern era. LII =48. Philly =480. Eagle =48. Eagles =148. PHI =48. Or shoot, that could be 2048 like Fifty-Second Super Bowl =248. But that’s a stretch, and we’ve got more than enough here to work with. Definitely more than merely the flag.

The Parallel Drownings of Leisa Lemon & Natalie Wood

Leisa Lemon, the older sister of CNN anchor Don Lemon, has accidentally drowned in a Louisiana pond while fishing on 1 February 2018 – the very same day the cold case accidental drowning of actress Natalie Wood in 1981 was brought back into the news with her then-husband Robert Wagner named as a person of interest in her suspicious death. What timing, or as the herd calls it, just another “uncanny coincidence.” As it turns out, there are some major synchronicities between the two cases. Whether blood sacrifice, fake death, or just meant to be, it’s another weird one.

Don Lemon (born 3/1/66) was exactly 51 years 11 months old when his sister Drowned =115, a parallel span of 11 years 5 months after he was hired at CNN. Right away that’s some very suspect long counts, but this case is full of them so please take your time and let each alphanumeric sequence resonate. Wood =15 drowned while swimming beside her yacht Splendour =150 off the shore of Catalina Island =51. Blood Sacrifice =51. Leisa Lemon =105 reminds me of Liz Lemon, Tina Fey’s character from 30 Rock, which had its series finale 5 years 1 day before this drowning. Conspiracy =51/115. This Is CNN =115. Psychological Operations =115. Mystery =1105. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law Love is the Law Love Under Will =1105. Saturn =511, to whom blood sacrifices are said to be offered.

  • Don Lemon was also 2709 weeks old (and 2 days) for the death of L’Tanya Leisa Lemon Grimes =279. Another big hit. The 279th prime is 1801, like the years ’18 & ’81 (the deaths of Lemon & Wood).
  • And how’s this, it turns out Don Lemon & Robert Wagner were born 1881 weeks apart (1 day short of exactly). Don Lemon =18 is the host of CNN Tonight =118. Natalie Wood =108/1180Sacrificial Lamb =118Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =118.

L’Tanya Leisa Lemon Grimes =1019 her full name synched with Natalie Wood =119. Wood drowned after leaving a party on board the Splendour =119 off Catalina Island =119 alone in a dinghy following an argument with Wagner, whom she first wed when she was 19. Lemon =19. Liz Lemon =19. L’Tanya Lemon Grimes =190. Cable News Network =190. Younger readers will be most familiar with Robert Wagner as his character Number Two =119 in Austin Powers. All-Seeing Eye =119. Saturn =119. Ted Turner =119 the CNN founder born 11/19. 

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The Manchester Bomb Fraud Thief

News from the Manchester Arena Bombing that a homeless man originally cast as a hero for helping survivors has been jailed for four years after robbing the wounded. “You were not the hero you pretended to be – you were just a common thief,” a judge told Chris Parker. It’s comical in light of our recent coverage of Alek Skarlatos, the Thalys Train Hero who was absent during the Umpqua College Shooting because he was on Dancing with the Stars, and the father of Spencer Stone arrested for committing fraud. All this in the lead-up to the 15:17 to Paris movie about the Thalys Hoax, starring the three heroes playing themselves and several actors from comedy series.

Chris Parker is 33 years old. Chris =33. Parker =33. Homeless =33. Thief =33. False Flag =33. Staged Drill =33. Drill =330. Problem Reaction Solution =330. Footage of the Manchester Bombing aftermath shows the #33 on multiple video screens, as pictured above.

  • And we’re reminded of the London Tube Bombing hoax on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday which coincided with the death of Harry Dean Stanton at the age of 33,300 days old, and 303 days before his birthday.

<<“I’d like to think someone would come and help me if I needed the help.” Parker, who held one injured woman in her 60s as she lay dying, told the Press Association he hadn’t been able to stop crying.>> (Guardian article from 5/26). All amounting to more psychological warfare by design. You can imagine some citizens like ‘hey maybe those bums aren’t so bad after all…’ — then now: ‘fuck those guys! my prejudices have been confirmed! long live capitalism!’

Can’t you hear that boom be doom boom boom boom be doom boom beh! =1055/222. Ariana Grande tweeted this back in 2011 but it went viral after the ‘bombing’, tricking many people into thinking she’d tweeted it insensitively after the event. It was dated 2085/2086 days before the Manchester Arena Bombing =285/286.

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The Thalys Attack / Umpqua College Shooting Coincidence

Alek Skarlatos, one of the three American heroes who saved the day in the fraudulent terror attack aboard a Thalys train (now being made into a Clint Eastwood propaganda bonanza, as we covered two posts previously) is the focal point of another ridiculous ‘coincidence’ that I’d forgotten about. He was enrolled as a student at Umpqua Community College in his hometown of Roseburg Oregon (population 21,000) when it was hit by a staged shooting event on 1 October 2015, exactly six weeks after the Thalys Attack (and exactly six weeks before the Paris Attacks).

