Personal Readings

“Millionaires don’t use numerology; billionaires do.” – JP Morgan

Here’s the pitch: Understanding your personal numbers enables you to gain control over your own life by recognizing the cyclical patterns that we each go through at our own levels. Getting to know the unique characteristics of the repeating 1 through 9 cycles allows you to anticipate future states of being that will assist you in making more informed decisions. As we know, life is all about timing. And by knowing your numbers, you’ll make time work for you.

Your Extra-Capsa Personal Numerology Reading includes:

  • Full-page Gematria Decipher of your name and birth, revealing the numeric synchronicities in your life and that of your family’s, followed by a precise Personality Description of your birth date (always on point).
  • We’ll then take it to the next level by deciphering your personal numbers: Life Lesson Number, Soul Number, Outer Personality Number, and Power Number. With these core codes firmly established, we’ll then decipher your cycles: Personal Year Cycle, Period Number Cycle, Personal Month Cycle, and Personal Day Cycle. Wheels within wheels within wheels.
  • We’ll end with a Three-Month Calendar overview for your easy reference so you can prepare for upcoming days of optimal energy.

Upon becoming my client you will receive THREE PDFs: Your 11/12-page Reading; a 2-page Summarized Version of number meanings; and an 18-page Detailed Interpretation of each numeric cycle to use as a helpful guide. 


Personal Numerology Reading

Your Extra-Capsa Personal Numerology Reading. Prepare to have your mind blown.



2018 Personal Numerology Calendar

You’ve had your mind blown by the reading, now get the annual perspective on the specific vibration of all 365 days as it pertains to your own code – and set the intention to make time work for you.


All I require from you is your full name & birth date, along with those of the people most important to you (your partner, your parents, your children). The more variables I have to weave patterns the more powerful it emerges and crystalizes. A summary of who you are (a brief bio of your past, present & future) will also help make the reading that much more personalized.

Write me at and together we’ll make it happen.

Here are a couple screenshots of what you can expect in your 33-page package:


Bliss & Beauty,

Brother Berg