[40,000 Words / 147 Pages] In this book, the first of a series (to be released every 2-3 months), we explore more than 60 truly mind-blowing examples of events foreshadowed in mass media over the past 120 years – the majority of which (I’d say 80%) is completely new content with mind-blowing discoveries that have never been seen before. The other 20% is the best of the best of predictive programming examples that I’ve covered on Extra-Capsa. We also delve into a few theories about what it all means – the big Why and How that we’re all forced to face when presented with these factual patterns. Now here’s what you’ll find within.

Table of Contents:

  1. INTRO — (Coincidence Theory & Embracing the Mystery / Subliminal Manipulation / Gematria: The Secret Language of Language)
  2. JFK SYNCHRONICITY — (Kennedy-Lincoln / War is Hell / Tall Target / Andy Griffith / Nescafe / Route 66)
  3. FUTILITY & FINAL JIHAD — (Titanic, Federal Reserve & the Oklahoma City Bombing)
  4. STEPHEN KING — (Rage / The Dead Zone / Running Man / Mr Mercedes)
  5. FAMILY GUY — (‘Turban Cowboy’ & Boston Bombing / ‘Fatman and Robin’ & Robin Williams / ‘I Love You Conrad’ & Caitlyn Jenner / ‘Meet the Quagmires’ & Justice Scalia / ‘Life of Brian’ & Paul Walker / ‘Roads to Vegas’ & Vegas Attack
  6. THE SIMPSONS — (‘Bart to the Future’ & Trump / ‘$pringfield’ & Siegfried and Roy Attack / Las Vegas Attack / Celebrity Deaths: Bowie, Rickman, Palmer, Fernandez, Prince / 9-11 Predictive Programming)
  7. COMIC BOOKS — (Pearl Harbor / Atom Bomb / JFK / Superman 2001 / The Byrne Curse – NYC Blackout, Princess Diana, Challenger Disaster / 9-11 Predictive Programming / The Monolith)
  8. SEPTEMBER 11TH — (9-11 in History / New York Times / Cracked / Meteor / Escape from New York / Superman II / WWF Twin Towers / They Live / Terminator 2 / Falling Down / Vice Mag / The Tick / Long Kiss Goodnight / The Devil’s Own / Men in Black / The Siege / Armageddon / Enemy of the State / The Matrix / End of Days / Command & Conquer / Johnny Bravo) & Coded Music Albums

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Alphanumerics: The Secret Language of Language

E-BOOK I: FICTION FORESHADOWS FUTURE Available for download in the format of your choice (.pdf / .mobi / .epub) Included free are any updates of this version


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3 thoughts on “Bookshop

  1. Thank you very much for your effort to create this blog and congratulations on your new book.
    Your blog and new book are really help me to solve many mysteries that I had in my mind.
    I am a Japanese, however without your decipher I never would have understood the hidden reasons why many Japanese celebrities, politicians, athletes died and many disasters happened.
    Your work is amazing, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As above…

    Thank you BB for all you do and for this totally unmissable incredible read and information that you’re putting together oh so brilliantly… Just like all of your posts on here… I’ve learnt so much from you over the last couple of years… and know that you will continue to dig up more and more mind blowing connections as they pop them out… or pop them off re the deaths…

    Can’t wait for the follow ups / finished article once its all done… Should be book of the millenium…

    All the best brother to you and yours…

    Liked by 1 person

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