The best part is that while this Umpqua Community College Shooting happened, allegedly killing one teacher and eight students, Skarlatos was away in Hollywood performing on Dancing with the Stars =260. Alek Skarlatos =206. Aleksander Skarlatos =206/62. Skarlatos =26/602. Christopher Harper-Mercer =1602 was the gunman born on the 26th day of July and the shooting at Umpqua =26 happened on 26 numerology (1+10+15) and 2 months 6 days after his 26th birthday. UCC =206. Roseburg OR =216 (expressed as 6x6x6).

Roseburg Oregon =669. Roseburg =666. Skarlatos =696. And another awesome part of Harper-Mercer being 26 years 2 months old for the shooting is that’s a Pi-span of 314 months. Skarlatos will be exactly 1322 weeks old for the release of Fifteen Seventeen =314.

  • Harper-Mercer apparently went student-to-student asking “are you Christian” and murdering those who professed their faith in Christ. As it turns out, Skarlatos is a Christian, and “deeply religious” according to his Wikipedia. Fresh off battling Muslims in France, how many people wished that if only this hero had been there to save the day again. And not prancing around on television instead.

Another funny coincidence is that Bobby Kennedy delivered a speech on gun control there in Roseburg =100, and was gunned down 10 days later. The shooting at Umpqua Community College =101 happened 10 days before Skarlatos’ 10/10 birthday. On Week 10 of Dancing with the Stars, Skarlatos danced to ‘America the Beautiful’ and got Perfect 10s from the judges. Full propaganda, and now the 15:17 to Paris movie opening five days after the Super Bowl between Eagles & Patriots. José, can you see (over that wall)?

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.21.19 PM.png

Carvajal: Another José-Marlin Sacrifice

Marcos José Carvajal, a former pitcher for the Marlins, has died at the age of 33 due to lack of pneumonia medication in Venezuela. Of course, Marlins pitcher dying young and tragic reminds us of José Fernandez, who was allegedly drowned in a boating accident on 9/25/16, killed the same day as Arnold Palmer. Two Marlins named José, which reminds us of the old Dad-Joke about the Mexican with the cheapest seats at the baseball game and the entire crowd courteously singing, “José, can you see?” Which in turn reminds us of all the anthem protest and the two all-American symbols facing off in the Super Bowl.

Carvajal & Fernandez died 1 year 3 months 30 days apart. Marlin =133. Carvajal was released by the Marlins exactly 3 years 3 months after his first career game and he died at the age of 33, just like The Christ =133 after his 33 miracles. Jesus of course associated with the symbol of the Fish =33 (though the Ichtus =333 also known as the Mandorla =33 is actually a coded Vesica Piscis =133 – the Womb =330 of Creation in Sacred Geometry). Sacrifice =133. 

  • Derek Sanderson Jeter =303 recently purchased the Marlins – two days after Fernandez’s 33-foot boat overturned at 3:30 am a span of 330 days after the Royals won the World Series and exactly 33 weeks after Super Bowl 50. His final birthday was 3 months 3 days before the Cubs won and he wore number Sixteen =33. Carvajal died exactly 16 months after Fernandez.
  • Carvajal’s death on 1/24 reminds of an MLB Twins Trick at nearly the same time last year, the 1/22 deaths of Yolanda Ventura & Andy Marte – both in unrelated car crashes in their home nation of the Dominican Republic on the same damn day. Ventura died 13 weeks 3 days after his birthday; Marte died 133 days before his next birthday and 33 weeks 3 days after his 33rd birthday (both dying on a date with 33 numerology).

The 33rd prime number 137. Marcos Carvajal =137 from Venezuela =137. 

There is an abundance of prime number synchs in this story, and if you missed my comment from the cloned monkeys decipher, this Guardian article dropped a good one, telling us that “181 embryos were implanted into 42 surrogates.” The 42nd prime is 181, which segues into another strong run for this Marlins Sacrifice.

  • MLB =42. Don Mattingly =42. Jose Fernandez =142. Fernandez =42. Venezuela =42. Marlin =402. Josés =402.The 420th prime number is 2903 and they were born 2903 days apart. I brought this one up in the Fredo Santana Sacrifice as the USA will be exactly 2903 months old this June 4th.

Miami Marlins =193. Marlin =93. Derek Sanderson Jeter =93. Fernandez =93. The 93rd prime is 487 and they died 487 days apart.

Florida Marlins =46. Jose Fernandez =46 died in a Boat Collision =146. Jose D Fernandez =146. Carvajal =1406 and the 1460th prime number is 12,211. As it turns out, Carvajal died at the age of 12,211 days old.

  • Marcos Jose Carvajal =120 also died exactly 12 weeks after Astros won the World Series (the exact same duration between the Thalys Attack and the Paris Attack). Derek Sanderson Jeter =102 purchased the Marlins for $1.2 billion.

And on the subject, remember that Back to the Future II predicted the Cubs would win the World Series over Miami. The Florida Marlins changed their name to Miami Marlins on 11/11/11. Super Bowl LIV (2020) will be in Miami.